Samsung patents granted on 07 August 2007

73 US patents granted on 07 August 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,254,757 Flash memory test system and method capable of test time reduction
2 7,254,738 Method for processing error of received packet in ethernet MAC layer
3 7,254,675 Memory system having memory modules with different memory device loads
4 7,254,661 Methods, circuits, and computer program products for variable bus arbitration
5 7,254,408 Apparatus and method for generating a calling tone of wire/wireless telephone
6 7,254,376 Wearable phone and method of using the same
7 7,254,352 Temperature control method for use in a fusing device of an image forming apparatus having a fusing roller and a heater heating the fusing roller and image forming apparatus using the same
8 7,254,344 Passive optical network using loop back of multi-wavelength light generated at central office
9 7,254,340 Apparatus and method for tracking optical wavelength in WDM passive optical network using loop-back light source
10 7,254,338 Multi-wavelength light source
11 7,254,257 Method and apparatus of recognizing face using component-based 2nd-order principal component analysis (PCA)/independent component analysis (ICA)
12 7,254,201 Clock and data recovery circuit and method
13 7,254,197 Apparatus and method for canceling interference signals in a receiver for a packet data communication system
14 7,254,129 Wireless phone and wireless communication method
15 7,254,121 System and method of controlling assignment of a call on a reverse supplemental channel in a mobile communication system
16 7,254,111 Routing coordination protocol for a massively parallel router architecture
17 7,254,098 CD-DVD compatible optical pickup and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same
18 7,254,076 Semiconductor memory device for improving response margin of redundancy flag signal and redundancy driving method for the same
19 7,254,066 Memory device with different termination units for different signal frequencies
20 7,254,064 Flash memory device having multi-level cell and reading and programming method thereof
21 7,254,061 Memory devices using tri-state buffers to discharge data lines, and methods of operating same
22 7,254,055 Initial firing method and phase change memory device for performing firing effectively
23 7,254,031 Display apparatus having heat dissipating structure for driver integrated circuit
24 7,254,007 Display apparatus having an anion generator
25 7,253,985 Delay clock track read back data to compensate time variance due to disk thermal expansion in spiral servo track writing
26 7,253,978 Methods and apparatus determining and/or using overshoot control of write current for optimized head write control in assembled disk drives
27 7,253,963 Inner focus type zoom lens system
28 7,253,943 Phase optimization apparatus and method for obtaining maximum extinction ratio in mach-zehnder interferometer wavelength converter using cross phase modulation of semiconductor optical amplifier
29 7,253,938 Laser scanning apparatus
30 7,253,936 Laser scanning unit
31 7,253,868 Liquid crystal display device comprising a plurality of spacers having compression ratios gradually increasing as advancing from a center to left and right edges of display region
32 7,253,849 Multi-domain liquid crystal display and a thin film transistor substrate of the same
33 7,253,843 Dual mode signal processing apparatus and method using a picture-in-picture (PIP) mode
34 7,253,829 Printing apparatus and method having functions to compensate for light intensity difference
35 7,253,825 Panel driving method and apparatus for representing gradation
36 7,253,799 Backlight using planar hologram for flat display device
37 7,253,707 Tunable active inductor
38 7,253,705 Air-gap type thin-film bulk acoustic resonator and fabrication method therefor
39 7,253,704 RF duplexer
40 7,253,703 Air-gap type FBAR, method for fabricating the same, and filter and duplexer using the same
41 7,253,688 Input matching circuit for multiband low noise amplifier
42 7,253,685 Class AB amplifier having adjustable quiescent current and output current
43 7,253,572 Electromagnetic induced accelerator based on coil-turn modulation
44 7,253,571 Wireless power supply and method of supplying power
45 7,253,565 Apparatus for supplying power, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
46 7,253,561 Plasma display panel including dopant elements Si and Fe
47 7,253,543 Electric blower and supercharger for automobiles using the same
48 7,253,491 Silicon light-receiving device
49 7,253,489 Magnetic field sensing device and a fabricating method of the same
50 7,253,467 Non-volatile semiconductor memory devices
51 7,253,383 Transformer assembly for microwave oven, method for manufacturing the same, and microwave oven having the same
52 7,253,099 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device that includes forming self-aligned contact pad
53 7,253,060 Gate-all-around type of semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
54 7,253,058 Method of manufacturing NOR-type mask ROM device and semiconductor device including the same
55 7,253,037 Method of fabricating thin film transistor
56 7,253,035 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
57 7,253,026 Ultra-thin semiconductor package device and method for manufacturing the same
58 7,252,916 Electro-photographic developing agent
59 7,252,908 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery using the same
60 7,252,716 Gas injection apparatus for semiconductor processing system
61 7,252,425 Light guide panel usable with backlight unit, backlight unit employing the same, and manufacturing method thereof
62 7,252,378 Ink cartridge
63 7,251,853 Robot cleaner having floor-disinfecting function
64 D548,246 MP3 player
65 D548,222 Speaker for home theater
66 D548,218 Mobile phone
67 D548,217 Mobile phone
68 D548,214 Portable phone
69 D548,212 Mobile phone
70 D548,211 Mobile phone
71 D548,206 TV receiver
72 D548,205 Television
73 D548,178 Charger for mobile phone