Samsung patents granted on 06 August 2013

164 US patents granted on 06 August 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D687,576 LED lamp
2 D687,466 Display screen portion with icon
3 D687,465 Display screen portion with icon
4 D687,464 Display screen portion with icon
5 D687,463 Display screen portion with icon
6 D687,444 Display screen portion with icon
7 D687,430 Notebook computer
8 D687,407 Mobile communication terminal
9 D687,403 Mobile terminal
10 D687,402 Mobile terminal
11 D687,401 Mobile terminal
12 D687,400 Mobile phone
13 8,505,043 Method and apparatus for providing metadata of content, and method and apparatus for limiting content usage authority
14 8,504,924 Method and system for providing social network service interlocking with phone book of portable terminal
15 8,504,846 Method and apparatus for secure storing of private data on user devices in telecommunications networks
16 8,504,799 ROM data patch circuit, embedded system including the same and method of patching ROM data
17 8,504,761 Method of handling I/O request and solid state drive using the same
18 8,504,760 Method and apparatus for managing erase count of memory device
19 8,504,700 Method, apparatus, and system for negotiating a session between an access terminal and an access network in a high rate packet data system
20 8,504,637 Audio/video device, apparatus and method for controlling audio/video device
21 8,504,095 Method and apparatus for system acquisition in a mobile communication terminal
22 8,504,092 Method of controlling uplink power based on cell interference in an orthogonal frequency multiplex division access system
23 8,504,086 Method and apparatus for allocating physical cell identifier in wireless communication system
24 8,504,057 Location tracking method in coordinator-based wireless network
25 8,504,053 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in a communication system
26 8,504,050 Communication system and method of performing multi-cell common operation
27 8,504,027 Data-communication system scanning method and apparatus of a dual mode mobile device
28 8,504,025 Apparatus and method for transmitting an uplink pilot using a scanning interval in a mobile communication system
29 8,503,987 Method and apparatus for multipoint call service in mobile terminal
30 8,503,968 Method and system for power saving in wireless communications
31 8,503,935 Terminal and method for controlling function using short-distance communication
32 8,503,907 Image forming apparatus, method of handling the image forming apparatus, and method of packaging the image forming apparatus
33 8,503,897 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus with improved image transfer
34 8,503,874 Apparatus for imaging three-dimensional image
35 8,503,872 Digital imaging method and apparatus
36 8,503,860 Method of guiding current reproduction point during integrated reproduction and video device adopting the same
37 8,503,830 Digital image processing apparatus and method of arranging digital image files used by the same
38 8,503,827 Apparatus and method for decoding image data
39 8,503,820 Method and apparatus for removing image noise
40 8,503,805 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image adaptive to buffer status
41 8,503,803 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image by partitioning image
42 8,503,788 Input-handwriting automatic transformation system and method
43 8,503,780 Apparatus for detecting text recognition region and method of recognizing text
44 8,503,771 Method and apparatus for estimating light source
45 8,503,672 Method and apparatus for protecting content consumer’s privacy
46 8,503,560 System and method for performing precoding in a wireless communication system
47 8,503,532 Method and apparatus for inter prediction encoding/decoding an image using sub-pixel motion estimation
48 8,503,473 Wireless network system and method of transmitting and receiving data over the wireless network system
49 8,503,454 Apparatus and method for setting up quality of service in a wireless communication system
50 8,503,422 Method and apparatus for transmitting paging control information in a wireless communication system
51 8,503,395 Apparatus and method for transmitting load indicator in a broadband wireless communication system
52 8,503,385 Method of transmitting scheduling request in mobile communication system and terminal apparatus for the same
53 8,503,379 Apparatus and method for precoding by midamble in multiple input multiple output wireless communication system
54 8,503,365 Apparatus and method for detecting cell in wireless communication system
55 8,503,352 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving reference signal for positioning in wireless communication system
56 8,503,346 Wireless network using network coding scheme based on overhearing channel
57 8,503,335 Method and apparatus for transmitting broadcast data, and method and apparatus for receiving broadcast data
58 8,503,272 Recording/reproducing apparatus having an optical pickup device to read from and record information to disks of different thicknesses
59 8,503,243 Flash memory device and reading method thereof
60 8,503,236 Nonvolatile memory device, methods of programming the nonvolatile memory device and memory system including the nonvolatile memory device
61 8,503,231 Multi-level cell flash memory device and read method
62 8,503,230 Access method of non-volatile memory device
63 8,503,220 Semiconductor device and method of sensing data of the semiconductor device
64 8,503,218 Nonvolatile memory device using resistance material and memory system including the nonvolatile memory device
65 8,503,123 Optical filter and flat display panel comprising the same
66 8,503,117 Apparatus for driving lens
67 8,503,116 Lens transferring device
68 8,503,106 Camera module and lens driving device
69 8,503,100 Compact zoom lens
70 8,503,091 Lens system and photographing apparatus having the same
71 8,503,085 Head-mounted display
72 8,503,051 Generating a preview image by providing a color matching function and a color editing function for different objects contained in a document to be printed
73 8,503,041 Scanner capable of detecting the orientation of arranged document and image reading apparatus including the same
74 8,503,034 Image forming apparatus including halftone table having different dot regions and method of controlling the same
75 8,503,029 Print control terminal, image forming apparatus, print control method, and image forming method
76 8,503,012 Host apparatus connected to image forming apparatus and web page printing method thereof
77 8,502,997 Printing control apparatus and printing control method
78 8,502,995 Printing method to load filter dynamically and recordable medium with program to execute the printing method and host apparatus
79 8,502,994 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling printing job
80 8,502,983 Apparatus and method for detecting surface plasmon resonance
81 8,502,949 Display panel and display apparatus having the same
82 8,502,942 Display apparatus providing side view luminance enhancement
83 8,502,934 Light source unit, backlight unit and liquid crystal display having the same
84 8,502,933 Backlight unit having fixed and removable metal core printed circuit board and liquid crystal display module having the same
85 8,502,931 Liquid crystal display with an increased aperture ratio
86 8,502,923 Method for switching a channel of an image display device and apparatus therefor
87 8,502,918 Method and apparatus for interdependently controlling audio/video signals
88 8,502,904 Digital photographic apparatus and method for controlling the same that provide vision correction
89 8,502,895 Variable exposure for color image sensor
90 8,502,891 Method and apparatus for realizing dynamic image effect
91 8,502,845 Method for changing resolution and display apparatus and system using the same
92 8,502,840 Apparatus for driving a display panel with compensation for heat caused by proximity to light source, and method thereof
93 8,502,813 Semiconductor device including level shifter, display device including the semiconductor device and method of operating the semiconductor device
94 8,502,812 Liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof, and mobile terminal having the same, for preventing white or black effect
95 8,502,809 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
96 8,502,793 Touch screen display device and method of manufacturing the same
97 8,502,791 Methods of processing data in touch screen display device and methods of displaying image using the same
98 8,502,769 Universal input device
99 8,502,767 Display apparatus and control method thereof
100 8,502,765 Liquid crystal display
101 8,502,753 Organic light emitting diode display
102 8,502,745 Antenna apparatus
103 8,502,633 Planar transformer and method of manufacturing the same
104 8,502,608 Tunable power amplifier using laminate MEMS capacitors
105 8,502,606 Power amplifying apparatus with dual-current control mode
106 8,502,604 Layout method for differential amplifier and layout using the same
107 8,502,553 Semiconductor package test apparatus
108 8,502,476 Method and apparatus for controlling power consumption of light source in mobile projector
109 8,502,448 Display apparatus comprising a composite member of a resin matrix and carbon fibers
110 8,502,446 Organic light emitting diode display
111 8,502,444 Organic light emitting diode display including color filters and disparity barrier pattern
112 8,502,443 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
113 8,502,429 Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and motor having the same
114 8,502,374 Power module package and method for manufacturing the same
115 8,502,341 Trench-type capacitor, semiconductor device having the same, and semiconductor module having the semiconductor device
116 8,502,286 Etch stop layers and methods of forming the same
117 8,502,275 Thin film transistor array panel for a liquid crystal display
118 8,502,266 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
119 8,502,243 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the display substrate, and display device having the display substrate
120 8,502,242 Light emitting device, light emitting system having the same, and fabricating method of the light emitting device and the light emitting system
121 8,502,240 Light-emitting device package and method of manufacturing the same
122 8,502,230 Organic light-emitting display
123 8,502,214 Organic light emitting diode display
124 8,502,211 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
125 8,502,206 Organic light emitting diode display device with different configurations of switching and driving transistors
126 8,502,205 Organic light emitting diode device and method of manufacturing the same
127 8,502,184 Nonvolatile memory device using variable resistive element
128 8,502,123 Apparatus and method to protect half or full bridge circuit including first switching unit and second switching unit in image forming apparatus performing induction heating
129 8,502,085 Multi-layer substrate with a via hole and electronic device having the same
130 8,502,084 Semiconductor package including power ball matrix and power ring having improved power integrity
131 8,501,917 Anti c-Met antibody and uses thereof
132 8,501,623 Method of forming a semiconductor device having a metal silicide and alloy layers as electrode
133 8,501,617 Semiconductor devices including a topmost metal layer with at least one opening and their methods of fabrication
134 8,501,611 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having electrically conductive layers therein with partially nitridated sidewalls
135 8,501,606 Methods of forming wiring structures
136 8,501,595 Thin film containing nanocrystal particles and method for preparing the same
137 8,501,557 Method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor device
138 8,501,556 Thin film transistor formed on flexible substrate and method of manufacturing the same
139 8,501,551 Thin film transistor array substrate and method of fabricating the same
140 8,501,550 Method of fabricating gate and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
141 8,501,532 Method of fabricating organic light emitting diode display
142 8,501,529 Carbon nanotube having improved conductivity, process of preparing the same, and electrode comprising the carbon nanotube
143 8,501,512 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
144 8,501,457 Enrichment of Listeria spp
145 8,501,378 Electrophotographic toner and method of preparing the same
146 8,501,370 Binder for electrode of fuel cell, electrode for fuel cell including the binder, method of manufacturing the electrode, and fuel cell using the electrode
147 8,501,347 Bus bar holder
148 8,501,346 Rechargeable battery
149 8,501,342 Rechargeable battery with an antenna assembly
150 8,501,341 Rechargeable battery
151 8,501,340 Battery module having a bus bar
152 8,501,334 Rechargeable battery and method of injecting electrolyte thereinto
153 8,501,042 Phosphor, white light emitting device including the phosphor and method of preparing the phosphor
154 8,500,906 Device for jetting gas and solar cell manufacturing method using the same
155 8,500,649 Blood pressure measuring apparatus and method for measuring blood vessel elasticity
156 8,500,506 Sealing apparatus and method of manufacturing flat display device using the same
157 8,500,306 Slim type backlight unit with through-hole adhesive heat dissipating means
158 8,500,246 Inkjet print head and manufacturing method thereof
159 8,500,232 Head chip for ink jet type image forming apparatus
160 8,500,150 Transport apparatus
161 8,499,793 Valve unit and reaction apparatus having the same
162 8,499,572 Refrigerator and control method thereof
163 8,499,444 Method of manufacturing a package substrate
164 8,499,441 Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board