Samsung patents granted on 04 October 2011

147 US patents granted on 04 October 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE42,787 Electronic device and control method thereof
2 D646,277 Stylus
3 D646,266 Cover for mobile communication terminal
4 D646,257 Mobile phone
5 D646,256 Mobile phone
6 D646,255 Mobile phone
7 D646,254 Mobile phone
8 D646,253 Mobile phone
9 D646,252 Mobile phone
10 D646,249 Mobile phone
11 D646,240 Set top box
12 8,032,941 Method and apparatus for searching for rights objects stored in portable storage device object identifier
13 8,032,833 Home network device information architecture
14 8,032,811 Efficient almost regular permutation (ARP) interleaver and method
15 8,032,773 Power-saving control apparatus and method for computer system in standby mode
16 8,032,770 Video processing apparatus and control method that compares counted power supply time with a reference time
17 8,032,698 Hybrid hard disk drive control method and recording medium and apparatus suitable therefore
18 8,032,695 Multi-path accessible semiconductor memory device with prevention of pre-charge skip
19 8,032,616 Method of allocating IP address of image forming apparatus using DHCP, image forming apparatus and system of allocating IP address using DHCP
20 8,032,571 Method and apparatus for automatically classifying files on mobile communication terminal
21 8,032,468 Identifying and recommending potential uses of computing systems based on their patterns of use
22 8,032,362 Audio signal encoding/decoding method and apparatus
23 8,032,241 Apparatus for playing back audio files and method of navigating through audio files using the apparatus
24 8,032,192 Portable terminal and sliding/swing-type cradling apparatus thereof
25 8,032,180 Broadcast reception method and apparatus
26 8,032,162 Apparatus and method for transmission of messages to multiple recipients
27 8,032,129 Method and apparatus for storing data using DLNA network
28 8,032,123 Mobile handset with air pollution meter and system
29 8,032,098 MIMO receiver with pooled adaptive digital filtering
30 8,032,069 Fusing device and image forming apparatus having the same
31 8,032,066 System and method for correcting color registration
32 8,032,063 Developing device and image forming apparatus with the same
33 8,032,061 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having transparent toner and white toner
34 8,032,060 Power transmitting unit, and developing device and image forming apparatus having the same
35 8,032,056 Developing unit and image forming apparatus having the same
36 8,032,045 Fusing device heated by induced current for instantly controlling power
37 8,032,040 Image forming apparatus and method thereof
38 8,032,018 Photographing apparatus having a folding flash unit
39 8,032,010 Image recording/reproducing apparatus and control method thereof
40 8,031,977 Image interpolation method, medium and system
41 8,031,966 Method and apparatus for determining whether backlight exists
42 8,031,884 Method and apparatus for reproducing music file
43 8,031,874 Station and method of collecting information corresponding to security in a wireless network
44 8,031,818 Method and apparatus for fine frequency synchronization in wireless broadband (WiBro) system without using global positioning system (GPS) receiver
45 8,031,814 Apparatus and method for estimating channel in multi antenna wireless communication system
46 8,031,776 Method and apparatus for predecoding and decoding bitstream including base layer
47 8,031,767 Encoding and decoding multi-view video while accommodating absent or unreliable camera parameters
48 8,031,718 Method of data communication between PLC stations belonging to different PLC cells and apparatus thereof
49 8,031,699 Call processing method and apparatus for mobile terminal in data call mode
50 8,031,697 Method for bearer independent call control (BICC) optimization for IP bearer support
51 8,031,692 Method for maintaining uplink timing synchronization in a mobile communication system and user equipment apparatus for the same
52 8,031,691 System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed video having acknowledgment (ACK) frames
53 8,031,688 Partitioning of frequency resources for transmission of control signals and data signals in SC-FDMA communication systems
54 8,031,679 Method for performing softer handover in a broadband wireless communication system
55 8,031,672 System and method for providing secure mobility and internet protocol security related services to a mobile node roaming in a foreign network
56 8,031,662 Method and apparatus for scheduling data considering its power in a communication system
57 8,031,643 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving ACK/NACK in mobile communication system
58 8,031,636 Method and apparatus for analyzing network having a plurality of links
59 8,031,624 Enhanced data transport system and method for mobile terminal
60 8,031,587 Method and device of synchronizing symbol timing, and OFDM communication system
61 8,031,566 Gap servo control method and apparatus in near-field optical disc drive
62 8,031,544 Semiconductor memory device with three-dimensional array and repair method thereof
63 8,031,525 Flash memory device and program method thereof
64 8,031,522 Memory system, program method thereof, and computing system including the same
65 8,031,517 Memory device, memory system having the same, and programming method of a memory cell
66 8,031,505 Stacked memory module and system
67 8,031,439 Head stack assembly including a swing arm having a bobbin and a printed circuit board with conductive traces attached to the bobbin, and hard disk drive comprising the same
68 8,031,438 Actuator latch system of hard disk drive
69 8,031,427 Method of servo writing, method of compensating phase mismatch of servo pattern and hard disk drive on which the methods are implemented
70 8,031,411 Telephoto zoom lens
71 8,031,356 Color printing system
72 8,031,322 Method of fabricating liquid crystal display device
73 8,031,317 Array substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
74 8,031,301 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
75 8,031,298 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
76 8,031,292 Liquid crystal display comprising first and second point light source assemblies wherein a first support substrate is larger than the second support substrate, and a first groove of a lower container is deeper than a second groove
77 8,031,291 Liquid crystal display and tablet computer having a chassis fastening member that receives a printed circuit board
78 8,031,287 Display panel and liquid crystal display including the same
79 8,031,286 Liquid crystal display having a particular arrangement of pixel electrodes
80 8,031,285 Thin film transistor substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display panel having the same
81 8,031,275 Upper substrate for touch screen panel, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
82 8,031,245 Imaging apparatus and methods, and storing medium having computer program to perform the methods
83 8,031,243 Apparatus, method, and medium for generating image
84 8,031,236 White detecting method and apparatus using the same
85 8,031,205 Image data set with embedded pre-subpixel rendered image
86 8,031,168 Display device having an electrode partially covering a picture element
87 8,031,167 Method and apparatus for controlling backlight in display device
88 8,031,151 Display substrate and display panel having the same
89 8,031,150 Liquid crystal display panel with signal transmission patterns
90 8,031,148 Liquid crystal display, apparatus for driving a liquid crystal display, and method of generating gray voltages
91 8,031,147 Display apparatus, and method and apparatus for driving the same
92 8,031,146 Data driver device and display device for reducing power consumption in a charge-share operation
93 8,031,143 Display device with flexible members distributing reference voltage to attached circuit board
94 8,031,141 Scan driving circuit and organic light emitting display using the same
95 8,031,140 Display device and driving method thereof
96 8,031,139 Plasma display device, and driving device and method thereof
97 8,031,137 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
98 8,031,122 Protective circuit module and secondary battery pack including the same
99 8,031,090 Codebook for multiple user multiple input multiple output system and communication device using the codebook
100 8,031,055 Tag authentication method using rotation, and tag and reader performing the method
101 8,031,027 Voltage-controlled oscillator, phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit, and clock generator
102 8,031,004 Active balun with stacked structure
103 8,031,002 Buffer amplifier
104 8,030,991 Frequency tuning and direct current offset canceling circuit for continuous-time analog filter with time divided
105 8,030,958 System for providing a reference voltage to a semiconductor integrated circuit
106 8,030,906 Switching power source apparatus and control method thereof
107 8,030,858 Inverter circuit, backlight device and liquid crystal display having the same
108 8,030,844 Flat panel display and method of manufacturing the same
109 8,030,842 Display device and method of making display device
110 8,030,841 Organic light emitting display device
111 8,030,838 Organic light emitting display apparatus
112 8,030,834 Flat display device, plasma device panel and field emission containing phosphor coated with a heat-resistant material
113 8,030,762 Light emitting diode package having anodized insulation layer and fabrication method therefor
114 8,030,752 Method of manufacturing semiconductor package and semiconductor plastic package using the same
115 8,030,747 Stacked package and method of manufacturing the same
116 8,030,738 Semiconductor device with resistor pattern and method of fabricating the same
117 8,030,698 Nonvolatile memory device
118 8,030,697 Cell structure of semiconductor device having an active region with a concave portion
119 8,030,670 Multi-chip package for LED chip and multi-chip package LED device including the multi-chip package
120 8,030,667 Nitride semiconductor light emitting diode
121 8,030,664 Light emitting device
122 8,030,656 Pixel, organic light emitting display and associated methods, in which a pixel transistor includes a non-volatile memory element
123 8,030,644 Organic insulator composition, organic insulating film having the same, organic thin film transistor having the same and electronic device having the same and methods of forming the same
124 8,030,642 Organic thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and flat panel display having the same
125 8,030,640 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
126 8,030,479 Method of separating small RNA molecules using kosmotropic salt
127 8,030,373 Pigment distribution system and method of encapsulating pigment
128 8,030,204 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
129 8,030,196 Transistor formation using capping layer
130 8,030,150 Method of fabricating non-volatile memory integrated circuit device and non-volatile memory integrated circuit device fabricated using the same
131 8,030,129 Method of fabricating nonvolatile memory device
132 8,030,123 Organic light emission display and fabrication method of the same
133 8,030,103 Liquid crystal display panel and method of manufacturing the same
134 8,029,970 Composition for manufacturing barrier rib, and plasma display panel manufactured by the same
135 8,029,945 Method of preparing metal catalyst and electrode including the same
136 8,029,936 Heater for fuel cell system
137 8,029,931 Anode active material, method of preparing the same, and anode and lithium battery containing the material
138 8,029,926 Rechargeable battery with PTC device
139 8,029,757 Method of cutting carbon nanotubes
140 8,029,688 Method of fine patterning semiconductor device
141 8,029,681 Master recording medium for magnetically transferring servo pattern to the magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
142 8,029,580 Fuel cell reformer and system
143 8,029,292 Multi-socket guide and test device comprising the same
144 8,029,264 Injection molding machine
145 8,029,198 Actuation mechanism having two degrees of freedom and sentry robot having the same
146 8,028,538 Refrigerator with temperature control and operating method therefor
147 8,028,416 Hybrid composite journal bearing and manufacturing method thereof