Samsung patents granted on 03 February 2009

133 US patents granted on 03 February 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D586,054 Handle for vacuum cleaner
2 D586,053 Brush for vacuum cleaner
3 D585,865 Cellular phone
4 D585,864 Cellular phone
5 D585,861 Cellular phone
6 7,487,519 Door interlock unit and disk recording/reproducing apparatus with the same
7 7,487,518 Disk loading apparatus and method
8 7,487,430 Apparatus and method for receiving packet data control channel in a mobile communication system
9 7,487,424 Bitmap manager, method of allocating a bitmap memory, method of generating an acknowledgement between network entities, and network entity implementing the same
10 7,487,423 Decoding method, medium, and apparatus
11 7,487,414 Parallel bit test circuits for testing semiconductor memory devices and related methods
12 7,487,413 Memory module testing apparatus and method of testing memory modules
13 7,487,388 Method of recovering reallocation sectors in data storage system and disc drive using the same
14 7,487,303 Flash memory device and associated data merge method
15 7,487,256 Dynamic management method for forwarding information in router having distributed architecture
16 7,486,973 Pop-up type portable terminal
17 7,486,970 Mobile terminal and system for providing total status information thereof at one time
18 7,486,964 Method for performing roaming in dual mode mobile terminal capable of preventing ping-pong phenomenon
19 7,486,931 System and method for reselecting antennas in a cellular mobile communication system using multiple antennas
20 7,486,906 Electrophotographic printer having removable photosensitive drum unit
21 7,486,899 Fusing unit and fusing apparatus using the same
22 7,486,897 Polarization duobinary optical transmitter
23 7,486,876 Optical recording medium and apparatus and method to play the optical recording medium
24 7,486,831 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding motion vectors
25 7,486,826 Human detection method and apparatus
26 7,486,821 Method for recognizing characters in a portable terminal having an image input unit
27 7,486,778 Method for automatically tracing interface for exchange and access network
28 7,486,757 Optical driver including a multiphase clock generator having a delay locked loop (DLL), optimized for gigahertz frequencies
29 7,486,738 Apparatus and method for reducing the crest factor of single carrier or multi-carrier signals
30 7,486,736 Apparatus and method for direct measurement of channel state for coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing receiver
31 7,486,728 Method and apparatus to control operation of an equalizer
32 7,486,714 Pump laser integrated vertical external cavity surface emitting laser
33 7,486,672 Apparatus and method for searching trie trees using masks with non-symbol boundaries and flooding default routes in a massively parallel router
34 7,486,644 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data with high reliability in a mobile communication system supporting packet data transmission
35 7,486,642 Apparatus and method for receiving control message on packet data control channel in a mobile communication system supporting packet data service
36 7,486,613 Protection-switching apparatus and method in asynchronous transfer mode system with ring topology
37 7,486,609 European digital audio broadcast receiver having a simply implementable fast fourier transform processor and an operation method therefor
38 7,486,604 Optical disk device and program for recording and reproducing information on and from an optical recording medium
39 7,486,596 Method and apparatus compensating for tilt
40 7,486,577 Repair circuit and method of repairing defects in a semiconductor memory device
41 7,486,576 Methods and devices for preventing data stored in memory from being read out
42 7,486,575 Semiconductor memories with block-dedicated programmable latency register
43 7,486,573 Flash memory device and voltage generating circuit for the same
44 7,486,570 Flash memory device having reduced program time and related programming method
45 7,486,557 Methods/circuits for programming flash memory devices using overlapping bit line setup and word line enable intervals
46 7,486,554 NAND flash memory devices having shielding lines between wordlines and selection lines
47 7,486,543 Asymmetrical SRAM device and method of manufacturing the same
48 7,486,536 Phase-changeable memory device and method of programming the same
49 7,486,532 Semiconductor multi-chip package including two semiconductor memory chips having different memory densities
50 7,486,509 Bracket for disk drive
51 7,486,482 Disk drive actuator latch apparatus with solenoid coil offsetting magnetism of attraction part
52 7,486,478 Magnetic head
53 7,486,474 Hard disk drive having breather filter
54 7,486,427 Polygon mirror, laser scanning unit having the same, and image forming apparatus having the same
55 7,486,415 Apparatus and method for rendering image, and computer-readable recording media for storing computer program controlling the apparatus
56 7,486,397 Device for aligning substrate with mask and method using the same
57 7,486,392 Method of inspecting for defects and apparatus for performing the method
58 7,486,391 System and method for haze control in semiconductor processes
59 7,486,376 Broadband reflective polarizer for liquid crystal display using overcoating method
60 7,486,375 Device for cooling LCD panel and heat treatment apparatus having the same
61 7,486,373 Substrate for liquid crystal display
62 7,486,372 Substrate, liquid crystal display device, and method of manufacturing the same
63 7,486,367 Display panel including signal lines having multiple conductive lines
64 7,486,364 Liquid crystal display and a method for fabricating the same
65 7,486,360 Liquid crystal display
66 7,486,359 Color filter panel having microlenses in transmission areas and method of manufacturing the same, and transflective liquid crystal display using such a color filter panel
67 7,486,355 Color filter panel and liquid crystal display including the same
68 7,486,343 TFT array panel having a two-portion coupling electrode extending from drain electrode in different directions with first portion extending along a gap between two overlapping subpixel electrodes thereon and second portion extending in same direction as data line
69 7,486,340 Display apparatus
70 7,486,323 Portable electronic device for changing menu display state according to rotating degree and method thereof
71 7,486,284 Driver chip and display apparatus having the same
72 7,486,269 Shift register, scan driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
73 7,486,260 Plasma display panel having a driving apparatus and method for displaying pictures
74 7,486,259 Plasma display panel and method for driving the same
75 7,486,258 Method of driving plasma display panel
76 7,486,257 Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
77 7,486,245 Mobile terminal with plural antennas
78 7,486,244 Resonant frequency tunable antenna
79 7,486,171 RFID tag, system for purchasing service by using RFID tag, and method thereof
80 7,486,125 Delay cells and delay line circuits having the same
81 7,486,119 Delay-locked loop circuit with variable bias voltages and method of clock synchronization for a semiconductor memory device
82 7,486,091 Test unit usable with a board having an electronic component
83 7,486,037 Control method of sensorless brushless direct current motor
84 7,486,032 Apparatus for driving LED arrays
85 7,486,023 Single layer discharge electrode configuration for a plasma display panel
86 7,486,022 Plasma display panel (PDP)
87 7,486,016 Organic electroluminescent display device
88 7,486,015 Field emission display (FED) and method of manufacture thereof
89 7,486,014 Electron emission device and electron emission display using the electron emission device
90 7,486,013 Electron emission device and method for manufacturing the same
91 7,486,012 Electron emission device with auxiliary electrode and manufacturing method thereof
92 7,486,008 Mask assembly for cathode ray tube (CRT)
93 7,486,007 Flat panel display device
94 7,485,991 Ventilation apparatus
95 7,485,959 Structure for joining a semiconductor package to a substrate using a solder column
96 7,485,955 Semiconductor package having step type die and method for manufacturing the same
97 7,485,927 Thin film transistor substrate
98 7,485,911 Semiconductor device having decoupling capacitor and method of fabricating the same
99 7,485,897 Nitride-based light-emitting device having grid cell layer
100 7,485,894 Thin film transistor and flat panel display including the same
101 7,485,796 Apparatus and method for providing music file search function
102 7,485,585 Method of forming a thin film, method of manufacturing a gate structure using the same and method of manufacturing a capacitor using the same
103 7,485,583 Method for fabricating superlattice semiconductor structure using chemical vapor deposition
104 7,485,576 Method of forming conductive pattern, thin film transistor, and method of manufacturing the same
105 7,485,569 Printed circuit board including embedded chips and method of fabricating the same
106 7,485,559 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
107 7,485,558 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
108 7,485,554 Method of increasing a free carrier concentration in a semiconductor substrate
109 7,485,552 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
110 7,485,535 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices with a source/drain formed on a recessed portion of an isolation layer
111 7,485,507 Organic thin-film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and flat panel display having the same
112 7,485,482 Method for manufacturing vertical group III-nitride light emitting device
113 7,485,481 Organic electroluminescent device comprising electron shower treated hole injection layer and method for preparing the same
114 7,485,479 Nitride-based light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
115 7,485,411 Method for manufacturing printed circuit board with thin film capacitor embedded therein
116 7,485,407 Siloxane compound, photoresist composition including the siloxane compound and method of forming a pattern using the photoresist composition
117 7,485,395 Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
118 7,485,392 Rechargeable battery having impact buffer function
119 7,485,384 Cooling apparatus for fuel cell and fuel cell system having the same
120 7,485,265 Ceramic electrode structure for generating ions, and ion generating apparatus using the same
121 7,485,179 Inkjet composition, ink cartridge comprising the same, and inkjet recording apparatus comprising the same
122 7,485,178 Ink composition for inkjet recording, ink cartridge including the ink composition, and inkjet recording apparatus including the ink cartridge
123 7,485,006 Memory module, socket and mounting method providing improved heat dissipating characteristics
124 7,484,968 Socket for an electrical tester
125 7,484,901 Image sensor camera module and method of fabricating the same
126 7,484,876 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device using the same
127 7,484,875 Light guide unit for point light source, backlight assembly having the light guide unit and display device having the same
128 7,484,835 Filter plate usable with an ink jet head, an ink jet head with the filter plate, and a method of fabricating the filter plate
129 7,484,833 Droplet ejector and ink-jet printhead using the same
130 7,484,830 Ink-jet head, ink-jet image forming apparatus including the ink-jet head, and method for compensating for defective nozzle
131 7,484,727 Media cassette with removable spacer used in a printing apparatus
132 7,484,590 Fuel cell system with muffler
133 7,484,268 Hinge device and portable terminal having the same