Samsung patents granted on 03 July 2012

92 US patents granted on 03 July 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D662,905 Set top box
2 8,214,912 Method and apparatus for temporarily using DRM contents
3 8,214,866 Video processing apparatus, mobile apparatus, and control method of video processing apparatus
4 8,214,865 Video signal receiving apparatus, display device, display system, and information updating method of display system
5 8,214,863 Method and system for controlling peripheral devices connected to a video device
6 8,214,848 Method and apparatus for installing printer drivers of image forming apparatuses in printing environment employing universal printer driver
7 8,214,812 Method of interpreting method bytecode and system operated by the same
8 8,214,632 Method of booting electronic device and method of authenticating boot of electronic device
9 8,214,618 Memory management method, medium, and apparatus based on access time in multi-core system
10 8,214,617 Apparatus and method of avoiding bank conflict in single-port multi-bank memory system
11 8,214,582 Non-volatile memory system storing data in single-level cell or multi-level cell according to data characteristics
12 8,214,581 System and method for cache synchronization
13 8,214,534 Method and apparatus for outputting event of third party device in home network supporting UPnP remote protocol
14 8,214,500 Method for allocating resource and receiving data to control a transmission error
15 8,214,205 Speech enhancement apparatus and method
16 8,214,203 Method and apparatus for recovering line spectrum pair parameter and speech decoding apparatus using same
17 8,214,081 Multi-function robot for moving on wall using indoor global positioning system
18 8,214,009 Electrode for living body and device for detecting living signal
19 8,214,000 Locking device for internal battery pack cover of mobile phone
20 8,213,996 Terminal and display method used in the terminal
21 8,213,995 Input processing method of mobile terminal and device for performing the same
22 8,213,948 Apparatus and method for allocating resources in a wireless communication system
23 8,213,838 Developing apparatus, image forming apparatus having the same, and developer supplying method for a developing apparatus
24 8,213,829 Developing device removably mountable in an image forming apparatus, and image forming apparatus having the same
25 8,213,824 High voltage power controlling apparatus of image forming apparatus and method thereof
26 8,213,787 Camera system and image forming apparatus
27 8,213,786 Method and apparatus for processing digital image by using fast autofocus
28 8,213,770 Apparatus and method for storing digital broadcast data
29 8,213,738 Method for eliminating noise from image generated by image sensor
30 8,213,722 Method for inspecting critical dimension uniformity at high speed measurement
31 8,213,619 Method and apparatus for establishing communication via service provider
32 8,213,599 Spring, semi-automatic sliding device using the same and sliding-type portable communication terminal
33 8,213,551 Digital broadcasting transmission and reception devices and methods thereof
34 8,213,490 Transceiver system and associated methods and systems
35 8,213,462 Media player and control method thereof
36 8,213,403 Mobility header compression method and system for internet protocol-based low power wireless network
37 8,213,354 Method for transmission of ACK/NACK for uplink enhancement in a TDD mobile communication system
38 8,213,287 Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing holographic data
39 8,213,264 Method and device of measuring location, and moving object
40 8,213,263 Apparatus and method of detecting target sound
41 8,213,254 Nonvolatile memory device with temperature controlled column selection signal levels
42 8,213,252 Semiconductor memory device comprising sense amplifiers configured to stably amplify data
43 8,213,248 Semiconductor memory device having improved local input/output line precharge scheme
44 8,213,237 Charge pump and semiconductor device having the same
45 8,213,231 NAND flash memory devices having wiring with integrally-formed contact pads and dummy lines and methods of manufacturing the same
46 8,213,223 Multi-level memory devices and methods of operating the same
47 8,213,208 Semiconductor memory device including plurality of memory chips
48 8,213,155 Multilayer chip capacitor
49 8,213,112 Motor having a pressure difference generation portion disposed in a space between a disk and rotor case and disk drive apparatus including the motor
50 8,213,098 Lens driving apparatus
51 8,213,071 Display device
52 8,213,058 Image forming apparatus and method for reducing noise
53 8,213,033 Common driver application device and method
54 8,213,031 Image forming apparatus and method of preventing printing error from being generated
55 8,212,969 Method and apparatus for manufacturing display device
56 8,212,951 Liquid crystal display
57 8,212,921 Display apparatus for displaying video input through various ports
58 8,212,829 Computer using flash memory of hard disk drive as main and video memory
59 8,212,827 Mode conversion method and display apparatus using the same
60 8,212,802 Driving apparatus of display device and display device including the same
61 8,212,782 Apparatus, method, and medium of sensing movement of multi-touch point and mobile apparatus using the same
62 8,212,752 Display device and a method for testing the same
63 8,212,722 System and method for discovering and tracking communication directions with asymmetric antenna systems
64 8,212,693 Bit-stream processing/transmitting and/or receiving/processing method, medium, and apparatus
65 8,212,654 Channel selection method for reading tag information, tag selection apparatus of radio frequency identification (RFID) reader, and RFID reader
66 8,212,627 Wideband digitally-controlled oscillator (DCO) and digital broadcasting receiver having the same
67 8,212,623 Terahertz oscillators and methods of manufacturing electron emitters
68 8,212,474 Display device, and method of manufacturing the display device
69 8,212,459 Motor
70 8,212,278 Light emitting package controlling color temperature, fabricating method thereof, color temperature controlling method of light emitting package
71 8,212,266 Light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
72 8,212,247 Organic light emitting display device and fabricating method thereof
73 8,212,244 Blue organic light emitting device
74 8,212,242 Organic light emitting diode display having a corner-cube pattern cover layer
75 8,212,188 Cooking apparatus and method of controlling the same
76 8,212,150 Electromagnetic interference noise reduction board using electromagnetic bandgap structure
77 8,212,030 Composition for producing insulator and organic insulator using the same
78 8,211,957 Negative pattern of carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube composite comprising surface-modified carbon nanotubes
79 8,211,804 Methods of forming a hole having a vertical profile and semiconductor devices having a vertical hole
80 8,211,797 Metal wiring layer and method of fabricating the same
81 8,211,793 Structures electrically connecting aluminum and copper interconnections and methods of forming the same
82 8,211,757 Organic thin film transistor substrate and fabrication method therefor
83 8,211,725 Method of manufacturing flexible display device
84 8,211,588 Sulfonated poly(arylene sulfone), crosslinked material thereof, clay nanocomposite including the same, and fuel cell including the same
85 8,211,582 Fuel cell system
86 8,211,491 Method of manufacturing a light-emitting element and method of manufacturing a display substrate using the same
87 8,211,322 Method of forming a metal layer pattern having a nanogap and method of manufacturing a molecule-sized device using the same
88 8,211,233 Evaporating method for forming thin film
89 8,210,397 Dispensing device having mixing function
90 8,209,894 Multi-display apparatus, method of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
91 8,209,862 Insulating material and printed circuit board having the same
92 8,209,860 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board having metal bump