Samsung patents granted on 05 July 2011

131 US patents granted on 05 July 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D641,114 Handle for vacuum cleaner
2 D641,113 Handle for vacuum cleaner
3 D641,112 Handle for vacuum cleaner
4 D641,038 Printer
5 D641,018 Tablet computer
6 7,975,274 Optical disc loading apparatus of optical disc player capable of loading discs of different sizes
7 7,975,243 System and method for television control using hand gestures
8 7,975,207 Apparatus and method for recording data in information recording medium to which extra ECC is applied or reproducing data from the medium
9 7,975,181 Device for testing a function of a display port, and system and method for testing the same
10 7,975,178 Memory device and system with cyclic, ECC-corrected bootloading operation during voltage bring up
11 7,975,162 Apparatus for aligning input data in semiconductor memory device
12 7,975,141 Method of sharing bus key and apparatus therefor
13 7,975,106 Managing device configurations and documents workflow through a portable storage device
14 7,975,099 Data storage system including respective buffers for non-volatile memory and disc recording medium, and data access method thereof
15 7,975,075 Data communication system and method
16 7,975,069 Routing method in consideration of power and transmission delay in wireless ad hoc network and terminal device adopting the same
17 7,975,068 System and method for self configuration of reconfigurable systems
18 7,974,848 Method and apparatus for encoding audio data
19 7,974,840 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding MPEG-4 BSAC audio bitstream having ancillary information
20 7,974,839 Method, medium, and apparatus encoding scalable wideband audio signal
21 7,974,665 Dual-axis rotation folder-type mobile communication terminal and hinge device thereof
22 7,974,644 Apparatus and method for reducing call set-up time for time-sensitive applications in a wireless network
23 7,974,631 Method and system for resource allocation based on distributed scheduling in a wireless communication system including heterogeneous mobile stations
24 7,974,567 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
25 7,974,566 Image-forming apparatus having apparatus for preventing accumulation of waste toner in waste toner container and method thereof
26 7,974,558 Toner cartridge locking apparatus, image forming apparatus having the same, toner cartridge, and mounting and dismounting method for a toner cartridge
27 7,974,490 Apparatus and method to improve clarity of image
28 7,974,470 Method and apparatus for processing an image
29 7,974,409 Changing the order of public key cryptographic computations
30 7,974,375 Linear phase detector and clock/data recovery circuit thereof
31 7,974,349 Optimum perturbation apparatus and method in a multi-antenna multi-user communication system
32 7,974,313 System for intermediating A/V stream between data network and IEEE 1394 network and method thereof
33 7,974,263 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving time information in mobile communication system
34 7,974,250 Power saving apparatus and method in a wireless communication system
35 7,974,217 Method and apparatus for identifying network device corresponding to internet protocol address, and method and apparatus for allocating internet protocol address
36 7,974,198 Apparatus and method for guaranteeing QoS traffic rate in mobile communication system
37 7,974,175 Information storage medium, and recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing method
38 7,974,143 Memory system, a memory device, a memory controller and method thereof
39 7,974,139 Non-volatile memory generating different read voltages
40 7,974,128 Flash memory device capable of reduced programming time
41 7,974,125 Flash memory device and method of controlling flash memory device
42 7,974,118 Resistance variable memory device reducing word line voltage
43 7,974,116 Variable resistance memory device
44 7,974,115 One-time programmable devices including chalcogenide material and electronic systems including the same
45 7,974,103 LCD signal transfer members
46 7,974,072 Multilayer capacitor array
47 7,974,045 Apparatus and method for a piezoelectric micro-actuator for a hard disk drive
48 7,974,026 Lens moving device and installation unit
49 7,974,011 Dual prism sheet, backlight assembly having the same and method thereof
50 7,974,001 Display element and electronic paper
51 7,974,000 Optical shutter having charged particle and display apparatus using the same
52 7,973,993 Flat panel display and manufacturing method thereof
53 7,973,956 High speed printing method and apparatus
54 7,973,905 Liquid crystal displays using organic insulating material and manufacturing methods thereof
55 7,973,901 Liquid crystal display
56 7,973,899 Thin film transistor array panel with capacitive coupling between adjacent pixel areas
57 7,973,898 Array substrate, display panel having the same and a method thereof
58 7,973,892 Liquid crystal display device
59 7,973,886 Four color liquid crystal display and panel therefor
60 7,973,885 Display apparatus having a color layer interposed between substrates and having a plurality of microcapsules formed by encapsulating polarity particles
61 7,973,870 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
62 7,973,865 Thin film transistor display plate and liquid crystal display having the same
63 7,973,864 Liquid crystal display
64 7,973,855 Image shake correction apparatus and method
65 7,973,848 Method and apparatus for providing composition information in digital image processing device
66 7,973,816 Mobile image forming apparatus
67 7,973,785 Control board and display apparatus having the same
68 7,973,777 Display device and driving apparatus including a photo sensing circuit and a pressure sensing circuit and method thereof
69 7,973,754 Display substrate and display panel having the same
70 7,973,751 Display device using adapted double gamma curves
71 7,973,746 Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
72 7,973,743 Display panel, light emitting display device using the same, and driving method thereof
73 7,973,742 Method of driving field emission device (FED) and method of aging FED using the same
74 7,973,727 Mobile communication terminal
75 7,973,683 Apparatus and method for lossless coding and decoding
76 7,973,619 Electro-magnetic bandgap structure
77 7,973,618 Phase shifter, method of fabricating the same, and duplexer having the same
78 7,973,606 Fractional-N frequency synthesizer and method thereof
79 7,973,578 Time-to-digital converter and all-digital phase-locked loop
80 7,973,574 Flip-flop, frequency divider and RF circuit having the same
81 7,973,550 Semiconductor device test apparatus including interface unit and method of testing semiconductor device using the same
82 7,973,526 Reference voltage generator having improved setup voltage characteristics and method of controlling the same
83 7,973,520 Piezoelectric transformer type high-voltage power apparatus and image forming apparatus
84 7,973,492 Power supply for plasma display panel, plasma display device including the same, and associated methods
85 7,973,483 Light emitting pixel and apparatus for driving the same
86 7,973,474 Electroluminescent display including conductive film coupled to connector
87 7,973,468 Organic electroluminescence device and method for fabricating thereof
88 7,973,467 Organic light emitting device
89 7,973,461 Light emitting device and display device using the same
90 7,973,460 Composition for forming electron emitter, electron emitter formed using the composition, electron emission device having the emitter, and backlight unit having the emitter
91 7,973,400 Semiconductor package having improved heat spreading performance
92 7,973,391 Tapered dielectric and conductor structures and applications thereof
93 7,973,357 Non-volatile memory devices
94 7,973,355 Nonvolatile memory devices with multiple layers having band gap relationships among the layers
95 7,973,354 Semiconductor devices with sidewall conductive patterns and methods of fabricating the same
96 7,973,352 Capacitors having composite dielectric layers containing crystallization inhibiting regions
97 7,973,346 Image sensor with self-boosting transfer transistor gate and methods of operating and fabricating the same
98 7,973,343 Multibit electro-mechanical memory device having cantilever electrodes
99 7,973,328 Light emitting diode package
100 7,973,325 Reflective electrode and compound semiconductor light emitting device including the same
101 7,973,315 Thin film transistor, flat panel display device therewith, and method of manufacturing the thin film transistor
102 7,973,314 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
103 7,973,309 TEG pattern for detecting void in device isolation layer and method of forming the same
104 7,973,303 Nitride semiconductor device
105 7,973,248 Printed circuit board using paste bump and manufacturing method thereof
106 7,973,168 Metallic compound and organic electroluminescence device comprising the same
107 7,972,964 Semiconductor device with contact structure and manufacturing method thereof
108 7,972,958 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
109 7,972,955 Three dimensional semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
110 7,972,950 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having dual gate
111 7,972,941 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
112 7,972,930 Transistor and method of manufacturing the same
113 7,972,923 Non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
114 7,972,914 Semiconductor device with FinFET and method of fabricating the same
115 7,972,902 Method of manufacturing a wafer including providing electrical conductors isolated from circuitry
116 7,972,890 Methods of manufacturing image sensors
117 7,972,889 Methods of fabricating camera modules including aligning lenses on transparent substrates with image sensor chips
118 7,972,883 Method of manufacturing photoelectric device
119 7,972,874 Semiconductor process evaluation methods including variable ion implanting conditions
120 7,972,819 Method and apparatus for disrupting cells and amplifying nucleic acids using gold nanorods
121 7,972,724 Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising same
122 7,972,460 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
123 7,972,160 Adapter for electrical device
124 7,972,052 Backlight unit
125 7,972,015 Projection type image display apparatus
126 7,971,870 Medium feeding unit and image forming apparatus having the same
127 7,971,869 Printing media supply device for image forming apparatus
128 7,971,606 Fuel tank and cap device thereof
129 7,971,352 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
130 7,971,318 Hinge assembly and mobile terminal having the same
131 7,971,315 Suction brush for vacuum cleaner