Samsung patents granted on 05 February 2008

112 US patents granted on 05 February 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D561,248 Color laser printer
2 D561,222 Digital camera
3 D561,218 Digital camera
4 D561,161 Small audio
5 D561,157 Mobile phone
6 D561,156 Portable telephone
7 D561,155 Portable telephone
8 D561,154 Mobile phone
9 D561,153 Mobile phone
10 D561,152 Mobile phone
11 D561,151 Mobile phone
12 D561,150 Portable phone
13 D561,149 Mobile phone
14 D561,142 Home theater
15 D561,141 Blu-ray disk player
16 D561,136 DLP projection television receiver
17 D561,135 DLP projection television receiver
18 D561,134 Television receiver
19 D561,130 LCD monitor
20 7,328,445 Apparatus for transferring a pickup of a disc drive
21 7,328,444 Shaft support mechanism of optical disk drive and skew adjustment mechanism of optical disk drive
22 7,328,161 Audio decoding method and apparatus which recover high frequency component with small computation
23 7,328,018 Handover method and device for mobile node in wireless LAN
24 7,328,003 Method and mobile communication system for transmitting and receiving multimedia messages
25 7,327,999 Apparatus and method for managing SMS messages in HHP
26 7,327,970 Process cartridge and image forming device having the same
27 7,327,942 Apparatus for recording and/or playing back catalog information
28 7,327,937 Method of recording and/or playing back catalog information
29 7,327,912 Wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer
30 7,327,792 Digital video system and control method thereof
31 7,327,762 Packet data processing apparatus in packet data communication system
32 7,327,714 Apparatus and method for detecting a time division multiplexing frame in a mobile communication system
33 7,327,709 Data transmitting and receiving method in a mobile communication system
34 7,327,703 Method for providing concurrent service in a mobile communication system
35 7,327,684 Method of operating, administrating and maintaining very high bit rate digital subscriber line
36 7,327,665 Optical fiber probe using an electrical potential difference and an optical recorder using the same
37 7,327,659 Method and apparatus for recording data on writable compact disc
38 7,327,655 Write once disc, disc drive therefor, and method of managing disc defect considering compatibility with rewritable disc drive
39 7,327,654 Method of and apparatus for managing disc defects using temporary defect management information (TDFL) and temporary defect management information (TDDS), and disc having the TDFL and TDDS
40 7,327,653 Information storage medium having storage layer with optical power control area, and recording apparatus to record data with respect to information storage medium
41 7,327,652 Method of recording data on a multi-layer information storage medium having optimal power control areas
42 7,327,650 Multi-layer information storage medium having optimal power control areas, and an apparatus to record and/or read with respect to the information storage medium
43 7,327,639 Hybrid writing and reading head to record data with high density
44 7,327,631 Semiconductor memory device and method of operating semiconductor memory device
45 7,327,630 Memory cell power switching circuit in semiconductor memory device and method for applying memory cell power voltage
46 7,327,625 Volatile memory devices with auto-refresh command unit and circuit for controlling auto-refresh operation thereof and related memory systems and operating methods
47 7,327,617 Memory address generating circuit and memory controller using the same
48 7,327,610 DRAM memory with common pre-charger
49 7,327,609 Methods of program-verifying a multi-bit nonvolatile memory device and circuit thereof
50 7,327,606 Flash memory device and method of programming the same
51 7,327,530 Hard disk drive having disk damper and disk protector
52 7,327,529 Deck for magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
53 7,327,508 Display device using light modulator and having improved numerical aperture of after-edge lens system
54 7,327,459 Fluorescence detector for detecting microfluid
55 7,327,430 Liquid crystal display module and an assembly method therefor
56 7,327,416 Back light assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
57 7,327,413 Liquid crystal display device
58 7,327,411 Driver chip and display apparatus having the same
59 7,327,410 High resolution 3-D image display with liquid crystal shutter array
60 7,327,409 Projection type image display system capable of color scrolling
61 7,327,402 Video displayer facilitating channels and video/audio input settings
62 7,327,401 Display synchronization signal generation apparatus and method in analog video signal receiver
63 7,327,378 Laser scanning unit
64 7,327,357 Pixel circuit and light emitting display comprising the same
65 7,327,355 LCD monitor with dual interface and control method thereof
66 7,327,338 Liquid crystal display apparatus
67 7,327,333 Method and apparatus for reducing flicker when displaying pictures on a plasma display panel
68 7,327,332 Plasma display panel video processing circuit and method and video display device and method using plasma display panel
69 7,327,331 Apparatus for generating ramp reset waveform for display panel and design method therefor
70 7,327,292 Bubble error rejecter in data converter
71 7,327,187 Method, circuit and power amplifier for detecting a fault, and method of protecting a circuit in a power amplifier from a fault occurrence
72 7,327,184 Low-power multi-level pulse amplitude modulation driver and semiconductor device having the driver
73 7,327,154 Multichip package test
74 7,327,084 Plasma display panel
75 7,327,083 Plasma display panel
76 7,327,076 Electron emission display having a spacer
77 7,327,058 Vibration motor having brushes with different osculatory tracks
78 7,327,038 Semiconductor device package
79 7,327,032 Semiconductor package accomplishing fan-out structure through wire bonding
80 7,327,020 Multi-chip package including at least one semiconductor device enclosed therein
81 7,326,975 Buried channel type transistor having a trench gate and method of manufacturing the same
82 7,326,966 Electroluminescence display device and method of manufacturing the same
83 7,326,964 Light emitting diode package with protective function against electrostatic discharge
84 7,326,959 Thin film transistor with common contact hole and fabrication method thereof
85 7,326,896 Microwave oven
86 7,326,891 Steam generation apparatus using induction heating and oven including the same
87 7,326,888 Cooking apparatus, cooking system and cooking control method using the same
88 7,326,858 Printed circuit board with embedded capacitors and manufacturing method thereof
89 7,326,625 Trench structure having a void and inductor including the trench structure
90 7,326,619 Method of manufacturing integrated circuit device including recessed channel transistor
91 7,326,613 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices having elongated contact plugs
92 7,326,608 Fin field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
93 7,326,605 Semiconductor carbon nanotubes fabricated by hydrogen functionalization and method for fabricating the same
94 7,326,587 Semiconductor memory device having capacitor and method of forming the same
95 7,326,584 Method of manufacturing light emitting element and method of manufacturing display apparatus having the same
96 7,326,519 Photosensitive resin, photoresist composition having the photosensitive resin and method of forming a photoresist pattern using the photoresist composition
97 7,326,506 Bridged charge transport materials having a central sulfur atom linkage
98 7,326,498 Method for preparing positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and positive active material prepared by same
99 7,326,497 Graphite-containing composition, negative electrode for a lithium secondary battery, and lithium secondary battery
100 7,326,487 Method for fabricating membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell adopting the membrane-electrode assembly
101 7,326,450 High-speed high-temperature nematic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display comprising the same
102 7,326,396 Method for preparing nanoporous carbons with enhanced mechanical strength and the nanoporous carbons prepared by the method
103 7,326,313 Method of manufacturing a flexible display
104 7,326,295 Fabrication method for polycrystalline silicon thin film and apparatus using the same
105 7,326,284 Contamination control system and air-conditioning system of a substrate processing apparatus using the same
106 7,326,268 Multi cyclone vessel dust collecting apparatus for vacuum cleaner
107 7,326,098 Method of fabricating a field emission backlight device
108 7,325,964 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
109 7,325,408 Method of controlling a refrigerator
110 7,325,332 Clothing dryer
111 7,325,330 Apparatus and method for eliminating wrinkles in clothes
112 7,325,310 Method for manufacturing a monolithic ink-jet printhead