Samsung patents granted on 05 February 2013

151 US patents granted on 05 February 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D675,591 Mobile communication terminal
2 D675,588 Terminal for mobile communication
3 D675,586 Mobile communication terminal
4 D675,475 Microwave oven
5 8,370,957 Method and apparatus for transmitting contents with limited system permissions
6 8,370,900 Image forming apparatus
7 8,370,877 Content downloading method and apparatus used by mobile device
8 8,370,868 Spindle motor and disk driver having the same
9 8,370,710 Non-volatile memory devices, systems, and data processing methods thereof
10 8,370,703 Information encoding method, information decoding method, recording/reproducing apparatus, and information storage medium
11 8,370,699 Semiconductor memory apparatus for reducing bus traffic between NAND flash memory device and controller
12 8,370,692 Recording and/or reproducing method, recording and/or reproducing apparatus and information storage medium
13 8,370,662 Apparatus and method for power saving of bus interface in portable terminal
14 8,370,651 Method and system for optimized power management and efficiency in wireless universal serial bus network
15 8,370,624 Key generation method for self-configuration
16 8,370,619 Method and apparatus for booting host
17 8,370,611 Memory card, memory system including the same, and operating method thereof
18 8,370,563 Non-volatile memory system and access method thereof utilizing a confirm mark when data has been successfully recorded therein
19 8,370,492 System for providing quality of service in link layer and method using the same
20 8,370,434 Workflow system and method of controlling the same
21 8,370,351 Method and system for generating playlists for content items
22 8,370,159 Multi-layered speech recognition apparatus and method
23 8,369,910 Cellular phone
24 8,369,898 Portable terminal with touch screen and method for displaying tags in the portable terminal
25 8,369,885 Multi-user MIMO transmissions in wireless communication systems
26 8,369,862 Resource allocation and power control method
27 8,369,813 Apparatus and method for reducing cross-talk between audio channels in a mobile terminal
28 8,369,787 Apparatus and method of switching channel under wireless network circumstances
29 8,369,771 Method and apparatus for synchronizing digital multimedia broadcasting between terminals
30 8,369,719 Image forming apparatus, fusing device thereof and method of controlling fusing device
31 8,369,703 Moving picture camera and electronic device including the same
32 8,369,696 Micro-heaters, methods for manufacturing the same, and methods for forming patterns using the micro-heaters
33 8,369,676 Printed circuit board for optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
34 8,369,623 Image forming apparatus that automatically creates an index and a method thereof
35 8,369,619 Method and apparatus for skin color correction and digital photographing apparatus using both
36 8,369,575 3D image processing method and apparatus for improving accuracy of depth measurement of an object in a region of interest
37 8,369,528 Method and apparatus for providing encrypted key based on DRM type of host device
38 8,369,463 Receiver apparatus in multi-user communication system and control method thereof
39 8,369,450 Pilot boosting and traffic to pilot ratio estimation in a wireless communication system
40 8,369,444 Apparatus and method for beamforming in a multi-antenna system
41 8,369,438 Iterative tree search-based precoding technique for multiuser MIMO communication system
42 8,369,427 Method and apparatus for symbol transmission in an OFDM mobile communication system
43 8,369,416 Error concealment method and apparatus
44 8,369,410 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding motion vector
45 8,369,306 Method for transmitting and receiving data in a mobile communication system
46 8,369,304 Methods to reduce power for asynchronous internet message protocols
47 8,369,237 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving packet in dual modem mobile communication terminal
48 8,369,234 Method and mobile terminal for searching home network
49 8,369,206 Cell-specific shifting of reference signals in multi-stream transmissions
50 8,369,195 Information storage medium and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing data on/from the same
51 8,369,173 Semiconductor devices and methods for changing operating characteristics and semiconductor systems including the same
52 8,369,136 Resistive memory employing different pulse width signals for reading different memory cells
53 8,369,123 Stacked memory module and system
54 8,369,107 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
55 8,369,106 Plasma display apparatus to reduce EMI emission
56 8,369,104 Cradling apparatus for portable communication device
57 8,369,099 Electronics device module
58 8,369,095 Protection circuit board for secondary battery and secondary battery using the protection circuit board
59 8,369,065 Electric double layer capacitor
60 8,369,037 Actuator assembly and optical system having the same
61 8,369,035 Apparatus for adjusting position of optical element
62 8,369,033 Method of manufacturing lens and lens manufactured using the same
63 8,369,023 Lens system and image capturing device having the same
64 8,368,988 Micro shutter device and method of manufacturing the same
65 8,368,970 Image reader
66 8,368,953 Image forming device and method thereof
67 8,368,952 Image processing apparatus and control method the same
68 8,368,917 Printing system and method thereof
69 8,368,865 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
70 8,368,862 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
71 8,368,860 Liquid crystal display panel and method of manufacturing the same
72 8,368,852 Display panel, color filter substrate, and method of manufacturing the same
73 8,368,846 Two dimensional light source using light emitting diode and liquid crystal display device using the two dimensional light source
74 8,368,840 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
75 8,368,828 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
76 8,368,826 Liquid crystal display having boosting capacitor
77 8,368,805 User interface module for digital camera and digital camera including the same
78 8,368,802 Automatic focusing method for camera performing additional scanning
79 8,368,765 Auto stabilization method and photographing apparatus using the same
80 8,368,764 Digital photographing apparatus and method for controlling the same
81 8,368,745 Apparatus and method to concurrently display two and three dimensional images
82 8,368,726 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
83 8,368,684 Organic light emitting display device, method of driving the same and power saving unit thereof
84 8,368,682 Address driving circuit and plasma display device having the same
85 8,368,675 Organic light emitting display device
86 8,368,642 Input apparatus following task flow and image forming apparatus using the same
87 8,368,631 Driving integrated circuit and methods thereof
88 8,368,623 Display device and driving method thereof
89 8,368,618 Organic light emitting display device
90 8,368,612 Embedded antenna apparatus
91 8,368,597 Antenna pattern frame and method of manufacturing the same
92 8,368,594 Techniques for bar code assisted positioning
93 8,368,548 Wireless headset and battery status indication method thereof
94 8,368,515 Dual mode RFID communication device operating as a reader or tag
95 8,368,488 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
96 8,368,477 Receiver including an LCD tank filter and method thereof
97 8,368,471 Resonance power generator
98 8,368,440 Phase-locked-loop circuit including digitally-controlled oscillator
99 8,368,439 Phase locked loop circuit, method of detecting lock, and system having the circuit
100 8,368,358 Apparatus and method for managing power for mobile device
101 8,368,312 Circuit and method of driving light emitting diodes, and light emitting diode system having the same
102 8,368,302 Flat panel display device having reduced FRIT delamination and method of fabricating the same
103 8,368,299 Organic light emitting diode display
104 8,368,297 Organic light emitting device
105 8,368,291 Radiant heat substrate and method for manufacturing the radiant heat substrate, and luminous element package with the radiant heat substrate
106 8,368,231 Chipstack package and manufacturing method thereof
107 8,368,198 Stacked package of semiconductor device
108 8,368,197 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the semiconductor package
109 8,368,182 Semiconductor devices including patterns
110 8,368,169 Semiconductor device having a device isolation structure
111 8,368,138 Non-volatile memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
112 8,368,097 Light emitting diode package and method of manufacturing the same
113 8,368,091 Nanocrystal mixture and light-emitting diode using the same
114 8,368,090 Organic light emitting diode display device
115 8,368,074 Display substrate
116 8,368,056 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
117 8,368,055 Display device including organic light-emitting transistor and a fluorecent pattern and method of fabricating the display device
118 8,368,054 Organic light emitting diode display
119 8,367,922 Music composition method and system for portable device having touchscreen
120 8,367,880 Device and method for continuous hydrate production and dehydration by centrifugal force
121 8,367,771 Composition for producing organic insulator comprising an organic-inorganic metal hybrid material
122 8,367,564 Crystallization method of amorphous silicon layer
123 8,367,535 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
124 8,367,533 Semiconductor devices including doped metal silicide patterns and related methods of forming such devices
125 8,367,502 Method of manufacturing dual gate semiconductor device
126 8,367,491 Method of manufacturing a vertical-type semiconductor device and method of operating a vertical-type semiconductor device
127 8,367,472 Method of fabricating a 3-D device
128 8,367,448 Capacitor and organic light emitting display device
129 8,367,444 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
130 8,367,443 Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
131 8,367,436 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method therefor
132 8,367,422 Biochemical analyzer and method of controlling internal temperature of the biochemical analyzer
133 8,367,398 Centrifugal-based microfluidic apparatus, method of fabricating the same, and method of testing samples using the microfluidic apparatus
134 8,367,367 Kit for positively detecting toxic material
135 8,367,301 Mask for crystallizing silicon, apparatus having the mask and method of crystallizing with the mask
136 8,367,281 Method of exposing substrate, apparatus for performing the same, and method of manufacturing display substrate using the same
137 8,367,278 Halftone mask and manufacturing method thereof and method for forming film using the same
138 8,367,248 Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing thereof, and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
139 8,367,242 Rechargeable battery
140 8,367,220 Anthracene-based compound and organic light emitting device employing the same
141 8,367,219 Anthracene-based compound and organic light emitting device employing the same
142 8,367,197 Composition for rigid polyurethane foam and rigid polyurethane foam produced using the same
143 8,366,944 Image drum and fabricating method thereof
144 8,366,905 Apparatus having reduced noise and method of using the apparatus for detecting ionic materials
145 8,366,832 Driving shaft of effusion cell for deposition system and deposition system having the same
146 8,366,831 Evaporation source
147 8,366,827 Chamber inserts and apparatuses for processing a substrate
148 8,366,329 Lens barrel assembly and camera including the same
149 8,366,008 Radio frequency identification tag, and method of manufacturing the same
150 8,365,800 Blind with solar batteries and control method thereof
151 8,365,663 Method of forming ink patterns and apparatus for printing ink patterns