Samsung patents granted on 05 June 2012

161 US patents granted on 05 June 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D661,440 Vacuum cleaner
2 D661,437 Dish washer
3 D661,334 Glasses for watching 3D image
4 D661,325 Shelf for refrigerator
5 D661,303 Monitor-attached computer
6 D661,302 Notebook computer
7 D661,301 Notebook computer
8 D661,300 Notebook computer
9 D661,299 Notebook computer
10 D661,298 Notebook computer
11 D661,295 Notebook computer
12 D661,294 Notebook computer
13 D661,279 Electronic device
14 8,196,208 Method and apparatus for creating and applying secure file identifier of rights object by using random numbers
15 8,196,170 Method of connecting to internet via broadcast receiving device and apparatus for the same
16 8,196,156 Optical disc reproducing apparatus having protruding and rotating disc drive
17 8,196,093 Apparatus and method for componentizing legacy system
18 8,196,003 Apparatus and method for network-coding
19 8,195,999 Apparatus and method for supporting hybrid automatic repeat request in wireless communication system
20 8,195,954 Smart cards including separate clocks for key processing and non-volatile memory interface communications and methods of operating the same
21 8,195,936 Method for transmitting and receiving data of a terminal in a communication system and communication terminal thereof
22 8,195,871 Method of handling I/O request and solid state drive using the same
23 8,195,824 User service profile-based plug-in update method and apparatus for internet protocol television service
24 8,195,658 Method of storing phone book data in mobile communication terminal and a mobile communication terminal implementing the same
25 8,195,650 Method and system for providing information using a supplementary device
26 8,195,572 DRM content player and play method for portable terminal
27 8,195,455 Apparatus and method for sound recognition in portable device
28 8,195,331 Method, medium, and apparatus for performing path planning of mobile robot
29 8,195,255 Sliding-type portable terminal
30 8,195,230 Hearing-aid-compatible mobile wireless device using magnetic coil of vibration motor
31 8,195,208 System and method for transmitting and receiving ranging information in sleep mode in a communication system
32 8,195,195 System and method for providing mobility event triggered service of target set and target set
33 8,195,178 Apparatus and method for adjusting offset in a wireless communication system
34 8,195,174 Apparatus and method for allocating frequency resource in a communication system
35 8,195,165 Apparatus and method for handover in mobile communication system
36 8,195,162 Apparatus and method for managing connection identification in a communication system
37 8,195,123 Call origination method for full-touch screen portable terminal
38 8,195,089 Apparatus and method for cooperative transmission in multi-antenna relay wireless communication system
39 8,195,061 Image forming apparatus and a control method thereof
40 8,195,054 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving an information symbol in a visible light communication system for color code modulation
41 8,195,036 Storage medium for storing text-based subtitle data including style information, and reproducing apparatus and method for reproducing text-based subtitle data including style information
42 8,194,989 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image using modification of residual block
43 8,194,883 Apparatus and method for designing sound compensation filter in portable terminal
44 8,194,867 Method for checking audio interface in AV system and apparatus using the same
45 8,194,804 Apparatus and method for automatic gain control of mobile station in OFDM system
46 8,194,802 Apparatus and method for detecting cyclic prefix length in mobile communication system
47 8,194,797 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system capable of improving receiving and equalizing performance and signal processing method thereof
48 8,194,794 Quadrature signal phase controller for controlling phase
49 8,194,781 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control channel message in a MIMO mobile communication system
50 8,194,773 Apparatus and method for transmitting feedback information in communication system
51 8,194,772 Constellation rotation relay system and constellation rotation relay method
52 8,194,753 Apparatus processing video stream
53 8,194,750 System and method for digital communication having a circulant bit interleaver for equal error protection (EEP) and unequal error protection (UEP)
54 8,194,749 Method and apparatus for image intraprediction encoding/decoding
55 8,194,748 Apparatus for scalable encoding/decoding of moving image and method thereof
56 8,194,733 Video encoding apparatus, video decoding apparatus, and method
57 8,194,729 Apparatus and method for matching compressed video data under wireless fading environment
58 8,194,705 Method for formatting digital broadcast transport stream packet for improved receiving performance, digital broadcast transmitter, and signal processing method thereof
59 8,194,695 Terminal and method for wireless sensor network for determining contention windows in contention-based channel access
60 8,194,677 System for setting an ad-hoc network for terminal and method of controlling the same
61 8,194,663 Method and apparatus for operating network application in communication devices in power save mode
62 8,194,658 Transmitting and receiving method and apparatus in real-time system
63 8,194,652 Serializer for generating serial clock based on independent clock source and method for serial data transmission
64 8,194,645 System for blind/attended transfer in session initiation protocol (SIP)-based network and method of controlling the transfer
65 8,194,635 Apparatus and method for uplink scheduling considering characteristic of power amplifier in mobile communication terminal
66 8,194,624 Resource allocating method among mobile-stations in distribution communication network
67 8,194,619 Terminal in wireless communication system and ranging method thereof
68 8,194,607 Handover control method and apparatus for efficiently buffering packets in wimax network
69 8,194,606 Method for scanning access points during station’s handoff procedure in wireless communication system and station performing the method, and network interface supporting the method and wireless communication system enabling the method
70 8,194,583 Method and system of radio frequency (RF) power transmission in a wireless network
71 8,194,578 System and method for transmitting/receiving multicast/broadcast signal in a communication system
72 8,194,540 Apparatus and method for managing quality of service of service flow in wireless communication system
73 8,194,522 Aspheric lens and optical pickup including the same
74 8,194,515 Information recording medium and recording and/or reproducing apparatus and method
75 8,194,492 Variable resistance memory device and system
76 8,194,486 Semiconductor memory devices having bit lines
77 8,194,485 Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling sense amplifier of semiconductor memory device
78 8,194,484 Circuit precharging DRAM bit line
79 8,194,463 Flash memory device and programming method thereof
80 8,194,455 Methods for programming nonvolatile memory devices
81 8,194,449 Memory device and operating method
82 8,194,447 Non-volatile memory device using variable resistance element with an improved write performance
83 8,194,442 Apparatus and systems using phase change memories
84 8,194,439 Magnetic random access memories and methods of operating the same
85 8,194,430 Information storage devices using movement of magnetic domain wall and methods of manufacturing the information storage device
86 8,194,419 Switching mode power supply for reducing standby power
87 8,194,416 Multilayer printed circuit board having electromagnetic wave reduction member
88 8,194,390 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and fabricating method thereof
89 8,194,389 Multilayer chip capacitor including two terminals
90 8,194,303 Optical image modulator, optical apparatus including the same, and methods of manufacturing and operating the optical image modulator
91 8,194,287 Apparatus and method to revise halftoned image and image forming apparatus using the same
92 8,194,286 Image forming apparatus and image forming method capable of revising gray image
93 8,194,284 Image forming apparatus and method of control based on color chrominance data
94 8,194,278 Image forming apparatus to select alternate image information and control method thereof
95 8,194,269 Image forming method and system using XHTML-print data
96 8,194,268 Method of and apparatus for broadcast printing via a network
97 8,194,265 Method of authenticating content provided to image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus to perform the method
98 8,194,264 Method and apparatus for printing using synchronization signal
99 8,194,226 Device for cooling LCD panel and heat treatment apparatus having the same
100 8,194,223 Display panel, display apparatus having the same, and method thereof
101 8,194,216 Display substrate and liquid crystal display device having the same
102 8,194,214 Liquid crystal display device
103 8,194,207 Backlight assembly, liquid crystal display having the same, and manufacturing method thereof
104 8,194,201 Display panel and liquid crystal display including the same
105 8,194,199 Liquid crystal display device having a ratio of liquid crystal capacitances equal to a ratio of parasitic capacitances
106 8,194,187 Digital broadcasting apparatus and method for providing service thereof
107 8,194,177 Digital image processing apparatus and method to photograph an image with subject eyes open
108 8,194,171 Apparatus for optically combining visible images with far-infrared images
109 8,194,145 Method for resizing image in wireless terminal and wireless terminal adapted for resizing
110 8,194,092 Device and method of processing image for power consumption reduction
111 8,194,084 Display apparatus and image display method
112 8,194,058 Method of driving liquid crystal polarization switch
113 8,194,057 Display apparatus
114 8,194,053 Touch panel including nanowire
115 8,194,029 Display device and method of controlling the same
116 8,194,026 Gate driver and display apparatus having the same
117 8,194,025 Liquid crystal display
118 8,194,024 Apparatus and method for distinguishing panel of display device
119 8,194,014 Organic light emitting display device
120 8,194,013 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
121 8,194,012 Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
122 8,194,010 Organic light emitting display device and method of driving the same
123 8,194,003 Plasma display device with line load compensation and driving method thereof
124 8,193,840 System timer and a mobile system including the same
125 8,193,709 Plasma display panel
126 8,193,708 Plasma display device
127 8,193,703 Organic light emitting diode display that directs reflected light to improve visibility
128 8,193,700 Organic light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
129 8,193,696 Oxynitride phosphor, method of preparing oxynitride phosphor, and white light emitting device including the oxynitride phosphor
130 8,193,695 Organic light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
131 8,193,637 Semiconductor package and multi-chip package using the same
132 8,193,626 Semiconductor package including multiple chips and separate groups of leads
133 8,193,619 Lead frame and semiconductor package having the same
134 8,193,600 Shared-pixel-type image sensor and method of fabricating the same
135 8,193,569 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having ion conductive layer and methods of fabricating and operating the same
136 8,193,535 Thin film transistor, including compound semiconductor oxide, method of manufacturing the same and flat panel display device having the same
137 8,193,527 Organic thin film transistor and flat panel display device including the same
138 8,193,497 Near-infrared photodetectors, image sensors employing the same, and methods of manufacturing the same
139 8,193,478 Light sensor test unit, method of testing light sensor using the same and display apparatus
140 8,193,047 Semiconductor device having sufficient process margin and method of forming same
141 8,193,030 Methods of fabricating non-volatile memory devices having carbon nanotube layer and passivation layer
142 8,193,029 Methods of manufacturing phase-change random access memory devices with phase-change nanowire formation using single element
143 8,193,017 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
144 8,193,011 Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same
145 8,192,892 Phosphorous containing benzoxazine-based monomer, polymer thereof, electrode for fuel cell including the same, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including the same, and fuel cell employing the same
146 8,192,891 Monopolar type membrane electrode assembly having sensing element
147 8,192,873 Lithium ion secondary battery
148 8,192,861 Battery cover fixing means for portable terminal
149 8,192,855 Protective circuit module and secondary battery having the same
150 8,192,849 Organic light emitting display device
151 8,192,640 Method of manufacturing ink-jet head
152 8,192,595 Transition metal/carbon nanotube composite and method of preparing the same
153 8,192,592 Methods of forming a phase-change material layer including tellurium and methods of manufacturing a phase-change memory device using the same
154 8,192,557 Dish washing machine with basket height adjusting apparatus
155 8,192,546 Deposition apparatus
156 8,192,240 Contra-rotating propeller supported on rudder horn of ship
157 8,192,188 Apparatus of encapsulating display panel and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device using the same
158 8,191,980 Processing image data
159 8,191,715 Centrifugal force-based microfluidic device and microfluidic system including the same
160 8,191,249 Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
161 8,191,203 Dust receptacle and vacuum cleaner having the same