Samsung patents granted on 05 November 2013

134 US patents granted on 05 November 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE44,574 Liquid crystal display device
2 D693,073 Vacuum cleaner
3 D693,072 Vacuum cleaner
4 D692,945 Toner cartridge for a printer
5 D692,944 Toner cartridge for a printer
6 D692,901 Stand for monitor
7 D692,884 External optical disc drive
8 D692,871 Input key for mobile communication terminal
9 D692,844 Television receiver
10 8,578,503 Portable storage device and method of managing resource of the portable storage device
11 8,578,429 Device and method for outputting data of a wireless terminal to an external device
12 8,578,424 Digital broadcasting system and method for transmitting and receiving electronic service guide data in digital broadcasting system
13 8,578,270 Clock operation method and module for mobile terminal
14 8,578,238 ASIP architecture for executing at least two decoding methods
15 8,578,227 Delay test device and system-on-chip having the same
16 8,578,195 Image forming apparatus, system on chip unit and driving method thereof
17 8,578,186 Device and method for controlling supply voltage/frequency using information of process variation
18 8,578,179 Safe command execution and error recovery for storage devices
19 8,578,154 Tag generation method in broadcast encryption system
20 8,577,677 Sound source separation method and system using beamforming technique
21 8,577,589 Method and apparatus for providing location information-based scheduling service of portable terminal
22 8,577,419 Method for displaying background screen in mobile terminal
23 8,577,414 Method and apparatus for creating security context and managing communication in mobile communication network
24 8,577,375 Handover method and apparatus for multi-mode mobile station
25 8,577,308 Beamformer and beamforming method
26 8,577,303 Apparatus and method for transmitting channel sounding signal in wireless communication system
27 8,577,276 Structure to guide print medium and image forming apparatus employing the same
28 8,577,265 Developing device usable with image forming apparatus and developer delivery device thereof including a plurality of rotatable delivery members
29 8,577,231 Image forming apparatus and toner sensor status sensing method thereof
30 8,577,185 Apparatus and method for interpolating and rendering image on mobile devices
31 8,577,174 Image processing apparatus and method
32 8,577,165 Method and apparatus for bandwidth-reduced image encoding and decoding
33 8,577,100 Remote input method using fingerprint recognition sensor
34 8,577,089 Apparatus and method for depth unfolding based on multiple depth images
35 8,577,078 Method of adjusting brightness of illumination device and bio disk drive using the method
36 8,577,058 Display device and driving method thereof
37 8,577,055 Sound source signal filtering apparatus based on calculated distance between microphone and sound source
38 8,576,937 Precoding apparatus and method in a wireless communication system using multiple input multiple output
39 8,576,917 Image processing method to reduce compression noise and apparatus using the same
40 8,576,911 Method and apparatus for motion estimation
41 8,576,802 Method and apparatus for improving unbalance of service of cell edge in wireless local area network
42 8,576,798 Data communication apparatus and data communication method thereof
43 8,576,797 Apparatus and method for handover optimization in broadband wireless communication system
44 8,576,783 Apparatus and method for uplink scheduling in a communication system
45 8,576,776 Apparatus and method for overhead reduction of feedback in closed loop MIMO system
46 8,576,726 Communication and method
47 8,576,684 Compatible optical pickup and optical information storage medium apparatus using the same
48 8,576,683 Disk decision method and optical disk drive using the disk decision method
49 8,576,682 Method and apparatus for preventing data reproducibility
50 8,576,676 Flexible cable for optical pickup and optical disc drive including the same
51 8,576,654 Non-volatile memory device having phase-change material and method for fabricating the same
52 8,576,650 Method for semiconductor memory interface device with noise cancellation circuitry having phase and gain adjustments
53 8,576,644 Memory devices having controllers that divide command signals into two signals and systems including such memory devices
54 8,576,638 Non-volatile memory device and non-volatile memory system having the same
55 8,576,637 Memory module including memory buffer and memory system having the same
56 8,576,629 Operating method of nonvolatile memory device
57 8,576,626 Flash memory system capable of operating in a random access mode
58 8,576,622 Non-volatile memory device and read method thereof
59 8,576,613 SRAM devices and methods of manufacturing the same
60 8,576,576 Display apparatus and driving chip mounting film in the display apparatus
61 8,576,490 Changeable liquid lens array and method of manufacturing the same
62 8,576,477 Organic light-emitting display device
63 8,576,473 Smart window
64 8,576,469 Light screening apparatus including roll-up actuators
65 8,576,453 Method of printing document based on black optimization printing option and image forming apparatus and host device to perform the same
66 8,576,368 Driving circuit for a liquid crystal display device, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
67 8,576,359 Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
68 8,576,358 Display device having polarizing layer and manufacturing method of the same
69 8,576,353 Liquid crystal display
70 8,576,346 Thin film transistor array substrate for liquid crystal display
71 8,576,320 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
72 8,576,318 Image sensors and methods of fabricating the same
73 8,576,296 Image interpolation method using Bayer pattern conversion, apparatus for the same, and recording medium recording the method
74 8,576,277 3-D display device and display method thereof
75 8,576,254 Electronic picture frame and image display method thereof
76 8,576,244 Video signal generation apparatus and method minimizing crosstalk between luminance signal and color difference signal
77 8,576,240 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
78 8,576,210 Display apparatus
79 8,576,196 Touch screen and method of manufacturing the same
80 8,576,160 Display apparatus and method for driving display applying the same
81 8,576,146 Display device and driving method thereof
82 8,576,107 Data transmission apparatus and method thereof and data reception apparatus and method thereof
83 8,576,040 Multilayer type power inductor
84 8,576,010 Apparatus and method for a switched capacitor architecture for multi-band doherty power amplifiers
85 8,576,001 Offset compensation apparatus for magnetic detection circuit and method thereof
86 8,575,992 Switch
87 8,575,991 Switching circuit sharing a resistor for switching devices
88 8,575,976 Frequency divider systems and methods thereof
89 8,575,833 Organic light-emitting display apparatus including improved power supply lines
90 8,575,794 Linear vibration motor having a buffer member
91 8,575,780 Power storage apparatus, method of operating the same, and power storage system
92 8,575,777 Battery management system and driving method thereof
93 8,575,760 Semiconductor devices having electrodes
94 8,575,756 Power package module with low and high power chips and method for fabricating the same
95 8,575,753 Semiconductor device having a conductive structure including oxide and non oxide portions
96 8,575,746 Chip on flexible printed circuit type semiconductor package
97 8,575,735 Semiconductor chip and film and TAB package comprising the chip and film
98 8,575,705 Semiconductor devices including MOS transistors having an optimized channel region and methods of fabricating the same
99 8,575,682 Three dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods of forming the same
100 8,575,680 Semiconductor device having air gap and method of fabricating the same
101 8,575,672 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory devices
102 8,575,667 Magnetic memory devices with thin conductive bridges
103 8,575,665 Graphene electronic device and method of fabricating the same
104 8,575,649 Donor substrate and method of fabricating organic light emitting diode using the same
105 8,575,628 Organic light emitting display
106 8,575,617 Thin film transistor array having improved connectivity between shorting bar and data lines
107 8,575,609 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
108 8,575,607 Flat panel display device and method of manufacturing the same
109 8,575,606 Back panel for flat panel display apparatus, flat panel display apparatus comprising the same, and method of manufacturing the back panel
110 8,575,605 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
111 8,575,601 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
112 8,575,600 Organic light emitting diode display
113 8,575,598 Organic light emitting diode display
114 8,575,593 Semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
115 8,575,574 Ion implanting system
116 8,575,234 Ink composition, and method of forming pattern, color filter and method of preparing color filter using the same
117 8,575,031 Method of forming a fine pattern, display substrate, and method of manufacturing the same using the method of forming a fine pattern
118 8,574,975 Semiconductor devices having e-fuse structures and methods of fabricating the same
119 8,574,971 Method of manufacturing a thin-film transistor and method of manufacturing a display substrate using the same
120 8,574,792 Photomask including super lens and manufacturing method thereof
121 8,574,785 Membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell with binder layer having inorganic additive and fuel cell system using the same
122 8,574,783 Fuel cell stack including buffer protrusion system in connection channel
123 8,574,779 Mixed reactant fuel cell system
124 8,574,771 Rechargeable lithium battery
125 8,574,764 Negative active material including silicon active particles surrounded by copper, aluminum and tin metal matrix and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
126 8,574,752 Electrode assembly and rechargeable battery using the same
127 8,574,751 Secondary battery with protective circuit board and secondary protective element
128 8,574,749 Lithium secondary battery
129 8,574,730 Magnetic tracks, information storage devices using magnetic domain wall movement, and methods of manufacturing the same
130 8,574,662 Substrate section for flexible display device, method of manufacturing substrate section, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device including substrate
131 8,574,444 Fabricating method for multilayer printed circuit board
132 8,574,389 Method of manufacturing thin film device
133 8,574,367 Evaporation source
134 8,573,812 Illuminating device