Samsung patents granted on 03 November 2015

179 US patents granted on 03 November 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D742,605 Hose for cleaner
2 D742,604 Hose for cleaner
3 D742,602 Washing machine
4 D742,556 LED electric bulb
5 D742,523 High frequency coil for magnetic resonance image device
6 D742,519 High frequency coil for magnetic resonance image device
7 D742,436 Refrigerator
8 D742,435 Refrigerator handle
9 D742,412 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
10 D742,411 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D742,410 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D742,408 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
13 D742,407 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
14 D742,405 Electronic device with animated graphical user interface
15 D742,404 Washing machine with graphical user interface
16 D742,403 Washing machine with graphical user interface
17 D742,402 Washing machine with graphical user interface
18 D742,400 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
19 D742,399 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
20 D742,398 Display screen or portion thereof with graphic user interface
21 D742,392 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
22 D742,391 Display screen or portion thereof with graphic user interface
23 D742,390 Graphic user interface for a display screen or a portion thereof
24 D742,380 Keyboard for tablet computer
25 D742,378 Monitor for computer
26 D742,364 Stand for TV receiver
27 D742,361 Remote control
28 D742,357 Headphone
29 D742,350 Electronic device
30 D742,349 Mobile terminal
31 D742,344 TV receiver
32 D742,343 TV receiver
33 D742,341 TV
34 D742,112 Damp cloth for robot cleaner
35 D742,094 Shirt
36 9,179,456 Methods and apparatus for downlink control channels transmissions in wireless communications systems
37 9,179,453 Apparatus and method for enhancing features of uplink reference signals
38 9,179,450 Method and apparatus for managing sounding reference signal resource in wireless communication system
39 9,179,443 Method and apparatus for providing services at terminal of mobile communication system
40 9,179,440 Method and apparatus for signaling in digital radio systems
41 9,179,412 Apparatus and method for receiving content in terminal
42 9,179,320 Method for assigning and managing reference signals in a multi-cell environment, and network device and terminal for applying the method
43 9,179,289 Method and system for remotely accessing
44 9,179,287 Apparatus and method for managing memory of mobile terminal
45 9,179,282 Method of reception of secondary notification after ETWS message is received by user equipment in connected mode
46 9,179,273 Apparatus and method for delivering short message service efficiently in wireless communication system
47 9,179,243 Device communication system with proximity synchronization mechanism and method of operation thereof
48 9,179,233 Apparatus and method for interfacing earphone
49 9,179,218 Mobile device for multi-channel sound collection and output using common connector, and driving method thereof
50 9,179,175 Control device and method of controlling broadcast receiver
51 9,179,167 Method and device for interpolating images by using a smoothing interpolation filter
52 9,179,142 Image processing apparatus and inspecting method thereof
53 9,179,135 Display apparatus and method for controlling thereof
54 9,179,128 Image sensing unit, 3D image processing apparatus, 3D camera system, and 3D image processing method
55 9,179,124 Method and apparatus for generating stereoscopic image data stream by using camera parameter, and method and apparatus for restoring stereoscopic image by using camera parameter
56 9,179,094 Photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
57 9,179,092 System and method producing high definition video from low definition video
58 9,179,088 Power supply for television and television including the same
59 9,179,052 Camera module
60 9,179,035 Method of editing static digital combined images comprising images of multiple objects
61 9,179,029 Scanner module and image scanning apparatus employing the same
62 9,179,028 Image forming apparatus to reduce power consumption, host apparatus, and method of performing image forming job thereof
63 9,178,973 Audio control system and method using near-field wireless communication
64 9,178,870 User authentication method using self-signed certificate of web server, client device and electronic device including web server performing the same
65 9,178,666 Method for operating multi-type beacons
66 9,178,649 Method and apparatus for controlling link margin
67 9,178,602 Repeater
68 9,178,596 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving codebook subset restriction bitmap
69 9,178,583 Channel state information feedback design in advanced wireless communication systems
70 9,178,568 Apparatus and method for communication using wireless power
71 9,178,543 Virtual reception diversity apparatus and method in wireless communication system
72 9,178,483 Multilayer chip electronic component and board having the same
73 9,178,389 Wireless power transmission system and method of controlling the same
74 9,178,388 Wireless power transmission apparatus
75 9,178,378 Multi wireless charging apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
76 9,178,362 Voltage adjusting circuit and contactless card and contactless card system which include the same
77 9,178,254 Lithium air battery
78 9,178,237 Conductive composition and method of preparation, polymer thereof, and electrode, electrolyte membrane and fuel cell including the composition or polymer
79 9,178,218 Hyper-branched polymer, electrode and electrolyte membrane including the hyper-branched polymer, and fuel cell including at least one of the electrode and the electrolyte membrane
80 9,178,214 Anode active material for lithium rechargeable battery, method of preparing the same, and lithium battery including the anode active material
81 9,178,213 Negative active material, method of manufacturing the same, and lithium battery including the negative active material
82 9,178,212 Composite anode active material, anode including the composite anode active material, lithium battery including the anode, and method of preparing the composite anode active material
83 9,178,210 Negative active material for lithium battery, method of preparing the negative active material, and lithium battery employing the negative active material
84 9,178,206 Battery module
85 9,178,205 Rechargeable battery
86 9,178,204 Rechargeable battery
87 9,178,199 Lithium battery
88 9,178,198 Separator for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
89 9,178,194 Battery pack having a cover with at least one cut portion formed therein
90 9,178,193 Sub-battery pack, battery pack having the sub-battery pack, portable ultrasonic scanning apparatus using the sub-battery pack and battery pack, and cart carrying the sub-battery pack, battery pack and portable ultrasonic scanning apparatus
91 9,178,191 Battery module
92 9,178,188 Rechargeable battery with collector plates having insulators and conductors
93 9,178,181 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
94 9,178,178 Organic light-emitting diode display having improved adhesion and damage resistance characteristics, an electronic device including the same, and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting diode display
95 9,178,176 Organic light emitting display devices and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display devices
96 9,178,172 Flexible display device having first and second display regions
97 9,178,167 Method of manufacturing flexible display apparatus
98 9,178,162 Compound for organic light-emitting device and organic light-emitting device including the same
99 9,178,157 Donor substrates, methods of manufacturing donor substrates and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display devices using donor substrates
100 9,178,135 Magnetic device
101 9,178,124 Light emitting device and light emitting device package
102 9,178,122 Method of manufacturing light emitting device package having reflector and phosphor layer
103 9,178,073 Oxide for semiconductor layer of thin-film transistor, sputtering target, and thin-film transistor
104 9,178,060 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
105 9,178,051 Semiconductor device
106 9,178,045 Integrated circuit devices including FinFETS and methods of forming the same
107 9,178,044 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
108 9,178,039 Semiconductor device
109 9,178,030 Thin film transistor and display panel employing the same
110 9,178,026 Semiconductor devices and methods fabricating same
111 9,178,024 Thin film transistor display panel and manufacturing method thereof
112 9,178,020 Graphene structure and method of manufacturing the graphene structure, and graphene device and method of manufacturing the graphene device
113 9,178,005 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
114 9,178,003 Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display
115 9,178,002 Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display
116 9,178,001 Organic light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
117 9,177,991 Pixel, method of manufacturing the same, and image processing devices including the same
118 9,177,987 Binary CMOS image sensors, methods of operating same, and image processing systems including same
119 9,177,975 Organic light emitting diode display having a spacer on pixel electrode
120 9,177,971 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
121 9,177,965 Nonvolatile memory device in three-dimensional structure with a stress reducing materials on the channel
122 9,177,960 Method of forming semiconductor device
123 9,177,942 Semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
124 9,177,904 Chip-on-film package and device assembly including the same
125 9,177,891 Semiconductor device including contact pads
126 9,177,887 Semiconductor test device and method for fabricating the same
127 9,177,886 Semiconductor package including chip support and method of fabricating the same
128 9,177,865 Method for fabricating semiconductor device having multiple threshold voltages
129 9,177,841 Coating slit apparatus for coating a substrate and method for coating using the same
130 9,177,793 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device
131 9,177,746 Electrostatic discharging structure and method of manufacturing the same
132 9,177,725 Multilayer ceramic electronic component having internal electrode with non-electrode regions and method of manufacturing the same
133 9,177,722 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and board for mounting the same
134 9,177,660 Method of operating memory device
135 9,177,613 Semiconductor device
136 9,177,591 Focus controlling method and optical disk drive using the focus controlling method
137 9,177,569 Apparatus, medium and method to encode and decode high frequency signal
138 9,177,502 Bi-directional scan driver and display device using the same
139 9,177,457 Electronic device for providing content according to user’s posture and content providing method thereof
140 9,177,411 Display apparatus and display method thereof
141 9,177,365 Method and apparatus for detecting and removing false contour, method and apparatus for verifying whether pixel in included in contour, and method and apparatus for calculating simplicity
142 9,177,234 Print controlling terminal apparatus, print controlling method, image forming apparatus, and method of controlling for analyzing state information
143 9,176,880 Cache memory system for tile based rendering and caching method thereof
144 9,176,863 Memory controller controlling a nonvolatile memory
145 9,176,861 System including data storage device, and data storage device including first and second memory regions
146 9,176,808 Storage device and nonvolatile memory device and operating method thereof
147 9,176,724 Firmware update method and apparatus of set-top box for digital broadcast system
148 9,176,667 Method and apparatus for virtual keypad control
149 9,176,659 Method and apparatus for inputting characters in a mobile communication terminal
150 9,176,650 Method and apparatus for displaying graphical user interface depending on a user’s contact pattern
151 9,176,611 Touch screen panel including a plurality of relay patterns and an auxiliary pattern
152 9,176,593 Remote control apparatus and method for controlling functions of display apparatuses
153 9,176,561 Smart battery pack system capable of providing power during errors in its firmware data
154 9,176,551 Wireless power transmission apparatus and method of transmitting wireless power using the same
155 9,176,540 Electronic device having audio output unit
156 9,176,464 Photoreceptor cartridge including two assemblies and image forming apparatus having the same
157 9,176,383 Photoresist composition and method of manufacturing thin film transistor substrate using the same
158 9,176,375 Methods of reducing a registration error of a photomask, and related photomasks and methods of manufacturing an integrated circuit
159 9,176,362 Optical path adjusting device and photographing apparatus including the same
160 9,176,359 Display apparatus and method of operating the same
161 9,176,344 Liquid crystal display having pixel electrode with concave downward or convex upward portions
162 9,176,335 Display panel and display apparatus having a display panel
163 9,176,327 Three-dimensional display for naked eyes
164 9,176,303 Lens module
165 9,176,277 Optical links, manufacturing methods thereof, and memory systems having the same
166 9,176,274 Backlight unit for liquid crystal display device
167 9,176,095 Method of processing target material in a sample
168 9,175,328 Electron transfer mediators for enzyme-based biosensor
169 9,174,764 External supporting cover for user device
170 9,174,717 Intake air cooling system for a marine vessel having a turbocharger
171 9,174,500 Tire pressure monitoring system
172 9,174,345 Robot arm including force sensing apparatus
173 9,174,307 Substrate cutting apparatus and method for cutting substrate using the same
174 9,174,265 Rechargeable battery and manufacturing method of the same
175 9,174,250 Method and apparatus for cleaning organic deposition materials
176 9,174,238 Particles having permanent dipole moment, films including the particles, and methods of preparing the films
177 9,174,217 Device and method of amplifying nucleic acids by using oil layer comprising exothermal particles
178 9,173,616 Method and apparatus for providing three-dimensional (3D) image
179 9,173,539 Robot cleaner and method for controlling the same