Samsung patents granted on 06 October 2015

186 US patents granted on 06 October 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D740,506 Cleaner
2 D740,359 Printer
3 D740,340 Digital camera
4 D740,326 Control box for audio system
5 D740,324 TV receiver with animated graphical user interface
6 D740,317 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
7 D740,316 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
8 D740,315 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
9 D740,314 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
10 D740,313 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D740,312 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D740,308 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
13 D740,306 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
14 D740,300 Display screen or portion thereof with generated image
15 D740,298 Keyboard
16 D740,297 Keyboard
17 D740,294 Television receiver frame
18 D740,290 Pen for portable electronic device
19 D740,289 Mouse
20 D740,281 Portable terminal
21 D740,245 Television receiver
22 D740,244 Television receiver
23 9,155,210 Display apparatus
24 9,155,199 Passive device embedded in substrate and substrate with passive device embedded therein
25 9,155,197 Laminated chip electronic component, board for mounting the same, and packing unit thereof
26 9,155,192 Electronic component package
27 9,155,146 Light source apparatus and light emitting diode package
28 9,155,115 Method and apparatus for generating connection identifier for device-to-device communication
29 9,155,094 Method and apparatus for selecting frequency allocation in wireless communication system
30 9,155,091 Method and apparatus for configuring search space of a downlink control channel
31 9,155,090 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving reference signal in wireless communication system
32 9,155,069 Method and device for receiving a multimedia broadcast multicast service in a mobile communication system
33 9,155,061 Method for positioning mobile station
34 9,155,043 Communication method of a terminal and an access point for multi-user transmission opportunity (TXOP) power saving
35 9,155,038 Mobile network control apparatus and energy saving method
36 9,155,028 Apparatus and method for scanning network in a mobile communication terminal
37 9,154,967 Apparatus and method for scheduling using beam scanning in beamformed wireless communication system
38 9,154,930 Apparatus and method for sharing data
39 9,154,895 Apparatus of generating multi-channel sound signal
40 9,154,876 Apparatus and method for generating an acoustic radiation pattern
41 9,154,774 Stereoscopic imaging system for forming three-dimensional stereoscopic images
42 9,154,772 Method and apparatus for converting 2D content into 3D content
43 9,154,766 Method for outputting three-dimensional (3D) image at increased output frequency and display apparatus thereof
44 9,154,758 Digital signal processor and digital image processing apparatus adopting the same with concurrent live view frame and picture image processing
45 9,154,700 Apparatus and method for image capture using image stored in camera
46 9,154,692 Apparatus and method for continuously taking a picture
47 9,154,684 Method for performing out-focus using depth information and camera using the same
48 9,154,674 Camera module
49 9,154,669 Image apparatus for determining type of image data and method for processing image applicable thereto
50 9,154,657 Duplex scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
51 9,154,655 Image forming apparatus and method for displaying preview image, and server and method for providing preview image
52 9,154,600 Hold function control method and apparatus for mobile terminal
53 9,154,585 Data transmitting apparatus, data receiving apparatus, data transreceiving system, data transmitting method, data receiving method and data transreceiving method
54 9,154,474 Communication security method and apparatus of first node and second node communicating based on full duplex communication scheme using near field
55 9,154,341 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data in a communication system
56 9,154,323 Method and apparatus for wireless communication using bandwidth-request packet
57 9,154,218 Method and apparatus for BLUETOOTH connection in mobile terminal and computer-readable medium thereof
58 9,154,110 Radio frequency (RF) filter and RF transceiver using bulk acoustic wave resonator (BAWR)
59 9,154,042 Power supply apparatus
60 9,153,976 System and method of battery temperature control
61 9,153,967 Battery system and energy storage system including the same
62 9,153,957 Electrostatic discharge protection device and method for manufacturing the same
63 9,153,842 Rechargeable lithium battery including positive electrode including activated carbon and electrolyte containing propylene carbonate
64 9,153,813 Secondary battery
65 9,153,809 Secondary battery including retainer for electrode assembly
66 9,153,804 Secondary battery
67 9,153,801 Rechargeable battery having a plate terminal and a bolt terminal
68 9,153,795 Display apparatus manufacturing method
69 9,153,793 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
70 9,153,778 Resistive switching devices and memory devices including the same
71 9,153,767 Ultrasonic probe and manufacturing method thereof
72 9,153,763 Thermoelectric material, method for preparing the same, and thermoelectric module including the same
73 9,153,759 Light emitting diode, manufacturing method thereof, light emitting diode module, and manufacturing method thereof
74 9,153,705 Vertical memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
75 9,153,700 Method of manufacturing thin-film transistor, method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device including the same, and thin-film transistor and organic light-emitting display device manufactured using the methods
76 9,153,696 Semiconductor device having tri-gate transistor and method of manufacturing the same
77 9,153,692 Semiconductor device having a stress film on a side surface of a fin
78 9,153,678 Power semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
79 9,153,664 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
80 9,153,641 Wafer level package having cylindrical capacitor and method of fabricating the same
81 9,153,639 Memory devices with vertical storage node bracing and methods of fabricating the same
82 9,153,633 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
83 9,153,632 Organic light emitting device display and manufacturing method thereof
84 9,153,626 Thin film transistor having at least two carbon nanotube patterns formed in a channel and connected by at least one floating electrode and a display device including the same
85 9,153,605 Thin film transistor array substrate, organic light emitting display device comprising the same, and method of manufacturing the thin film transistor array substrate
86 9,153,603 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
87 9,153,600 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
88 9,153,599 Thin film transistor array panel
89 9,153,597 Methods of manufacturing a three-dimensional semiconductor device
90 9,153,590 Semiconductor devices including buried channels
91 9,153,577 Nonvolatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
92 9,153,564 Power module package and method of manufacturing the same
93 9,153,559 Semiconductor devices including through silicon via electrodes and methods of fabricating the same
94 9,153,522 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
95 9,153,514 Power module package
96 9,153,513 Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor apparatus prepared using the same
97 9,153,511 Chip on film including different wiring pattern, flexible display device including the same, and method of manufacturing flexible display device
98 9,153,499 Semiconductor device having metal plug and method of forming the same
99 9,153,489 Microelectronic devices having conductive through via electrodes insulated by gap regions
100 9,153,487 Methods of forming wirings in electronic devices
101 9,153,381 Chip device and method for manufacturing the same
102 9,153,332 Data storage device, controller, and operating method of data storage device
103 9,153,294 Semiconductor memory device having adjustable refresh period, memory system comprising same, and method of operating same
104 9,153,285 Content play device having content forming function and method for forming content thereof
105 9,153,206 Method and apparatus for controlling brightness of display in mobile device
106 9,153,200 Method for selecting backlight color values
107 9,153,197 Storage apparatus and method for effectively addressing display memory
108 9,153,196 Display device and driving method thereof
109 9,153,190 Gate driver and display apparatus having the same
110 9,153,189 Liquid crystal display apparatus
111 9,153,184 Method of processing data and display apparatus for performing the method
112 9,153,180 Multi primary color display device and method of driving the same
113 9,153,178 Pixel, including a link transistor, display device including the same, and driving method thereof
114 9,153,177 Apparatus for generating gray scale voltage in organic light emitting display device
115 9,153,176 Display device and method of driving the same
116 9,153,175 Display device and method for compensation of image data of the same
117 9,153,170 Display device and method for driving the display device at different power source voltage levels
118 9,153,167 Organic light emitting display capable of displaying an image with desired brightness
119 9,153,164 Organic light emitting display for adjusting data based on temperature compensation and driving method thereof
120 9,153,162 Pixel, display device comprising the pixel and driving method of the display device
121 9,153,159 Display driving circuit and electronic device comprising the same
122 9,153,032 Conversion method and apparatus with depth map generation
123 9,152,889 Power supplier and image forming apparatus including the power supplier
124 9,152,854 Image processing apparatus and method
125 9,152,772 Device and portable storage device which are capable of transferring rights object, and a method of transferring rights object
126 9,152,723 Method and apparatus for providing internet service in mobile communication terminal
127 9,152,560 Data management method for nonvolatile memory
128 9,152,551 Memory controller, method thereof, and electronic devices having the memory controller
129 9,152,547 Apparatus and method for scratch pad memory management
130 9,152,493 Error check and correction circuit and semiconductor memory
131 9,152,468 NUMA aware system task management
132 9,152,422 Apparatus and method for compressing trace data
133 9,152,418 Apparatus and method of exception handling for reconfigurable architecture
134 9,152,370 ID setting system, ID setting method and display unit using the same
135 9,152,315 Method and apparatus for operating an electronic book function in a mobile device
136 9,152,298 Display apparatus and displaying method thereof
137 9,152,281 Manufacturing method for touch screen panel
138 9,152,260 Touch panel and fabricating method thereof
139 9,152,252 Display device and driving method thereof
140 9,152,251 Scan driving circuit and method of repairing the same
141 9,152,213 Bus system in SoC and method of gating root clocks therefor
142 9,152,209 Method and apparatus for controlling an operation mode of a mobile terminal
143 9,152,181 Apparatus for mounting stylus pen in an information device
144 9,152,162 Constant voltage generating circuit and constant voltage generating method for generating a constant voltage with respect to a variable power supply voltage without using a regulator
145 9,152,123 Device for removing jam, image forming apparatus including the same, and method of removing jam
146 9,152,102 Image forming apparatus
147 9,152,096 Image forming apparatus having cooling unit
148 9,152,075 Image forming apparatus
149 9,152,014 Stereoscopic image photographing apparatuses and methods
150 9,152,010 Auto focus adjusting method, auto focus adjusting apparatus, and digital photographing apparatus including the same
151 9,152,000 Liquid crystal display
152 9,151,998 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
153 9,151,981 Liquid crystal display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
154 9,151,976 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
155 9,151,972 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
156 9,151,965 Lens driving device and camera module including the same
157 9,151,962 Position detector and autofocus control apparatus using focal point deviation detector
158 9,151,957 Three-dimensional image display device
159 9,151,952 Method of driving a display panel, a display panel driving apparatus for performing the method and a display apparatus having the display panel driving apparatus
160 9,151,945 Micro electric liquid device and apparatus including the same
161 9,151,932 Reflective type telephoto lens and photographing apparatus including the same
162 9,151,854 Information detection apparatus, phantom information recording apparatus and operation method thereof
163 9,151,841 Providing an ultrasound spatial compound image based on center lines of ultrasound images in an ultrasound system
164 9,151,785 Power measurement device
165 9,151,752 Method for amplifying variation of frequency of signal in piezoelectrical biosensor
166 9,151,745 Chip for inspecting toxicity and efficacy
167 9,151,740 Nanopore device with improved sensitivity and method of fabricating the same
168 9,151,711 Optoelectronic shutter, method of operating the same and optical apparatus including the optoelectronic shutter
169 9,151,622 Method and apparatus for estimating moving direction of user and computer-readable storage medium having recorded thereon the method
170 9,151,507 Air conditioner
171 9,150,952 Deposition source and deposition apparatus including the same
172 9,150,835 Modified microorganism for highly efficient production of lactic acid
173 9,150,783 Organic light emitting diode including organic layer comprising organic metal complex
174 9,150,496 Condensed-cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
175 9,150,388 Hoist apparatus
176 9,150,373 Image forming apparatus
177 9,150,106 Vehicle operating system and method of controlling the same
178 9,150,020 Liquid droplet discharge apparatus
179 9,150,002 Electroless surface treatment plated layers of printed circuit board and method for preparing the same
180 9,149,551 Plasma generating device, plasma generating method, and method for suppressing ozone generation
181 9,149,338 End effector and remote control apparatus
182 9,149,256 Ultrasound strain imaging based on lateral displacement compensation
183 9,149,247 X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof
184 9,149,241 Method of generating image by using multi-energy radiation data and apparatus therefor
185 9,149,239 Apparatus and method for measuring medical information providing three-dimensional stereoscopic image
186 9,149,167 Robot cleaner and control method thereof