Samsung patents granted on 03 October 2006

66 US patents granted on 03 October 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 D529,593 Air-conditioner
2 D529,483 Earphone
3 D529,475 Portable phone
4 D529,474 Portable phone
5 D529,473 Mobile phone
6 D529,472 Mobile phone
7 D529,465 Cellular phone
8 D529,464 Complex image player
9 7,117,514 Multi-tuner television receiving apparatus and method of restricting the viewing
10 7,117,399 Method of and apparatus for controlling data storage system according to temperature, and medium
11 7,117,392 Image recording/reproducing apparatus for system optimization
12 7,117,381 Control signal generation circuit and data transmission circuit having the same
13 7,117,307 Memory controlling apparatus performing the writing of data using address line
14 7,116,960 Image-rejecting antenna apparatus
15 7,116,927 Photosensitive drum of image forming apparatus and method of damping vibration in the drum
16 7,116,924 Delivery unit and method with a carrier vapor collection duct and a carrier purifier using the same
17 7,116,921 Method and apparatus to correct power source voltage variation in an image forming system
18 7,116,876 Optical fiber for metro network
19 7,116,723 Closed loop transmit diversity method and apparatus using complex basis vector sets for antenna selection
20 7,116,662 Multi-layered packet processing device
21 7,116,654 Mobile internet protocol system and route optimization method therefor
22 7,116,627 Compatible optical pickup device using a single light source
23 7,116,625 Apparatus and method for detecting a position of a pickup
24 7,116,614 Apparatus for assigning spare areas for defect management and apparatus for handling fragmented ECC blocks
25 7,116,608 Lens position determination apparatus of optical pickup
26 7,116,607 Apparatus and method of removing disturbances during optical recording and/or reproducing
27 7,116,591 Redundancy circuits and memory devices having a twist bitline scheme and methods of repairing defective cells in the same
28 7,116,515 Method and apparatus for compensating for torque change in seek servo
29 7,116,488 Optical system for zoom-camera
30 7,116,482 Junction lens device, zoom lens optical system employing same, and camera employing the zoom lens optical system
31 7,116,456 Light modulator module package
32 7,116,409 Optical fiber for high-speed fiber-drawing process and coating concentricity monitor
33 7,116,391 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same having particular pad unit
34 7,116,386 Liquid crystal display device with a structure receiving a back light assembly and a display unit
35 7,116,376 TV card and computer system having the same
36 7,116,373 Deinterlacing apparatus and method capable of outputting two consecutive deinterlaced frames
37 7,116,322 Display apparatus and controlling method thereof
38 7,116,299 Liquid crystal display device
39 7,116,276 Ultra wideband internal antenna
40 7,116,152 Digital circuit tolerant of race condition problem
41 7,116,149 Duty cycle correction circuit of delay locked loop and the delay locked loop having the duty cycle correction circuit
42 7,116,145 Phase-locked loop circuit having phase lock detection function and method for detecting phase lock thereof
43 7,116,138 Ramp signal generation circuit
44 7,116,127 Circuit with fuse and semiconductor device having the same circuit
45 7,116,125 Semiconductor test device using leakage current and compensation system of leakage current
46 7,116,047 Plasma display panel (PDP) having address electrodes with different thicknesses
47 7,115,979 Light emitting diode package
48 7,115,927 Phase changeable memory devices
49 7,115,914 Nitride semiconductor light-emitting device
50 7,115,909 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
51 7,115,840 Wafer bake apparatus
52 7,115,497 Method for forming storage node contact plug of DRAM (dynamic random access memory)
53 7,115,490 Apparatus and method for interlocking a power supply to ion implantation equipment, method and apparatus for generating an interlocking signal, method and apparatus for interrupting an ion implantation process, and an interlocking system
54 7,115,483 Stacked chip package having upper chip provided with trenches and method of manufacturing the same
55 7,115,470 Methods of fabricating flash memory cell having split-gate structure using spacer oxidation process
56 7,115,441 Semiconductor package with semiconductor chips stacked therein and method of making the package
57 7,115,433 Contact structure of wiring and a method for manufacturing the same
58 7,115,350 Low temperature fixing toner
59 7,115,348 Photoreceptor for electrophotography having an overcoat layer with salt
60 7,115,347 Azine-based dimeric charge transport materials
61 7,115,346 Multi-layered electrophotographic positively charged organic photoconductor and manufacturing method thereof
62 7,115,334 Gel electrolyte and fuel cell employing the same
63 7,115,306 Method of horizontally growing carbon nanotubes and device having the same
64 7,114,819 Apparatus for fixing reflection mirror of laser scanning unit
65 7,114,345 Air circulation structure for a refrigerator machine room
66 7,114,244 Disc centering device