Samsung patents granted on 04 August 2015

223 US patents granted on 04 August 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D735,922 Light for digital camera
2 D735,843 Air conditioner
3 D735,753 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
4 D735,752 Electronic device with an animated graphical user interface
5 D735,751 Portable electronic device with animated graphical user interface
6 D735,744 Portable electronic device with animated graphical user interface
7 D735,741 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
8 D735,739 TV display screen displaying GUI
9 D735,737 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
10 D735,736 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D735,734 Portable electronic device with graphical images
12 D735,731 TV display screen with an animated graphical user interface
13 D735,728 Television receiver frame
14 D735,725 Memory card
15 D735,724 Case for electronic device
16 D735,716 Glasses-shaped headset
17 D735,715 Portable display device
18 D735,714 Display device
19 D735,713 External disc drive
20 D735,710 Electronic device
21 D735,704 Portable terminal
22 D735,689 Mobile terminal
23 D735,687 Television receiver
24 D735,686 Television receiver
25 D735,685 Television receiver
26 9,101,064 Thin film electrode ceramic substrate and method for manufacturing the same
27 9,100,971 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signals in multi-cellular network
28 9,100,916 Apparatus and method for saving power in portable terminal
29 9,100,915 Connection control apparatus and method for mobile communication system
30 9,100,913 Method and apparatus for optimizing power consumption of a terminal in a mobile communication system
31 9,100,908 Method to prevent hyper frame number de-synchronization in a wireless communication system
32 9,100,901 Apparatus and method for initial access in wireless communication system with hierarchical cell structure
33 9,100,897 System and method for efficient station identification
34 9,100,878 Apparatus and method for connecting with network in portable terminal
35 9,100,845 Method and apparatus for measuring antenna performance by comparing original and received voice signals
36 9,100,842 Apparatus and method for supporting calibration for radio frequency circuit in communication device
37 9,100,829 Apparatus and method for managing control information of application in portable terminal
38 9,100,818 Apparatus and method for allocating D2D ID of user terminal in ad-hoc network
39 9,100,801 Method and apparatus for managing a group profile in a Wi-Fi direct communication system
40 9,100,777 Method and apparatus for controlling device
41 9,100,751 Docking station having structure for sound amplification and sound quality enhancement
42 9,100,725 Method and apparatus for generating moving picture clip and/or displaying content file list, and recording medium storing program for executing the method
43 9,100,724 Method and apparatus for displaying summary video
44 9,100,723 Method and system for managing information on a video recording
45 9,100,691 Digital content display system and method for providing information during a channel zapping delay
46 9,100,682 Terrestrial broadcasting receiving module
47 9,100,677 Server, client device, method for generating a transport stream thereof and processing the transport stream thereof
48 9,100,673 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system utilizing mull packet and TRS code to improve receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
49 9,100,671 Apparatus and method for supporting variable length of transport packet in video and audio communication system
50 9,100,661 Method and apparatus for encoding video by using dynamic-range transformation, and method and apparatus for decoding video by using dynamic-range transformation
51 9,100,654 Method and apparatus for inserting video watermark in compression domain
52 9,100,645 Pixel, stereopsis display device, and driving method thereof
53 9,100,644 Stereoscopic image display device and driving method thereof
54 9,100,632 Method for providing video call analysis service and an electronic device thereof
55 9,100,626 Video processing apparatus and control method thereof
56 9,100,617 Method of generating a guidance route to a target menu and image processing apparatus using the same
57 9,100,600 Anti-blooming shutter control in image sensors
58 9,100,577 Method of providing user interface and image photographing apparatus applying the same
59 9,100,571 Apparatus and method to photograph an image
60 9,100,563 Apparatus, method and computer-readable medium imaging through at least one aperture of each pixel of display panel
61 9,100,541 Method for interworking with dummy device and electronic device thereof
62 9,100,491 Mobile communication terminal, digital hearing aid, and method of controlling the digital hearing aid using the mobile communication terminal
63 9,100,471 Method and device of input for a portable terminal
64 9,100,452 Content reproducing method and apparatus
65 9,100,442 Image forming apparatus supporting peer-to-peer connection and method of managing address book thereof
66 9,100,234 Apparatus and method for virtual antenna mapping in multi-antenna system
67 9,100,227 Methods and apparatus for estimating channel time and frequency correlations in OFDM communication receiver
68 9,100,224 Call processing method and apparatus in VoIP system
69 9,100,204 Apparatus and method for broadcast in system performing inter-device direct communication
70 9,100,106 Method and apparatus for configuring low power network
71 9,100,099 Adaptive transmitter leakage cancelation in a transceiver
72 9,100,077 Apparatus and method for transmission of sounding reference signal in uplink wireless communication systems with multiple antennas and sounding reference signal hopping
73 9,100,054 Data processing systems and methods providing error correction
74 9,100,052 QC-LDPC convolutional codes enabling low power trellis-based decoders
75 9,100,051 Digital broadcasting transmission and reception devices and methods thereof
76 9,100,039 System, medium, and method of encoding/decoding multi-channel audio signals
77 9,100,018 Gate driver circuit for inductive load, inverter module, and inverter apparatus having the same
78 9,100,017 Impedance component having low sensitivity to power supply variations
79 9,100,016 Semiconductor circuit including a clock gating circuit
80 9,099,966 Dual time alignment architecture for transmitters using EER/ET amplifiers and others
81 9,099,949 Back electromotive force detection circuit and motor driving control apparatus using the same
82 9,099,927 Multi-voltage power supply and electronic apparatus including the same
83 9,099,883 System and method for controlling charging of battery of portable terminal
84 9,099,881 Method and apparatus for charging over-discharged battery in booting process
85 9,099,878 Wireless power transmitter and wireless power transceiver
86 9,099,867 Battery pack and charging system including battery pack
87 9,099,772 Antenna apparatus for portable terminal
88 9,099,768 Antenna device
89 9,099,761 Rechargeable battery including temperature protection element connected to lead tab and connection tab
90 9,099,756 Flame retardant electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
91 9,099,739 Lithium secondary battery
92 9,099,732 Rechargeable battery having a fuse with an insulating blocking member
93 9,099,731 Secondary battery with a bimetal element on a top surface of a cap plate
94 9,099,727 Lead plate, battery pack having the same, and method of manufacturing the battery pack
95 9,099,726 Secondary battery and method of fabricating the same
96 9,099,724 Battery cell assembly, method of manufacturing the same using a jig assembly
97 9,099,723 Battery pack and manufacturing method thereof
98 9,099,712 Battery pack
99 9,099,707 Battery pack
100 9,099,696 Secondary battery
101 9,099,695 Battery pack with reinforced coupling member
102 9,099,691 Rechargeable battery
103 9,099,688 Delamination apparatus and inline thermal imaging system
104 9,099,687 Donor substrate and method of forming transfer pattern using the same
105 9,099,686 Donor film, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display using the same
106 9,099,685 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
107 9,099,684 Organic light emitting display device and method for fabricating the same
108 9,099,680 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
109 9,099,677 Encapsulation structure for an organic light emitting display device, an organic light emitting display device, and methods of manufacturing an organic light emitting display device
110 9,099,674 Organic light-emitting display device
111 9,099,669 Organic light-emitting device
112 9,099,665 Organic electro-luminescence display device
113 9,099,662 Substrate and display device including the same
114 9,099,651 Donor substrate and method for forming transfer pattern using the same
115 9,099,650 Organic light-emitting display device, method of manufacturing the same, and donor substrate and donor substrate set used to manufacture the organic light-emitting display device
116 9,099,649 Apparatus and method for manufacturing organic light-emitting diode display
117 9,099,639 Resistance switching material element and device employing the same
118 9,099,631 Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
119 9,099,630 Electronic apparatus
120 9,099,629 Semiconductor light emitting device and light emitting apparatus
121 9,099,624 Semiconductor light emitting device and package
122 9,099,573 Nano-structure semiconductor light emitting device
123 9,099,561 Transistors and electronic devices including the transistors
124 9,099,541 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
125 9,099,473 Semiconductor devices including metal-silicon-nitride patterns
126 9,099,470 Method of forming patterns for semiconductor device
127 9,099,469 E-fuse structure of semiconductor device
128 9,099,460 Stack semiconductor package and manufacturing the same
129 9,099,451 Power module package and method of manufacturing the same
130 9,099,438 Thin film transistor array panel
131 9,099,429 Heat sink
132 9,099,416 Organic light-emitting device
133 9,099,415 Organic light-emitting display device
134 9,099,414 Organic light emitting diode display
135 9,099,413 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
136 9,099,408 Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display
137 9,099,403 Methods for forming a semiconductor device including fine patterns
138 9,099,399 Methods of forming fine patterns for semiconductor devices
139 9,099,390 Crystallization apparatus, crystallization method, organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus
140 9,099,367 Image sensor and image processing device including the same
141 9,099,360 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
142 9,099,358 Thin film transistor array panel
143 9,099,347 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices and method of fabricating the same
144 9,099,343 Semiconductor devices
145 9,099,336 Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
146 9,099,332 Lead frame for light emitting device package, light emitting device package, and illumination apparatus employing the light emitting device package
147 9,099,329 In nanowire, device using the same and method of manufacturing in nanowire
148 9,099,326 Stack-type semiconductor package
149 9,099,325 Semiconductor device having vertical channels and method of manufacturing the same
150 9,099,304 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
151 9,099,251 Energy storage apparatus
152 9,099,250 Multilayer ceramic capacitor to be embedded in board, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing board having multilayer ceramic capacitor embedded therein
153 9,099,249 Multilayered ceramic capacitor, mounting structure of circuit board having multilayered ceramic capacitor thereon, and packing unit for multilayered ceramic capacitor
154 9,099,245 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
155 9,099,243 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
156 9,099,242 Laminated chip electronic component, board for mounting the same, and packing unit thereof
157 9,099,240 Multilayered ceramic capacitor and board for mounting the same
158 9,099,234 Filter for removing noise and method of manufacturing the same
159 9,099,221 Monomer for binding nano-metal, conductive polymer composite and method of preparing the conductive polymer composite
160 9,099,203 Method for testing retention characteristics of semiconductor device having a volatile device cell and semiconductor test apparatus
161 9,099,196 Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same
162 9,099,184 Memory device and method of reading data from memory device using element graphs
163 9,099,166 Memory module and memory system comprising same
164 9,099,095 Apparatus and method of processing a received voice signal in a mobile terminal
165 9,099,093 Apparatus and method of improving intelligibility of voice signal
166 9,099,071 Method and apparatus for generating singing voice
167 9,099,055 Display driving device and display system with improved protection against electrostatic discharge
168 9,099,049 Method of dimming backlight assembly
169 9,099,040 Scan driver and organic light emitting display using the same
170 9,099,039 Organic electro luminescence display device
171 9,099,037 Organic light emitting diode display and method of driving the same
172 9,099,035 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
173 9,099,034 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
174 9,099,033 Organic electroluminescent display and method of driving based on plurality of operating environmental factors
175 9,099,030 Display device
176 9,099,025 Data rendering method, data rendering device, and display panel with subpixel rendering structure using the same
177 9,099,023 Display driver circuit, operating method thereof, and user device including the same
178 9,098,917 Method and system for accelerating collision resolution on a reconfigurable processor
179 9,098,861 Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a medical device
180 9,098,800 Apparatus and method for managing axiom, and reasoning apparatus including the same
181 9,098,792 Print controlling apparatus, image forming apparatus, method of color revising and computer-readable recording medium
182 9,098,740 Apparatus, method, and medium detecting object pose
183 9,098,726 Scalable and secure application resource management and access control for multicore operating systems
184 9,098,703 SOC with security function and device and scanning method using the same
185 9,098,684 Device and portable storage device which are capable of transferring rights object, and a method of transferring rights object
186 9,098,670 Double patterning layout design method
187 9,098,639 Media processing apparatus and controlling method thereof
188 9,098,527 Method of managing files in webDAV server-embedded image forming apparatus, and image forming system that performs the method
189 9,098,523 Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing genetic information obtained by using next generation sequencing (NGS)
190 9,098,518 Resource sharing method and system
191 9,098,490 Genetic information management system and method
192 9,098,398 Non-volatile memory systems and methods of managing power of the same
193 9,098,391 Memory system and method of operating memory system using reconstructed data
194 9,098,388 Apparatus and method for recording an image for a vehicle using on board diagnostic information
195 9,098,381 Modular arithmatic unit and secure system including the same
196 9,098,275 Method and device for controlling power of mobile terminal
197 9,098,162 Touch panel including graphene and method of manufacturing the same
198 9,098,157 Touch sensing apparatus
199 9,098,146 Multi-touch sensing apparatus using rear view camera of array type
200 9,098,136 Organic light emitting display device
201 9,098,120 Apparatus and method for inputting character using touch screen in portable terminal
202 9,098,099 Device and method for increasing output efficiency of mobile communication terminal
203 9,097,970 Photorefractive composite, spatial light modulator, and hologram display device using the same
204 9,097,958 Camera module
205 9,097,935 Fixing device of diffusing plate and display apparatus having the same
206 9,097,933 Polarizer and liquid crystal display including the same
207 9,097,932 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
208 9,097,930 Flat panel display
209 9,097,923 Liquid crystal module assembly and display device including the same
210 9,097,912 Lens barrel and optical appliance
211 9,097,845 Optoelectronic chips including coupler region and methods of manufacturing the same
212 9,097,537 Electronic device and method for displaying position information of set device
213 9,097,521 Distance measurement apparatus and method
214 9,097,515 Measuring device and measuring method
215 9,096,797 Silicate phosphor, method of manufacturing silicate phosphor, and light-generating device having silicate phosphor
216 9,096,725 Cross-linked polyazole, method of preparing the polyazole, electrode for fuel cell including the cross-linked polyazole, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including the cross-linked polyazole, method of manufacturing the electrolyte membrane, and fuel cell including the cross-linked polyazole
217 9,096,529 Metal complex compound and organic light emitting diode device including the same
218 9,096,418 Ultrasonic transducer and method of manufacturing the same
219 9,096,029 Electronic device case, method and mold for manufacturing the same, and mobile communications terminal
220 9,095,879 Probe for ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
221 9,095,851 Apparatus and method of detecting and controlling fluid in microfluidic device
222 9,095,310 Radiographic apparatus
223 9,095,304 Portable ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus