Samsung patents granted on 04 September 2007

78 US patents granted on 04 September 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,266,748 Method and apparatus for correcting C1/PI word errors using error locations detected by EFM/EFM+ decoding
2 7,266,736 Recording medium having spare area for defect management and information on defect management, and method of allocating spare area and method of managing defects
3 7,266,732 MRAM with controller
4 7,266,662 Input/output data pipeline circuit of semiconductor memory device and the semiconductor memory device
5 7,266,424 Walking robot using simple ground reaction force sensors and a method of controlling the same
6 7,266,402 Apparatus and method for determining blood sugar level without blood using dark adaptation of optic nerve, and computer readable recording medium storing computer program performing the method
7 7,266,386 Method for performing packet flooding at wireless ad hoc network
8 7,266,374 Communication system and method in wireless infrastructure network environments
9 7,266,369 System and method for provisioning or updating a mobile station using over-the-air transfer of interpreted byte-code program
10 7,266,338 Waste toner pulverizing apparatus and toner cartridge with the same
11 7,266,334 Cooling unit for cooling an intermediate transfer medium of an image forming apparatus
12 7,266,321 Apparatus for supplying voltage to developing device
13 7,266,312 Burst mode optical receiver
14 7,266,300 BPSR optical transmission node
15 7,266,285 Recording medium for storing virtually deleted still picture information, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
16 7,266,247 Image coding method and apparatus using spatial predictive coding of chrominance and image decoding method and apparatus
17 7,266,130 Apparatus and method for multiplexing multiple end-to-end transmission links in a communication system
18 7,266,107 Apparatus and method for allocating a common channel in a CDMA mobile communication system
19 7,266,074 Optical disc apparatus and method of reproducing a wobble signal
20 7,266,064 Method of and drive for recording medium defect management, and defect managed recording medium
21 7,266,055 Optical pickup actuator and optical disk drive using the same and method
22 7,265,969 Portable computer
23 7,265,936 Algorithm for DSA/microactuator total loop gain calibration
24 7,265,885 Multi-beam emitting device and light scanning unit employing the same
25 7,265,818 Method of exposing a wafer to a light, and reticle, reticle assembly and exposing apparatus for performing the same
26 7,265,802 Liquid crystal display with a wide viewing angle using a compensation film
27 7,265,799 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
28 7,265,798 Optical system for projection television
29 7,265,797 Tuner capable of receiving analog and digital broadcasting signal and integrated DTV having the tuner, and a broadcasting signal receiving method thereof
30 7,265,791 Method and apparatus for de-interlacing video signal
31 7,265,774 Collimating lens of beam scanning apparatus
32 7,265,751 Display panel driving apparatus having efficient oscillators
33 7,265,739 Display connector for electronic device
34 7,265,738 Method and apparatus for driving electro-luminescence display panel designed to perform efficient booting
35 7,265,737 Flat panel display with thin film transistor (TFT)
36 7,265,736 Method and apparatus for reducing false contour in digital display panel using pulse number modulation
37 7,265,693 Method and apparatus for detecting position of movable device
38 7,265,518 Method of automatically cutting off power in case of low battery voltage in mobile electronic unit
39 7,265,492 Plasma display panel with discharge cells having curved concave-shaped walls
40 7,265,490 Plasma display panel bus electrode structure
41 7,265,485 Electron gun assembly for cathode ray tube
42 7,265,449 Tape circuit substrate, semiconductor chip package including the same, and liquid crystal display device including the semiconductor chip package
43 7,265,418 Semiconductor devices having field effect transistors
44 7,265,411 Non-volatile memory having multiple gate structure
45 7,265,410 Non-volatile memory cell having a silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon gate structure and fabrication method of such cell
46 7,265,384 Thin film transistor and organic electroluminescence display using the same
47 7,265,224 Red luminescent compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
48 7,265,051 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
49 7,265,050 Methods for fabricating memory devices using sacrificial layers
50 7,265,040 Cleaning solution and method for selectively removing layer in a silicidation process
51 7,265,031 Methods of fabricating semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) substrates and semiconductor devices using sacrificial layers and void spaces
52 7,265,011 Method of manufacturing a transistor
53 7,264,981 Flat panel display device and method of manufacturing the same
54 7,264,915 Manufacturing method for donor film with improved surface roughness
55 7,264,751 Yellow ZnS-based phosphor, process of preparing the same and display device using the phosphor
56 7,264,480 Display device
57 7,264,337 Ink ejecting method and ink-jet printhead utilizing the method
58 7,264,008 Apparatus for cleaning a wafer
59 7,263,987 Grill cooker with air cooling unit and multipurpose cooking apparatus having the same
60 7,263,883 Gyro-sensor comprising a plurality of component units, and fabricating method thereof
61 7,263,773 Method of manufacturing a bubble-jet type ink-jet printhead
62 RE39,822 Apparatus and method for setting an ID code using a microcomputer in a display device
63 D550,195 Telephone
64 D550,194 Cellular phone
65 D550,193 Mobile phone
66 D550,192 Mobile phone
67 D550,190 Mobile phone
68 D550,189 Mobile phone
69 D550,188 Mobile phone
70 D550,187 Mobile phone
71 D550,185 Portable phone
72 D550,184 Portable phone
73 D550,183 Portable phone
74 D550,182 Portable phone
75 D550,181 Portable phone
76 D550,171 Light-emitting diode
77 D550,170 Light-emitting diode
78 D550,024 Electronic oven