Samsung patents granted on 06 March 2012

105 US patents granted on 06 March 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D655,265 Television receiver
2 D655,264 Television receiver
3 8,132,224 Transmitting and receiving multimedia SMIL documents
4 8,132,193 Disk ejecting unit and optical disk device including the same
5 8,132,165 Interception proxy-based approach for in-service software upgrade
6 8,132,100 Screen image presentation apparatus and method for mobile phone
7 8,132,086 Semiconductor memory device for byte-based masking operation and method of generating parity data
8 8,132,066 Apparatus and method for recording and/or reproducing data on an information storage medium using padding information, and the information storage medium
9 8,132,007 PANA authentication method and system
10 8,131,997 Method of mutually authenticating between software mobility device and local host and a method of forming input/output (I/O) channel
11 8,131,985 Semiconductor memory device having processor reset function and reset control method thereof
12 8,131,952 Apparatus and method for efficient memory use in portable terminal
13 8,131,918 Method and terminal for demand paging at least one of code and data requiring real-time response
14 8,131,908 Wireless universal serial bus system and driving method thereof
15 8,131,897 Semiconductor memory device inputting and outputting a plurality of data length formats and method thereof
16 8,131,347 Optical apparatus for measuring bio-information
17 8,131,330 Sliding type portable terminal
18 8,131,317 Apparatus and method for downloading SIM data in mobile communication system
19 8,131,253 System and method for providing an emergency service in a communication system
20 8,131,252 Method and medium for analyzing environment of device and device using the same
21 8,131,231 Method and apparatus for canceling interference in a hybrid terminal supporting both broadcast service and mobile communication service, and a hybrid terminal thereof
22 8,131,219 Operation method and device for integrated modem having plurality of modems
23 8,131,175 Image forming apparatus having structure to clean optical sensor and method of using the same
24 8,131,129 Apparatus and method for decoding data for providing browsable slide show, and data storage medium therefor
25 8,131,109 Image processing method and apparatus for contrast enhancement using intensity mapping
26 8,131,106 Blocking effect removal system and method
27 8,131,084 Apparatus for improving sharpness of image
28 8,130,878 Apparatus and method for estimating carrier-to-interference-and-noise ratio in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
29 8,130,877 Apparatus and method for detecting signal in multi-antenna system
30 8,130,873 Carrier recovery apparatus usable with VSB type receiver and method thereof
31 8,130,859 Apparatus and method for detecting signal using multivariate polynomial in multiple input multiple output communication system
32 8,130,836 Multi-view stereo imaging system and compression/decompression method applied thereto
33 8,130,835 Method and apparatus for generating motion vector in hierarchical motion estimation
34 8,130,827 Method and apparatus for interpolating a reference pixel in an annular image and encoding/decoding an annular image
35 8,130,816 Receiver for receiving a spectrum dispersion signal
36 8,130,798 Method for formatting digital broadcast transport stream packet for improved receiving performance, digital broadcast transmitter, and signal processing method thereof
37 8,130,797 Method and apparatus for multiplexing/demultiplexing multi-programs
38 8,130,783 Method of joining a cell using a proxy coordinator, and a network therefor
39 8,130,737 System and method for a multiple hop wireless network
40 8,130,717 Random access method using different frequency hopping patterns between neighboring cells and mobile communication device
41 8,130,710 Method of allocating terminal to group in base station of communication system and method of generating map
42 8,130,709 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving control information for uplink data in a mobile communication system and system thereof
43 8,130,672 Method of multicasting and transmitting data in PLC network and an apparatus thereof
44 8,130,671 Method and system for establishing bidirectional tunnel
45 8,130,666 Multiple input multiple output communication system and operating method thereof
46 8,130,658 Packet switched data network (PSDN) having local area network (LAN) interface and overload control method thereof
47 8,130,646 Resource reservation method using multiple interfaces in mobile environments
48 8,130,622 Optical pickup apparatus having multi-sectional polarizer
49 8,130,619 Method of recording information to and reproducing information from an optical information storage medium
50 8,130,588 Semiconductor memory device having power saving mode
51 8,130,577 Semiconductor memory device
52 8,130,573 Semiconductor memory device capable of optimizing signal transmission power and power initializing method thereof
53 8,130,561 Self pre-charging and equalizing bit line sense amplifier
54 8,130,530 Information storage devices using magnetic domain wall movement and methods of operating the same
55 8,130,510 Printed circuit board assembly of electronic appliance
56 8,130,508 Electronic component embedded printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
57 8,130,493 Method of arranging components of circuit board for optimal heat dissipation and circuit apparatus having components arranged by performing the method
58 8,130,483 Capacitor structure
59 8,130,442 Optical amplifying medium, method of manufacturing the optical amplifying medium, and optical device comprising the optical amplifying medium
60 8,130,432 Space scanner for self-control moving object
61 8,130,417 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
62 8,130,411 Image forming apparatus and method with color difference and gray level compensation and use of adjusted gray level conversion table
63 8,130,357 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display having pixel electrode that overlaps gate or data lines with different widths
64 8,130,356 Flexible printed circuit board and display device having the same
65 8,130,349 Substrate for a display apparatus including domain forming member disposed thereon
66 8,130,327 Channel changer in a video processing apparatus and method thereof
67 8,130,322 Method of picture control and image processing apparatus thereof
68 8,130,266 Video signal selecting method and video processing apparatus
69 8,130,248 Image forming apparatus and light scanning apparatus
70 8,130,220 Method, medium and apparatus detecting model collisions
71 8,130,209 Liquid crystal display panel and method for manufacturing the same
72 8,130,183 Scan driver and scan signal driving method and organic light emitting display using the same
73 8,130,174 Organic electroluminescent display device
74 8,130,086 Linear vibration generator
75 8,130,028 CMOS charge pump with improved latch-up immunity
76 8,129,918 Power supply, display device, and light source driving apparatus
77 8,129,896 Fluorescent particle and inorganic electroluminescence device including the same
78 8,129,840 Semiconductor package and methods of manufacturing the same
79 8,129,833 Stacked integrated circuit packages that include monolithic conductive vias
80 8,129,826 Semiconductor package apparatus having redistribution layer
81 8,129,806 Magnetic memory device
82 8,129,800 Gate-all-around integrated circuit devices
83 8,129,777 Semiconductor device having a multi-channel type MOS transistor
84 8,129,765 CMOS image sensor with photo-detector protecting layers
85 8,129,741 Light emitting diode package
86 8,129,723 Liquid crystal display and panel therefor
87 8,129,722 Light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
88 8,129,711 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
89 8,129,322 Photosensitive-resin remover composition and method of fabricating semiconductor device using the same
90 8,129,321 Liquid compostion for cleaning a nozzle surface, method of cleaning a nozzle surface using the liquid composition, and inkjet recording apparatus including the liquid composition
91 8,129,264 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
92 8,129,260 Semiconductor substrates having low defects and methods of manufacturing the same
93 8,129,238 Semiconductor devices having dual trench, methods of fabricating the same, and electronic system having the same
94 8,129,221 Semiconductor package and method of forming the same
95 8,129,214 Phase change memory devices having dual lower electrodes and methods of fabricating the same
96 8,129,064 Method and apparatus for measuring methanol vapor concentration, method of controlling methanol vapor concentration in a fuel cell, and fuel cell using the same
97 8,129,050 Anode active material, and anode and lithium battery containing the same
98 8,128,840 Phosphor composition for display device
99 8,128,800 Method of manufacturing light guide panel with pattern accuracy
100 8,128,752 Roll-to-roll substrate transfer apparatus, wet etching apparatus comprising the same and apparatus for manufacturing printed circuit board
101 8,128,738 Method of drying an object and apparatus for performing the same
102 8,128,449 Method of making electronic device with frit seal and frit sealing apparatus
103 8,128,260 Spread lens with refraction parts, and lighting device
104 8,128,236 Image projecting apparatus
105 8,128,087 Power transmitter for image forming apparatus and an image forming apparatus having the same