Samsung patents granted on 04 December 2007

84 US patents granted on 04 December 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 D556,880 Air conditioner
2 D556,879 Wall-mounted type air condition
3 D556,822 Printer
4 D556,801 Camcorder
5 D556,757 LCD monitor
6 D556,756 LCD monitor
7 D556,755 LCD monitor
8 D556,741 Ear phone
9 D556,735 Ear phone
10 D556,727 Portable telephone
11 D556,725 Mobile phone
12 D556,724 Portable telephone
13 D556,723 Mobile phone
14 D556,722 Mobile phone
15 D556,721 Mobile phone
16 D556,720 Mobile phone
17 D556,719 Mobile phone
18 D556,718 Mobile phone
19 D556,717 Mobile phone
20 D556,716 Mobile phone
21 D556,715 Mobile phone
22 D556,709 LCD monitor
23 7,305,688 Tilting movement optical pickup actuator and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same and method
24 7,305,551 Method of transmitting security data in an ethernet passive optical network system
25 7,305,521 Methods, circuits, and systems for utilizing idle time in dynamic frequency scaling cache memories
26 7,305,504 IEEE 1394-adopted host device and control method thereof
27 7,305,501 Portable computer system having LCD monitor for selectively receiving video signals from external video signal input from external computer
28 7,305,323 Method and apparatus for counting a number of steps taken by walker
29 7,305,315 Method of compensating tilt using two-axis geomagnetic sensor, and acceleration sensor, and apparatus thereof
30 7,305,287 AGV control system and method
31 7,305,250 Apparatus and method for simultaneously performing a TV reception function and a calling function in a mobile phone
32 7,305,205 Developer cartridge having a movable cover and liquid-type image forming apparatus
33 7,305,196 Apparatus for and method of controlling high voltage in image forming apparatus
34 7,305,192 Cartridge for use in an image forming apparatus having an electronic element
35 7,305,171 Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing digital data, such as audio/video (A/V) data, and control method thereof
36 7,305,165 Optical fiber for metro network
37 7,305,048 Burst mode receiver and method for stable reception of packet data on telephone line
38 7,304,965 Method and apparatus for generating a code in an asynchronous code division multiple access mobile communication system
39 7,304,938 Information storage medium and apparatus of recording and/or reproducing pointing information
40 7,304,936 Method and apparatus for controlling power of laser diode in optical disc drive
41 7,304,933 Optical recording apparatus using scanning mirror for generating two-dimensional beam
42 7,304,915 Actuator for optical disk system and apparatus for providing signal for driving the actuator
43 7,304,908 SRAM device capable of performing burst operation
44 7,304,891 Apparatus and method for improving write/read endurance of non-volatile memory
45 7,304,887 Method and apparatus for multi-plane MRAM
46 7,304,886 Writing driver circuit of phase-change memory
47 7,304,885 Phase change memories and/or methods of programming phase change memories using sequential reset control
48 7,304,882 Circuits for driving FRAM
49 7,304,817 Jerk controlled seek system
50 7,304,693 Liquid crystal display apparatus having particular fixing grooves and fixing protuberances in rear case
51 7,304,690 Optical engine of a projection television
52 7,304,655 Image display apparatus
53 7,304,624 Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for driving the same
54 7,304,599 Analog-to-digital converter with reduced power consumption in CMOS image sensor
55 7,304,590 Arithmetic decoding apparatus and method
56 7,304,532 Voltage reference generator with flexible control of voltage
57 7,304,522 Spread spectrum clock generator
58 7,304,520 Delay circuit and semiconductor device including same
59 7,304,502 Level shifter and flat panel display comprising the same
60 7,304,434 Light generating device and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
61 7,304,433 Plasma display panel
62 7,304,432 Plasma display panel with phosphor layer arranged in non-display area
63 7,304,430 Fluorescent flat lamp assembly provided with external electrodes and with internal electrodes positioned within spacers inside the flat lamp
64 7,304,387 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
65 7,304,383 TFT substrate for liquid crystal display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
66 7,304,371 Lead frame having a lead with a non-uniform width
67 7,304,367 Metal-insulator-metal capacitors including transition metal silicide films on doped polysilicon contact plugs
68 7,304,284 Apparatus for monitoring a lamp, system having the same for monitoring a lamp, backlight assembly having the same and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
69 7,304,275 Cooking apparatus, cooking system, and cooking control method utilizing bar code
70 7,304,271 Heating apparatus for cooking and method for controlling the same
71 7,304,253 Switching device of an image recording and replaying apparatus
72 7,303,987 Contact structure of a wires and method manufacturing the same, and thin film transistor substrate including the contact structure and method manufacturing the same
73 7,303,957 Method of fabricating a flash memory device
74 7,303,955 Semiconductor memory device with high operating current and method of manufacturing the same
75 7,303,850 Method of fabricating organic light emitting display
76 7,303,848 Liquid toners comprising amphipathic copolymeric binder and soluble polymers for electrographic applications
77 7,303,839 Negative electrode for lithium sulfur battery, method of preparing same and lithium sulfur battery comprising same
78 7,303,837 Positive electrode for lithium-sulfur battery and lithium-sulfur battery and article of manufacture including same
79 7,303,836 Secondary battery including improved cap assembly and method of manufacturing the cap assembly
80 7,303,466 Carrier head of chemical mechanical polishing apparatus having barriers dividing pressure chamber into a plurality of pressure zones
81 7,303,141 Gas supplying apparatus
82 7,303,031 Anthropomorphic robot
83 7,302,809 Refrigerator
84 7,302,755 Head assembly for a component mounter