Samsung patents granted on 06 October 2009

92 US patents granted on 06 October 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D601,605 Digital camera
2 D601,604 Digital camera
3 D601,603 Digital camera
4 D601,602 Digital camera
5 D601,601 Digital camera
6 D601,596 Refrigerator
7 D601,595 Refrigerator
8 D601,549 Wireless headset
9 D601,541 Mobile phone
10 D601,540 Mobile phone
11 D601,536 Portable phone
12 D601,534 Portable phone
13 D601,533 Portable phone
14 D601,531 Mobile phone
15 D601,530 Cellular phone
16 7,600,174 Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding a block low density parity check code
17 7,600,065 Arbitration scheme for shared memory device
18 7,600,060 Memory system and method for setting data transmission speed between host and memory card
19 7,599,800 Apparatus and method for coding genetic information
20 7,599,724 Portable terminal having sliding case
21 7,599,716 Method for processing data in mobile communication terminal
22 7,599,704 Voice call connection method during a push to talk call in a mobile communication system
23 7,599,694 Method for transmitting uplink data during handoff
24 7,599,417 Laser pumping unit and high power laser device tunnel junction including the same
25 7,599,363 Method for reporting reception result of packets in mobile communication system
26 7,599,343 Method for transmitting and receiving beacon information in wireless LAN mesh network
27 7,599,331 Apparatus and method for controlling data transfer rate on reverse link in mobile communication system
28 7,599,330 Handover method in WLAN and mobile node device performing handover in WLAN
29 7,599,309 Method and apparatus for managing cell-by-cell demodulation timings of a user equipment in an asynchronous mobile telecommunication system
30 7,599,278 Recording medium comprising ferroelectric layer, nonvolatile memory device comprising recording medium, and methods of writing and reading data for the memory device
31 7,599,270 Optical disc storage systems and methods utilizing frequency predictive wobble signal detection
32 7,599,260 Optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus and method for determining optimal reproducing speed thereof
33 7,599,237 Memory device and method for precharging a memory device
34 7,599,234 Semiconductor memory devices having signal delay controller and methods performed therein
35 7,599,222 Semiconductor memory device using pipelined-buffer programming and related method
36 7,599,219 Flash memory devices that support incremental step-pulse programming using nonuniform verify time intervals
37 7,599,216 Phase change memory devices and fabrication methods thereof
38 7,599,193 Tape circuit substrate with reduced size of base film
39 7,599,166 Multilayer chip capacitor
40 7,599,144 Method and apparatus compensating disturbance in state control device
41 7,599,142 Apparatus and method for slider-disk contact indication by monitoring the spindle control signal in a hard disk drive
42 7,599,037 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
43 7,599,015 Thin film transistor array panel and a method for manufacturing the same
44 7,599,013 Display device and manufacturing method therefor
45 7,599,004 Digital video signal processing apparatus and method for extracting data in a vertical blanking interval
46 7,598,965 Subpixel rendering filters for high brightness subpixel layouts
47 7,598,963 Operating sub-pixel rendering filters in a display system
48 7,598,961 method and apparatus for converting from a source color space to a target color space
49 7,598,951 Multiple effect expression method and apparatus in 3-dimension graphic image
50 7,598,945 Wireless communication terminal for changing image files of background picture and method for displaying image files of background picture using the same
51 7,598,933 Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panel to enhance display of gray scale and color
52 7,598,890 Apparatus and method for character entry in a portable terminal
53 7,598,787 Signal generation apparatus, frequency converting apparatus, and receiver
54 7,598,762 Semiconductor driver circuit with signal swing balance and enhanced testing
55 7,598,675 Plasma display panel having discharge cells
56 7,598,674 Plastic chassis and plasma display device including the same
57 7,598,673 Plasma display panel with enhanced luminous efficiency at a reduced discharge firing voltage
58 7,598,671 Flat panel display and method of manufacturing the same
59 7,598,669 Light-emitting diode, its manufacturing method, and display device using the same
60 7,598,639 Vibration motor provided with a thin blocking body of a communtator’s breakaway
61 7,598,615 Analytic structure for failure analysis of semiconductor device having a multi-stacked interconnection structure
62 7,598,607 Semiconductor packages with enhanced joint reliability and methods of fabricating the same
63 7,598,572 Silicided polysilicon spacer for enhanced contact area
64 7,598,571 Semiconductor device having vertical channels and method of manufacturing the same
65 7,598,564 Non-volatile memory devices and methods of forming non-volatile memory devices
66 7,598,552 Image sensor having improved sensitivity and method of manufacturing the same
67 7,598,536 Semiconductor device having load resistor and method of fabricating the same
68 7,598,528 High power light emitting diode package and method of producing the same
69 7,598,481 CMOS image sensor and method of driving the same
70 7,598,476 Image forming apparatus having improved flicker characteristics and method thereof
71 7,598,314 Siloxane dispersant and nanoparticle paste composition comprising the same
72 7,598,180 Semiconductor process for removing defects due to edge chips of a semiconductor wafer and semiconductor device fabricated thereby
73 7,598,177 Methods of filling trenches using high-density plasma deposition (HDP)
74 7,598,168 Method of fabricating dual damascene interconnection and etchant for stripping sacrificial layer
75 7,598,159 Method of fabricating thin film transistor substrate and thin film transistor substrate produced using the same
76 7,598,141 Method of fabricating static random access memory
77 7,598,139 Single chip data processing device with embedded nonvolatile memory and method thereof
78 7,598,136 Image sensor and related fabrication method
79 7,598,115 Method of fabricating organic light emitting display
80 7,598,112 Phase change memory devices and their methods of fabrication
81 7,598,111 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
82 7,598,103 Liquid crystal display panel with different substrate materials and method of making the liquid crystal display panel
83 7,598,095 Ferroelectric memory and ferroelectric capacitor with Ir-alloy electrode or Ru-alloy electrode and method of manufacturing same
84 7,598,064 Microfluidic device comprising electrolysis device for cell lysis and method for electrochemically lysing cells using the same
85 7,597,730 Dust collection apparatus for vacuum cleaner
86 7,597,550 Molding apparatus having ejector sleeve and ejector pin
87 7,597,414 Hybrid inkjet image forming apparatus having replaceable scanning unit
88 7,597,232 Apparatus for applying conductive paste onto electronic component
89 7,597,109 Spin scrubber apparatus
90 7,596,964 Refrigerator with supercooled beverage dispenser and method for controlling the same
91 7,596,884 Clothing dryer
92 7,596,829 Vacuum cleaner