Samsung patents granted on 06 November 2012

134 US patents granted on 06 November 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,794 Anode active material, method of manufacturing the same, and lithium battery using the same
2 RE43,785 Thin film transistor panel for liquid crystal display
3 D670,466 Vacuum cleaner
4 D670,260 Mobile phone
5 D670,256 Television receiver
6 8,307,460 Method and apparatus for getting content information when DRM agent and rendering application are implemented on separate devices
7 8,307,394 Image processing apparatus and method in digital broadcasting receiver for adjusting digital broadcast image in response to caption information
8 8,307,370 Apparatus and method for balancing load in multi-core processor system
9 8,307,318 Method of configuring a semiconductor integrated circuit involving capacitors having a width equal to the length of active resistors
10 8,307,272 Network device and method of controlling the same
11 8,307,183 Recording/reproducing method, recording/reproducing apparatus and information storage medium
12 8,307,150 Apparatus and method for managing memory
13 8,307,133 Method of providing interoperability of heterogeneous network devices and network device using the same
14 8,307,009 Index structure for TV-anytime forum metadata having location information for defining a multi-key
15 8,306,944 Apparatus, method and system for providing content of media server
16 8,306,824 Method and apparatus for creating face character based on voice
17 8,306,812 Method and apparatus to vary audio playback speed
18 8,306,738 Apparatus and method for building map
19 8,306,634 Adaptive and user location-based power saving system
20 8,306,593 Noninvasive apparatus and method for measuring blood sugar concentration
21 8,306,570 Apparatus and method for changing network interfaces in a multiaccess mobile terminal
22 8,306,465 Image forming apparatus having varying distances between photosensitive drums and transfer rollers
23 8,306,366 Method and apparatus for extracting feature points from digital image
24 8,306,342 Method and apparatus to encode/decode image efficiently
25 8,306,323 Method and apparatus for correcting depth image
26 8,306,320 2D image segmentation apparatus and method, and apparatus and method for removing red-eye in the image
27 8,306,241 Method and apparatus for automatic volume control in an audio player of a mobile communication terminal
28 8,306,177 Method of driving a gate line and gate drive circuit for performing the method
29 8,306,169 Semiconductor devices, methods of operating semiconductor devices, and systems having the same
30 8,306,158 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception devices capable of improving a receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
31 8,306,130 TFI-OFDM transmission/reception systems for UWB communication and methods thereof for mitigating interference from simultaneously operating piconets
32 8,306,127 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system utilizing mull packet and TRS code to improve receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
33 8,306,120 Method and apparatus for predicting motion vector using global motion vector, encoder, decoder, and decoding method
34 8,306,115 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image
35 8,306,114 Method and apparatus for determining coding for coefficients of residual block, encoder and decoder
36 8,306,095 Methods and apparatus for network coding in a communication system
37 8,306,060 System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed video having a composite frame format
38 8,306,054 Apparatus and method for providing PDG information
39 8,305,986 Method and apparatus for uplink transmissions and CQI reports with carrier aggregation
40 8,305,977 Apparatus and method for relocating persistently allocated resource in a broadband wireless communication system
41 8,305,893 Quality of service management for home-to-home connections
42 8,305,857 Adaptive writing method for high-density optical recording apparatus and circuit thereof
43 8,305,822 Fuse circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
44 8,305,818 Memory device and method for estimating characteristics of multi-bit programming
45 8,305,817 Nonvolatile memory devices and program methods thereof in which a target verify operation and a pre-pass verify operation are performed simultaneously using a common verify voltage
46 8,305,816 Method of controlling a memory cell of non-volatile memory device
47 8,305,811 Flash memory device and method of reading data
48 8,305,806 Nonvolatile memory device and method for controlling word line or bit line thereof
49 8,305,804 Flash memory device and system including the same
50 8,305,766 Electronic component-embedded printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
51 8,305,699 Wafer-level lens module with extended depth of field and imaging device including the wafer-level lens module
52 8,305,687 Telephoto zoom lens
53 8,305,673 Light scanning unit
54 8,305,643 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
55 8,305,592 Image forming system and apparatus that displays a setting item, and control method thereof
56 8,305,590 Driver of server managing image forming device drivers, and data printing method using the same
57 8,305,562 Depth image generating method and apparatus
58 8,305,554 Roll-to-roll type apparatus for forming thin film pattern
59 8,305,541 Tape carrier package and liquid crystal display device having the same
60 8,305,540 Liquid crystal display having subpixels per color pixel
61 8,305,534 Liquid crystal display and panel thereof
62 8,305,532 Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
63 8,305,531 Liquid crystal display panel and a method of manufacturing the same
64 8,305,530 Display device, method of manufacturing the same, and apparatus of bonding substrates
65 8,305,507 Thin film transistor array panel having improved storage capacitance and manufacturing method thereof
66 8,305,487 Method and apparatus for controlling multiple exposures
67 8,305,479 Fast and low-power digital camera with GPS
68 8,305,388 Four color display device and method of converting image signal thereof
69 8,305,377 Image processing method
70 8,305,375 Method and apparatus for providing slide show by using plurality of images
71 8,305,374 Display device having precharge operations and method of driving the same
72 8,305,371 Apparatus and method for generating VCOM voltage in display device with buffer amplifier and charge pump
73 8,305,370 Organic light emitting display, controller therefor and associated methods
74 8,305,356 Method and apparatus for controlling information scrolling on touch-screen
75 8,305,348 Display device, method of manufacturing the same and mobile communication terminal having the same
76 8,305,340 Touch sensitive display device and method thereof
77 8,305,337 Method of driving a light source, display apparatus for performing the method and method of driving the display apparatus
78 8,305,336 Method of driving a light source, light source apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the light source apparatus
79 8,305,333 Backlight assembly, display device having the same and method for assembling the backlight assembly
80 8,305,332 Backlight unit, liquid crystal display device including the same, and localized dimming method thereof
81 8,305,326 Gate driving circuit having improved tolerance to gate voltage ripple and display device having the same
82 8,305,324 Scan driver, display device having the same and method of driving a display device
83 8,305,323 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
84 8,305,321 Apparatus for driving source lines and display apparatus having the same
85 8,305,312 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
86 8,305,311 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
87 8,305,263 Global positioning system receiver and satellite clock correcting method thereof
88 8,305,188 System and method for logging in multiple users to a consumer electronics device by detecting gestures with a sensory device
89 8,305,187 Variable resistor device for display device and method of controlling variable resistance using the same
90 8,305,127 Data delay control circuit and method
91 8,305,103 Solid state drive testing apparatus to sort the solid state drives according to a determined operability of each drive
92 8,305,058 Power supply having an improved maximum power point tracking function
93 8,304,989 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
94 8,304,987 Organic light emitting display apparatus including a line connecting bridge and method of manufacturing the same
95 8,304,981 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
96 8,304,978 Light source module and display apparatus having the same
97 8,304,972 Coating layer for blocking EMI, optical filter including the same, and display apparatus including the same
98 8,304,946 Spindle motor
99 8,304,892 Semiconductor package having substrate with solder ball connections and method of fabricating the same
100 8,304,886 Semiconductor device having integral structure of contact pad and conductive line
101 8,304,876 Semiconductor package and method for manufacturing the same
102 8,304,854 Semiconductor integrated circuit chip, multilayer chip capacitor and semiconductor integrated circuit chip package
103 8,304,824 Semiconductor device comprising buried word lines
104 8,304,819 Semiconductor device including metal silicide layer and method for manufacturing the same
105 8,304,791 Nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device and methods of manufacturing the same
106 8,304,772 Thin-film transistor array panel and method of fabricating the same
107 8,304,743 Electron beam focusing electrode and electron gun using the same
108 8,304,473 Carbon/epoxy resin composition and method of producing a carbon-epoxy dielectric film using the same
109 8,304,343 Method of manufacturing a metal wiring structure
110 8,304,318 Methods of fabricating MOS transistors having recesses with elevated source/drain regions
111 8,304,299 Thin film transistor substrate and manufacturing method thereof
112 8,304,288 Methods of packaging semiconductor devices including bridge patterns
113 8,304,282 Method for manufacturing a solar cell
114 8,304,280 Method of forming a thin film transistor having openings formed therein
115 8,304,279 Light emitting diode package having anodized insulation layer and fabrication method therefor
116 8,304,264 Apparatus and method for monitoring chamber status in semiconductor fabrication process
117 8,304,215 Gluconacetobacter strain having cellulose producing activity
118 8,304,173 Photomasks, methods of exposing a substrate to light, methods of forming a pattern, and methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device
119 8,304,136 Solid oxide fuel cell and solid oxide fuel cell bundle
120 8,304,107 Cylindrical lithium rechargeable battery
121 8,304,097 White organic light emitting device
122 8,304,067 Method of fabricating liquid film, method of arranging nano particles and substrate having liquid thin film fabricated using the same
123 8,304,039 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
124 8,304,038 Photoalignment material, display substrate having an alignment layer formed using the same, and to a method of manufacturing the display substrate
125 8,303,902 Slide processing apparatus
126 8,303,782 Hydrogen generating apparatus and fuel cell power generation system
127 8,303,341 Connector and display apparatus having the same
128 8,303,259 Axial flow fan
129 8,303,156 Light source unit, light emitting device, and display device having same
130 8,303,154 Backlight assembly
131 8,303,084 Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
132 8,302,433 Damper, washing machine with the same and control method thereof
133 8,302,432 Circulation and drain system in a washing machine and a method thereof
134 8,302,270 Method of manufacturing capacitor-embedded PCB