Samsung patents granted on 06 May 2008

116 US patents granted on 06 May 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D568,364 Portable LCD screen
2 D568,343 Refrigerator
3 D568,331 Generated image for display on a personal digital assistant
4 D568,330 Digital television receiver displaying design on screen
5 D568,329 TV receiver with pictorial image
6 D568,301 Headset
7 D568,286 Portable phone
8 D568,285 Portable phone
9 D568,284 Mobile phone
10 D568,283 Cellular phone
11 D568,282 Cellular phone
12 D568,281 Cellular phone
13 D568,279 Mobile phone
14 D568,278 Portable phone
15 D568,261 Light-emitting diode
16 D568,100 Handle for electronic oven
17 7,370,267 Error correction method for high density disc
18 7,370,262 Apparatus and method generating error flag for error correction
19 7,370,237 Semiconductor memory device capable of accessing all memory cells
20 7,370,218 Portable computer power control apparatus and method
21 7,370,161 Bank arbiter system which grants access based on the count of access requests
22 7,370,138 Mobile communication terminal including NAND flash memory and method for booting the same
23 7,370,115 Method of controlling terminal of MPEG-4 system using caching mechanism
24 7,369,995 Method and apparatus for synthesizing speech from text
25 7,369,882 Sliding/swing-type portable apparatus having self-retaining function
26 7,369,876 Apparatus and method for estimating a velocity of a mobile station in a mobile communication system
27 7,369,874 Apparatus and method for improving GPS receive sensitivity in mobile terminal
28 7,369,873 Apparatus and method for remotely modifying reconfigurable hardware in a mobile station
29 7,369,872 Mobile communication device for searching data based on rotation degree and a method thereof
30 7,369,862 Method and system for providing data services to mobile communication terminals and mobile communication terminal therefor
31 7,369,853 System and method for implementing a handoff in a traffic state in a broadband wireless access communication system
32 7,369,837 Frequency-mixing method and frequency-mixing device using the same
33 7,369,829 Signal reception apparatus and method for multi-band ultra-wideband communication systems
34 7,369,805 Fusing device of electrophotographic image forming apparatus
35 7,369,802 Fusing roller with adjustable heating area and fusing apparatus using the same
36 7,369,789 Door status switch operation mechanism for image forming apparatus
37 7,369,776 Bi-directional optical transceiver module
38 7,369,736 Light tunnel, uniform light illuminating device and projector employing the same
39 7,369,690 Apparatus for recognizing an image
40 7,369,625 Apparatus and method for slicing RF signal and compensating for the slice level of RF signal in disk drive
41 7,369,615 Soft demodulation method and apparatus
42 7,369,588 Broad-band optical semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing the same
43 7,369,569 Small-sized base station controller providing flexible board design and controlling method thereof
44 7,369,565 Wireless communication system and method using the same
45 7,369,563 Method and apparatus for sharing a single internet protocol address without a network address translation in an internet access gateway for a local network
46 7,369,561 Apparatus and method for route summarization and distribution in a massively parallel router
47 7,369,531 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving a pilot signal for distinguishing a base station in a communication system using an OFDM scheme
48 7,369,527 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving control information in a mobile communication system
49 7,369,518 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in ad-hoc network
50 7,369,474 Method of and apparatus for differentiating between writable disc types
51 7,369,472 Optical disc having tracking polarity information, and apparatuses and methods for recording and reproducing user data on the same
52 7,369,470 Method of recording erase pattern information on an optical recording medium, erasing information on the optical recording medium based on the erase pattern information, and optical recording medium therefor
53 7,369,468 Write-once recording medium preserving data-recording status, method of preserving data-recording status of a write-once recording medium, medium including computer readable code for the same, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus therefor
54 7,369,467 Optical pickup including polarization holographic optical element and photodetector
55 7,369,466 Optical pickup apparatus and method for controlling phases of three beams
56 7,369,453 Multi-port memory device and method of controlling the same
57 7,369,445 Methods of operating memory systems including memory devices set to different operating modes and related systems
58 7,369,442 Erase discharge method of memory device and discharge circuit performing the method
59 7,369,428 Methods of operating a magnetic random access memory device and related devices and structures
60 7,369,400 Display apparatus having improved heat dissipation capabilities
61 7,369,367 Disk drive voice coil motor yoke assembly having proximity latch magnet pair attracting and holding voice coil bias steel therebetween
62 7,369,366 Suspension assembly of actuator for disk drive with portion of load beam inclined lengthwise between limiter and leading end
63 7,369,364 Interconnect for dissipating electrostatic charges on a head slider
64 7,369,352 Apparatus, medium, and method with seek servo control considering temperature change
65 7,369,348 Method and apparatus for adaptation to humidity in a hard disk drive
66 7,369,347 Apparatus and method for piezoelectric layer as vertical micro-actuator in slider of a hard disk drive
67 7,369,344 Method and apparatus for compensating for offset of disk drive
68 7,369,335 Optical pickup actuator
69 7,369,318 Color display device having single illuminating system
70 7,369,298 Optical scanner and laser image projector using the same
71 7,369,287 Mirror positioning structure for compensation of skew and bow and laser scanning unit employing the same
72 7,369,286 Hologram recording medium, and recording apparatus and reproducing apparatus for the same
73 7,369,254 System and method for measuring dimension of patterns formed on photomask
74 7,369,211 Method and apparatus for forming a sealing member for a display device
75 7,369,197 Polarizer, panel for a liquid crystal display, and liquid crystal display, including a scattering layer
76 7,369,193 Color filter panel, manufacturing method thereof and transflective liquid crystal display including the same
77 7,369,188 Thin film transistor substrate having two storage capacitors per pixel, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
78 7,369,181 Method of removing noise from digital moving picture data
79 7,369,178 Camera lens assembly for a portable terminal
80 7,369,131 Multi-display system and method thereof
81 7,369,111 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
82 7,369,108 Liquid crystal display
83 7,369,001 Frequency synthesizer having variable frequency resolution, and fractional-N frequency synthesizing method using sigma-delta modulation of frequency control pulses
84 7,368,949 Output driver and output driving method for enhancing initial output data using timing
85 7,368,937 Input termination circuits and methods for terminating inputs
86 7,368,933 Method for testing standby current of semiconductor package
87 7,368,889 Motor control apparatus and control method thereof
88 7,368,873 Plasma display panel
89 7,368,871 Plasma display apparatus with improved substrates
90 7,368,869 Light emitting device, display apparatus having the light emitting device, and method of manufacturing the display apparatus
91 7,368,821 BGA semiconductor chip package and mounting structure thereof
92 7,368,816 Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) package having metal sealing member
93 7,368,811 Multi-chip package and method for manufacturing the same
94 7,368,792 MOS transistor with elevated source/drain structure
95 7,368,788 SRAM cells having inverters and access transistors therein with vertical fin-shaped active regions
96 7,368,778 DRAM having at least three layered impurity regions between channel holes and method of fabricating same
97 7,368,771 CMOS image sensor and method of fabricating the same
98 7,368,769 MOS transistor having a recessed gate electrode and fabrication method thereof
99 7,368,510 Organic semiconductor copolymers containing oligothiophene and n-type heteroaromatic units
100 7,368,361 Bipolar junction transistors and method of manufacturing the same
101 7,368,352 Semiconductor devices having transistors with vertical channels and method of fabricating the same
102 7,368,348 Methods of forming MOS transistors having buried gate electrodes therein
103 7,368,336 Organic insulator, organic thin film transistor array panel including organic insulator, and manufacturing method therefor
104 7,368,333 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same by using atomic layer deposition
105 7,368,330 Semiconductor device having fuse circuit on cell region and method of fabricating the same
106 7,368,198 Polymer nanocomposite membrane and fuel cell using the same
107 7,368,157 Information storage medium and apparatus for recording/reproducing information thereon
108 7,368,063 Method for manufacturing ink-jet printhead
109 7,368,008 Ink set, inkjet recording apparatus comprising the ink set, and method of forming image using the ink set
110 7,367,786 Linear compressor
111 7,367,726 Thermal image forming apparatus
112 7,367,680 Color wheel unit and optical engine having the same
113 7,367,677 High efficiency lighting system, scrolling unit and projection system employing the same
114 7,367,656 Ink-jet printhead and method for manufacturing the same
115 7,367,651 Inkjet printing head and inkjet printer using the same
116 7,367,641 Method of driving a print head and image forming device employing the method