Samsung patents granted on 03 April 2012

146 US patents granted on 03 April 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D656,967 Refrigerator
2 D656,959 DVD player
3 D656,958 DVD player
4 D656,957 Blu-ray disk player
5 D656,956 Blu-ray disk player
6 D656,945 Mobile terminal with graphical user interface
7 D656,944 Mobile terminal with graphical user interface
8 D656,930 Cradle for mobile phone
9 D656,918 Mobile phone
10 D656,916 Mobile phone
11 D656,915 Television receiver
12 D656,914 Television receiver
13 D656,913 Television receiver
14 8,151,356 Method of transmitting and reproducing content processed by various DRM systems
15 8,151,288 Disk chucking device
16 8,151,250 Program trace method using a relational database
17 8,151,123 Circuit and method for generating an internal power supply voltage
18 8,151,090 Sequentially propagating instructions of thread through serially coupled PEs for concurrent processing respective thread on different data and synchronizing upon branch
19 8,151,064 Hybrid hard disk drive and data storage method thereof
20 8,151,052 Memory card with removable cover
21 8,151,010 Memory devices implementing clock mirroring scheme and related memory systems and clock mirroring methods
22 8,150,978 Apparatus and method for managing user interface
23 8,150,504 Local body fat measurement device and method of operating the same
24 8,150,466 Apparatus for detachably installing a smart card in a portable terminal
25 8,150,415 Method for determining location of UE by using AGPS information
26 8,150,414 Method for maintaining the continuing existence of NPD in IEEE 802.22.1 operation
27 8,150,410 System and method for a fractional loading scheme for broadcast/multicast traffic
28 8,150,409 Method of controlling data transmission in a wireless relay system, and the relay system implementing the method
29 8,150,382 Method and apparatus for date-based integrated processing of data in mobile terminal
30 8,150,359 Multiple frequency band hybrid receiver
31 8,150,323 Mobile communication terminal and method for inputting/outputting voice during playback of music data by using bluetooth
32 8,150,317 Method and system for managing mobility of an access terminal in a mobile communication system using mobile IP
33 8,150,305 Fusing device and image forming apparatus having the same
34 8,150,303 Adjustable compression unit for an image fixing apparatus
35 8,150,288 Apparatus and method of controlling power supply to heating roller and phase control circuit corresponding to the apparatus and method
36 8,150,276 Image forming apparatus to adjust driving rate of a supply unit and controlling method of the same
37 8,150,197 Apparatus and method of obtaining high-resolution image
38 8,150,178 Image encoding/decoding method and apparatus
39 8,150,176 Method and apparatus for controlling a compression rate for a file
40 8,150,174 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding multi-view image
41 8,150,154 Method and apparatus for correcting chromatic aberration of image
42 8,150,109 Large volume face recognition apparatus and method
43 8,150,102 System and method for interacting with a media device using faces and palms of video display viewers
44 8,150,050 Bass enhancing apparatus and method
45 8,149,969 Apparatus and method for reduced peak-to-average-power ratio in a wireless network
46 8,149,957 Apparatus and method for interference cancellation in a broadband wireless communication system
47 8,149,939 System of robust DTV signal transmissions that legacy DTV receivers will disregard
48 8,149,933 Method and apparatus for subchannel assignment for suppressing interantenna interference in OFDMA system
49 8,149,932 Transport stream generating device, transmitting device, receiving device, and a digital broadcast system having the same, and method thereof
50 8,149,927 Method of and apparatus for encoding/decoding digital signal using linear quantization by sections
51 8,149,865 Cognitive radio communication terminal and method for detecting collision using feature detection
52 8,149,860 Cable broadcast receiving apparatus and composing method of channel map thereof
53 8,149,835 Apparatus and method for communicating MAC layer data in broadband wireless communication system
54 8,149,816 Header compression and packet transmission method in sensor network and apparatus therefor
55 8,149,795 Method and apparatus for wireless communication in high-frequency band
56 8,149,794 Channel allocation management method for transferring asynchronous data, asynchronous data transferring method, and apparatus thereof
57 8,149,784 Bridge-based radio access station backbone network system and signal processing method therefor
58 8,149,779 Method and apparatus for scheduling uplink rates adaptively to fast rate ramping in a packet communication system
59 8,149,777 Apparatus and method for optionally using secondary frequency assignment in a wireless communication system using multiple band
60 8,149,767 Methods of assigning resources for the uplink control channel in LTE
61 8,149,760 Method and mobile system for path management in multi-hop cellular network and data frame used for the method and the mobile system
62 8,149,759 Apparatus and method for processing bandwidth request in multihop relay broadband wireless access (BWA) communication system
63 8,149,728 System and method for evaluating performance of microphone for long-distance speech recognition in robot
64 8,149,696 Methods and system for admission control and scheduling in ad hoc wireless networks
65 8,149,676 Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing holographic data and holographic data storage medium
66 8,149,670 Optical disk apparatus and method of driving the same
67 8,149,667 Optical recording medium having read-only storage area and writable storage area and recording/reproducing apparatus and method therefor
68 8,149,659 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus, recording and/or reproducing method and information storage medium therefor
69 8,149,637 Semiconductor device capable of being tested after packaging
70 8,149,635 Non-volatile memory device and program method thereof
71 8,149,625 Nonvolatile memory device, operating method thereof, and memory system including the same
72 8,149,621 Flash memory device and method of testing the flash memory device
73 8,149,620 Flash memory device having dummy cell
74 8,149,618 Over-sampling read operation for a flash memory device
75 8,149,608 Multi-level phase change random access memory device
76 8,149,565 Circuit board device and integrated circuit device
77 8,149,560 Electrostatic discharge apparatus for touch key
78 8,149,543 Hard disk drive apparatus having a flexible printed circuit with a plurality of traces in a specified order
79 8,149,512 Micro-shutter device and method of manufacturing the same
80 8,149,464 Clustered dot-screen design method, a device to perform the clustered dot-screen design method based on human vision and printer model characteristics, and an image-forming apparatus to output binary images on a designed screen
81 8,149,452 Method of printing image and photo-printing system using the method
82 8,149,404 Method for aligning wafer and alignment apparatus using the method
83 8,149,366 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor panel therefor
84 8,149,365 Upper substrate and liquid crystal display device having the same
85 8,149,361 Liquid crystal display
86 8,149,357 Light absorption layer for a display device
87 8,149,349 Liquid crystal display module
88 8,149,348 Display device and lenticular sheet of the display device and method thereof
89 8,149,343 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
90 8,149,340 Electronic device in which an electronic component is mounted on a main board
91 8,149,321 Camera module and method of manufacturing the same
92 8,149,305 Method and apparatus to detect a dead pixel of an image sensor and method and apparatus to capture an image from an image sensor
93 8,149,289 Pseudo-digital average sub sampling method and apparatus
94 8,149,282 Hand shake correction apparatus and digital photographing apparatus including the same
95 8,149,254 Displaying apparatus to reduce image marking and control method thereof
96 8,149,248 Method and apparatus for displaying map using non-linear compression
97 8,149,233 Controller for generating video signal, simulation system comprising the same, and method of generating video signal
98 8,149,230 Light emitting display
99 8,149,229 Image apparatus for processing 3D images and method of controlling the same
100 8,149,214 Method, medium and apparatus browsing images
101 8,149,213 Mouse pointer function execution apparatus and method in portable terminal equipped with camera
102 8,149,204 Gate driver with error blocking mechanism, method of operating the same, and display device having the same
103 8,149,186 Pixel, organic light emitting display using the same, and associated methods
104 8,149,030 Clock generator to reduce long term jitter
105 8,149,015 Transceiver system, semiconductor device thereof, and data transceiving method of the same
106 8,149,010 Method for detecting storage voltage, display apparatus using the storage voltage and method for driving the display apparatus
107 8,148,961 Low-dropout regulator
108 8,148,916 Driving device of a light source module, light source module having the driving device, driving method of the light source module, and display device having the driving device
109 8,148,897 Backlight unit for LCD using LED
110 8,148,894 Organic light emitting diode display
111 8,148,828 Semiconductor packaging device
112 8,148,796 Solar cell and manufacturing method thereof
113 8,148,784 Semiconductor device having first and second device isolation layers formed of different insulation materials
114 8,148,779 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same and flat panel display device having the same
115 8,148,767 Semiconductor memory devices including recess-type control gate electrodes and methods of fabricating the semiconductor memory devices
116 8,148,765 Resistive random access memory
117 8,148,763 Three-dimensional semiconductor devices
118 8,148,762 Photodiodes, image sensing devices and image sensors
119 8,148,719 Organic light emitting display device and fabricating method thereof
120 8,148,710 Phase-change memory device using a variable resistance structure
121 8,148,261 Methods of forming metal patterns in openings in semiconductor devices
122 8,148,260 Semiconductor memory device and method of forming the same
123 8,148,212 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
124 8,148,193 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
125 8,148,178 Method of growing nitride single crystal and method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor light emitting device
126 8,148,034 Metallic separator for fuel cell
127 8,148,029 Electrode for fuel cell and fuel cell using the same
128 8,148,028 Polybenzoxazines, electrolyte membrane comprising the same, and fuel cell employing the electrolyte membrane
129 8,148,022 Fuel cell system having a plurality of gas/liquid separation units
130 8,148,016 Cathode and lithium battery including the same
131 8,148,014 Composite anode active material, method of preparing the same, and anode and lithium battery containing the material
132 8,148,008 Negative active material composition for a rechargeable lithium battery, a negative electrode for a rechargeable lithium battery, and a rechargeable lithium battery including same
133 8,148,007 Organic electrolyte solution including vinyl-based compound and lithium battery using the same
134 8,147,998 Secondary battery with rupture groove
135 8,147,901 Method of manufacturing gas sensor
136 8,147,723 Porous anode active material, method of manufacturing the same, anode comprising the same, and lithium battery comprising the anode
137 8,147,716 Red phosphor and plasma display panel including same
138 8,147,633 Ceramic laminate and method of manufacturing ceramic sintered body
139 8,147,335 Method of providing golf contents in mobile terminal
140 8,147,150 Micro shutter having iris function, method for manufacturing the same, and micro camera module having the same
141 8,147,037 Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
142 8,147,024 Inkjet image forming apparatus and method to control the same
143 8,147,018 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
144 8,146,919 Image reading apparatus and document supply device thereof
145 8,146,833 Method to control sleep operation of air conditioner
146 8,146,447 Contamination analysis unit and method thereof, and reticle cleaning system