Samsung patents granted on 04 March 2014

137 US patents granted on 04 March 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D700,758 Vacuum cleaner
2 D700,635 Refrigerator
3 D700,615 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
4 D700,605 Tablet computer
5 D700,599 Case for electronic device
6 D700,596 Electronic device
7 D700,595 Handheld terminal
8 D700,470 Microwave oven
9 8,667,534 Method for performing broadcast channel zapping and broadcast receiving apparatus applying the same
10 8,667,369 Memory controller and operating method of memory controller
11 8,667,365 Flash memory system that uses an interleaving scheme for increasing data transfer performance between a memory device and a controller and a method therof
12 8,667,364 Automatic data recovery circuit and data error detection circuit
13 8,667,341 Apparatus and method for determining interleaved address of turbo interleaver
14 8,667,313 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in system on chip
15 8,667,270 Securely upgrading or downgrading platform components
16 8,667,195 Bus-system including an interconnector, a master device, a slave device, and an operating method thereof
17 8,667,168 Proximity control method for transmitting content and node in network using the proximity control method
18 8,667,164 Method and apparatus for playing live content
19 8,667,158 Video splitting and distributed placement scheme for clustered video servers
20 8,667,089 Apparatus and method for executing an application
21 8,667,085 Methods and apparatuses for a network based on hierarchical name structure
22 8,666,995 Method of generating search information and image apparatus using the same
23 8,666,752 Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding multi-channel signal
24 8,666,695 Real-time motion recognition system and method
25 8,666,548 Path planning apparatus of robot and method thereof
26 8,666,463 Portable communication apparatus with automatically rotating display by actuating a switch unit
27 8,666,442 Method and apparatus for controlling uplink power in wireless communication system
28 8,666,387 Apparatus and method for determining transmit signal parameters using real-time channel measurements
29 8,666,370 Method for updating phonebook and portable terminal adapted thereto
30 8,666,334 Apparatus and method for virtual antenna mapping in multi-antenna system
31 8,666,224 Information storage medium including meta data for multi-angle title, and apparatus and method for reproducing the same
32 8,666,197 Method of generating image, apparatus for performing the same, diagnosis system, and medical image system
33 8,666,192 Apparatus and method for ultra-high resolution video processing
34 8,666,175 Method and apparatus for detecting objects
35 8,666,151 Apparatus and method for enhancing visibility of color image
36 8,666,143 Image processing apparatus and method
37 8,666,126 Fingerprint detection sensor and method of detecting fingerprint
38 8,666,064 Endecryptor capable of performing parallel processing and encryption/decryption method thereof
39 8,666,061 Mobile device
40 8,666,009 Base station and clock synchronization method thereof
41 8,665,986 Communication system with modulation classifier and method of operation thereof
42 8,665,972 Method and apparatus for transmitting CSI-RS and data using partial muting of CSI-RS
43 8,665,967 Method and system for bit reorganization and packetization of uncompressed video for transmission over wireless communication channels
44 8,665,950 Method and apparatus for encoding video, and method and apparatus for decoding video
45 8,665,944 Image signal processor and method thereof
46 8,665,855 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving uplink signaling information in a single carrier FDMA system
47 8,665,834 Method and apparatus for transceiving data using directional beam in wireless personal area network
48 8,665,825 Method and apparatus for supporting idle mode handover in heterogeneous wireless communication
49 8,665,821 Method and apparatus for switching frequency assignment in wireless communication system
50 8,665,791 Apparatus and method for providing multimedia broadcast/multicast service in mobile communication system
51 8,665,764 Apparatus and method for changing multicast and broadcast service channel of terminal in broadband wireless communication system
52 8,665,649 Non-volatile memory device and ISPP programming method
53 8,665,648 Flash memory device having seed selector circuit
54 8,665,647 Nonvolatile memory device, memory system, and read method thereof
55 8,665,644 Stacked memory device and method of fabricating same
56 8,665,643 Non-volatile memory device and read method thereof
57 8,665,622 Power supply unit supplying standby power by sharing switch of main converter
58 8,665,558 Disk drive device
59 8,665,556 Disk drive device provided with fluid dynamic bearing
60 8,665,533 Zoom lens and optical imaging device including the same
61 8,665,509 Method of bonding metal and glass using optical contact bonding, method of manufacturing display apparatus using the method of bonding, and display apparatus manufactured by the method of bonding
62 8,665,413 Thin film transistor array panel, liquid crystal display, and manufacturing method thereof
63 8,665,405 Thin film transistor array panel
64 8,665,400 Display device
65 8,665,398 Liquid crystal display and LED module thereof
66 8,665,395 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
67 8,665,393 Flat panel display apparatus with grounded PCB
68 8,665,389 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device including the same
69 8,665,387 Liquid crystal display
70 8,665,371 Television control method
71 8,665,369 Signal processing apparatus for applying AVC to delayed signals and a method thereof
72 8,665,358 Apparatus for processing an image having detachable lens and a ring for setting photographing parameter values
73 8,665,339 Optical image stabilizer for camera lens module
74 8,665,305 Microphone array apparatus having hidden microphone placement and acoustic signal processing apparatus including the same
75 8,665,297 Display apparatus having temperature sensor and method of driving the same
76 8,665,254 Pixel circuit of display panel, method of controlling the pixel circuit, and organic light emitting display including the display panel
77 8,665,249 Organic light emitting display device
78 8,665,233 Input device and control method thereof
79 8,665,193 Liquid crystal display
80 8,665,191 Organic light emitting display
81 8,665,182 Emission control driver and organic light emitting display device using the same
82 8,664,932 Voltage generating circuit, device including the same, and method of generating voltage
83 8,664,874 Backlight unit and apparatus and method for controlling LED driving circuit
84 8,664,850 Organic electroluminescent device including covered lower electrode
85 8,664,848 Organic light emitting display device
86 8,664,814 Switched reluctance motor
87 8,664,780 Semiconductor package having plural semiconductor chips and method of forming the same
88 8,664,762 Semiconductor package, electrical and electronic apparatus including the semiconductor package, and method of manufacturing the semiconductor package
89 8,664,757 High density chip stacked package, package-on-package and method of fabricating the same
90 8,664,755 Power module package and method for manufacturing the same
91 8,664,751 Semiconductor package
92 8,664,726 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection device, method of fabricating the device, and electronic apparatus including the device
93 8,664,724 Semiconductor devices having slit well tub
94 8,664,707 Semiconductor device
95 8,664,700 Bio material receiving device and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
96 8,664,687 Nitride semiconductor light-emitting device and process for producing the same
97 8,664,670 Metal wiring structure, organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display device
98 8,664,659 Organic light-emitting diode display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
99 8,664,655 Organic light emitting display apparatus
100 8,664,654 Thin film transistor and thin film transistor array panel including the same
101 8,664,649 Organic light-emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
102 8,664,646 Organic light emitting diode display
103 8,664,643 Organic light-emitting diode including electron transport layer and method of manufacturing the same
104 8,664,639 Display apparatus
105 8,664,637 Quantum dot phosphor for light emitting diode and method of preparing the same
106 8,664,634 Protruding post resistive memory devices
107 8,664,633 Non-volatile memory devices having resistance changeable elements and related systems and methods
108 8,664,439 Graphene substituted with boron and nitrogen, method of fabricating the same, and transistor having the same
109 8,664,377 Method and apparatus for isolating nucleic acids
110 8,664,142 Manufacturing method of solid catalyst for propylene polymerization
111 8,664,111 Method of patterning a semiconductor device with hard mask
112 8,664,101 Multiple mold structure methods of manufacturing vertical memory devices
113 8,664,064 Fin field effect transistor and method for forming the same
114 8,664,021 Organic light-emitting display device and foldable display device including the same
115 8,664,020 Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
116 8,664,019 Vertical group III-nitride light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
117 8,664,016 Organic light emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
118 8,664,015 Method of manufacturing photoelectric device
119 8,663,976 Polymerase chain reaction apparatus
120 8,663,891 Toner for developing electrostatic latent image and method of preparing the same
121 8,663,846 Cathode active material, method of preparing the same, and cathode and lithium battery containing the material
122 8,663,838 Cylindrical secondary battery including center pin having improved structure
123 8,663,836 Composite anode active material, method of preparing the composite anode active material, and lithium battery including the composite anode active material
124 8,663,835 Cap assembly and secondary battery having the same
125 8,663,831 Rechargeable battery and its fabrication method
126 8,663,827 Battery pack
127 8,663,591 Method of preparing graphene shell and graphene shell prepared using the method
128 8,663,570 Sterilizing apparatus and ion generating apparatus
129 8,663,110 Providing an optimal ultrasound image for interventional treatment in a medical system
130 8,662,958 Chemical-mechanical polishing apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor devices
131 8,662,956 Conditioner of chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
132 8,662,766 Light path adjustment apparatus and photographing apparatus including the same
133 8,662,762 Compact lens optical system and digital camera module including the same
134 8,662,730 Display apparatus and method of assembling the same
135 8,661,859 Door lock device of drum washing machine and washing machine having the same
136 8,661,611 Dust collector for a vacuum cleaner having a filtered dust removal function and vacuum cleaner
137 8,661,584 Device for controlling motion of anti-collision switch and medical diagnosis apparatus employing the same