Samsung patents granted on 05 August 2008

95 US patents granted on 05 August 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,409,599 Method of verifying defect management area information of optical disc upon initialization without certification and test apparatus for performing the same
2 7,409,528 Digital signal processing architecture with a wide memory bandwidth and a memory mapping method thereof
3 7,409,466 Apparatus and method for managing address book in portable wireless terminal having a radio frequency identification (RFID) recognition section
4 7,409,257 System and method for moving substrates in and out of a manufacturing process
5 7,409,230 Method for providing an occasion date notification function in a phone
6 7,409,229 Mobile communication terminal and method for inputting characters by speech recognition
7 7,409,214 Cell search method for inter-system handover in a mobile station
8 7,409,180 Image forming apparatus having toner remover to remove toner leaked from toner cartridge
9 7,409,176 Image forming apparatus including photosensitive body fixing apparatus
10 7,409,175 Image forming apparatus and image reading apparatus with locking unit for locking movable object
11 7,409,164 Optical transceiver for compensating for loss due to transmission distance in passive optical network
12 7,409,158 Large-capacity optical router using electric buffer
13 7,409,147 Video presenter with arch-type support
14 7,409,143 DVD-audio disk, and apparatus and method for playing the same
15 7,409,129 Optical fiber array module, fabrication method thereof, and portable terminal
16 7,409,119 Optical filter, manufacturing method thereof, and planar lightwave circuit using the same
17 7,409,091 Human detection method and apparatus
18 7,409,018 Automatic gain controller outputting control value varying nonlinearly, and a method of outputting a gain control signal thereof
19 7,409,000 Data transmission/reception apparatus and method for improving performance in a mobile communication system using space-time trellis code
20 7,408,982 Equalizer for high definition television and equalization method thereof
21 7,408,955 Gigabit ethernet passive optical network system and media access control method for the same
22 7,408,933 Distributed router with ping-pong preventing function and ping-pong preventing method using the same
23 7,408,894 Apparatus and method for controlling power of reverse channels in a mobile communication system
24 7,408,893 DPCH multiplexing apparatus and method for outer loop power control in a W-CDMA communication system
25 7,408,870 Optical information storage medium having a transition area
26 7,408,864 Information storage medium having optimal power control areas
27 7,408,857 Method and apparatus for managing defects in recording media, a computer readable medium including computer readable code for the same, and a defect managed recording medium obtained using the same method, apparatus, and computer readable medium
28 7,408,856 Method of recording data on information storage medium having multiple storage layers with optimal power control (OPC) areas and buffer areas
29 7,408,847 Integrated type optical head with sheet waveguide and light coupler
30 7,408,826 Semiconductor memory device
31 7,408,823 Semiconductor device and method thereof
32 7,408,821 Method for error compensation and a memory control device adapted for error compensation
33 7,408,817 Voltage generating circuit, semiconductor memory device comprising the same, and voltage generating method
34 7,408,806 Memory array architecture for a memory device and method of operating the memory array architecture
35 7,408,777 Plasma display device
36 7,408,739 Hard disk drive with disk spacer and spindle motor assembly
37 7,408,711 Polarizing plate, method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display panel having the same
38 7,408,689 Light scanning unit and image forming apparatus employing the same
39 7,408,605 Liquid crystal display panel
40 7,408,564 Apparatus and method for setting print condition according to thermal printhead
41 7,408,557 Apparatus and method for adjusting brightness and color temperature
42 7,408,533 Light emitting display and driving method thereof
43 7,408,514 Speaker of a portable terminal having a resonance space
44 7,408,487 Method and apparatus for CABAC-based encoding having high compression ratio using improved context model selection and method and apparatus for CABAC-based decoding
45 7,408,482 Integrated circuit devices having data inversion circuits therein with multi-bit prefetch structures and methods of operating same
46 7,408,443 Circuit and method for reducing fixed pattern noise
47 7,408,434 Inductor embedded in substrate, manufacturing method thereof, micro device package, and manufacturing method of cap for micro device package
48 7,408,431 Miniaturized parallel coupled line filter using lumped capacitors and grounding and fabrication method thereof
49 7,408,419 Sigma-delta fractional-N PLL with reduced frequency error
50 7,408,408 Predistorter for power amplifier
51 7,408,379 Impedance calibration circuit and semiconductor device including the same
52 7,408,376 Array substrate
53 7,408,371 Apparatus for measuring on-chip characteristics in semiconductor circuits and related methods
54 7,408,365 Image sensor testing method and apparatus
55 7,408,339 Test system of semiconductor device having a handler remote control and method of operating the same
56 7,408,301 Plasma display panel
57 7,408,299 Plasma display panel
58 7,408,289 Piezoelectric actuator, and apparatus and method for actuating the same
59 7,408,261 BGA package board and method for manufacturing the same
60 7,408,257 Packaging chip and packaging method thereof
61 7,408,230 EEPROM device having first and second doped regions that increase an effective channel length
62 7,408,224 Vertical transistor structure for use in semiconductor device and method of forming the same
63 7,408,219 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
64 7,408,200 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
65 7,408,192 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
66 7,408,185 Organic light emitting device and display using the same
67 7,408,138 Analog-to-digital converter with noise compensation in CMOS image sensor
68 7,408,127 Keypad structure
69 7,408,120 Printed circuit board having axially parallel via holes
70 7,407,897 Capacitor of analog semiconductor device having multi-layer dielectric film and method of manufacturing the same
71 7,407,865 Epitaxial growth method
72 7,407,856 Method of manufacturing a memory device
73 7,407,845 Field effect transistor and method for manufacturing the same
74 7,407,636 Reformer for fuel cell system and method of manufacturing reaction substrate used for the same
75 7,407,596 Fluxgate sensor integrated in printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
76 7,407,524 Cyclone dust-collecting apparatus and a vacuum cleaner having the same
77 7,407,409 Flexible printed circuit connector, flexible printed circuit inserted into the same, and display device having the same, and method thereof
78 7,407,316 LCD backlight system using light emitting diode chip
79 7,407,272 Ink jet head substrate and ink jet head having metal carbon nitride resistor
80 7,407,256 Method and apparatus to compensate for defective nozzle of inkjet image forming device
81 7,407,249 Array type inkjet printer with multi-pass structure and method of compensating an irregular nozzle defect thereof
82 7,406,747 Hinge apparatus for cover of image forming apparatus
83 7,406,743 Handle unit for vacuum cleaner
84 7,406,737 Washing machine and control method thereof
85 D574,392 Video image display for portable phone
86 D574,391 Transitional image display for mobile phone
87 D574,390 Video image display for monitor
88 D574,385 Notebook computer cover
89 D574,354 Portable telephone
90 D574,353 Mobile phone
91 D574,352 Cellular phone
92 D574,351 Mobile phone
93 D574,347 Portable phone
94 D574,346 Television receiver
95 D574,178 Microwave oven