Samsung patents granted on 03 January 2006

23 US patents granted on 03 January 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 6,983,133 Linearization apparatus for linear automatic gain control in a mobile communication terminal and method for controlling the same
2 6,983,132 Multi-band RF receiving method and apparatus in mobile communication system
3 6,983,053 Method of selecting a frequency band of an output audio signal by a computer
4 6,983,010 High frequency equalizer using a demultiplexing technique and related semiconductor device
5 6,982,936 Method of compensating for seek errors of pickup assembly
6 6,982,917 DRAM partial refresh circuits and methods
7 6,982,913 Data read circuit for use in a semiconductor memory and a memory thereof
8 6,982,908 Magnetic random access memory device capable of providing a constant current to a reference cell
9 6,982,849 Method and apparatus for providing positional information on a disk
10 6,982,692 Liquid crystal display and a method for driving the same
11 6,982,691 Method of driving cholesteric liquid crystal display panel for accurate gray-scale display
12 6,982,569 Multiple testing bars for testing liquid crystal display and method thereof
13 6,982,487 Wafer level package and multi-package stack
14 6,982,447 Ferroelectric memory devices
15 6,982,223 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
16 6,982,219 Semiconductor device with fuse box and method for fabricating the same
17 6,982,205 Method and manufacturing a semiconductor device having a metal-insulator-metal capacitor
18 6,982,199 Bitline of semiconductor device having stud type capping layer and method for fabricating the same
19 6,981,776 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
20 6,981,755 Print head position adjusting apparatus of ink-jet printer
21 6,981,646 Chip embedded trading card, recording and/or reproducing apparatus therefor, and message building method
22 6,981,395 Drum type washing machine
23 6,981,296 Hinge apparatus for mobile phones