Samsung patents granted on 05 October 2010

109 US patents granted on 05 October 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D624,958 Development device for printer
2 D624,957 Copy machine
3 D624,956 Copy machine
4 7,810,162 Method and apparatus for playing back content based on digital rights management between portable storage and device, and portable storage for the same
5 7,810,120 Method and apparatus for managing a list of recorded broadcasting programs
6 7,810,113 Security device and head end in conditional access system and method for controlling illegal use in the system
7 7,810,088 Apparatus and method for performing a fail-safe over-the-air software update in a mobile station
8 7,810,014 Apparatus and method for stopping iterative decoding in a mobile communication system
9 7,810,009 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving packet data using HARQ in a mobile communication system
10 7,810,003 Method of generating test clock signal and test clock signal generator for testing semiconductor devices
11 7,809,878 Apparatus and method for controlling flash memory
12 7,809,784 Apparatus and method for calculation of divisions and square roots
13 7,809,779 Method of creating symbolic link capable of being compatible with file system, and method and apparatus for accessing file or directory by using symbolic link
14 7,809,684 Electronic device having file restore function and method thereof
15 7,809,555 Speech signal classification system and method
16 7,809,554 Apparatus, method and medium for detecting voiced sound and unvoiced sound
17 7,809,505 Geomagnetic sensor and azimuth calculation method thereof
18 7,809,397 Increasing OFDM transmit power via reduction in pilot tone
19 7,809,330 System and method for reselecting antennas in a cellular mobile communication system using multiple antennas
20 7,809,327 Apparatus and method for controlling power in cellular system using wired relay stations
21 7,809,312 Toner agitator, toner supplying apparatus including the same, and method of supplying toner
22 7,809,302 Charging device and image forming apparatus using the same
23 7,809,237 Lens for reforming light-emitting diode radiation
24 7,809,220 Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
25 7,809,214 Device and a method for identifying movement patterns
26 7,809,204 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key value data of coordinate interpolator
27 7,809,203 Apparatus for encoding and decoding key data and key value data of coordinate interpolator and recording medium containing bitstream into which coordinate interpolator is encoded
28 7,809,072 Transmitter and receiver for use in a relay network, and system and method for performing transmission and reception using the same
29 7,808,990 Method and system for data filtering for data packets
30 7,808,954 Method and system for controlling data rate in a communication system
31 7,808,928 Testing user terminal status
32 7,808,909 Method and a system for matching between network nodes
33 7,808,900 Method, apparatus, and medium for providing multimedia service considering terminal capability
34 7,808,862 Optical disc device and recording method
35 7,808,858 Method and circuit for driving word line of memory cell
36 7,808,852 Semiconductor memory device and layout method thereof
37 7,808,838 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of controlling the wordline voltage of the same
38 7,808,820 Parallel programming of multiple-bit-per-cell memory cells by controlling program pulsewidth and programming voltage
39 7,808,817 Nonvolatile memory device using resistive elements and an associated driving method
40 7,808,815 Variable resistance memory device and method of manufacturing the same
41 7,808,811 Resistance semiconductor memory device having three-dimensional stack and word line decoding method thereof
42 7,808,804 Power line layout
43 7,808,754 Hybrid protection circuit for electrostatic discharge and electrical over-stress
44 7,808,745 Hard disk drive having crash stopper and method of assembling the same
45 7,808,696 Electrophoretic display device and fabrication thereof
46 7,808,680 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
47 7,808,629 Methods, assemblies and systems for inspecting a photomask
48 7,808,588 Display substrate comprising reflective patterns having a lens shape, method of manufacturing the same, and display apparatus having the same
49 7,808,584 Polarizer, method of fabricating the same and liquid crystal display having the same
50 7,808,582 Illuminating apparatus wherein the plurality of polarization separating layers are disposed only to face the plurality of reflective patterns of the polarization light guide plate unit
51 7,808,580 Reflector member, backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
52 7,808,560 Video processing apparatus and data processing method
53 7,808,558 Adaptive color transient improvement
54 7,808,553 Apparatus and method for converting interlaced image into progressive image
55 7,808,531 Method and apparatus for auto white controlling
56 7,808,526 Methods and systems for example-based TV color calibration
57 7,808,515 Method of driving plasma display panel (PDP) and PDP driven using the method
58 7,808,494 Display device and driving method thereof
59 7,808,478 Autonomous handheld device having a drawing tool
60 7,808,471 Scan driving circuit and organic light emitting display using the same
61 7,808,468 Source driver for controlling a slew rate and a method for controlling the slew rate
62 7,808,463 Data driver and organic light emitting display having the same
63 7,808,458 Light emitting display and driving method thereof
64 7,808,410 Current control circuit
65 7,808,409 Multi-bit data converter using data weight averaging
66 7,808,366 Refrigerator and method of controlling the same
67 7,808,321 Amplifier circuit
68 7,808,318 Data amplifying circuit controllable with swing level according to operation mode and output driver including the same
69 7,808,267 Module and method for detecting defect of thin film transistor substrate
70 7,808,190 Display apparatus and power supplying apparatus for lamp unit thereof
71 7,808,179 Plasma display panel
72 7,808,177 Display device and method of manufacturing
73 7,808,173 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
74 7,808,108 Thin film conductor and method of fabrication
75 7,808,044 Thin film transistor substrate and method of making the same
76 7,808,043 Semiconductor device and methods of fabricating the same including forming spacers and etch stop layers with stress properties
77 7,808,036 Memory device and method of fabricating the same
78 7,808,025 Electric field read/write head, method of manufacturing the same, and information storage device comprising the electric field read/write head
79 7,807,999 Array substrate, liquid crystal display apparatus having the same and method for driving liquid crystal display apparatus
80 7,807,989 Phase-change memory using single element semimetallic layer
81 7,807,960 Imager module packaging having top and bottom glass layers
82 7,807,913 Motion-based sound setting apparatus and method and motion-based sound generating apparatus and method
83 7,807,584 Method of forming metallic oxide films using atomic layer deposition
84 7,807,571 Semiconductor device and methods of forming the same
85 7,807,569 Method of manufacturing a contact structure for a semiconductor device
86 7,807,543 Methods of manufacturing trench isolation structures using selective plasma ion immersion implantation and deposition (PIIID)
87 7,807,542 Semiconductor device having storage node electrode with protection film thereon and method of fabricating the same
88 7,807,521 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
89 7,807,517 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a single gate electrode corresponding to a pair of fin-type channel regions
90 7,807,512 Semiconductor packages and methods of fabricating the same
91 7,807,507 Backgrinding-underfill film, method of forming the same, semiconductor package using the backgrinding-underfill film, and method of forming the semiconductor package
92 7,807,497 Phase-change material layers, methods of forming the same, phase-change memory devices having the same, and methods of forming phase-change memory devices
93 7,807,360 Method and apparatus for concentrating and amplifying nucleic acid in single micro chamber
94 7,807,337 Inductor for a system-on-a-chip and a method for manufacturing the same
95 7,807,318 Reflective photomask and method of fabricating the same
96 7,807,310 End plate for fuel cell stack and air breathing fuel cell stack using the same
97 7,807,291 Secondary battery with enhanced connection of protection circuit unit to cap plate
98 7,807,237 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display using the same
99 7,807,215 Method of manufacturing copper-clad laminate for VOP application
100 7,807,087 Imprinting apparatus and method for forming residual film on a substrate
101 7,807,072 Inkjet printable electrode composition, electrode including the same, and secondary battery including the electrode
102 7,807,017 Etching apparatus for substrates
103 7,807,009 Hermetic sealing apparatus and hermetic sealing method using frit
104 7,806,950 Dust separating apparatus of vacuum cleaner
105 7,806,742 Optically treated organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
106 7,806,710 Lamp holding unit
107 7,806,709 Lamp socket and display device having the same
108 7,806,544 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
109 7,805,965 Apparatus to reinforce a drum washing machine