Samsung patents granted on 03 March 2009

111 US patents granted on 03 March 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D587,870 Vacuum cleaner
2 D587,869 Vacuum cleaner
3 D587,730 Handle for refrigerator
4 D587,729 Refrigerator
5 D587,723 Video image display for television receiver
6 D587,721 Video image display for portable phone
7 D587,712 LCD monitor
8 D587,703 Portable mobile computer
9 D587,701 Notebook computer
10 D587,673 Portable phone
11 D587,672 Portable telephone
12 D587,671 Cellular phone
13 D587,670 Mobile phone
14 D587,668 Mobile phone
15 7,500,177 Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
16 7,500,153 Method and system for error correction in disk drive using plural retry tables
17 7,500,124 Electronic devices and operational methods that change clock frequencies that are applied to a central processing unit and a main system bus
18 7,499,799 Apparatus and method for downloading and displaying images relating to global positioning information in a navigation system
19 7,499,732 Apparatus and method for saving power of a mobile communication terminal
20 7,499,728 System and method for transmitting and receiving a signal in a mobile communication system using a multiple input multiple output adaptive antenna array scheme
21 7,499,721 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving forward channel quality information in a mobile communication system
22 7,499,677 Low voltage differential signaling transceiver
23 7,499,676 Low voltage differential signaling transceiver
24 7,499,670 Process cartridge having cleaning unit including a bent portion for image forming apparatus
25 7,499,658 Image forming apparatus including at least two thermostats to prevent overheating of the heating roller
26 7,499,657 Device and method for measuring quantity of residual toner, image forming apparatus having such a device
27 7,499,511 Clock recovery systems and methods for adjusting phase offset according to data frequency
28 7,499,509 Receiver for compensating nonlinearly distorted multicarrier signals
29 7,499,485 Method and apparatus for detecting GPS data-bit boundaries and detecting GPS satellite-signal reception
30 7,499,471 Time division multiplexing frame for multiplexing different synchronous signals and method for transmitting and receiving the same
31 7,499,460 Integrated WI-FI and wireless public network and method of operation
32 7,499,435 Partial combining method and apparatus for multimedia broadcast/multicast service
33 7,499,424 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving transmission status information and buffer state information in a mobile communication system that supports uplink packet service
34 7,499,420 Apparatus and method for removing signal interference in a local radio communication device mounted in a mobile terminal
35 7,499,417 Apparatus and method for controlling an output buffer in a hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) mobile communication system
36 7,499,391 Apparatus and method for allocating walsh codes to mobile stations in an adaptive antenna array wireless network
37 7,499,389 Super resolution information storage medium and method of recording data thereon
38 7,499,385 Write-once recording medium preserving data-recording status, method of preserving data-recording status of a write-once recording medium, medium including computer readable code for the same, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus therefor
39 7,499,384 Recording medium for storing defect management information for recording real time data, defect managing method therefor, and real time data recording method
40 7,499,370 Synchronous semiconductor memory device
41 7,499,364 Multi-port semiconductor memory device and signal input/output method therefor
42 7,499,359 Temperature sensor instruction signal generator and semiconductor memory device having the same
43 7,499,341 Output circuit, semiconductor memory device having the same, and method of expanding a valid output data window
44 7,499,333 Boost voltage generating circuit and method thereof
45 7,499,327 NAND flash memory device having page buffer adapted to discharge bit line voltage during erase operation
46 7,499,322 Integrated circuit memory system with high speed non-volatile memory data transfer capability
47 7,499,318 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having a management memory capable of suppressing bitline interference during a read operation
48 7,499,316 Phase change memory devices and program methods
49 7,499,310 Bit line voltage supply circuit in semiconductor memory device and voltage supplying method therefor
50 7,499,306 Phase-change memory device and method that maintains the resistance of a phase-change material in a set state within a constant resistance range
51 7,499,266 Sliding-type portable terminal
52 7,499,258 Embedded multilayer chip capacitor and printed circuit board having the same
53 7,499,244 Disk holder for off-line servo-track writer
54 7,499,237 Recording controlling method in hard disk drive and hard disk drive using the same
55 7,499,228 Lens for uniformly distributing light and optical emitting device using the same
56 7,499,191 Apparatus for transmitting print data using multiple virtual connections and a method thereof
57 7,499,142 Manufacturing apparatus of liquid crystal display and manufacturing method of liquid crystal display using the same
58 7,499,138 Panel and a liquid crystal display including the panel
59 7,499,129 Thin film transistor array panel and LCD having plural red, green and blue pixels in which each color pixel includes first and second subpixel electrodes having different voltage/area ratios with respect to each other and for each color pixel
60 7,499,126 Polarizing film and display device having the same
61 7,499,114 Liquid crystal display device having touch screen function and method of fabricating the same
62 7,499,110 Display apparatus and control method thereof
63 7,499,109 Method and apparatus for receiving digital television signals using space diversity and beam-forming
64 7,499,102 Image processing apparatus using judder-map and method thereof
65 7,499,095 Apparatus and method for auto-focusing in a mobile terminal
66 7,499,069 Light scanning device and method thereof
67 7,499,016 Liquid crystal display device
68 7,499,005 Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
69 7,498,997 Plate board type MIMO array antenna including isolation element
70 7,498,995 UWB antenna having 270 degree coverage and system thereof
71 7,498,990 Internal antenna having perpendicular arrangement
72 7,498,959 Apparatus and method of wideband decoding to synthesize a decoded excitation signal with a generated high frequency band signal
73 7,498,900 System on chip structure comprising air cavity for isolating elements, duplexer, and duplexer fabrication method thereof
74 7,498,884 Self calibrating RC oscillator
75 7,498,853 Skew-reducing signal line sub-driver circuits, methods and systems
76 7,498,847 Output driver that operates both in a differential mode and in a single mode
77 7,498,841 Level shifter and display device including the same
78 7,498,752 Driving method of external electrode fluorescent lamp inverter for backlight
79 7,498,746 Plasma display panel (PDP)
80 7,498,745 Plasma display panel provided with alignment marks having similar pattern than electrodes and method of manufacturing the same
81 7,498,744 Plasma display panel and method of fabricating the same
82 7,498,732 Electron emission device with a grid electrode and electron emission display having the same
83 7,498,679 Package substrate and semiconductor package using the same
84 7,498,610 High power LED housing and fabrication method thereof
85 7,498,605 Flat panel display
86 7,498,600 Variable resistance random access memory device and a method of fabricating the same
87 7,498,560 Keypad with optical waveguide having at least one prism pattern
88 7,498,555 Image sensor with improved sub-sampling
89 7,498,263 Method of planarizing an inter-metal insulation film
90 7,498,253 Local interconnection method and structure for use in semiconductor device
91 7,498,248 Methods of compensating for an alignment error during fabrication of structures on semiconductor substrates
92 7,498,244 Method for fabricating GaN-based nitride layer
93 7,498,233 Method of forming an insulation layer structure having a concave surface and method of manufacturing a memory device using the same
94 7,498,220 Methods of fabricating semiconductor memory devices including different dielectric layers for the cell transistors and refresh transistors thereof
95 7,498,217 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor memory devices with unit cells having charge trapping layers
96 7,498,213 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor substrate for reducing wafer warpage
97 7,498,205 Method for manufacturing substrate with cavity
98 7,498,193 Package with barrier wall and method for manufacturing the same
99 7,498,186 Method for packaging organic light emitting display with frit seal and reinforcing structure
100 7,498,179 Semiconductor device having ferroelectric material capacitor and method of making the same
101 7,498,121 Manufacturing method of plasma display panel
102 7,498,064 Laser reflowing of phase changeable memory element to close a void therein
103 7,497,963 Etching method
104 7,497,899 Cyclone dust collecting apparatus
105 7,497,831 Blood pressure measuring system and method
106 7,497,626 Spindle motor structure and hard disk drive employing the same
107 7,497,615 Digital temperature sensor, and system and method for measuring temperature
108 7,497,559 Piezoelectric inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
109 7,497,539 Method of manufacturing color filter using inkjet
110 7,497,434 Paper feeding cassette of image forming apparatus
111 7,497,408 Monitor apparatus