Samsung patents granted on 03 January 2012

60 US patents granted on 03 January 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,063 Integrated cap assembly of a secondary battery and fabricating method thereof
2 D651,634 Camcorder
3 D651,633 Wireless monitoring camera
4 D651,632 Camcorder
5 D651,600 Netbook computer
6 D651,599 Notebook computer
7 D651,598 Notebook computer
8 D651,597 Notebook computer
9 D651,582 Mobile phone
10 8,091,105 Method and apparatus for reproducing contents based on electronic program guide
11 8,091,104 Method and apparatus for storing broadcast program
12 8,091,010 Error correction circuit and method for reducing miscorrection probability and semiconductor memory device including the circuit
13 8,090,998 Method and apparatus for managing disc defects using updateable DMA, and disc thereof
14 8,090,884 Apparatus and method for interfacing between A/V system and portable device
15 8,090,420 Bi-directional sliding-type portable terminal
16 8,090,280 Color registration apparatus and method, image forming apparatus employing the same apparatus, and image output method of the image forming apparatus
17 8,090,274 Consumable unit and method of managing consumable unit including memory storing consumable item information
18 8,090,253 Photographing control method and apparatus using strobe
19 8,090,243 Information storage medium storing multi angle data, and recording method and reproducing apparatus thereof
20 8,090,236 Optical record/playback apparatus and control method thereof
21 8,090,210 Recursive 3D super precision method for smoothly changing area
22 8,090,156 Print quality evaluation apparatus and method of print quality evaluation
23 8,090,154 Video processing apparatus and video processing method thereof
24 8,090,039 Wireless transceiver and wireless transmitting/receiving method and program thereof
25 8,090,012 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving channel quality information in a communication system
26 8,089,989 Synchronization of nodes on a network
27 8,089,966 System and method for filtering a data packet using a combined filter
28 8,089,862 HARQ and bandwidth request method in wireless access system
29 8,089,860 Data transmission system and method
30 8,089,849 Hologram optical device, and compatible optical pickup having the hologram optical device and optical information storage medium system employing the compatible optical pickup
31 8,089,811 Flash memory devices with memory cells strings including dummy transistors with selective threshold voltages
32 8,089,804 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device using weak cells as reading identifier
33 8,089,797 Information storage devices including vertical nano wires
34 8,089,790 Power supply input device
35 8,089,774 Printed circuit board and semiconductor memory module using the same
36 8,089,682 Electrochromic device using polyphthalate and process for preparing the same
37 8,089,648 Image forming apparatus to set optimal print options for test prints of primitive images and method thereof
38 8,089,606 Reflective display panel and device
39 8,089,601 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
40 8,089,598 Liquid crystal display device having delay compensation
41 8,089,570 Liquid crystal display
42 8,089,518 System and method for automatic image capture in a handheld camera with a multiple-axis actuating mechanism
43 8,089,446 Display device capable of displaying partial picture and driving method of the same
44 8,089,445 Display apparatus
45 8,089,441 Liquid crystal display apparatus and driving method therefor
46 8,089,320 Differential amplifier and oscillator
47 8,089,316 Wideband active circuit with feedback structure
48 8,089,301 Inverter and logic device comprising the same
49 8,089,219 Switching mode power supply for plasma display panel
50 8,089,182 Image forming apparatus
51 8,089,114 Non-volatile memory devices including blocking and interface patterns between charge storage patterns and control electrodes and related methods
52 8,089,072 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
53 8,089,069 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and organic light emitting diode display device including the same
54 8,089,042 Apparatus and method for processing substrate using neutralized beams including applying a voltage to a substrate support
55 8,088,703 Dielectric composition and ceramic electronic component manufactured therefrom
56 8,088,653 Thin-film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, liquid crystal display panel having the same and electro-luminescence display panel having the same
57 8,088,648 Method of manufacturing a chip stack package
58 8,088,521 Fuel cell system for computing fuel level
59 8,087,964 Method of fabricating organic light emitting diode (OLED)
60 8,087,920 Process and apparatus for ultraviolet nano-imprint lithography