Samsung patents granted on 03 August 2010

115 US patents granted on 03 August 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D621,111 Brush for vacuum cleaner
2 D621,019 Humidifier with air cleaning means
3 D620,966 Digital camera
4 D620,957 Refrigerator
5 D620,956 Refrigerator
6 D620,914 Mobile phone
7 D620,913 Mobile phone
8 D620,912 Mobile phone
9 D620,911 Mobile phone
10 D620,910 Mobile phone
11 D620,909 Mobile phone
12 D620,903 TV receiver
13 D620,902 TV receiver
14 D620,901 TV receiver
15 D620,884 Contactless charger
16 7,770,066 Method and system for converting USB
17 7,769,977 Apparatus and method of managing storage space through time-variant consumption estimation
18 7,769,914 Electronic device having USB interface capable of supporting multiple USB interface standards and methods of operating same
19 7,769,912 Multistandard SDR architecture using context-based operation reconfigurable instruction set processors
20 7,769,797 Apparatus and method of multiplication using a plurality of identical partial multiplication modules
21 7,769,418 Reinforcing apparatus for mobile phone
22 7,769,414 System and method for controlling power saving mode in wireless portable network system
23 7,769,399 Apparatus and method for managing connection identifiers in multi-hop relay broadband wireless access system
24 7,769,390 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in multiuser MIMO system
25 7,769,369 Mobile communication system and method for providing phone number maintaining service
26 7,769,351 Method and apparatus for signaling user equipment status information for uplink packet transmission in a soft handover region
27 7,769,349 Apparatus and method for storing and reading out data in a mobile terminal
28 7,769,341 Broadcasting system and method for providing broadcasting service in a weak electric field area
29 7,769,334 Fixing unit and image forming apparatus including the same
30 7,769,333 Fusing device and image forming apparatus having the same
31 7,769,308 Image forming apparatus to perform color substitution, and method for controlling the same
32 7,769,293 Apparatus and method for label transmission in optical packet data switching network
33 7,769,231 Method and apparatus for improving quality of images using complementary hues
34 7,769,191 Flat panel audio output apparatus and video/audio output apparatus
35 7,769,158 Network switch and related method using integrated service logic objects to handle service requests
36 7,769,092 Ultra wideband radio transmitter, ultra wideband radio receiver, and ultra wideband radio communication method
37 7,768,991 Method and system for determining state of node during reserved slot in wireless network
38 7,768,987 Apparatus and method for operating frequency resources in a mobile communication system
39 7,768,984 Apparatus and method for receiving a signal in a communication system
40 7,768,970 Method and apparatus for controlling image data in a wireless terminal with normal video communication mode and image mute mode
41 7,768,966 Method for traffic indication and channel adaptation for sleep mode terminals, and an apparatus thereof
42 7,768,950 Transmission packet structure for transmitting uncompressed A/V data and transceiver using the same
43 7,768,853 Semiconductor memory device
44 7,768,849 Semiconductor memory device capable of optimizing signal transmission power and power initializing method thereof
45 7,768,837 Flash memory device with write driver and bit line detecting driving circuits
46 7,768,831 Flash memory device and method of controlling flash memory device
47 7,768,828 Flash memory device capable of storing multi-bit data and single-bit data
48 7,768,827 Data verification method and semiconductor memory
49 7,768,775 Display device
50 7,768,728 Detecting head/disk contact using timing jitter
51 7,768,719 Super wide angle optical system
52 7,768,620 Method of fabricating liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display fabricated by the same
53 7,768,615 Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
54 7,768,610 Liquid crystal display
55 7,768,601 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
56 7,768,595 Display device
57 7,768,582 Liquid crystal display
58 7,768,486 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
59 7,768,482 Display device and driving method thereof
60 7,768,455 Antenna for controlling radiation direction
61 7,768,429 Transmitting/receiving methods and systems for data with simultaneous switching noise reducing preambles
62 7,768,417 Moving apparatus, method, and medium for compensating position of the moving apparatus
63 7,768,353 Systems and methods for switching mode power amplifier control
64 7,768,336 Level shifting circuit
65 7,768,298 Reference voltage generators for reducing and/or eliminating termination mismatch
66 7,768,252 Systems and methods for determining sensing thresholds of a multi-resolution spectrum sensing (MRSS) technique for cognitive radio (CR) systems
67 7,768,235 Battery management system and method for automotive vehicle
68 7,768,205 Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing the same
69 7,768,203 Plasma display panel including black projections
70 7,768,190 Electron emission display
71 7,768,181 Electron multiplier electrode and terahertz radiation source using the same
72 7,768,128 Semiconductor memory devices including a damascene wiring line
73 7,768,116 Semiconductor package substrate having different thicknesses between wire bonding pad and ball pad and method for fabricating the same
74 7,768,115 Stack chip and stack chip package having the same
75 7,768,103 Tape distribution substrate having pattern for reducing EMI
76 7,768,070 Semiconductor devices having field effect transistors
77 7,768,061 Self aligned 1 bit local SONOS memory cell
78 7,768,045 CMOS image device with polysilicon contact studs
79 7,768,011 Electro-luminescence device including a thin film transistor and method of fabricating an electro-luminescence device
80 7,768,010 Poly crystalline silicon semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
81 7,768,000 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
82 7,767,974 Thin-film transistor array substrate for x-ray detector and x-ray detector having the same
83 7,767,618 Bi-phase platinum catalyst, method of manufacturing the same, and solar cell using the bi-phase platinum catalyst
84 7,767,614 Method for preparation of spherical support for olefin polymerization catalyst
85 7,767,576 Wafer level package having floated metal line and method thereof
86 7,767,568 Phase change memory device and method of fabricating the same
87 7,767,533 Method and device for providing a contact structure
88 7,767,531 Method of forming transistor having channel region at sidewall of channel portion hole
89 7,767,521 Cell region layout of semiconductor device and method of forming contact pad using the same
90 7,767,512 Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device including CMOS transistor having different PMOS and NMOS gate electrode structures
91 7,767,507 Polycrystalline silicon thin film, fabrication method thereof, and thin film transistor without directional dependency on active channels fabricated using the same
92 7,767,506 Mask and manufacturing method of a semiconductor device and a thin film transistor array panel using the mask
93 7,767,505 Methods of manufacturing an oxide semiconductor thin film transistor
94 7,767,502 Method for manufacturing electronic device using thin film transistor with protective cap over flexible substrate
95 7,767,491 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor device
96 7,767,489 Donor substrate for a flat panel display and method of fabricating an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display using the same
97 7,767,478 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
98 7,767,477 Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel
99 7,767,474 Drive film, drive package for organic light emitting diode display, organic light emitting diode display including the same and method thereof
100 7,767,439 Real-time PCR monitoring apparatus and method
101 7,767,346 Anode active material, method of preparing the same, and anode and lithium battery containing the material
102 7,767,334 Battery module having an improved unit battery assembly coupling structure
103 7,767,276 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display including the same
104 7,767,140 Method for manufacturing zinc oxide nanowires and device having the same
105 7,767,069 Method for controlling the contact angle of a droplet in electrowetting and an apparatus using the droplet formed thereby
106 7,766,530 Backlight, a lens for a backlight, and a backlight assembly having the same
107 7,766,499 Light source unit, backlight unit and liquid crystal display including the same, and method thereof
108 7,766,495 Reflector shapes for light emitting diode-polarized light sources
109 7,766,288 Display apparatus
110 7,766,003 Cooking apparatus and method for controlling the same
111 7,765,950 Spin chuck sensing apparatus for spin coating unit
112 7,765,839 Drum type washer and door
113 7,765,815 Refrigerator and method for controlling the same
114 7,765,669 Method of forming shadow mask pattern
115 7,765,639 Turbine brush of a vacuum cleaner