Samsung patents granted on 04 October 2016

222 US patents granted on 04 October 2016 and assigned to Samsung

1 D768,347 Brush for a vacuum cleaner
2 D768,299 Computer tomography apparatus
3 D768,272 Air conditioner
4 D768,213 Refrigerator
5 D768,212 Holder for wine glass
6 D768,205 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
7 D768,204 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
8 D768,200 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
9 D768,199 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
10 D768,198 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D768,196 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
12 D768,193 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
13 D768,191 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
14 D768,185 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
15 D768,177 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
16 D768,176 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
17 D768,174 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
18 D768,166 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
19 D768,164 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
20 D768,151 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
21 D768,150 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
22 D768,148 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
23 D768,147 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
24 D768,144 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
25 D768,142 Electronic device with graphical user interface
26 D768,128 Electronic device
27 D768,105 Electronic device
28 D768,102 Electronic device
29 D767,990 Box
30 9,462,697 Electronic component embedded substrate and manufacturing method thereof
31 9,462,644 Power supply device
32 9,462,638 Induction heating cooker and control method thereof
33 9,462,625 Method and system to handle a signaling connection release process in a wireless communication system during SRNS relocation procedure
34 9,462,606 System and method for transmitting/receiving resource allocation information in a communication system
35 9,462,598 Method and apparatus for controlling resource
36 9,462,594 MIMO transmission method and apparatus for use in wireless communication system
37 9,462,584 Method and apparatus of receiving different types of subframes in mobile communication system
38 9,462,577 Apparatus and method for configuring wireless back haul link in wireless communication system
39 9,462,551 Central control apparatus and method for energy efficiency of a base station in a mobile communication system
40 9,462,543 Method and system for operating multi-subscriber identity module (SIM) mobile device in wireless communication networks
41 9,462,523 Selective enabling of user equipment capability
42 9,462,511 Method and apparatus for setting up call in mobile communication system
43 9,462,474 Method of unlocking mobile terminal, and the mobile terminal
44 9,462,442 Apparatus and method for sharing information through presence service in a communication network
45 9,462,432 Instant message transmitting and receiving system, terminal device and controlling method thereof
46 9,462,415 Method of searching for contact number and electronic device for supporting same
47 9,462,405 Apparatus and method for generating panoramic sound
48 9,462,311 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving multi-media services
49 9,462,288 Video encoding method using offset adjustments according to pixel classification and apparatus therefor, video decoding method and apparatus therefor
50 9,462,265 Method of measuring light emission of display panel and method of compensating light emission of display panel
51 9,462,261 2D/3D switchable autostereoscopic display apparatus and method
52 9,462,256 Apparatus and method for photographing and displaying three-dimensional (3D) images using light receiving element array that measures light from various directions
53 9,462,229 Method for extending participants of multiparty video conference service
54 9,462,212 Display apparatus and method for updating time information thereof
55 9,462,208 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data stream in broadcast system
56 9,462,202 Pixel arrays and imaging devices with reduced blooming, controllers and methods
57 9,462,199 Image sensors, image processing systems including same, and methods of operating the same
58 9,462,176 Electronic apparatus for fastening an interchangeable lens and an external speaker and control method thereof
59 9,462,165 Electronic device including camera module
60 9,462,137 System and method for data usage management in an electronic device
61 9,462,106 Apparatus and method for controlling operation of mobile terminal
62 9,462,090 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and controlling methods thereof
63 9,462,062 Portable terminal for displaying local service based on context awareness technology, and operation method of the portable terminal
64 9,461,921 Method of performing tunnel signaling over IP tunneling path and apparatus using the method
65 9,461,900 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method thereof
66 9,461,865 Apparatus and method for demodulating hybrid modulation symbol in wireless communication system using hybrid modulation scheme
67 9,461,864 Apparatus and method for adaptively selecting channel code based on non-gaussianity of channel in wireless communication system
68 9,461,856 Device and method for transmitting downlink control information in a wireless communication system
69 9,461,847 IPTV service provision method and system for fixed and mobile devices
70 9,461,810 Multi-drop channels including reflection enhancement
71 9,461,805 Uplink scheduling apparatus and method based on uplink report in wireless communication system
72 9,461,786 Method and apparatus for allocating interference cancellation code for inter-base station coordinated communication in radio communication system
73 9,461,785 Control signaling method and apparatus in a coordinated multi-point system
74 9,461,784 RRC message transmission method in wireless communication system
75 9,461,756 Calibration apparatus and method of terminal in wireless communication system
76 9,461,717 Method for cooperative multi-antenna communication
77 9,461,713 Data reception apparatus and method, data transmission apparatus, and data communication system using mutual resonance
78 9,461,710 Method of performing operation related to other device via near field communication and apparatus therefor
79 9,461,667 Rounding injection scheme for floating-point to integer conversion
80 9,461,656 Injection-locked phase locked loop circuits using delay locked loops
81 9,461,645 Method for fabricating touch panel, touch panel, and electronic device having the touch panel
82 9,461,637 Method and apparatus for controlling a gate voltage in high electron mobility transistor
83 9,461,603 Method and apparatus to automatically control audio volume
84 9,461,502 Control method for wireless charging
85 9,461,498 Method and system for wireless charging in a portable terminal
86 9,461,402 Connection device for portable terminal
87 9,461,360 Apparatus and method for adjusting beam pattern in communication system supporting beam division multiple access scheme
88 9,461,338 Battery assembly
89 9,461,333 Electrolytes for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
90 9,461,297 Battery unit and battery module using the same
91 9,461,295 Rechargeable battery including terminal portion having auxiliary plate for reducing current flow along short circuit current path
92 9,461,294 Battery pack
93 9,461,283 Battery module
94 9,461,277 Organic light emitting display apparatus
95 9,461,272 Organic light emitting device including light-efficiency improvement layer
96 9,461,267 Organic light emitting diodes displays and manufacturing method thereof
97 9,461,266 Organic light emitting display apparatus having thin-film encapsulation layer with interlayer and the manufacturing method thereof
98 9,461,263 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
99 9,461,261 Organic compounds and organic light-emitting devices including the same
100 9,461,256 Flexible display device
101 9,461,227 Thermoelectric material including nano-inclusions, thermoelectric module and thermoelectric apparatus including the same
102 9,461,226 Thermoelectric material and method of preparing the same
103 9,461,205 Nanostructure semiconductor light emitting device
104 9,461,199 Nanostructure semiconductor light-emitting device
105 9,461,173 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
106 9,461,148 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
107 9,461,132 Semiconductor device having mid-gap work function metal gate electrode
108 9,461,114 Semiconductor devices with structures for suppression of parasitic bipolar effect in stacked nanosheet FETs and methods of fabricating the same
109 9,461,099 Donor mask, method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus by using the same, and organic light-emitting display apparatus
110 9,461,096 Method for manufacturing display device
111 9,461,084 Image sensor having shielding structure
112 9,461,061 Vertical memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
113 9,461,058 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices including multiple patterning
114 9,461,054 Semiconductor devices having vertical device and non-vertical device and methods of forming the same
115 9,461,051 Methods of forming electronic devices having pads using first and second masks
116 9,461,029 Semiconductor packages and methods for fabricating the same
117 9,461,007 Wafer-to-wafer bonding structure
118 9,461,003 Semiconductor devices having shielding pattern
119 9,460,937 Hybrid substrates, semiconductor packages including the same and methods for fabricating semiconductor packages
120 9,460,935 Method for fabricating semiconductor devices
121 9,460,930 Method for performing laser crystallization
122 9,460,922 Laser annealing apparatus and a method for manufacturing a display apparatus using the laser annealing apparatus
123 9,460,856 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and board having the same
124 9,460,855 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and board having the same
125 9,460,854 Multilayer ceramic electronic component with interposer substrate having double-layered resin/plating terminals
126 9,460,851 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and board having the same
127 9,460,837 Gap composition of multi layered power inductor and multi layered power inductor including gap layer using the same
128 9,460,816 Semiconductor memory devices and memory systems including the same
129 9,460,800 Nonvolatile memory system and refresh method
130 9,460,796 Memory system, program method thereof, and computing system including the same
131 9,460,795 Nonvolatile memory device, a storage device having the same and an operating method of the same
132 9,460,782 Method of operating memory controller and devices including memory controller
133 9,460,778 Static random access memory with bitline boost
134 9,460,766 Memory device, and memory system including the same
135 9,460,725 Method, medium, and apparatus encoding and/or decoding extension data for surround
136 9,460,691 Pixel, pixel driving method, and display device comprising the pixel
137 9,460,690 Touch screen display
138 9,460,685 Display driver integrated circuit with multiple data paths
139 9,460,683 Method of driving display panel using polarity inversion and display apparatus for performing the same
140 9,460,682 Method of driving a display device
141 9,460,681 Display device and driving circuit thereof for improving the accuracy of gamma tuning
142 9,460,662 Pixel and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display having the same
143 9,460,659 Flexible display apparatus and method of repairing the same
144 9,460,658 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
145 9,460,657 Display device and method of driving the same
146 9,460,651 Image processing apparatus and method for increasing image quality and reducing power consumption
147 9,460,650 Organic light-emitting display
148 9,460,646 Display device and bonding test system
149 9,460,644 Flexible display apparatus
150 9,460,609 Method and apparatus for preventing losing electronic devices
151 9,460,559 Method of generating tessellation data and apparatus for performing the same
152 9,460,548 Method and apparatus for displaying medical image
153 9,460,482 System on chip including configurable image processing pipeline and system including the same
154 9,460,398 Apparatus and method for recognizing user activity
155 9,460,397 Quantum computing device spin transfer torque magnetic memory
156 9,460,368 Method of learning a parameter to estimate posture of an articulated object and method of estimating posture of an articulated object
157 9,460,336 Apparatus and method for extracting feature of depth image
158 9,460,259 Methods of generating integrated circuit layout using standard cell library
159 9,460,090 Method of recognizing situation requiring translation and performing translation function, and electronic device implementing the same
160 9,460,044 Formula calculation method and electronic device therefor
161 9,460,032 Apparatus and method for processing an interrupt
162 9,460,030 Host device and slave device controlling method
163 9,460,006 Nonvolatile memory system, system including the same, and method of adaptively adjusting user storage region in the same
164 9,460,005 Storage devices including memory device and methods of operating the same
165 9,460,000 Method and system for dynamically changing page allocator
166 9,459,964 Method and apparatus for processing error event of medical diagnosis device, and for providing medical information
167 9,459,899 Apparatus and method for providing services using a virtual operating system
168 9,459,897 System and method for providing data analysis service in cloud environment
169 9,459,826 Apparatus and method of controlling mobile terminal based on analysis of user’s face
170 9,459,822 System and method of mobile printing using near field communication
171 9,459,777 Method and apparatus for setting font size in a mobile terminal having a touch screen
172 9,459,773 Electronic apparatus, method for authoring multimedia content and computer readable recording medium storing a program for performing the method
173 9,459,759 Method for displaying contents use history and electronic device thereof
174 9,459,756 User terminal apparatus, message exchange system, method for displaying message, and method for exchanging message
175 9,459,753 Apparatus and method for multimedia content interface in image display device
176 9,459,722 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
177 9,459,707 Display apparatus and method of controlling the same
178 9,459,704 Method and apparatus for providing one-handed user interface in mobile device having touch screen
179 9,459,687 Storage systems and UFS systems configured to change interface idle mode to active state based on estimated time to execute at least one operation
180 9,459,681 Method and apparatus to control power supply to network device
181 9,459,680 System on chip and temperature control method thereof
182 9,459,657 Portable computing device docking apparatus
183 9,459,656 Flexible devices and related methods of use
184 9,459,546 Toner to develop electrostatic latent images
185 9,459,522 Exposure mask and method of fabricating display panel using the same
186 9,459,505 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
187 9,459,499 Liquid crystal display
188 9,459,495 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
189 9,459,491 Mirror display device and manufacturing method thereof
190 9,459,489 Liquid crystal display, manufacturing method of the same, and repair method of the same
191 9,459,483 Liquid crystal display
192 9,459,480 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
193 9,459,479 Display device
194 9,459,478 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
195 9,459,477 Display apparatus
196 9,459,414 Optical coupling system and optical sensor including the same
197 9,459,332 Indirect cooling type superconducting magnet apparatus
198 9,459,324 Device and method for the redundant determination of a battery current flowing through the poles of a battery
199 9,459,315 Tray for aligning semiconductor packages and test handler using the same, and method of aligning semiconductor packages and test method using the same
200 9,459,281 Socket, and test apparatus and method using the socket
201 9,459,227 Portable diagnostic test apparatus
202 9,459,138 Ultrasonic transducer, and ultrasonic wave generating apparatus and ultrasonic system including the same
203 9,459,041 Refrigerator
204 9,459,040 Refrigerator
205 9,458,564 Washing machine
206 9,458,377 Red phosphor, white light emitting device, display apparatus and illumination apparatus
207 9,458,280 Polishing pad compound
208 9,458,126 Monomer for binding nano-metal, conductive polymer composite and method of preparing the conductive polymer composite
209 9,458,063 Dielectric ceramic composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor including the same
210 9,457,745 Method for starting up a battery system having a DC voltage intermediate circuit
211 9,457,555 Film peeling apparatus
212 9,457,426 Method of manufacturing mask
213 9,457,373 Unit mask fixed to a frame with a first bent extension
214 9,457,369 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and deposition mask for the apparatus
215 9,457,365 Solution-providing apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display using the apparatus
216 9,457,364 Coating-forming apparatus and coating-forming method
217 9,457,082 Liposome including complex of hydrophobic active ingredient and polypeptide and use of the liposome
218 9,457,081 Combination therapy using c-Met inhibitor and beta-catenin inhibitor
219 9,457,043 Combination therapy using c-Met inhibitor and c-Myc inhibitor
220 9,456,796 X-ray imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same
221 9,456,795 X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof
222 9,456,725 Robot cleaner and control method thereof