Samsung patents granted on 06 November 2007

68 US patents granted on 06 November 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,293,236 System and method for controlling devices in home network environment
2 7,293,226 Method and apparatus for adaptively performing defect scan according to channel characteristics
3 7,293,224 Encoding/decoding apparatus and method in a CDMA mobile communication system
4 7,293,183 System for storing working context in a non-volatile memory while in a power-off suspend mode and restoring the working context when the power-off suspend mode is released
5 7,293,132 Apparatus and method for efficient data storage using a FIFO memory
6 7,292,882 Portable digital communication device usable as a gaming device and a personal digital assistant (PDA)
7 7,292,877 Apparatus and method for calibrating and compensating for distortion of an output signal in a smart antenna
8 7,292,871 Method for synchronizing mobile communication terminal with neighbor cell in call connection state
9 7,292,859 Apparatus and method for managing device information through networks
10 7,292,853 Roaming service method and system in multi-zone private wireless network systems
11 7,292,803 Developing unit having foldable handle and image forming apparatus having the same
12 7,292,784 High speed optical routing apparatus and method
13 7,292,734 Black and white stretching system and method for improving contrast of a picture
14 7,292,657 Signal compressing signal
15 7,292,644 Apparatus and method for generating space-time trellis code for maximizing space-time diversity gain and coding gain in a mobile communication system
16 7,292,641 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving preamble sequence in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication system using plurality of transmission antennas
17 7,292,635 Interframe wavelet video coding method
18 7,292,554 Apparatus and method for transmitting a voice frame in an ALL-IP-based mobile communication system
19 7,292,548 Cell search apparatus and method for supporting multisearch functions in a mobile communication system
20 7,292,539 Routing table management method using interface ID in the IPv6
21 7,292,499 Semiconductor device including duty cycle correction circuit
22 7,292,486 Methods and circuits for latency control in accessing memory devices
23 7,292,469 Methods of programming non-volatile memory devices including transition metal oxide layer as data storage material layer and devices so operated
24 7,292,446 Plasma display panel (PDP)
25 7,292,440 Heat dissipating sheet and plasma display device including the same
26 7,292,430 Multi-layer chip capacitor
27 7,292,403 Low frequency disturbance compensation control device and disk drive using the same
28 7,292,380 Compact zoom lens
29 7,292,303 Liquid crystal display and panel therefor including regular and successive regular domain defining members
30 7,292,297 Optical sheet assembly with specific ranges of angles
31 7,292,284 Method and apparatus displaying double screen
32 7,292,266 Image evaluation chart and performance test method using the same
33 7,292,193 Method for tuning antenna module in portable wireless terminal and built-in antenna module using the same
34 7,292,165 Context-based adaptive arithmetic coding and decoding methods and apparatuses with improved coding efficiency and video coding and decoding methods and apparatuses using the same
35 7,292,138 Vehicle tire with RFID tag
36 7,292,096 Amplifier
37 7,292,094 Gain control amplifier
38 7,292,078 Phase locked loop integrated circuits having fast locking characteristics and methods of operating same
39 7,292,068 Output driver for use in semiconductor device
40 7,292,060 Logic circuit and method thereof
41 7,291,971 Organic electroluminescent display device comprising ultraviolet light stabilizer
42 7,291,965 Vacuum vessel and electron emission display device using the same, provided with spacer supports in non-active area of the display
43 7,291,925 Stack package using anisotropic conductive film (ACF) and method of making same
44 7,291,860 Thin film transistor array panel
45 7,291,556 Method for forming small features in microelectronic devices using sacrificial layers
46 7,291,531 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having capacitor
47 7,291,439 Photoresist composition, method for forming film pattern using the same, and method for manufacturing thin film transistor array panel using the same
48 7,291,433 Poly(hydrazone)-based charge transport materials
49 7,291,431 Organophotoreceptor with charge transport compound having an epoxy group
50 7,291,429 Naphthalenetetracarboxylic acid diimide derivatives and electrophotographic photoconductive material using the derivatives
51 7,291,424 Positive electrode for lithium-sulfur battery and lithium-sulfur battery fabricated using same
52 7,291,377 Plasma display panel
53 7,291,205 Air cleaner
54 7,291,193 Cyclone dust collector and vacuum cleaner therewith
55 7,291,189 Dust collecting apparatus for vacuum cleaner
56 7,290,918 Two-way backlight assembly and two-way liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
57 7,290,489 Substrate inspecting apparatus and control method thereof
58 7,290,412 Washing machine
59 D554,678 Camcorder
60 D554,676 Camcorder
61 D554,658 Generated image for display on a portable telephone
62 D554,657 Generated image for display on a portable telephone
63 D554,656 PDA display panel with icons
64 D554,639 Computer monitor and base
65 D554,635 Personal digital assistant
66 D554,611 Portable phone
67 D554,610 Mobile phone
68 D554,601 Television