Samsung patents granted on 05 January 2010

98 US patents granted on 05 January 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D607,506 Color laser printer
2 D607,502 Laser printer
3 D607,430 Cellular phone
4 D607,428 Mobile phone
5 D607,426 PDP TV receiver
6 D607,264 Microwave oven
7 7,644,430 Apparatus for and method of creating a device page for a device which does not support a predetermined protocol on a home network
8 7,644,418 Optical disk drive comprising dust removing apparatus
9 7,644,338 Method of detecting and correcting a prescribed set of error events based on error detecting code
10 7,644,310 Semiconductor IC incorporating a co-debugging function and test system
11 7,644,232 Cache method and cache system for storing file’s data in memory blocks divided from cache memory
12 7,644,203 System for supplying power for peripheral devices
13 7,644,195 Host connectable device capable of selecting mode using menu displayed automatically upon connecting to host device and method thereof
14 7,644,174 Method of and apparatus for transmitting universal plug and play audio/video stream
15 7,643,853 Apparatus and method for selecting an antenna in a communication system
16 7,643,844 Method of managing radio resources and Node B apparatus implementing the same
17 7,643,793 Method for relaying data packet for downlink in wireless communication system
18 7,643,790 Local communication system and method in wireless communication system
19 7,643,780 Developing cartridge and image forming apparatus having the same
20 7,643,774 Roller spacing apparatus and image forming device having the same
21 7,643,747 Photographing apparatus and initialization method thereof
22 7,643,740 Hand-shake correction module for digital camera
23 7,643,684 Apparatus for and method of constructing multi-view face database, and apparatus for and method of generating multi-view face descriptor
24 7,643,619 Method for offering TTY/TDD service in a wireless terminal and wireless terminal implementing the same
25 7,643,579 Multiple differential demodulator using weighting value
26 7,643,577 Carrier and symbol timing recovery apparatus usable with a vestigial side band receiver and recovery method thereof
27 7,643,574 Transmitting apparatus and method in transmit diversity system
28 7,643,566 Apparatus and method for estimating frequency offset in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
29 7,643,507 Multicast packet processing apparatus and method
30 7,643,490 Live content switching method, source device, and sink device
31 7,643,466 Method and system for using either public or private networks in 1xEV-DO system
32 7,643,437 Half-duplex terminal for displaying holding time and communication method therefor
33 7,643,395 Diffraction element and optical pick-up apparatus having the same
34 7,643,386 Optical pickup actuator and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
35 7,643,368 Power control circuit for semiconductor IC
36 7,643,364 Semiconductor memory device
37 7,643,355 Semiconductor memory device and method of inputting/outputting data
38 7,643,351 Erase voltage generator circuit for providing uniform erase execution time and nonvolatile memory device having the same
39 7,643,344 Variable resistive memory
40 7,643,340 Method and apparatus for programming multi level cell flash memory device
41 7,643,339 Multi-bit flash memory devices having a single latch structure and related programming methods, systems and memory cards
42 7,643,335 Apparatus and systems using phase change memories
43 7,643,276 Display apparatus
44 7,643,243 Damper for information storage device
45 7,643,242 Hard disk drive assembly, mounting structure for hard disk drive, and mobile phone adopting the mounting structure
46 7,643,241 Methods calculating RRO and RRO compensation value in HDD
47 7,643,185 Method for tone calibration and apparatus using the same
48 7,643,098 Broadcast receiving apparatus and control method thereof
49 7,643,022 Panel source driver circuits having common data demultiplexing and methods of controlling operations of the same
50 7,642,995 Plasma display panel driving device and method
51 7,642,993 Driving method of plasma display panel
52 7,642,977 Extendable built-in antenna unit of mobile device
53 7,642,882 Multi-band filter module and method of fabricating the same
54 7,642,878 Plural signal transmission line circuits having a reference plane with separation slots therein corresponding to the plural signal transmission lines
55 7,642,870 Device and method for generating an adjustable chaotic signal
56 7,642,858 Active baluns
57 7,642,803 Address pin reduction mode circuit with parallel input for semiconductor memory device and test method using the same
58 7,642,726 Power supply apparatus, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
59 7,642,718 Plasma display panel with wider and narrower display regions
60 7,642,712 Display device and fabricating method thereof
61 7,642,705 Electron emission device and method of manufacturing the same
62 7,642,656 Semiconductor package and method for manufacturing thereof
63 7,642,636 Stack package of ball grid array type
64 7,642,623 Fabrication method for polycrystalline silicon thin film and apparatus using the same
65 7,642,622 Phase changeable memory cells and methods of forming the same
66 7,642,606 Semiconductor device having non-volatile memory and method of fabricating the same
67 7,642,593 Nonvolatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
68 7,642,592 Programmable memory device, integrated circuit including the programmable memory device, and method of fabricating same
69 7,642,589 Fin field effect transistors having capping insulation layers
70 7,642,587 Flat panel display device and method of fabricating the same
71 7,642,578 Semiconductor device having a round-shaped nano-wire transistor channel and method of manufacturing same
72 7,642,576 Rotational MEMS device having piezo-resistor sensor
73 7,642,561 Semiconductor light emitting diode having efficiency and method of manufacturing the same
74 7,642,553 Thin film transistor array panel
75 7,642,540 Phase change random access memory and method of operating the same
76 7,642,217 Pt/Ru alloy catalyst for fuel cell
77 7,642,200 Methods of forming a thin film and methods of manufacturing a capacitor and a gate structure using the same
78 7,642,187 Method of forming wiring of a semiconductor memory device
79 7,642,177 Method of manufacturing nanowire
80 7,642,148 Methods of producing semiconductor devices including multiple stress films in interface area
81 7,642,140 CMOS integrated circuit devices and substrates having buried silicon germanium layers therein and method of forming same
82 7,642,106 Methods for identifying an allowable process margin for integrated circuits
83 7,642,042 Polymer, top coating layer, top coating composition and immersion lithography process using the same
84 7,642,019 Methods for monitoring and adjusting focus variation in a photolithographic process using test features printed from photomask test pattern images; and machine readable program storage device having instructions therefore
85 7,642,017 Reflective photomask, method of fabricating the same, and reflective blank photomask
86 7,642,008 Rechargeable battery
87 7,642,006 Secondary battery module
88 7,642,005 Battery pack
89 7,642,000 Fuel cell electrode, membrane-electrode assembly, and fuel cell system
90 7,641,883 Method for separating carbon nanotubes, method for dispersing carbon nanotubes and compositions used for the methods
91 7,641,858 Apparatus for introducing fluid into microfluidic chip by using centrifugal force, a system including the apparatus, and a method of using the apparatus
92 7,641,722 Ink composition including surface modified coloring agent
93 7,641,451 Turbo pump and processing apparatus comprising the same
94 7,641,302 Apparatus and method of compensating for defective nozzle
95 7,640,970 Evaporator using micro-channel tubes
96 7,640,630 Refrigerator
97 7,640,626 Suction brush of vacuum cleaner for both vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning
98 7,640,625 Vacuum cleaner