Samsung patents granted on 03 June 2014

152 US patents granted on 03 June 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D706,504 Vacuum cleaner
2 D706,339 Developing device for a printer
3 D706,303 AV player
4 D706,299 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
5 D706,297 Portable electronic device with a graphical user interface
6 D706,291 Display screen or a portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
7 D706,287 TV receiver with transitional graphical user interface
8 D706,282 Display screen or a portion thereof with graphical user interface
9 D706,260 Notebook computer
10 D706,259 Notebook computer
11 D706,251 Mobile terminal
12 D706,248 LAN dongle for phone
13 D706,235 Mobile phone
14 D706,234 Electronic device
15 8,745,644 Driving circuit for an optical disc drive
16 8,745,608 Scheduler of reconfigurable array, method of scheduling commands, and computing apparatus
17 8,745,460 Encoding/decoding apparatus and method
18 8,745,452 Resistive memory device and test systems and methods for testing the same
19 8,745,363 Bootable volatile memory device, memory module and processing system comprising bootable volatile memory device, and method of booting processing system using bootable volatile memory device
20 8,745,339 Multi-core system and method for processing data in parallel in multi-core system
21 8,745,312 Storage device and method of mapping a nonvolatile memory based on a map history
22 8,745,309 Cooperative memory management
23 8,745,176 Method and device to set device configurations
24 8,744,842 Method and apparatus for detecting voice activity by using signal and noise power prediction values
25 8,744,841 Adaptive time and/or frequency-based encoding mode determination apparatus and method of determining encoding mode of the apparatus
26 8,744,500 Method and apparatus for managing push service
27 8,744,477 System and method for locating a mobile terminal using secure user plane location
28 8,744,430 Apparatus and method for eliminating an interference signal in a communication system
29 8,744,413 Mobile terminal and method for displaying standby screen according to analysis result of user’s behavior
30 8,744,365 Mobile communication device, a printing control system, and a method for controlling printing using the mobile communication device
31 8,744,361 Devices and methods for transmitting and receiving data using precoding matrix
32 8,744,306 Development device attachment unit and image forming apparatus having the same
33 8,744,300 Image forming apparatus
34 8,744,290 Apparatus and method of protecting fuser unit and image forming apparatus including the same
35 8,744,259 Pop-up flash assembly and camera including the same
36 8,744,235 Method and apparatus for processing additional data in broadcast signal, method and apparatus for recording broadcast signal, and method and apparatus for reproducing recorded broadcasting signal
37 8,744,232 Method for controlling video recorder, and video recorder adopting the method
38 8,744,201 Image encoding apparatus and method
39 8,744,189 Character region extracting apparatus and method using character stroke width calculation
40 8,744,177 Image processing method and medium to extract a building region from an image
41 8,744,168 Target analysis apparatus, method and computer-readable medium
42 8,744,167 Method, medium, and apparatus of filtering depth noise using depth information
43 8,744,089 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding stereo audio
44 8,744,088 Method, medium, and apparatus decoding an input signal including compressed multi-channel signals as a mono or stereo signal into 2-channel binaural signals
45 8,744,008 Multi-transport stream (TS) generating apparatus and method, and digital broadcasting transmission and reception apparatuses and methods
46 8,744,007 Multi-transport stream (TS) generating apparatus and method, and digital broadcasting transmission and reception apparatuses and methods
47 8,743,996 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception devices capable of improving a receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
48 8,743,955 Method, medium, and apparatus for encoding and/or decoding video by generating scalable bitstream with adaptive bit-depth and video format
49 8,743,901 Remoting of user/callee presence information in a UPNP network
50 8,743,900 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption of access point function in portable terminal
51 8,743,880 MIMO transmission based method for transmitting and receiving downlink control information
52 8,743,844 Apparatus and method for setting time information in mobile communication system
53 8,743,835 Communication system of selectively feeding back information about interference channels for interference alignment and method for operating the system
54 8,743,827 Switching method and apparatus in broadband wireless communication system
55 8,743,814 Method and apparatus for transmitting scheduling request signal in mobile communication system
56 8,743,791 Apparatus and method for uplink transmission in wireless communication systems
57 8,743,788 Method and device for sending and receiving a reference signal
58 8,743,646 Semiconductor memory devices with a power supply
59 8,743,617 Nonvolatile memory including plural memory cells stacked on substrate
60 8,743,614 Vertically-integrated nonvolatile memory devices having laterally-integrated ground select transistors
61 8,743,604 Nonvolatile memory devices having improved read reliability
62 8,743,582 3D semiconductor device
63 8,743,560 Circuit board and semiconductor module including the same
64 8,743,550 Interface device for electronic equipment and electronic equipment including the same
65 8,743,547 Electronic device having cooling structure
66 8,743,506 Recording disk driving device
67 8,743,490 Color filter substrate and method of manufacturing the same
68 8,743,468 Wide converter lens
69 8,743,428 Image scanning unit and image forming apparatus having the same
70 8,743,398 Using a button provided in an image forming apparatus to start a Wi-Fi protected setup
71 8,743,390 Image forming device and web server providing workflow status of job, and method to provide workflow status of job in image forming device and web server
72 8,743,349 Apparatus and method to correct image
73 8,743,334 Display substrate, and method of manufacturing the same
74 8,743,331 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
75 8,743,318 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
76 8,743,316 Light guide panel and liquid crystal display apparatus having particular light-emitting pattern surface
77 8,743,311 Liquid crystal display
78 8,743,308 Lamp socket, liquid crystal display, and method of manufacturing the same
79 8,743,307 Display device
80 8,743,306 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
81 8,743,304 Pixel array layout of a liquid crystal display
82 8,743,270 Focus adjustment apparatus and focus adjustment method
83 8,743,258 Correlated double sampling circuit, method thereof and devices having the same
84 8,743,240 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
85 8,743,230 Digital photographing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and recording medium storing program to execute the method
86 8,743,229 Image processing method and apparatus for Bayer images
87 8,743,092 Display apparatus that determines a pointing position of a pointing device and method thereof
88 8,743,078 Display apparatus
89 8,743,063 Liquid crystal display with integrated touch screen panel
90 8,743,024 Emission control driver and organic light emitting display using the same
91 8,742,995 Earphone antenna of mobile terminal
92 8,742,879 Transformer and display device using the same
93 8,742,878 Transformer and flat panel display device including the same
94 8,742,813 Inverter and switching circuit
95 8,742,805 Power on reset device and power on reset method
96 8,742,801 Buffer circuit for semiconductor device
97 8,742,784 Organic light emitting display device
98 8,742,780 Semiconductor devices including design for test capabilities and semiconductor modules and test systems including such devices
99 8,742,688 Harbor lighting control apparatus
100 8,742,645 Surface acoustic wave sensor system
101 8,742,638 Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and spindle motor having the same
102 8,742,634 Linear vibration motor
103 8,742,593 Electrical connection for multichip modules
104 8,742,577 Semiconductor package having an anti-contact layer
105 8,742,514 Storage node, phase change memory device and methods of operating and fabricating the same
106 8,742,493 Semiconductor devices having vertical channel transistors and methods for fabricating the same
107 8,742,488 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
108 8,742,478 Graphene transistor having air gap, hybrid transistor having the same, and methods of fabricating the same
109 8,742,473 Semiconductor devices having lightly doped channel impurity regions
110 8,742,466 Three-dimensional semiconductor device including a mold structure providing gap regions and an interconnection structure including a plurality of interconnection patterns formed in the gap regions
111 8,742,452 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
112 8,742,425 Thin film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display device comprising the same, and method of manufacturing the same
113 8,742,420 Gate driving circuit, display substrate having the same and method of manufacturing the display substrate
114 8,742,417 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method of the same
115 8,742,413 Photosensor and method of manufacturing the same
116 8,742,410 Fused polycyclic heteroaromatic compound, organic thin film including the compound and electronic device including the organic thin film
117 8,742,404 Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing method thereof
118 8,742,403 Xanthene based semiconductor compositions
119 8,742,402 Organic light-emitting device having a cyano compound
120 8,742,400 Graphene switching device including tunable barrier
121 8,742,389 Variable resistance memory device and method of forming the same
122 8,742,388 Variable resistance memory devices
123 8,742,248 Photoelectric conversion module and method of manufacturing the same
124 8,742,247 Solar cell module and method of manufacturing the same
125 8,741,974 Method of forming filter in fluid flow path in microfluidic device
126 8,741,767 Method of forming semiconductor device
127 8,741,761 Methods of manufacturing three-dimensional semiconductor devices
128 8,741,710 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices using a plasma process with non-silane gas including deuterium
129 8,741,706 High electron mobility transistor and method of manufacturing the same
130 8,741,675 Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device and mask for application of paste used therefor
131 8,741,672 Crystallization method of thin film transistor, thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method for thin film transistor array panel
132 8,741,665 Method of manufacturing semiconductor module
133 8,741,535 Laser irradiation device and method of fabricating organic light emitting display device using the same
134 8,741,517 Toner for developing electrostatic latent image and method of preparing the same
135 8,741,488 Electrode including Si-containing material layer and porous film, and lithium battery employing the same
136 8,741,479 Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including the same
137 8,741,478 Pouch-type rechargeable battery and its method of manufacture
138 8,741,476 Rechargeable battery having an electrolyte injection opening sealing cap
139 8,741,475 Secondary battery
140 8,741,471 Battery pack
141 8,741,469 Electrode assembly with multiple separators wound about a winding center
142 8,741,453 Current interrupting device and secondary battery including current interrupting device
143 8,741,452 Secondary battery
144 8,741,164 Methods for optimizing a plasma process
145 8,741,162 Method of manufacturing nanoimprint stamp
146 8,741,159 Touch screen panel and fabricating method for the same
147 8,740,445 Backlight assembly and method of assembling a backlight assembly
148 8,740,408 Light emitting diode (LED) module
149 8,740,398 Camera flash module
150 8,740,322 Refrigerator with slidable shelf
151 8,740,040 Solder injection head
152 8,739,628 Inertial sensor