Samsung patents granted on 05 August 2014

183 US patents granted on 05 August 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D710,404 Tray
2 D710,402 Refrigerator
3 D710,380 Portable electronic device displaying GI and GUI
4 D710,364 SD memory card
5 D710,354 Electronic device
6 D710,353 Electronic device
7 D710,322 Mobile phone
8 D710,320 TV receiver
9 D710,117 Panel
10 8,800,057 Secure content delivery system and method
11 8,799,968 Method and apparatus for tracking user location within video or audio content streamed to a mobile handset
12 8,799,950 Apparatus and method for providing additional information of media content
13 8,799,935 Multimedia device having a substrate fixing structure
14 8,799,913 Computing system, method and computer-readable medium for managing a processing of tasks
15 8,799,828 Scrolling method and apparatus for electronic device
16 8,799,825 3D interface apparatus and interfacing method using the same
17 8,799,817 Carousel user interface
18 8,799,779 Text input method in portable device and portable device supporting the same
19 8,799,741 Method of transmitting ethernet frame in network bridge and the bridge
20 8,799,730 Semiconductor devices and semiconductor packages
21 8,799,593 Flash memory devices, data randomizing methods of the same, memory systems including the same
22 8,799,585 Cache memory capable of adjusting burst length of write-back data in write-back operation
23 8,799,558 Indexing method for flash memory
24 8,799,533 Universal serial bus assistance engine
25 8,799,526 Media player device and method for wake-up thereof
26 8,799,486 System and method for transferring a session between multiple clients
27 8,799,433 Method and apparatus for upgrading software of digital broadcasting receiver
28 8,799,290 Apparatus and method for processing contents
29 8,799,281 Information storage medium having recorded thereon AV data including meta data with representative title information, apparatus for reproducing AV data from the information storage medium, and method of searching for the meta data
30 8,799,277 Portable device, photography processing method, and photography processing system having the same
31 8,799,252 Method and apparatus for collecting and providing information of interest to user regarding multimedia content
32 8,798,912 Apparatus and method for switching mode in a location based service system using visible light communication
33 8,798,793 Apparatus and method for stabilizing humanoid robot
34 8,798,726 Method and apparatus for eliminating motion artifacts of bio signal using personalized bio signal pattern
35 8,798,698 Apparatus and method of processing plurality of biologic signals
36 8,798,689 Apparatus and method for controlling function of communication module in portable terminal
37 8,798,664 Device and method for controlling power in mobile terminal
38 8,798,649 Apparatus and method for transmitting handwriting animation message
39 8,798,626 Handover control apparatus and operation method of handover control apparatus
40 8,798,609 User interface for supporting call function and portable device using the same
41 8,798,552 Reconfigurable wireless transceiver
42 8,798,540 Method and apparatus for anti-collision tag in radio frequency identification (RFID) system
43 8,798,485 Method of notifying status information and image forming apparatus using the same
44 8,798,479 Controlling brightness of light sources used for data transmission
45 8,798,452 Digital imaging method and apparatus
46 8,798,439 Method and apparatus for continuously reproducing moving picture files
47 8,798,396 Apparatus and method of segmenting an image in an image coding and/or decoding system
48 8,798,381 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using large transformation unit
49 8,798,369 Apparatus and method for estimating the number of objects included in an image
50 8,798,360 Method for stitching image in digital image processing apparatus
51 8,798,356 Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding multi-view image
52 8,798,276 Method and apparatus for encoding multi-channel audio signal and method and apparatus for decoding multi-channel audio signal
53 8,798,259 Method for managing communication record and communication device performing the same
54 8,798,247 Multimedia caller ring distribution system and method
55 8,798,237 Voice dialing method and apparatus for mobile phone
56 8,798,230 Radiation imaging apparatus, computed tomography apparatus, and radiation imaging method
57 8,798,172 Method and apparatus to conceal error in decoded audio signal
58 8,798,160 Method and apparatus for adjusting parallax in three-dimensional video
59 8,798,159 Method and apparatus for encoding video and method and apparatus for decoding video, based on hierarchical structure of coding unit
60 8,798,138 Digital broadcast transmitter, digital broadcast receiver, and methods for configuring and processing streams thereof
61 8,798,132 Video apparatus to combine graphical user interface (GUI) with frame rate conversion (FRC) video and method of providing a GUI thereof
62 8,798,100 Apparatus and method for supporting asymmetric carrier aggregation in wireless communication system
63 8,798,037 Apparatus and method for providing recording service in IP multimedia subsystem
64 8,798,027 Apparatus and method for communicating control information in broadband wireless access (BWA) system
65 8,797,996 Inter-network packet transmission method and system
66 8,797,944 Mobility management system and method for internet protocol based low power wireless network
67 8,797,923 Method for transmitting uplink sounding reference signal for LTE system
68 8,797,837 System and method for in-phase/quadrature multiplexing
69 8,797,817 Semiconductor devices, operating methods thereof, and memory systems including the same
70 8,797,812 Memory system having delay-locked-loop circuit
71 8,797,780 Memory device having sub-bit lines and memory system
72 8,797,753 Audio and video reproduction apparatus having main board on which surface mount type connectors are mounted
73 8,797,737 Display unit and vending machine having the same
74 8,797,728 Display apparatus
75 8,797,710 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
76 8,797,709 Multilayer ceramic electronic part and method of manufacturing the same
77 8,797,653 Device and method for controlling curvature of lens surface
78 8,797,598 Print control terminal, image forming apparatus, print control method, and image forming method
79 8,797,574 Printing control apparatus, image forming apparatus, image forming system, and image forming method for performing printing in a direct wireless manner
80 8,797,572 Network scan apparatus to confirm scanning operation and method of using thereof
81 8,797,571 Host device and method to set distributed printing
82 8,797,492 Flexible circuit board
83 8,797,491 Display device having fanout wiring
84 8,797,488 Liquid crystal display device
85 8,797,486 Display panel comprising a pixel electrode including a micro-slit pattern and a control electrode wherein the control electrode overlaps an entire portion of the pixel electrode in a plan view
86 8,797,478 Liquid crystal display module, display device set including the same, and method of assembling liquid crystal display module
87 8,797,467 Flat panel display including a glass window
88 8,797,464 Apparatus and method for controlling home network devices
89 8,797,449 Auto-focusing apparatus
90 8,797,445 Digital photographing device and method of controlling the same
91 8,797,442 Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus and digital photographing apparatus
92 8,797,424 Image processing apparatus for reading compressed data from memory via data bus and image processing method performed in the image processing apparatus
93 8,797,420 Non-real time image processing method, image capturing apparatus applying the same, and image processing system
94 8,797,414 Digital image stabilization device
95 8,797,397 Electronic part recognition apparatus and chip mounter having the same
96 8,797,369 Organic light emitting display
97 8,797,368 Organic light-emitting display device and driving method thereof
98 8,797,366 Method of driving a light source, light source apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the light source apparatus
99 8,797,361 Image display system and method to identify images according to an aspect ratio of an editing layout
100 8,797,353 Augmented media message
101 8,797,346 Gamma correction system and method for display device
102 8,797,344 Memory structures for image processing
103 8,797,314 Pixel circuit and organic electro-luminescent display apparatus
104 8,797,311 Organic light emitting display and image compensating method thereof
105 8,797,308 Method of driving display apparatus and driving circuit for display apparatus using the same
106 8,797,263 Apparatus, method for measuring 3 dimensional position of a viewer and display device having the apparatus
107 8,797,251 Gate driving circuit and display device including the same
108 8,797,244 Display device and method of driving the same
109 8,797,239 Organic light-emitting display device
110 8,797,238 Organic light emitting display
111 8,797,219 Infinite wavelength antenna device
112 8,797,173 Method and apparatus for charge control of a portable terminal having a solar battery
113 8,797,170 Method operating wireless device according to power state
114 8,797,083 Methods of operating timers to inhibit timing error accumulation
115 8,797,063 Data transmission device and image sensor system using the same
116 8,796,989 Wireless charger for charging control and charging control method therefor
117 8,796,986 Battery management system and driving method thereof
118 8,796,942 LED circuit
119 8,796,921 Flexible display panel
120 8,796,920 Organic light emitting display and fabricating method of the same
121 8,796,918 Organic light emitting display device and a method of manufacturing thereof
122 8,796,863 Semiconductor memory devices and semiconductor packages
123 8,796,861 Semiconductor package having support member
124 8,796,847 Package substrate having main dummy pattern located in path of stress
125 8,796,835 Package on package having improved thermal characteristics
126 8,796,819 Non-volatile memory device including a variable resistance material
127 8,796,810 Metal wiring structure, organic light-emitting display device
128 8,796,803 Image sensors and methods of forming the same
129 8,796,796 Method and system for providing magnetic junctions having improved polarization enhancement and reference layers
130 8,796,768 Organic light emitting display device including nano silver particles and method of manufacturing the same
131 8,796,752 String floating gates with air gaps in between
132 8,796,737 High electron mobility transistors and methods of manufacturing the same
133 8,796,730 Power semiconductor module
134 8,796,727 Organic light emitting diode display
135 8,796,702 Organic light emitting display device
136 8,796,689 Thin film transistor array panel
137 8,796,680 Thin-film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
138 8,796,679 Thin film transistor having semiconductor active layer
139 8,796,675 Thin film transistor array substrate and method of manufacturing the same
140 8,796,671 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
141 8,796,667 Static random access memories having carbon nanotube thin films
142 8,796,662 Semiconductor devices with vertical structure including data storage layer or pattern
143 8,796,645 Exposure apparatus for photoalignment process and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display
144 8,796,626 Optical sensor
145 8,796,597 In-line package apparatuses and methods
146 8,796,559 Lead pin for printed circuit board and printed circuit board using the same
147 8,796,540 Method of manufacturing substrate for photovoltaic cell
148 8,796,404 Polymer for optical film, method of preparing same, and optical film including same
149 8,796,158 Methods for forming circuit pattern forming region in an insulating substrate
150 8,796,134 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices using modified rectangular mask patterns to increase reliability of contacts to electrically conductive lines
151 8,796,127 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices and semiconductor devices formed thereby
152 8,796,122 Method of fabricating display device having a pixel region and a circuit region over the same substrate
153 8,796,107 Methods for fabricating semiconductor devices
154 8,796,091 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices
155 8,796,087 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
156 8,796,051 Bonding apparatus and method for display device
157 8,796,050 Method and apparatus for manufacturing white light-emitting device
158 8,796,042 Method for forming magnetic tunnel junction structure and method for forming magnetic random access memory using the same
159 8,796,029 System and method for processing target material
160 8,796,011 Apparatus for fabricating and optically detecting biochip
161 8,795,929 Pellicle having buffer zone and photomask structure having pellicle
162 8,795,925 Fuel composition for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and polymer electrolyte fuel cell system including same
163 8,795,891 Positive electrode active material for lithium secondary battery, method of preparing the same, positive electrode for lithium secondary battery including the same, and lithium secondary battery including the positive electrode
164 8,795,881 Terminal of rechargeable battery, method of assembling the terminal of rechargeable battery, rechargeable battery module and method of assembling the rechargeable battery module
165 8,795,878 Secondary battery
166 8,795,874 Battery pack
167 8,795,873 Case for battery pack and battery pack having the same
168 8,795,871 Electrode assembly and secondary battery having the same
169 8,795,867 Wire mounted battery module on vertical support frame
170 8,795,865 Battery pack
171 8,795,864 Lithium polymer battery
172 8,795,817 Phosphor film, method of manufacturing the same, coating method of phosphor layer, method of manufacturing LED package, and LED package manufactured thereby
173 8,795,541 Substrate processing method and substrate processing system for performing the same
174 8,795,539 Block copolymer and method of forming patterns by using the same
175 8,795,505 Copper electroplating method
176 8,795,185 Portable device for measuring blood pressure and method therefor
177 8,795,018 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
178 8,794,810 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
179 8,794,778 Top chassis assembly and display device having the same
180 8,794,649 Transport apparatus
181 8,794,377 Silencer for reducing acoustic noise of fuel cell system
182 8,794,367 Sensing system and moving robot having the same
183 8,793,867 Head nozzle and apparatus for mounting electronic parts