Samsung patents granted on 06 January 2015

209 US patents granted on 06 January 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D720,902 Drum for washing machine
2 D720,901 Drum for washing machine
3 D720,855 Operation panel for medical device
4 D720,854 Tray for a medical ultrasound device
5 D720,783 Ice tray for refrigerator
6 D720,782 Refrigerator
7 D720,764 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
8 D720,763 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
9 D720,762 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
10 D720,747 Tablet computer
11 D720,746 Tablet computer
12 D720,745 Tablet computer
13 D720,723 Speaker
14 D720,614 Packing box
15 8,931,104 Digital rights management method and apparatus
16 8,931,052 Operation of mobile device as trusted mobile web client or trusted mobile web server
17 8,931,021 Display apparatus and image playing method thereof
18 8,930,995 Method for providing multiple formats through XML based EPG schema in terrestrial DMB system
19 8,930,994 Apparatus and method for displaying digital broadcasting program information
20 8,930,973 Optical disc drive having pickup integrated with disc insertion tray
21 8,930,968 Method and driver for processing data in a virtualized environment
22 8,930,929 Reconfigurable processor and method for processing a nested loop
23 8,930,905 System and method for providing a guideline for optimizing platform
24 8,930,859 Method of decomposing layout of semiconductor device
25 8,930,848 Method for selecting area of content for enlargement, and apparatus and system for providing content
26 8,930,838 Display apparatus and display method thereof
27 8,930,739 Memory controller
28 8,930,730 Image processing apparatus and method for selective power supply
29 8,930,707 Near field communication (NFC) device and method for selectively securing records in a near field communication data exchange format (NDEF) message
30 8,930,696 System and method for exchanging secure information between secure removable media (SRM) devices
31 8,930,688 Apparatus and method for providing security service of user interface
32 8,930,672 Multiprocessor using a shared virtual memory and method of generating a translation table
33 8,930,590 Audio device and method of operating the same
34 8,930,546 Peer-to-peer connection system and method for use in multi-network environment
35 8,930,444 Apparatus and method for controlling remote user interface servers using a multicast message in a home network
36 8,930,442 Apparatus and method for playing media content data
37 8,930,436 Apparatus and method of dynamically distributing load in multiple cores
38 8,930,188 Error concealment method and apparatus for audio signal and decoding method and apparatus for audio signal using the same
39 8,930,161 Apparatus and method for diagnosing fault of multi-sensor of motor
40 8,930,033 Demand response method, computer-readable medium and system
41 8,930,011 Method of measuring an overlay of an object
42 8,929,960 Voice call processing method and apparatus for mobile terminal
43 8,929,958 Mobile terminal and method of transmitting and receiving signal thereof
44 8,929,946 Antenna apparatus of mobile terminal
45 8,929,926 Method and system for supporting multiple paging areas
46 8,929,890 Method and system for providing service in a communication system
47 8,929,836 Zigbee device and method for management of zigbee device
48 8,929,824 Apparatus and method for exchanging information on device in communication between devices
49 8,929,822 Method for using legacy Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi P2P simultaneously
50 8,929,713 Apparatus and method for segmenting video data in mobile communication terminal
51 8,929,693 Semiconductor package and semiconductor device including the same
52 8,929,691 Optoelectronic chips including coupler region and methods of manufacturing the same
53 8,929,677 Image processing apparatus and method for synthesizing a high-resolution image and a refocused image
54 8,929,673 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using rotational transform
55 8,929,666 Method and apparatus of generating a multi-format template image from a single format template image
56 8,929,662 Method and apparatus for generating super-resolution image using prediction and stabilization of high-frequency information of image
57 8,929,656 Method and apparatus for detecting important information from moving picture
58 8,929,652 Method and apparatus for processing image
59 8,929,643 Method and apparatus for receiving multiview camera parameters for stereoscopic image, and method and apparatus for transmitting multiview camera parameters for stereoscopic image
60 8,929,572 Method and apparatus for expanding listening sweet spot
61 8,929,531 Apparatus and method for providing incoming and outgoing call information in a mobile communication terminal
62 8,929,485 System and method for broadcast pre-coding in a MIMO system
63 8,929,482 Communication system and method using space division multi-user multiple input multiple output (SD-MIMO) communication method
64 8,929,473 Combining baseband processing and radio frequency beam steering in wireless communication systems
65 8,929,436 Method and apparatus for video coding, predecoding, and video decoding for video streaming service, and image filtering method
66 8,929,420 Method and apparatus for frequency assignment in a frequency hopping mode of a wireless communication system
67 8,929,386 Method and apparatus for establishing multipath in heterogeneous interface environment
68 8,929,349 Apparatus and method for determining validity of WiFi connection in wireless communication system
69 8,929,348 Method and apparatus for connecting wireless network in a digital device
70 8,929,303 Control and data channels for advanced relay operation
71 8,929,271 Method of transmitting/receiving control message in a mobile communication system providing multimedia broadcast/multicast service
72 8,929,266 Method and apparatus for controlling sleep mode at mobile station in a packet-based communication system
73 8,929,247 Device capable of notifying operation state change thereof through network and communication method of the device
74 8,929,244 Method and device for send beamforming and multiple user scheduling for multiple sector cooperative transmission in a multiple antenna system
75 8,929,227 Method and apparatus for controlling uplink transmission power in wireless communication system
76 8,929,171 Voltage supply controller, nonvolatile memory device and memory system
77 8,929,170 Memory device, memory system, and power management method
78 8,929,165 Memory device
79 8,929,145 Nonvolatile memory device, programming method thereof and memory system including the same
80 8,929,127 Current generator for nonvolatile memory device and write and/or read currents calibrating method using the same
81 8,929,124 Resistive memory device and related method of operation
82 8,929,119 Memory module and on-die termination setting method thereof
83 8,929,118 Stacked memory device having inter-chip connection unit, memory system including the same, and method of compensating for delay time of transmission line
84 8,929,091 Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board (PCB)
85 8,929,043 Over-voltage protection device for resonant wireless power reception device and method for controlling the over-voltage protection device
86 8,929,026 Base for disk driving device
87 8,928,996 Lens barrel assembly and photographing apparatus having the same
88 8,928,930 Image forming apparatus and method of printing reduction image thereof
89 8,928,908 Multifunction peripheral (MFP) and a method for restricting use thereof
90 8,928,907 Method of sensing connection of USB device in power save mode and image forming apparatus for performing the same
91 8,928,851 Heat treatment apparatus and method for LCD cells
92 8,928,832 Liquid crystal display comprising a molding that is inserted into a plurality of insertion holes of a chassis
93 8,928,821 TV and audio processing method thereof
94 8,928,817 Image apparatus and method for receiving video signal in multiple video modes
95 8,928,787 Photographing apparatus and photographing method
96 8,928,777 Apparatus and method for generating motion blur in mobile terminal
97 8,928,775 Apparatus and method for processing image by using characteristic of light source
98 8,928,764 Method and device for correcting user’s hand tremor in imaging device
99 8,928,762 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling sleep mode thereof
100 8,928,748 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the same and recording medium having recorded thereon computer program to implement the method
101 8,928,742 Apparatus and method for processing image and apparatus and method for displaying using the same
102 8,928,739 Three dimensional image display device
103 8,928,731 Panorama photography method and apparatus capable of informing optimum photographing position
104 8,928,701 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
105 8,928,685 Method of displaying image and display apparatus for performing the same
106 8,928,660 Progressive mesh decoding apparatus and method
107 8,928,648 Scan driving device, method for driving scan driving device, and method for managing defect of scan driving device
108 8,928,642 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
109 8,928,639 Display device and driving method thereof
110 8,928,636 Magnetic touch pen
111 8,928,631 Trajectory-estimation apparatus and method based on pen-type optical mouse
112 8,928,630 Mobile device and method for processing an acoustic signal
113 8,928,627 Light sensing circuit, method of manufacturing the same, and optical touch panel including the light sensing circuit
114 8,928,614 Method and apparatus for operating function in touch device
115 8,928,603 Touch panel and input recognition device using the touch panel
116 8,928,601 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
117 8,928,599 Touch sensor using capacitance detection and liquid crystal display having the same
118 8,928,597 Organic light emitting display device
119 8,928,594 Apparatus and method for controlling operation of mobile terminal
120 8,928,570 Method of driving a liquid crystal display device by using polarity reversal of a common voltage
121 8,928,564 Pixel circuit of a flat panel display device and method of driving the same
122 8,928,553 Method and apparatus for accessing device based on intuitive selection
123 8,928,550 Driver for operating multiple display devices
124 8,928,451 Common mode filter and method of manufacturing the same
125 8,928,434 Complex tuner module
126 8,928,394 Semiconductor integrated circuit and an operating method thereof, a timing verifying method for a semiconductor integrated circuit and a test method of a semiconductor integrated circuit
127 8,928,385 Methods of controlling clocks in system on chip including function blocks, systems on chips and semiconductor systems including the same
128 8,928,354 Clock-delayed domino logic circuit and devices including the same
129 8,928,349 On-die termination circuit, semiconductor memory device and memory system
130 8,928,341 Apparatus and method for automated testing of device under test
131 8,928,268 Signal duty detecting apparatus and motor driving apparatus having the same
132 8,928,258 Vibration control device and method
133 8,928,220 White light emitting device and display apparatus
134 8,928,217 Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing method thereof
135 8,928,204 Piezoelectric vibration module
136 8,928,196 Spindle motor
137 8,928,176 Energy storage system
138 8,928,154 Semiconductor module
139 8,928,152 Semiconductor device including contact plug and method of manufacturing the same
140 8,928,150 Multi-chip package and method of manufacturing the same
141 8,928,132 Semiconductor package having through silicon via (TSV) interposer and method of manufacturing the semiconductor package
142 8,928,129 Semiconductor packaging for a memory device and a fabricating method thereof
143 8,928,092 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
144 8,928,080 Field-effect transistor having back gate and method of fabricating the same
145 8,928,073 Semiconductor devices including guard ring structures
146 8,928,054 Touch substrate and method of manufacturing the same
147 8,928,033 Semiconductor device
148 8,928,027 Semiconductor light emitting device
149 8,928,017 Semiconductor light emitting devices having an uneven emission pattern layer and methods of manufacturing the same
150 8,927,997 Substrate including thin film transistors and organic light emitting display apparatus including the substrate
151 8,927,996 OLED display device that prevents shorting of interconnections during manufacture thereof
152 8,927,991 Organic light emitting diode display device and manufacturing method thereof
153 8,927,980 Organic electroluminescence display device
154 8,927,912 Sealant curing apparatus
155 8,927,880 Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
156 8,927,455 Single-step precipitation method of producing magnesia-zirconia complex carrier for catalyst for oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butane, magnesium orthovanadate catalyst supported on magnesia-zirconia complex carrier, and method of producing n-butene and 1,3-butadiene using said catalyst
157 8,927,436 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing trench, metal wire, and thin film transistor array panel
158 8,927,426 Semiconductor devices having through-vias and methods for fabricating the same
159 8,927,414 Graphene structure and method of manufacturing the graphene structure, and graphene device and method of manufacturing the graphene device
160 8,927,389 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
161 8,927,384 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor memory device
162 8,927,373 Methods of fabricating non-planar transistors including current enhancing structures
163 8,927,372 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
164 8,927,367 Semiconductor device including metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors and methods of fabricating the same
165 8,927,366 Method of manufacturing a non-volatile memory device having a vertical structure
166 8,927,355 Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
167 8,927,340 Double-sided adhesive tape, semiconductor packages, and methods of fabricating the same
168 8,927,327 Method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device having polarizable particles in sealant
169 8,927,316 Camera module and method of manufacturing the camera module
170 8,927,310 Method of fabricating patterned substrate
171 8,927,305 Method of manufacturing light emitting device
172 8,927,304 LED package and method of manufacturing the same
173 8,927,302 Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and method for manufacturing light-emitting devices using same
174 8,927,199 Mask and method of manufacturing array substrate using the same
175 8,927,189 Photoresist composition and method of manufacturing display device using same
176 8,927,180 Method of manufacturing a mask
177 8,927,167 Fuel cell system and driving method thereof
178 8,927,154 Lithium titanium oxide, method of preparing lithium titanium oxide, and lithium rechargeable battery including lithium titanium oxide
179 8,927,152 Binder for electrode of lithium rechargeable battery and electrode for rechargeable battery comprising the same
180 8,927,150 Binder and positive active material composition for rechargeable lithium battery, and rechargeable lithium battery including same
181 8,927,144 Reinforcing material for battery cell and battery cell including the same
182 8,927,141 Rechargeable battery
183 8,927,140 Secondary battery
184 8,927,139 Pouch type battery
185 8,927,138 Battery pack having improved welding efficiency
186 8,927,136 Battery cover insulator system for fluid communication with battery vents
187 8,927,132 Rechargeable battery pack
188 8,927,130 Electrolyte for redox flow battery and redox flow battery including the same
189 8,927,126 Protection circuit assembly and battery pack having the same
190 8,927,124 Battery pack
191 8,927,120 Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
192 8,927,116 Organic material, film comprising the same and electric device comprising the film
193 8,927,102 Metal suboxide and methods of preparing same
194 8,927,091 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
195 8,926,915 Smell-diffusing cell array substrate, apparatus for transferring smell information and electronic device including the apparatus
196 8,926,871 Hybrid metal oxide and method of forming the same, and solar cell including the same
197 8,926,778 Manufacturing apparatus and method of organic light emitting diode display
198 8,926,723 Dust collecting apparatus having a dust removing unit
199 8,926,714 Heat dissipating substrate and method of manufacturing the same
200 8,926,345 Apparatus for inserting/extracting insert type card for electronic device
201 8,926,155 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
202 8,926,124 Side light apparatus of chip mounter and light apparatus using the side light apparatus
203 8,926,116 Display device
204 8,926,114 Light emitting device package, light source module, backlight unit, display apparatus, television set, and illumination apparatus
205 8,925,662 In-wheel driving device
206 8,925,480 Mask stick and method of assembling a mask frame assembly by using the mask stick
207 8,925,456 Cliche, method of manufacturing cliche, and pattern formed by roll printing method
208 8,925,176 Structure for connecting refrigerant pipe and air conditioner having the same
209 8,925,141 Vacuum cleaner having sterilization function