Samsung patents granted on 04 November 2014

154 US patents granted on 04 November 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D716,834 Portable electronic device with a graphical user interface
2 D716,829 Tablet PC with graphical user interface
3 D716,828 Display screen or a portion thereof for a graphical user interface
4 D716,800 Portable display device
5 D716,793 Notebook computer
6 D716,780 Mobile terminal
7 D716,777 Stand for television receiver
8 D716,768 Remote controller
9 D716,767 Remote controller
10 D716,766 Speaker
11 D716,761 Mobile device
12 D716,757 Speaker
13 D716,745 Television receiver
14 D716,744 Set-top box
15 D716,607 Tray for microwave oven
16 8,881,237 Method and system for managing security in mobile communication system
17 8,881,208 Wireless communication apparatus and control method thereof
18 8,881,207 Device and method for outputting data of a wireless terminal to an external device
19 8,881,206 Device and method for outputting data of a wireless terminal to an external device
20 8,881,198 Method for simultaneously providing DVB-H and streaming services in a portable terminal
21 8,881,183 Disc visible type disc drive apparatus
22 8,881,162 Apparatus and method for managing resources in containment framework environment
23 8,881,081 Method and apparatus for extracting delay parameter
24 8,881,050 Scrolling method of mobile terminal and apparatus for performing the same
25 8,881,041 Method and apparatus for providing UI animation
26 8,881,015 System and method for delivering documents to participants of work-flow events or tasks
27 8,880,924 Hot-plugging of multi-core processor
28 8,880,918 Method and apparatus for communication between server and Customer Premise Equipment over Internet-based network
29 8,880,900 Memory system
30 8,880,845 Memory system and operating method thereof
31 8,880,781 Memory system and method of operating a memory system
32 8,880,777 Complex memory device and I/O processing method using the same
33 8,880,688 Apparatus and method for providing profile of terminal in communication system
34 8,880,577 Modulo operation method and apparatus for same
35 8,880,531 Method and apparatus for identifying a piece of content
36 8,880,132 Mobile terminal having antenna
37 8,880,130 Method for reproducing music file of mobile communication terminal and mobile terminal implementing the same
38 8,880,123 Apparatus and method for running application in mobile terminal
39 8,880,117 Mechanical input-output device for mobile terminal
40 8,880,116 Method and apparatus for selecting cell to increase transmission capacity in wireless communication system
41 8,880,084 Method and apparatus for allocating ACKCH resources in a wireless communication system
42 8,880,072 Apparatus and method for searching for an allowed femtocell in wireless communication system
43 8,880,057 Apparatus and method for dynamic frequency assignment in a wireless communication system
44 8,880,003 Apparatus and method for controlling tracking area update in wireless communication system
45 8,879,991 Short-range wireless communication apparatus and method for establishing connection thereof
46 8,879,990 Method and apparatus for automatically connecting short range wireless network in portable terminal
47 8,879,935 Apparatus and method to control temperature of heating roller used in fusing device of image forming apparatus
48 8,879,872 Method and apparatus for restoring resolution of multi-view image
49 8,879,854 Method and apparatus for recognizing an emotion of an individual based on facial action units
50 8,879,838 Image coding method and apparatus and image decoding method and apparatus, based on characteristics of regions of image
51 8,879,762 Method and apparatus to evaluate quality of audio signal
52 8,879,738 System and method of updating key based on communication cost and security damage cost
53 8,879,668 Multi-transport stream (TS) generating apparatus and method, and digital broadcasting transmission and reception apparatuses and methods
54 8,879,657 Communication system with whitening feedback mechanism and method of operation thereof
55 8,879,651 Digital transmission and reception devices for transmitting and receiving streams, and processing methods thereof
56 8,879,626 Image encoding method and device, and decoding method and device therefor
57 8,879,572 Method and apparatus for recognizing multicast and broadcast service region in broadband wireless communication system
58 8,879,564 Method to accurately and securely determine propagation delay and distance between sending and receiving node in packet network using cut-through approach and packet network node for executing the method
59 8,879,532 Techniques for pilot stream remapping in OFDM wireless communication system
60 8,879,513 Uplink transmission apparatus and method for mobile communication system supporting uplink MIMO
61 8,879,480 Method and base station for allocating downlink HARQ channel in wireless communication system
62 8,879,448 Apparatus for controlling power of WiMedia media access control device and method using the same
63 8,879,399 Method and system for managing data transfer
64 8,879,374 Objective lens driving unit that maintains electrical connection between suspension wires and leads
65 8,879,342 Memory devices, systems and methods employing command/address calibration
66 8,879,341 Method for operating memory system in ring topology
67 8,879,321 Vertical non-volatile memory device and electric-electronic system having the same device
68 8,879,320 Method of programming multi-level cells in non-volatile memory device
69 8,879,318 Method of storing data in nonvolatile memory device and method of operating nonvolatile memory device
70 8,879,243 Multi-display device
71 8,879,238 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
72 8,879,237 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
73 8,879,235 Multilayered ceramic capacitor and mounting structure of circuit board having multilayered ceramic capacitor mounted thereon
74 8,879,203 Spindle motor having lower thrust member with insertion protrusion and hard disk drive including the same
75 8,879,170 Condensing lens and lighting device equipped with said condensing lens
76 8,879,154 Surface light source device for recording/reproducing holograms
77 8,879,142 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
78 8,879,138 Surface plasmon polariton modulator
79 8,879,124 Image revising method, image forming apparatus and method for revising image spreading
80 8,879,101 Image forming apparatus and a communication method with trays thereof
81 8,879,092 Method and apparatus for printing data with predetermined format using bluetooth communication, and method of storing template data
82 8,879,083 Printing method of attached file, and image forming apparatus and image forming system employing the same
83 8,879,033 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
84 8,879,032 Alignment layer for display device, liquid crystal display device including the same and method and apparatus for treating the same
85 8,879,031 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
86 8,878,995 Display driver, operating method thereof, host for controlling the display driver, and system having the display driver and the host
87 8,878,963 Apparatus and method for noise removal in a digital photograph
88 8,878,962 Zoom lens system and photographing apparatus including the same
89 8,878,878 Display apparatus and control method thereof
90 8,878,836 Method and apparatus for encoding datastream including additional information on multiview image and method and apparatus for decoding datastream by using the same
91 8,878,828 Display driver circuits having multi-function shared back channel and methods of operating same
92 8,878,827 Organic light emitting diode display
93 8,878,813 Method and apparatus for touch input in portable terminal
94 8,878,799 Method for finely controlling contents and portable terminal supporting the same
95 8,878,798 Touch screen panel display
96 8,878,795 Touch sensing apparatus and operating method thereof
97 8,878,792 Clock and data recovery circuit of a source driver and a display device
98 8,878,774 Electronic apparatus for proximity sensing
99 8,878,763 Display apparatus
100 8,878,751 Organic light emitting display device
101 8,878,732 Antenna device of mobile terminal
102 8,878,535 Method and apparatus for capturing magnetic resonance image
103 8,878,500 Power factor correction circuit with active snubber and power supply including the same
104 8,878,458 Light source driving circuit and display device including the same
105 8,878,416 Stator core and motor device including the same
106 8,878,332 NAND flash memory device
107 8,878,309 Semiconductor device having 3D channels, and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having 3D channels
108 8,878,299 Buried channel transistor and method of forming the same
109 8,878,293 Semiconductor device having DC structure
110 8,878,273 Semiconductor memory device including narrower storage node contact plugs
111 8,878,253 Semiconductor devices
112 8,878,246 High electron mobility transistors and methods of fabricating the same
113 8,878,216 Light emitting diode module and method for manufacturing the same
114 8,878,206 Organic light emitting display apparatus including an auxiliary layer and method for manufacturing the same
115 8,878,202 Display apparatus and method of fabricating the same
116 8,878,201 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
117 8,878,198 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the organic light emitting display apparatus
118 8,878,196 Light-emitting device comprising semiconductor nanocrystal layer free of voids and method for producing the same
119 8,878,168 Organic light-emitting display device with improved color property
120 8,878,167 Organic light emitting diode lighting equipment
121 8,878,166 Organic light-emitting display panel and display apparatus having the same
122 8,877,652 Substrate structure and method of manufacturing the same
123 8,877,634 Methods of forming a fine pattern on a substrate and methods of forming a semiconductor device having a fine pattern
124 8,877,626 Nonvolatile memory device, method of manufacturing the nonvolatile memory device, and memory module and system including the nonvolatile memory device
125 8,877,591 Methods of manufacturing vertical structure nonvolatile memory devices
126 8,877,583 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
127 8,877,579 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
128 8,877,572 Graphene device manufacturing apparatus and graphene device manufacturing method using the apparatus
129 8,877,562 Method of manufacturing light-emitting device
130 8,877,557 Method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device
131 8,877,551 Method of manufacturing a thin-film transistor, method of manufacturing a display substrate, and display substrate
132 8,877,534 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
133 8,877,395 Fuel cell system and operation method thereof
134 8,877,394 Fuel cell system
135 8,877,382 Method for manufacturing positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery using same
136 8,877,380 Positive active material, method of preparing the same, and lithium battery including the positive active material
137 8,877,379 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
138 8,877,375 Aqueous active material composition, electrode, and rechargeable lithium battery using the same
139 8,877,373 Electrode for a rechargeable lithium battery, and a rechargeable lithium battery fabricated therefrom
140 8,877,371 Rechargeable battery
141 8,877,370 Battery pack having a sensor a gas sensor in the cap assembly
142 8,877,369 Secondary battery having current collectors with deformable portions underneath a vent
143 8,877,362 Rechargeable battery pack
144 8,877,361 Rechargeable battery
145 8,877,349 Organometallic complex and organic electroluminescence device using the same
146 8,877,006 Method and apparatus for peeling donor film from substrate
147 8,876,994 Porous sheet and method for manufacturing the porous sheet
148 8,876,984 Dish washing machine
149 8,876,975 Thin film deposition apparatus
150 8,876,609 Method of executing video game in mobile terminal and system for performing the same
151 8,876,384 Hydrodynamic bearing assembly
152 8,876,076 Cradle for portable terminal
153 8,875,536 Ice making unit and refrigerator having the same
154 8,875,333 Washing machine performing shower rinsing and method of controlling the same