Samsung patents granted on 07 April 2015

214 US patents granted on 07 April 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D726,319 Table for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
2 D726,253 Printer
3 D726,251 Multi-function printer
4 D726,250 Multi-function printer
5 D726,249 Multi-function printer
6 D726,241 Digital camera
7 D726,237 Camera
8 D726,236 Camera
9 D726,222 Display screen portion with icon
10 D726,198 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D726,197 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
12 D726,195 Stand for television receiver
13 D726,193 Case for electronic device
14 D726,190 Digital clipboard case
15 D726,187 Docking station
16 D726,181 Monitor
17 D726,177 Notebook computer
18 D726,173 Cover for mobile phone
19 D726,168 Electronic device
20 D726,163 Remote control
21 D726,148 Speaker
22 D726,136 Portable television receiver
23 9,003,521 Base station for detecting denial-of-service attacks in communication system and method for controlling the same
24 9,003,466 Method and system for isochronous data stream management in high speed audio/video networks
25 9,003,434 Spindle structure and optical disc drive including the spindle structure
26 9,003,324 Control device and control method thereof
27 9,003,322 Method and apparatus for processing multi-touch input at touch screen terminal
28 9,003,320 Image forming apparatus with touchscreen and method of editing input letter thereof
29 9,003,301 Image management method and system using thumbnail in DLNA system
30 9,003,262 Memory controller, devices including the same, and operating method thereof
31 9,003,185 Client computer, remote control system, and remote control method
32 9,003,092 System on chip bus system and a method of operating the bus system
33 9,003,004 Group-based control method and apparatus for MTC devices in mobile communication system
34 9,002,999 Mobile peer-to-peer based network apparatus and system
35 9,002,987 Method and apparatus for reproducing content in multimedia data providing system
36 9,002,927 Apparatus and method for managing remote user interface and system for the same
37 9,002,714 Method for controlling electronic apparatus based on voice recognition and motion recognition, and electronic apparatus applying the same
38 9,002,529 Power control method and device
39 9,002,520 User interface device of remote control system for robot device and method using the same
40 9,002,512 Robot and method of controlling walking thereof
41 9,002,444 Apparatus to measure skin moisture content and method of operating the same
42 9,002,421 Antenna assembly for portable device
43 9,002,410 Method and apparatus for creating, using, and disseminating customized audio/video clips
44 9,002,400 Apparatus and method for content display in a mobile terminal
45 9,002,382 Method and apparatus for identifying neighboring device
46 9,002,345 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving feedback information in a mobile communication system
47 9,002,337 Electronic device including multiple SIM cards and method thereof
48 9,002,332 Method and apparatus for performing call switching
49 9,002,304 Analog baseband filter apparatus for multi-band and multi-mode wireless transceiver and method for controlling the filter apparatus
50 9,002,303 Method and apparatus for programmable envelope shaping circuit based on piecewise linear interpolation
51 9,002,296 Communication terminal having TDD switch with isolating function and driving method thereof
52 9,002,293 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving channel quality information in a wireless communication system
53 9,002,279 System and method for aligning interference in uplink
54 9,002,253 Heating member and fusing device including the same
55 9,002,231 Image forming apparatus with guide member to guide air
56 9,002,182 Storage medium storing program management information, and reproducing method and apparatus
57 9,002,136 Denoising apparatus, system and method
58 9,002,087 Method and apparatus for processing image, ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, and medical imaging system
59 9,002,056 Image processing method and apparatus
60 9,001,938 Method and device for detecting received signal using median absolute deviation
61 9,001,936 Buffer management device and method for hybrid automatic repeat requests in a wireless communication system
62 9,001,918 Communication method and apparatus in a wireless communication system supporting multiple OFDM parameters sets
63 9,001,917 Method and apparatus for miniaturization of MIMO systems via tightly coupled antenna array
64 9,001,916 Method of transmitting secret information at transmitting end and method of receiving secret information at receiving end, based on MIMO multiplexing using antennas
65 9,001,890 Method and apparatus for video intraprediction encoding and decoding
66 9,001,887 Double register array buffer for motion compensation
67 9,001,798 HARQ-ACK signal transmission in response to detection of control channel type in case of multiple control channel types
68 9,001,776 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving control information in a wireless communication system
69 9,001,774 System and method for channel estimation in a delay diversity wireless communication system
70 9,001,772 Apparatus and method for managing access state of mobile station for group communication service in wireless communication system
71 9,001,716 Apparatus and method for detecting cause of radio link failure or handover failure in mobile communication system
72 9,001,704 Automatic gain control apparatus and method in a wireless communication system
73 9,001,677 Antenna allocation apparatus and method for cellular mobile communication system
74 9,001,634 Optical disc drive, user terminal, and file processing method
75 9,001,633 Method and apparatus for preventing the reading of an optical disc
76 9,001,624 Mobile terminal and method of setting alarm therein
77 9,001,607 Method and design for high performance non-volatile memory
78 9,001,601 Memory device including repair circuit and repair method thereof
79 9,001,588 Sense amplifier for nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
80 9,001,587 Flash memory and reading method of flash memory
81 9,001,579 Semiconductor memory device for and method of applying temperature-compensated word line voltage during read operation
82 9,001,572 System on chip including dual power rail and voltage supply method thereof
83 9,001,560 Nonvolatile memory devices using variable resistive elements and related driving methods thereof
84 9,001,551 Semiconductor devices including variable resistance elements and methods of operating semiconductor devices
85 9,001,519 Protective circuit module and battery pack having the same
86 9,001,493 Multilayered ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method of the same
87 9,001,491 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and circuit board with multilayer ceramic capacitor mounted thereon
88 9,001,490 Substrate fixing device and method for manufacturing the same
89 9,001,487 Ionizer
90 9,001,404 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
91 9,001,394 Image scanning apparatus and control method thereof
92 9,001,388 Imaging forming apparatus to merge print data with a rendering image, method of image forming, and computer-readable recording medium
93 9,001,381 Image forming apparatus which processes printing data including a transparency pattern, printing control terminal apparatus, and image forming method thereof
94 9,001,380 Print controlling terminal and method for compensating colors
95 9,001,379 Image forming apparatus and image forming method thereof
96 9,001,361 Image forming system including image forming apparatus supporting plurality of network interfaces and method of editing routing table thereof
97 9,001,344 Image forming apparatus, method of control thereof and computer readable medium
98 9,001,302 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
99 9,001,301 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
100 9,001,300 Liquid crystal display
101 9,001,290 Polarizer, display panel having the same and method of manufacturing the same
102 9,001,287 Display apparatus comprising a front member and a rear member wherein a bent portion of the rear member is received within an accommodating space of the front member
103 9,001,284 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
104 9,001,283 Shutter panel and display device including the same
105 9,001,254 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
106 9,001,220 Image sensor chip, method of obtaining image data based on a color sensor pixel and a motion sensor pixel in an image sensor chip, and system including the same
107 9,001,193 Apparatus, method and system for synchronization and 3D display apparatus using the same
108 9,001,184 Apparatus and method for taking image and conducting video communication
109 9,001,177 Enabling UE access domain selection for terminated speech/video calls
110 9,001,167 Display panel having crossover connections effecting dot inversion
111 9,001,165 Method of operating an organic light emitting display device, and organic light emitting display device
112 9,001,162 Display apparatus
113 9,001,159 Information-processing device, information-processing method and program
114 9,001,144 Image processing apparatus and method
115 9,001,142 Device and method for mapping color gamut
116 9,001,129 Processing apparatus and method for creating avatar
117 9,001,112 Display apparatus including a base unit having an image processing unit
118 9,001,110 Dual liquid crystal barrier, and stereoscopic image display device having the same
119 9,001,108 Scan driving device for a display device and driving method thereof
120 9,001,106 Display apparatus
121 9,001,105 Organic light emitting display including power source drivers configured to supply a plurality of voltage levels
122 9,001,102 Apparatus for supplying multi-output power and display apparatus using the same
123 9,001,098 Power supply and display apparatus having the same
124 9,001,095 Illumination sensing device having a reference voltage setting apparatus and a display device including the illumination sensing device
125 9,001,093 Display device and method of driving the same
126 9,001,092 Voltage summing buffer, digital-to-analog converter and source driver of display device including the same
127 9,001,088 Input device
128 9,001,085 Touch screen apparatus for determining accurate touch point coordinate pair
129 9,001,079 Touch screen panel
130 9,001,056 Operating method of terminal based on multiple inputs and portable terminal supporting the same
131 9,001,052 Touch screen panel and fabrication method thereof
132 9,001,044 Method for inputting user command and video apparatus employing the same
133 9,001,025 Reflective type display apparatus using dielectrophoresis and method of manufacturing the reflective type display apparatus
134 9,001,021 Display device and driving method thereof
135 9,001,010 Flexible display device and method of compensating for luminance of the flexible display device
136 9,001,009 Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
137 9,001,007 Display panels
138 9,000,983 Planar inverted F antenna
139 9,000,884 Mode-based access control method and device
140 9,000,814 Coarse lock detector
141 9,000,789 Method and equipment for testing semiconductor apparatuses simultaneously and continuously
142 9,000,729 Method and apparatus for battery gauging in a portable terminal using AMOLED display
143 9,000,723 Wireless charging apparatus and method
144 9,000,718 Battery management system including switch
145 9,000,695 Sensorless control apparatuses and control methods thereof
146 9,000,677 Light emitting diode driving apparatus
147 9,000,666 Flat panel display device with a sheet with a metal layer in between a base substrate and an encapsulation substrate
148 9,000,620 Apparatus and method of dividing wireless power in wireless resonant power transmission system
149 9,000,612 Energy storage system
150 9,000,572 Semiconductor package
151 9,000,564 Precision polysilicon resistors
152 9,000,523 Organic light-emitting display device
153 9,000,511 Non-volatile memory device
154 9,000,508 Nonvolatile memory devices having vertically integrated nonvolatile memory cell sub-strings therein
155 9,000,485 Electrode structures, gallium nitride based semiconductor devices including the same and methods of manufacturing the same
156 9,000,473 Heat dissipation material and light emitting diode package including a junction part made of the heat dissipation material
157 9,000,460 Semiconductor light emitting device
158 9,000,444 Thin film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display device including the same, and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display device
159 9,000,440 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing thin film transistor, and organic light emitting diode display
160 9,000,439 Transparent thin film having conductive and nonconductive portions, method of patterning the portions, thin-film transistor array substrate including the thin film and method of manufacturing the same
161 9,000,436 Thin film transistor and organic light emitting diode display
162 9,000,428 Organic light emitting diode display
163 9,000,427 Organic light emitting display device
164 9,000,426 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
165 9,000,424 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing an organic light emitting diode display
166 9,000,420 Condensed-cyclic compound and organic light emitting diode including organic layer containing the condensed-cyclic compound
167 9,000,399 Fluorescence detecting optical system and multi-channel fluorescence detection apparatus including the same
168 9,000,171 Organic electroluminescence material including a substituted acridine compound and organic electroluminescence device including the same
169 9,000,164 Organic electroluminescence material including a substituted phenazine group and organic electroluminescence device including the same
170 9,000,157 Metallic compound and organic electroluminescence device comprising the same
171 8,999,840 Method of forming fine patterns of semiconductor device
172 8,999,812 Graphene devices and methods of manufacturing the same
173 8,999,806 Thermal transfer method and method of manufacturing an organic light emitting display device using the same
174 8,999,748 Organic thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
175 8,999,614 Photoresist composition for forming a color filter and display substrate
176 8,999,581 Negative active material for lithium secondary battery, method for preparing the same, negative electrode comprising the same, and lithium secondary battery comprising same
177 8,999,579 Surface treated anode active material and method of making the same, anode including the same, and lithium battery including the same
178 8,999,578 Positive electrode active materials for lithium secondary battery, method for preparing the same and lithium secondary battery comprising the same
179 8,999,577 Negative active material, method of preparing the same, and lithium battery including the same
180 8,999,575 Positive electrode and lithium battery including the same
181 8,999,570 Battery pack exhibiting enhances structural strength
182 8,999,569 Rechargeable battery including a terminal connecting member
183 8,999,568 Secondary battery having an electrode terminal including a collecting plate, a connecting part, and a terminal part
184 8,999,567 Lithium polymer battery with external sheath
185 8,999,566 Pouch-type lithium secondary battery and fabrication method thereof
186 8,999,564 Secondary battery
187 8,999,563 Secondary battery
188 8,999,560 Prismatic type secondary battery including insulation tube
189 8,999,559 Secondary battery
190 8,999,557 Battery pack with elastic frame
191 8,999,556 Rechargeable battery
192 8,999,547 Battery module
193 8,999,545 Battery module
194 8,999,543 Rechargeable battery with larger curved ends having different radius of curvature
195 8,999,541 Battery pack
196 8,999,539 Secondary battery including short circuit member comprising duct part and deformable part
197 8,999,537 Battery pack
198 8,999,536 Battery pack
199 8,999,528 Condensation compound and organic light emitting device including the same
200 8,999,526 Organic photoelectronic device and image sensor
201 8,999,525 Condensed-cyclic compound, organic light-emitting device comprising the same, and flat panel display apparatus including the device
202 8,999,524 Organic light-emitting device
203 8,999,497 Barrier film for electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
204 8,999,201 Graphene substituted with boron and nitrogen, method of fabricating the same, and transistor having the same
205 8,999,064 Apparatus for forming thin film
206 8,998,811 3D ultrasound system for intuitive displaying to check abnormality of object and method for operating 3D ultrasound system
207 8,998,604 Injection mold
208 8,998,446 Optical film and organic light emitting display apparatus comprising the same
209 8,998,177 Humidifying and fresh-keeping device for refrigerator
210 8,998,068 Removal apparatuses for semiconductor chips
211 8,997,638 Steam cooking apparatus
212 8,997,459 NO.sub.x emission reduction system and method
213 8,997,340 Method of manufacturing and insulating sheet
214 8,997,289 Washing machine and control method thereof