Samsung patents granted on 07 April 2009

88 US patents granted on 07 April 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D589,968 Video image display for portable phone
2 D589,927 Cellular phone
3 D589,924 Mobile phone
4 D589,923 Mobile phone
5 D589,920 Portable phone
6 7,516,398 Apparatus and method of executing multi-clipboard
7 7,516,391 Apparatus and method for coding/decoding block low density parity check code with variable block length
8 7,516,384 Semiconductor memory testing device and test method using the same
9 7,516,347 Electronic device having power-down mode and method of reducing power consumption
10 7,516,345 Interface device for peripherals and priority control method thereof
11 7,516,338 Method and apparatus for temporarily decreasing an equivalent series resistance to decrease noise during a voltage change
12 7,516,337 Apparatus for supplying power to controller
13 7,516,318 Method of controlling an image forming apparatus
14 7,516,295 Method of remapping flash memory
15 7,516,269 Folding USB flash memory device for providing memory storage capacity
16 7,515,942 Method and device for telephone number search in a mobile terminal
17 7,515,941 Method for performing functions using telephone number searched for in mobile terminal
18 7,515,922 Method of transmitting/receiving control message in a mobile communication system providing multimedia broadcast/multicast service
19 7,515,902 Velocity estimation apparatus in mobile communication environments
20 7,515,892 Base station antenna system and method for estimating mobile station direction in wireless communication system
21 7,515,799 LCD device and method for manufacturing the same
22 7,515,647 Digital frequency converter
23 7,515,644 Apparatus and method for space-time-frequency block coding for increasing performance
24 7,515,641 Apparatus and method for processing ranging channel in orthogonal frequency division multiple access system
25 7,515,599 Information storage medium containing enhanced AV (ENAV) buffer configuration information, reproducing method thereof and method for managing the buffer
26 7,515,571 Frame structure for bridging operation in high-speed wireless personal area network and data transmitting method thereof
27 7,515,562 Apparatus and method for supporting soft handover in broadband wireless access communication system
28 7,515,559 Handoff system using an initial ranging scheme in a broadband wireless access communication system and method for controlling the same
29 7,515,517 Method and apparatus for data detection in blue laser optical disk drives
30 7,515,515 Method and apparatus for managing defects in recording media, a computer readable medium including computer readable code for the same, and a defect managed recording medium obtained using the same method, apparatus, and computer readable medium
31 7,515,510 Method and apparatus for managing disc defect using temporary DFL and temporary DDS including drive & disc information disc with temporary DFL and temporary DDS
32 7,515,503 High voltage transfer circuit and row decoder circuit comprising a high voltage transfer circuit
33 7,515,487 Internal reference voltage generating circuit for reducing standby current and semiconductor memory device including the same
34 7,515,486 Multimode data buffer and method for controlling propagation delay time
35 7,515,468 Nonvolatile memory device
36 7,515,459 Method of programming a memory cell array using successive pulses of increased duration
37 7,515,406 Foldable multi-display apparatus and method thereof
38 7,515,328 Apparatus for resetting location of reflective part of diffractive optical modulator
39 7,515,241 Bonding structure for flat panel display and method having outer and inner walls of a predetermined interval having sealant and bonded to upper and lower substrates for unimpeded cell gap between the substrates and the inner separation wall
40 7,515,236 Liquid crystal display device having OCB mode liquid crystal layer and method of fabricating the same
41 7,515,233 Liquid crystal display having dual pattern protrusions formed on an electrode
42 7,515,230 Array substrate, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
43 7,515,228 Display panel assembly and display apparatus having the same
44 7,515,224 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
45 7,515,220 Display device
46 7,515,218 Thin film transistor substrate for a liquid crystal display wherein a black matrix formed on the substrate comprises an inner aperture formed completely within the black matrix
47 7,515,171 Light scanning module having cleaning shutter to clean laser scanning window and image forming apparatus having the same
48 7,515,108 Antenna unit with incorporated TV and communication antennas for portable communication terminals and signal receiving method thereof
49 7,515,099 Radar system having single circularly polarized antenna
50 7,515,086 Pipelined analog-to-digital converter and method of analog-to-digital conversion
51 7,515,027 Shredded parallel stacked inductor
52 7,515,004 Voltage controlled oscillator with duty correction
53 7,514,984 Charge pumping circuit and direct current converting apparatus using the same
54 7,514,980 Exponential function generator and variable gain amplifier using the same
55 7,514,976 Pulsed flip-flop and method of controlling the same
56 7,514,949 Testing method detecting localized failure on a semiconductor wafer
57 7,514,903 Battery pack
58 7,514,869 Plasma display panel and plasma display device
59 7,514,863 Organic light emitting device
60 7,514,862 Organic light emitting display having an NaF layer and method of fabricating the organic light emitting display
61 7,514,858 Electron emission display device with electron collector or metal member
62 7,514,857 Electron emission device and electron emission display device using the same
63 7,514,744 Semiconductor device including carrier accumulation layers
64 7,514,741 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and related method
65 7,514,739 Nonvolatile semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
66 7,514,736 Semiconductor device having a capacitor and a fabrication method thereof
67 7,514,733 CMOS image device and local impurity region and method of manufacturing the same
68 7,514,720 White light emitting device
69 7,514,719 Display device
70 7,514,718 LED package, manufacturing method thereof, and LED array module using the same
71 7,514,704 Phase-change memory device and method of manufacturing the same
72 7,514,671 Optical disk apparatus
73 7,514,354 Methods for forming damascene wiring structures having line and plug conductors formed from different materials
74 7,514,325 Fin-FET having GAA structure and methods of fabricating the same
75 7,514,319 Copolymers, polymer resin composition for buffer layer method of forming a pattern using the same and method of manufacturing a capacitor using the same
76 7,514,315 Methods of forming capacitor structures having aluminum oxide diffusion barriers
77 7,514,310 Dual work function metal gate structure and related method of manufacture
78 7,514,284 Image sensor and method of fabricating the same
79 7,514,280 Method for packaging organic light emitting display with frit seal and reinforcing structure
80 7,514,182 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery using the same
81 7,514,170 Fuel cell system
82 7,514,167 Catalyst for a water gas shift for a fuel cell system, a method of preparing the same, and a fuel cell system including the same
83 7,514,020 Silicophosphate-based phosphor and light-emitting device including the same
84 7,513,656 Optical lens system, backlight assembly and display device
85 7,513,632 Direct-illumination backlight apparatus having transparent plate acting as light guide plate
86 7,513,605 Inkjet printhead with heat generating resistor
87 7,513,594 Spitting method of an array-type inkjet image forming apparatus
88 7,513,468 Monitor improved in a tilting and combining structure