Samsung patents granted on 04 January 2011

179 US patents granted on 04 January 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D630,231 Refrigerator for wines
2 D630,230 Refrigerator for wines
3 D630,228 A/V receiver
4 D630,227 Graphical user interface for monitor
5 D630,226 Graphical user interface for monitor
6 D630,225 Graphical user interface for monitor
7 D630,209 LCD monitor
8 D630,207 Electronic book
9 D630,183 Mobile phone
10 D630,182 Mobile phone
11 D630,180 Mobile phone
12 D630,179 Mobile phone
13 D630,176 Mobile phone
14 D630,175 Mobile phone
15 D630,174 Mobile phone
16 7,865,930 Method and apparatus providing channel management in a multi-frequency network broadcasting system
17 7,865,866 Method of inspecting mask using aerial image inspection apparatus
18 7,865,810 Robust error correction encoding/decoding apparatus and method of digital dual-stream broadcast reception/transmission system
19 7,865,771 Command processing devices, command processing systems, and methods of processing a command
20 7,865,725 Printing device capable of authorizing printing limitedly according to user level, printing system using the same and printing method thereof
21 7,865,666 Cache memory systems and methods thereof
22 7,865,657 Multi-chip flash memory device and copy-back method thereof
23 7,865,645 Bus arbiter, bus device and system for granting successive requests by a master without rearbitration
24 7,865,620 Web server and web service method thereof
25 7,865,549 Method and apparatus for transmitting data frame efficiently in communication network
26 7,865,543 Offset compensation for rail-to-rail avereraging circuit
27 7,865,500 Apparatus and method for sharing services on network
28 7,865,325 Test system and failure parsing method thereof
29 7,865,209 Method for controlling transmission power of a physical random access channel
30 7,865,186 Method for operating wired and wireless phone services interconnectively
31 7,865,168 Apparatus for controlling power consumption in PDA phone
32 7,865,153 Apparatus and method for transmit diversity and beamforming in a wireless network
33 7,865,151 Swing hinge device for mobile terminal
34 7,865,128 Discharging unit and image forming apparatus having the same
35 7,865,123 Developing device, waste toner collecting device and image forming apparatus having the same
36 7,865,101 Fusing system and control method thereof
37 7,865,056 Method of controlling special playback mode of video signal reproducing apparatus
38 7,865,035 Video quality adaptive coding artifact reduction
39 7,865,033 Method and apparatus for controlling contrast
40 7,865,027 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image data
41 7,864,988 Apparatus and method for providing security in a base or mobile station by using detection of face information
42 7,864,982 Displacement and tilt detection method for a portable autonomous device having an integrated image sensor and a device therefor
43 7,864,896 Apparatus and method for generating log likelihood ratio in multiple-input multiple-output communication system
44 7,864,885 Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) transceiver with pooled adaptive digital filtering
45 7,864,876 Differential space-time block coding apparatus using eight or less transmit antennas
46 7,864,866 System and method of decoding dual video signals
47 7,864,859 Method and circuit for coding mode determinations recognizing auto exposure control of input image
48 7,864,843 Method and apparatus to encode and/or decode signal using bandwidth extension technology
49 7,864,836 Adaptive orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) equalizers, OFDM receivers including the same, and methods thereof
50 7,864,832 Multi-code correlation architecture for use in software-defined radio systems
51 7,864,810 Display apparatus and control method thereof
52 7,864,809 Method of transmitting and receiving data in network environment with wired and wireless networks bridged using relay portal
53 7,864,804 Apparatus and method for connection admission control in broadband wireless access system
54 7,864,786 Repeater apparatus for supporting a plurality of protocols, and a method for controlling protocol conversion in the repeater apparatus
55 7,864,782 Packet processing apparatus and method
56 7,864,778 Apparatus and method of scheduling data packet in a communication system
57 7,864,767 Providing broadcast channel information
58 7,864,741 Processing wireless resources in mobile Ad Hoc network
59 7,864,705 Method for establishing communication channel and image receiving apparatus using the same
60 7,864,682 Method for routing data in networks
61 7,864,649 Information storage medium having additional data areas and method of recording/reproducing the same
62 7,864,648 Information storage medium having additional data areas and method of recording/reproducing the same
63 7,864,642 Method of optimizing a write strategy based on an adaptive write strategy study and optical recording apparatus using the same
64 7,864,641 Optical disk having divided write strategy tuning areas, optical recording/reproducing apparatus and method using the same
65 7,864,639 Optical disk apparatus
66 7,864,636 Multi-layered optical recording medium, address assignment method for multi-layered optical recording medium, apparatus and method of reproducing and method of recording
67 7,864,622 Low power multi-chip semiconductor memory device and chip enable method thereof
68 7,864,619 Write driver circuit for phase-change memory, memory including the same, and associated methods
69 7,864,599 Device and method generating internal voltage in semiconductor memory device
70 7,864,595 Nonvolatile memory cell, nonvolatile memory device, and method of programming the nonvolatile memory device
71 7,864,582 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of operating same to inhibit parasitic charge accumulation therein
72 7,864,574 Memory device and memory programming method
73 7,864,571 Memory cell programming method and semiconductor memory device
74 7,864,556 Magnetic domain information storage device and method of manufacturing the same
75 7,864,545 Chassis base assembly and plasma display panel (PDP) assembly including the chassis base assembly
76 7,864,516 Display unit and multi-display device having the same
77 7,864,514 Display device
78 7,864,483 Method and apparatus for adaptive gain balancing of at least one of two rotational sensors in a hard disk drive
79 7,864,465 Hard disk drive with reduced power consumption, related data processing apparatus, and I/O method
80 7,864,404 Light guide unit and display device having the same
81 7,864,359 Data compression and decompression unit
82 7,864,353 Document processing system using imbedded metadata and method using the same
83 7,864,300 Door opening and closing unit to control door rotating speed and image forming apparatus having the same
84 7,864,299 Apparatus for supporting a wafer, apparatus for exposing a wafer and method of supporting a wafer
85 7,864,283 Liquid crystal display
86 7,864,273 Dual sided liquid crystal display device viewable from one side in a reflection mode and the other side in a transmission mode
87 7,864,269 Liquid crystal display device switchable between reflective mode and transmissive mode by employing active reflective polarizer
88 7,864,263 Thin display apparatus
89 7,864,260 Receiving container, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
90 7,864,258 Liquid crystal panel assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
91 7,864,257 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
92 7,864,256 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing thereof
93 7,864,249 Method and apparatus displaying double screen
94 7,864,245 Camera module and method of manufacturing the same
95 7,864,233 Image photographing device and method
96 7,864,229 Analog to digital converting device and image pickup device for canceling noise, and signal processing method thereof
97 7,864,225 System and method for displaying image capture time
98 7,864,213 Apparatus and method for compensating trembling of a portable terminal
99 7,864,208 F-O lens, light scanning unit and image forming apparatus employing the same
100 7,864,202 Conversion of a sub-pixel format data to another sub-pixel data format
101 7,864,194 Systems and methods for motion adaptive filtering
102 7,864,192 Dithering system and method for use in image processing
103 7,864,188 Systems and methods for selecting a white point for image displays
104 7,864,149 Display panel
105 7,864,141 Display device and a driving method thereof
106 7,864,140 Light-emitting display
107 7,864,134 Display device of a mobile phone having a sub memory
108 7,864,124 Multi-band antenna for mobile phone
109 7,864,073 Apparatus and method of providing schedule and route
110 7,864,000 High frequency switching circuit
111 7,863,992 Oscillator having comparator circuits having adjustable driving capabilities and method for operating the same
112 7,863,917 Semiconductor chip having a crack test circuit and method of testing a crack of a semiconductor chip using the same
113 7,863,914 Method for testing semiconductor memory device using probe and semiconductor memory device using the same
114 7,863,823 Method of improving uniformity of brightness between pixels in electron emission panel
115 7,863,813 Inorganic electroluminescence device using quantum dots
116 7,863,811 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
117 7,863,810 Organic light emitting display device
118 7,863,736 Semiconductor device and signal terminating method thereof
119 7,863,715 Stack package and stack packaging method
120 7,863,702 Image sensor package and method of manufacturing the same
121 7,863,686 Nonvolatile memory devices having a fin shaped active region
122 7,863,683 Fin field effect transistor and method for forming the same
123 7,863,677 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
124 7,863,676 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
125 7,863,673 Non-volatile memory device and method of operating the same
126 7,863,672 Non-volatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
127 7,863,640 Light emitting diode package, circuit board for light emitting diode package and method of manufacturing the same
128 7,863,629 Organic light emitting diode display device having an integrated secondary battery and method of fabricating the same
129 7,863,628 Light-emitting device and light-receiving device using transistor structure
130 7,863,621 Thin film transistor
131 7,863,620 Thin film transistor array substrate, method for manufacturing the same and system for inspecting the substrate
132 7,863,607 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
133 7,863,604 Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing the same
134 7,863,602 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
135 7,863,601 Organic light emitting display, method of fabricating the same, and mobile display including the organic light emitting display
136 7,863,551 System, method and medium tracking motion of subject using laser
137 7,863,545 Nano particle generator
138 7,863,510 Method, medium, and system classifying music themes using music titles
139 7,863,448 Dye for photoelectronic device, photoanode comprising the dye and photoelectronic device employing the photoanode
140 7,863,231 Thinner composition and method of removing photoresist using the same
141 7,863,201 Methods of forming field effect transistors having silicided source/drain contacts with low contact resistance
142 7,863,185 Artificially tilted via connection
143 7,863,178 Method for manufacturing a GaN based optical device
144 7,863,174 Vertical pillar transistor
145 7,863,173 Variable resistance non-volatile memory cells and methods of fabricating same
146 7,863,161 Method of cutting a wafer
147 7,863,152 Semiconductor device structure with strain layer and method of fabricating the semiconductor device structure
148 7,863,142 Method of forming a germanium silicide layer, semiconductor device including the germanium silicide layer, and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
149 7,863,140 Methods of making a molecular detection chip having a metal oxide silicon field effect transistor on sidewalls of a micro-fluid channel
150 7,863,138 Methods of forming nano line structures in microelectronic devices
151 7,863,137 Methods of fabricating field effect transistors having protruded active regions
152 7,863,111 Thin film transistor for display device including a dispersed carbon nanotube dispersed conductive polymer and manufacturing method of the same
153 7,863,110 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
154 7,863,086 Thin film transistor substrate and method for fabricating the same
155 7,863,065 Display substrate and method for manufacturing the same
156 7,862,988 Method for forming patterns of semiconductor device
157 7,862,928 Can for a battery and battery using the same
158 7,862,925 Secondary battery
159 7,862,924 Battery module
160 7,862,922 Polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cell and fuel cell system comprising same
161 7,862,919 Battery pack and electronic device using the same
162 7,862,917 Thermally stable perpendicular magnetic recording medium
163 7,862,907 Dimethylenecyclohexane compound, method of preparing the same and organic light emitting device comprising the same
164 7,862,855 Controlling effusion cell of deposition system
165 7,862,852 Manufacturing method of tantalum condenser
166 7,862,796 Method of preparing cadmium sulfide nanocrystals emitting light at multiple wavelengths, and cadmium sulfide nanocrystals prepared by the method
167 7,862,748 Indium tin oxide target, method for manufacturing the same, transparent conductive film of indium tin oxide, and method for manufacturing transparent conductive film of indium tin oxide
168 7,862,637 Multi-cyclone dust separator
169 7,862,396 Flat panel display device and fabrication apparatus thereof and fabrication method thereof
170 7,862,334 Heat treatment apparatus and heat treatment method using the same
171 7,862,221 Optical lens, optical package having the same, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
172 7,862,191 Lamp socket, backlight assembly having the same, and display device having the same
173 7,862,150 Inkhead printhead configured to overcome impaired print quality due to nozzle blockage, printing method using the same, and method of manufacturing the inkjet printhead
174 7,861,922 Method, apparatus and system for providing financial service by using mobile station in packet data system
175 7,861,759 Lamination unit of ceramic green sheets
176 7,861,576 Apparatus for analyzing sample using centrifugal force and inertia
177 7,861,560 Drum type washing machine and balancer for drum type washing machine
178 7,861,366 Robot cleaner system having robot cleaner and docking station
179 7,861,344 Washing machine and method for controlling the same