Samsung patents granted on 06 December 2016

215 US patents granted on 06 December 2016 and assigned to Samsung

1 D773,763 Drum lifter for drum washing machine
2 D773,762 Washing machine
3 D773,761 Washing machine
4 D773,760 Washing machine
5 D773,759 Door for washing machine
6 D773,757 Washing machine
7 D773,756 Washing machine
8 D773,755 Washing machine
9 D773,754 Washing machine
10 D773,753 Washing machine
11 D773,752 Pedestal for wine glass
12 D773,541 Refrigerator
13 D773,540 Drawer
14 D773,539 Refrigerator
15 D773,538 Refrigerator
16 D773,534 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
17 D773,528 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
18 D773,522 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
19 D773,489 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
20 D773,485 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
21 D773,481 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
22 D773,477 USB (universal serial bus)
23 D773,476 USB (universal serial bus)
24 D773,467 Memory card
25 D773,459 Electronic device
26 D773,455 Electronic device
27 D773,446 Cover for electronic communications device
28 D773,417 Television receiver
29 D773,416 Television receiver
30 D773,415 Television receiver
31 D773,407 Remote control
32 D773,294 Box
33 D773,234 Microwave
34 D773,233 Microwave
35 9,516,775 Flexible display apparatus including curvature changing member
36 9,516,745 Flexible display apparatus, organic light emitting display apparatus, and mother substrate for flexible display apparatus
37 9,516,740 Electronic component embedded substrate and method for manufacturing electronic component embedded substrate
38 9,516,739 Heat dissipation material and light emitting diode package including a junction part made of the heat dissipation material
39 9,516,682 Device for providing wireless communication-based universal serial bus service and associated connection management method
40 9,516,661 Method and apparatus for scheduling resources at relay station (RS) in mobile communication network
41 9,516,655 Method and system for enabling resource block bundling in LTE-A systems
42 9,516,635 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving fast feedback information in broadband wireless communication system
43 9,516,632 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving downlink data channel signal transmission information in cellular radio communication system using cooperative multi-point scheme
44 9,516,618 Method and apparatus for acquiring synchronization between base stations in mobile communication system with distributed cell structure
45 9,516,611 User equipment and power control method for random access
46 9,516,603 Communication device for communicating using TV white space and method thereof
47 9,516,602 Apparatus and method for adaptive transmission power normalization in wireless communication system
48 9,516,593 Communication method of a terminal and an access point for multi-user transmission opportunity (TXOP) power saving
49 9,516,561 Method and device for supporting group handover
50 9,516,560 Method and system of communicating measurement information associated with a user equipment in a wireless communication network environment
51 9,516,537 Method of anonymously reporting minimization of drive test measurements
52 9,516,533 Method for reporting radio link failure information
53 9,516,525 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving feedback information in a wireless communication system using beamforming
54 9,516,507 Apparatus and methods of enhancers for low power nodes in wireless communication
55 9,516,489 Method of searching for device between electronic devices
56 9,516,477 Method and system for delivering multimedia content cached in wireless cellular network nodes using multimedia broadcast multicast services (MBMS)
57 9,516,459 Method and apparatus for expressing the accuracy of a measured location of a terminal
58 9,516,453 Communication connection method in bluetooth device and apparatus thereto
59 9,516,429 Hearing aid and method for controlling hearing aid
60 9,516,420 Transducer and electronic device including the same
61 9,516,350 Method and apparatus for entropy coding video and method and apparatus for entropy decoding video
62 9,516,339 Hierarchical motion estimation method and apparatus based on adaptive sampling
63 9,516,317 Method and apparatus for encoding images and method and apparatus for decoding images
64 9,516,293 Method and apparatus for providing and processing 3D image
65 9,516,241 Beamforming method and apparatus for sound signal
66 9,516,234 Apparatus and method for transmitting a frame image of a camera
67 9,516,228 Photographing apparatus, motion estimating apparatus, image compensating method, motion estimating method, and computer-readable recording medium
68 9,516,221 Apparatus and method for processing image in camera device and portable terminal using first and second photographing information
69 9,516,211 Photographing apparatus and method of photographing image thereof
70 9,516,200 Integrated extended depth of field (EDOF) and light field photography
71 9,516,156 Apparatus and method for providing bookmark service in communication terminal
72 9,516,154 Apparatus and method for managing conversational contents with contacts in a terminal
73 9,516,150 Cover for electronic device, antenna assembly, electronic device, and method for manufacturing the same
74 9,516,140 Broadcast receiving apparatus, server, method for controlling the broadcast receiving apparatus, and method for controlling the server
75 9,516,135 Apparatus and method of storing user information in home network
76 9,516,124 Method and apparatus for updating and providing presence information based on position information
77 9,516,095 Data management system and method for displaying data
78 9,516,090 Method of sharing contents by using personal cloud device, and electronic device and personal cloud system
79 9,516,086 Transmitting device, receiving device, and transceiving method thereof
80 9,515,983 Apparatus and method for managing mobility of terminal in wireless communication system
81 9,515,825 Method for password based authentication and apparatus executing the method
82 9,515,821 Apparatus and method for data encryption
83 9,515,811 Method and apparatus for defining transceiving timing of physical channel in a TDD communication system which supports cross-carrier scheduling
84 9,515,784 Apparatus and method for retransmitting data in wireless communication system
85 9,515,758 Method and apparatus for transmitting control channel in intra-cell carrier aggregation system
86 9,515,714 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving feedback information in beamforming communication system
87 9,515,704 Wireless energy receiving apparatus and method, and wireless energy transmitting apparatus
88 9,515,702 Demodulators for near field communication, near field communication devices, and electronic devices having the same
89 9,515,688 Reception apparatus having dual reception structure, and method of receiving signal using dual reception structure
90 9,515,686 Signal transmitting circuit using common clock, and storage device therewith
91 9,515,675 Interface circuit operating to recover error of transmitted data
92 9,515,647 Gate circuit and display device using the same
93 9,515,563 Power module and distributed power supply apparatus having the same
94 9,515,514 Wireless power transmitting unit, wireless power receiving unit, and control methods thereof
95 9,515,502 Apparatus and method for managing power for mobile device
96 9,515,434 Connector plug with two rows of pins and connector socket with two rows of holes
97 9,515,388 Controlled lens antenna apparatus and system
98 9,515,372 Apparatus and method for beam locking in a wireless communication system
99 9,515,343 Rechargeable battery
100 9,515,341 Porous membrane, electrolyte membrane including same, methods of manufacturing both, and fuel cell including at least one of the membranes
101 9,515,308 Battery pack
102 9,515,305 Connector and battery pack including the same
103 9,515,303 Battery pack
104 9,515,302 Rechargeable battery pack
105 9,515,297 Rechargeable battery
106 9,515,296 Deposition device including laser mask and deposition method using the same
107 9,515,294 Laser beam irradiation apparatus and manufacturing method of organic light emitting display apparatus using the same
108 9,515,290 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
109 9,515,287 Organic light-emitting display apparatus having encapsulation layer of low temperature viscosity transition and method of manufacturing the same
110 9,515,280 Organic light emitting device with enhanced lifespan
111 9,515,271 Organic light-emitting device
112 9,515,265 Organic light-emitting device
113 9,515,263 Device and method for depositing organic material
114 9,515,255 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices using cavities to distribute conductive patterning residue
115 9,515,252 Low degradation MRAM encapsulation process using silicon-rich silicon nitride film
116 9,515,224 Semiconductor light-emitting device
117 9,515,189 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device using metal oxide
118 9,515,186 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
119 9,515,182 High-integration semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
120 9,515,172 Semiconductor devices having isolation insulating layers and methods of manufacturing the same
121 9,515,154 Thin film transistor, display apparatus comprising the same, method of manufacturing thin film transistor, and method of manufacturing display apparatus
122 9,515,150 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
123 9,515,147 Semiconductor device including nanowire transistor
124 9,515,144 Fin-type graphene device
125 9,515,143 Heterogeneous layered structure, method of preparing the heterogeneous layered structure, and electronic device including the heterogeneous layered structure
126 9,515,128 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
127 9,515,127 Organic electroluminescent display apparatus
128 9,515,126 Photoelectric conversion device having improved external quantum efficiency and image sensor having the same
129 9,515,120 Image sensor
130 9,515,096 Thin film transistor array panel
131 9,515,093 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
132 9,515,092 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
133 9,515,091 Thin film transistor array panel including angled drain regions
134 9,515,087 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory device
135 9,515,086 Semiconductor device, electronic device, and method of fabricating the same
136 9,515,083 Nonvolatile memory device
137 9,515,057 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the semiconductor package
138 9,514,990 Methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices having different threshold voltages
139 9,514,900 Input button assembly
140 9,514,885 Composite electronic component and board having the same mounted thereon
141 9,514,884 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and board having the same mounted thereon
142 9,514,882 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
143 9,514,880 Coil unit for thin film inductor, manufacturing method of coil unit for thin film inductor, thin film inductor and manufacturing method of thin film inductor
144 9,514,830 Non-volatile memory device, memory system including the same, and method of operating the same
145 9,514,828 Nonvolatile memory device, erase method thereof and memory system including the same
146 9,514,827 Memory device, memory system and method of operating memory device
147 9,514,813 Resistive memory device, resistive memory system, and operating method thereof
148 9,514,807 Variable resistance memory device
149 9,514,802 Volatile memory self-defresh
150 9,514,768 Audio reproducing method, audio reproducing apparatus therefor, and information storage medium
151 9,514,713 Timing controller, source driver, and display driver integrated circuit having improved test efficiency and method of operating display driving circuit
152 9,514,712 Display device and driving method thereof using timing controllers that control image data being applied to adjacent blocks of pixels
153 9,514,709 Methods of correcting gamma and display device employing the same
154 9,514,704 Display panel
155 9,514,703 Timing control unit and apparatus and method for displaying using the same
156 9,514,701 Method of outputting common voltages to a display panel, display panel driving apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus including the display panel driving apparatus
157 9,514,698 Liquid crystal display having high and low luminances alternatively represented
158 9,514,689 Display device
159 9,514,687 Image displaying method and display device driving thereof
160 9,514,682 Organic light-emitting display device and driving method of the same
161 9,514,681 Pixel circuit for increasing accuracy of current sensing
162 9,514,678 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
163 9,514,677 Display device and driving method thereof
164 9,514,675 Method and device for controlling power of active matrix organic light-emitting diode
165 9,514,674 Display apparatus with initialization control and driving method of display apparatus
166 9,514,672 Pixel circuit, organic light emitting display device, and method of driving the pixel circuit
167 9,514,671 Power supply unit and organic light emitting display including the same
168 9,514,668 Display apparatus and controlling method thereof
169 9,514,665 Testing device, and testing method for the line and one sheet using the testing device
170 9,514,565 Image processing apparatus and method
171 9,514,561 Method and device for displaying changed shape of page
172 9,514,512 Method and apparatus for laying out image using image recognition
173 9,514,511 Timing controller to perform panel self-refresh using compressed data, method of operating the same, and data processing system including the same
174 9,514,506 Method and apparatus for tile based rendering using tile-to-tile locality
175 9,514,416 Apparatus and method of diagnosing a lesion using image data and diagnostic models
176 9,514,395 Method and apparatus for generating or using interaction activity information
177 9,514,392 Method of creating compound file and data storage device having the compound file
178 9,514,321 Electro device for protecting user’s privacy and method for controlling thereof
179 9,514,280 Method and apparatus for creating model of patient specified target organ based on blood vessel structure
180 9,514,260 Layout design system providing extended active area in filler design and semiconductor device fabricated using the system
181 9,514,206 System and method for providing content list through social network service
182 9,513,908 Streaming memory transpose operations
183 9,513,802 Methods for displaying a user interface on a remote control device and a remote control device applying the same
184 9,513,729 Energy recovery system for recovering pressure energy of touch input to touch screen panel
185 9,513,711 Electronic device controlled by a motion and controlling method thereof using different motions to activate voice versus motion recognition
186 9,513,669 Foldable display device
187 9,513,649 Integrated circuit (IC), adaptive power supply using IC characteristics and adaptive power supply method according to IC characteristics, electronic device including the same and manufacturing method of IC
188 9,513,612 Integrated remote control system and control method thereof
189 9,513,521 Display device
190 9,513,515 Liquid crystal display having improved response speed
191 9,513,513 Liquid crystal device and method for manufacturing the same
192 9,513,509 Liquid crystal display
193 9,513,504 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
194 9,513,489 3D image display device
195 9,513,466 Photographing lens and electronic device
196 9,513,463 Photographic lens and electronic apparatus
197 9,513,429 Backlighting assembly combined with LCD assembly and method for combining the same using a double-sided adhesive member
198 9,513,427 Display device and backlight unit included therein
199 9,513,421 Multilayered optical film, manufacturing method thereof, and display device
200 9,513,333 Test interface board and test system including the same
201 9,513,269 Display device
202 9,513,123 Location information management method and apparatus of mobile terminal
203 9,513,034 Multi-type air conditioner
204 9,512,982 Backlight assembly
205 9,512,553 Washing machine having upper cover
206 9,512,515 Organic layer deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same
207 9,512,488 Method for multiplex-detecting chronic myelogenous leukemia gene using cleavable probe
208 9,512,300 Thermoplastic resin composition for automobiles and molded product produced from the same
209 9,512,193 P15 protein variant and use thereof for preventing or treating cancer
210 9,511,539 Laser beam irradiation apparatus and substrate sealing method
211 9,511,497 Pitch control unit, picker having the pitch control unit and test handler having the picker
212 9,511,495 Method and apparatus for remote monitoring
213 9,510,804 Region setting for intima media thickness measurement in an ultrasound system
214 9,510,803 Providing compound image of doppler spectrum images in ultrasound system
215 9,510,790 Method for measuring biological signal and wearable electronic device for the same