Samsung patents granted on 05 January 2016

213 US patents granted on 05 January 2016 and assigned to Samsung

1 D747,051 Home appliance
2 D746,968 Steam cleaner
3 D746,967 Steam cleaner
4 D746,907 Case for a printer
5 D746,891 Camera
6 D746,880 Refrigerator handle
7 D746,865 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
8 D746,863 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
9 D746,862 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
10 D746,861 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
11 D746,855 Electronic device display with an animated graphical user interface
12 D746,844 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
13 D746,841 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
14 D746,833 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
15 D746,830 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
16 D746,829 Graphic user interface for a display screen or a portion thereof
17 D746,827 Display screen of portion thereof with graphical user interface
18 D746,825 Stand for television receiver
19 D746,822 Connector embedded in clothing
20 D746,803 Cover for mobile phone
21 D746,799 Stand for television
22 D746,786 Monitor
23 D746,772 Charger for an electronic device
24 9,232,680 Frame structure for preventing deformation, and electronic device including the same
25 9,232,633 Circuit board for display device and display device having the same
26 9,232,580 Voltage control circuit for dimmer and dimming method using the same
27 9,232,577 Power driver for light emitting diode illumination and control method thereof
28 9,232,572 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
29 9,232,571 Flexible display device
30 9,232,553 Method and apparatus for secure pairing in wireless communication
31 9,232,543 Method and system for communication in multi-user multiple-input-multiple-output wireless networks
32 9,232,533 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving scheduling assignments in a communication system
33 9,232,515 Apparatus and method for supporting transmission of sounding reference signals from multiple antennas
34 9,232,513 Method and apparatus for signaling power information in wireless communication system
35 9,232,502 Method and system for uplink multi-user multiple-input-multiple-output communication in wireless networks
36 9,232,497 Mobile communication system and paging message processing method thereof
37 9,232,486 Method and apparatus for transmitting synchronization signals in an OFDM based cellular communications system
38 9,232,474 Communication method of a terminal and an access point for multi-user transmission opportunity (TXOP) power saving
39 9,232,471 Method and apparatus for connecting portable terminal to WLAN
40 9,232,464 Mobile terminal apparatus for automatically generating/changing wireless local area network (WLAN) access information and method for controlling the same
41 9,232,449 Apparatus and method for setting neighbor in mobile communication system
42 9,232,444 Method and apparatus for performing handover between core network entities in a packet-switched network
43 9,232,440 Method and apparatus for controlling system overload in a wireless communication system
44 9,232,424 Management of storage of measurement data
45 9,232,414 Method and apparatus for feedback transmission in wireless communication system
46 9,232,392 Method and apparatus for setting profile
47 9,232,347 Apparatus and method for playing music
48 9,232,334 Apparatus and method for processing multi-channel audio signal using space information
49 9,232,229 Method and apparatus for coding video, and method and apparatus for decoding video accompanied by inter prediction using collocated image
50 9,232,221 Method, medium, and system compressing and/or reconstructing image information with low complexity
51 9,232,202 Visible light transmitter, visible light receiver, visible light communication system, and visible light communication method
52 9,232,193 Broadcast receiver, mobile device, service providing method, and broadcast receiver controlling method
53 9,232,169 Display apparatus and display method
54 9,232,163 Depth pixel of three-dimensional image sensor and three-dimensional image sensor including the same
55 9,232,161 Unit pixels configured to output different pixel signals through different lines and image sensors including the same
56 9,232,135 System and method for controlling temperature in mobile device
57 9,232,125 Method of eliminating a shutter-lag, camera module, and mobile device having the same
58 9,232,124 Changing an orientation of a display of a digital photographing apparatus according to a movement of the apparatus
59 9,232,035 Electronic device for preventing leakage of received sound
60 9,231,985 Source device, router and control method
61 9,231,835 Method and apparatus for quality of service control for a user equipment
62 9,231,807 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and control methods thereof
63 9,231,795 Communication apparatus and precoding method based on multiple cells and multiple users
64 9,231,780 Radio frequency switching circuit and electronic device
65 9,231,778 Method and apparatus for managing control ownership for application of remote user interface server
66 9,231,745 Method and apparatus for reporting channel status information in a wireless communication system
67 9,231,744 Method and apparatus for reporting channel status information in a wireless communication system
68 9,231,738 Communication method for relay node and next node of the relay node for network coding
69 9,231,735 Method and apparatus for stable signal demodulation in communication system
70 9,231,734 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in communication/broadcasting system
71 9,231,715 I/Q mismatch compensation method and apparatus
72 9,231,640 Protective device for mobile terminal
73 9,231,636 Display apparatus and method of controlling the same
74 9,231,629 Ultra low power super-regenerative receiver and method thereof
75 9,231,593 Apparatus for compensating for process variation of resistor in electronic circuit
76 9,231,547 Filter for removing noise and method of manufacturing the same
77 9,231,485 Power supply
78 9,231,440 Power supply apparatus and controlling method of the same
79 9,231,431 Integrated circuit for wireless charging and operating method thereof
80 9,231,428 Low-power wireless charging apparatus and method thereof
81 9,231,416 Apparatus and method for detecting failure of battery
82 9,231,407 Battery system, method of controlling the same, and energy storage system including the battery system
83 9,231,320 Connector and electronic device including the same
84 9,231,298 Antenna device of mobile communication terminal
85 9,231,293 Integrated antenna and sensor element apparatus for a portable wireless terminal
86 9,231,273 Positive electrode active material for lithium secondary battery, method of manufacturing the same, and lithium secondary battery including the material
87 9,231,254 Binder composition for electrode, electrode for secondary battery and secondary battery including the same
88 9,231,253 Binder for electrode of lithium battery, binder composition including the binder, and lithium battery containing the binder
89 9,231,241 Battery pack
90 9,231,240 Battery unit and battery module using the same
91 9,231,236 Battery pack
92 9,231,235 Battery pack
93 9,231,233 Battery control device
94 9,231,231 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
95 9,231,230 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
96 9,231,228 Anode containing metal oxide and organic light emitting device having the same
97 9,231,225 Organic light-emitting device
98 9,231,224 Organic light emitting diode display
99 9,231,222 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
100 9,231,221 Organic light emitting diode display including bent flexible substrate and method of forming the same
101 9,231,216 Carborane compound, organic light-emitting diode including the same and flat display device including organic light-emitting diode
102 9,231,167 Insulation structure for high temperature conditions and manufacturing method thereof
103 9,231,104 Semiconductor devices including bit line contact plug and peripheral transistor
104 9,231,093 High electron mobility transistor and method of manufacturing the same
105 9,231,057 Power switching device and method of manufacturing the same
106 9,231,040 Organic light emitting diode display
107 9,231,039 Organic light emitting diode display
108 9,231,033 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
109 9,231,030 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
110 9,231,000 Thin film transistor array substrate and organic light-emitting display apparatus including the same
111 9,230,955 Integrated circuit and wireless communication apparatus
112 9,230,925 Fuse structure and method of blowing the same
113 9,230,922 Precursor composition for deposition of silicon dioxide film and method for fabricating semiconductor device using the same
114 9,230,904 Methods of forming a stack of electrodes and three-dimensional semiconductor devices fabricated thereby
115 9,230,897 Semiconductor devices having through-substrate via plugs and semiconductor packages including the same
116 9,230,876 Stack type semiconductor package
117 9,230,869 Flexible organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
118 9,230,866 Fabricating method of customized mask and fabricating method of semiconductor device using customized mask
119 9,230,808 Method of fabricating semiconductor device using photo key
120 9,230,804 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
121 9,230,801 Graphene structure and method of fabricating the same
122 9,230,740 Multilayer ceramic electronic part to be embedded in board and printed circuit board having multilayer ceramic electronic part embedded therein
123 9,230,738 Multilayer ceramic electronic component including a lateral surface and internal electrodes having different distances from the lateral surface
124 9,230,737 Multilayer ceramic electronic component having a conductive paste
125 9,230,727 Thin film type common mode filter
126 9,230,724 Cooling system and superconducting magnet apparatus employing the same
127 9,230,669 Memory system and method of operation thereof
128 9,230,659 Nonvolatile memory device capable of reducing a setup/precharge speed of a bitline for reducing peak current and related programming method
129 9,230,642 Variable resistance memory device and a variable resistance memory system including the same
130 9,230,623 Magnetic memory devices and methods of operating the same
131 9,230,621 Semiconductor memory device with signal reshaping and method of operating the same
132 9,230,612 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
133 9,230,610 Semiconductor memory device for use in multi-chip package
134 9,230,559 Server and method of controlling the same
135 9,230,511 Display apparatus and driving method thereof
136 9,230,504 Display apparatus indicating control authority in content views and controlling methods thereof
137 9,230,488 Method of driving display device
138 9,230,480 Organic emitting display device and driving method thereof
139 9,230,476 Method and electronic device for reducing power consumption of display
140 9,230,474 Array testing method and device
141 9,230,469 Display device using plural gamma curves and driving method thereof
142 9,230,468 Display device
143 9,230,464 Method of driving shutter glasses and display system for performing the same
144 9,230,427 Apparatus for low power wireless communication
145 9,230,426 Universal remote controller and remote control method thereof
146 9,230,420 Method and system for implementing alarms for medical device through mobile device
147 9,230,386 Product providing apparatus, display apparatus, and method for providing GUI using the same
148 9,230,331 Systems and methods for registration of ultrasound and CT images
149 9,230,301 Method and apparatus for reconstructing an image
150 9,230,204 Image forming apparatus and method of reducing power consumption of communication module
151 9,230,151 Method, apparatus, and system for searching for image and image-related information using a fingerprint of a captured image
152 9,230,090 Storage device, and authentication method and authentication device of storage device
153 9,230,086 System and method for dynamically unlocking mobile device
154 9,230,079 Apparatus and method for configuring password and for releasing lock
155 9,230,059 Medical imaging apparatus and medical image management method
156 9,230,053 Rule generating apparatus and method using lithography simulation
157 9,230,020 Search method, apparatus, and system for providing preview information
158 9,229,937 Apparatus and method for managing digital contents distributed over network
159 9,229,844 System and method for monitoring web service
160 9,229,805 Memory system and wear-leveling method thereof based on erasures and error correction data
161 9,229,765 Guarantee real time processing of soft real-time operating system by instructing core to enter a waiting period prior to transferring a high priority task
162 9,229,751 Apparatus and method for managing virtual memory
163 9,229,741 Mobile terminal and application providing method for the same
164 9,229,736 Method and apparatus for controlling interrupt in portable terminal
165 9,229,651 Method and apparatus for managing memory in virtual machine environment
166 9,229,631 Apparatus and method for controlling a screen display in portable terminal
167 9,229,602 Electromagnetic resonance sensing apparatus using small number of channels
168 9,229,596 Touch screen panel having sensing cells and coupling patterns
169 9,229,570 Display device
170 9,229,566 Manufacturing method of flexible display device and manufacturing method of touch screen panel
171 9,229,565 Method of manufacturing display apparatus
172 9,229,563 Foldable touch screen panel
173 9,229,560 Flexible touch screen panel
174 9,229,556 Apparatus and method for sensing 3D object
175 9,229,555 Touch screen panel and method of manufacturing the same
176 9,229,488 Organic light emitting display devices and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display devices
177 9,229,424 Image forming apparatus
178 9,229,421 Image forming apparatus having a developing cartridge and including a connection terminal to contact the developing cartridge
179 9,229,414 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling motor
180 9,229,385 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
181 9,229,360 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus to control the supply of toner to the developer
182 9,229,354 Luminous flux limit device, optical scanning unit employing the same, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
183 9,229,327 Electron beam exposure apparatus and method of detecting error using the same
184 9,229,283 Display substrate including organic layer and method of manufacturing the same
185 9,229,279 Liquid crystal display device comprising a plurality of seal column organic layers buried in a seal
186 9,229,277 Display substrate, display panel having the same, method of manufacturing the same and method of manufacturing the display panel
187 9,229,275 Display panel and display apparatus including the same
188 9,229,274 Alignment substrate for aligning liquid crystal molecules, liquid crystal display panel having the same, and method of manufacturing the alignment substrate
189 9,229,267 Liquid crystal lens panel comprising a liquid crystal layer having a refractive index of 0.2 to 0.29 and a dielectric constant of 5.5 F/m to 10 F/m and display device having the same
190 9,229,265 Method of preparing monodisperse particle, monodisperse particle prepared by using the method, and tunable photonic crystal device using the monodisperse particle
191 9,229,262 Three-dimensional display apparatus
192 9,229,257 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
193 9,229,243 Two-dimensional/three-dimensional switchable display apparatus
194 9,229,226 Hybrid apparatus and methods for analyzing electromagnetic waves
195 9,229,189 Lens barrel and digital camera having the same
196 9,229,148 Light guide plate and display apparatus including the same
197 9,229,137 Wire grid polarizer comprising transparent particles, display device including the same, and method of fabricating the wire grid polarizer
198 9,229,075 Method of controlling an MRI system and an apparatus therefor
199 9,229,057 Pattern synthesis apparatus and semiconductor test system having the same
200 9,228,840 Apparatus and method for measuring position using GPS and visible light communication
201 9,228,763 Thermoelectric cooling packages and thermal management methods thereof
202 9,228,607 Linear motion guide
203 9,228,293 Clothing dryer
204 9,228,290 Water level sensing apparatus, water supply hose and washing machine having the same
205 9,228,286 Drum type washing machine
206 9,228,124 Electrochromic materials and electrochromic devices using the same
207 9,227,802 Scanner device and multifunction apparatus with supply path, discharge path, and re-supply path integrally formed together
208 9,227,319 Robot control system and method
209 9,227,203 Depositing apparatus and method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display using the same
210 9,227,155 Apparatus and method for purifying gas
211 9,226,905 Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating muscle wasting-related disease comprising diaminodiphenylsulfone or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof
212 9,226,708 Method and apparatus for controlling medical diagnostic system, and method of providing subject image
213 9,226,635 Robot cleaner and control method thereof