Samsung patents granted on 07 August 2012

134 US patents granted on 07 August 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D665,002 Digital camera
2 D664,956 Monitor for computer
3 D664,955 Tablet computer
4 D664,954 Tablet computer
5 D664,947 Remote controller
6 D664,940 TV receiver
7 8,239,838 Kernel-aware debugging system, medium, and method
8 8,239,764 System and method for selection of content source upon device power-on
9 8,239,747 Nonvolatile memory devices that utilize error correction estimates to increase reliability of error detection and correction operations
10 8,239,726 Apparatuses and methods for encoding and decoding
11 8,239,708 System on chip (SoC) device verification system using memory interface
12 8,239,616 Semiconductor device comprising flash memory and address mapping method
13 8,239,574 Apparatus and method for sharing a bookmark with other users in a home network
14 8,239,538 Execution allocation cost assessment for computing systems and environments including elastic computing systems and environments
15 8,239,407 Apparatus and method for recovering cursor position
16 8,239,385 Method of writing and reproducing multimedia service by using tag and apparatus therefor
17 8,239,243 Apparatus and method for operating supply chain management in mobile terminal
18 8,239,193 Method, apparatus, and medium for bandwidth extension encoding and decoding
19 8,238,986 Tilt-type sliding module for mobile phone and terminal holder using the same
20 8,238,970 Mobile communication terminal having aromatic function and communication terminal charger having aromatic charge function
21 8,238,959 Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power in mobile communication system based on fractional frequency reuse
22 8,238,954 Inter-cell interference avoidance for downlink transmission
23 8,238,937 Location sensing system and method for mobile communication system
24 8,238,878 Image security method and display method of portable terminal
25 8,238,857 Apparatus and method for performing attenuation function in cable broadcast receiver
26 8,238,812 Apparatus and method for collaborative hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) in broadband wireless communication using relay station
27 8,238,805 Image forming apparatus and auto color registration method thereof
28 8,238,792 Charge eliminator and image forming apparatus having the same
29 8,238,791 Fusing unit including pivoting frame and image forming apparatus having the same
30 8,238,789 Article of consumption and image forming apparatus having the same
31 8,238,777 Developing device and electrophotographic image forming apparatus including the developing device
32 8,238,776 Image forming device to perform auto color registration and method thereof
33 8,238,763 Systems and methods of managing errors of an image forming apparatus
34 8,238,740 Light quantity adjustment apparatus and photographing apparatus including the same
35 8,238,659 Image processing apparatus and method of determining a region of an input image and adjusting pixel values of the region
36 8,238,619 Method of extracting ridge line and valley line from three-dimensional point data
37 8,238,572 Speaker device of mobile communication terminal for outputting high quality sound
38 8,238,569 Method, medium, and apparatus for extracting target sound from mixed sound
39 8,238,566 Apparatus for providing sound effects according to an image and method thereof
40 8,238,486 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system having improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
41 8,238,484 Digital transmission and reception devices for transmitting and receiving streams, and processing methods thereof
42 8,238,471 Apparatus and method for interference cancellation in multi-antenna system
43 8,238,464 Method and apparatus for decomposing channel in closed-loop multiple input multiple output communication system
44 8,238,461 Apparatus for generating precoding matrix codebook for MIMO system and method of the same
45 8,238,455 Methods and apparatus for downlink PDSCH power setting
46 8,238,446 Method and apparatus for reproducing digital broadcasting
47 8,238,416 Apparatuses and methods for transmitting and receiving uncompressed AV data
48 8,238,375 Method and apparatus for transmitting broadcasting information
49 8,238,343 Method and apparatus of performing tunnel signaling over IP tunneling path
50 8,238,320 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control information to randomize inter-cell interference in a mobile communication system
51 8,238,317 Method and apparatus for routing packet
52 8,238,299 Method and apparatus for scheduling in cellular system using cable relay station
53 8,238,297 Method and system for dimensioning scheduling assignments in a communication system
54 8,238,296 Method and apparatus for scanning for an idle channel in a frequency environment
55 8,238,294 System and method for reserving resources in a mobile network environment using multiple interfaces
56 8,238,288 Duplicate detection method for ad hoc network
57 8,238,283 Method and apparatus for transmitting messages in portable terminal
58 8,238,236 Method for reporting reception result of packets in mobile communication system
59 8,238,216 Holographic recording/reproducing apparatus having aperture of variable size
60 8,238,185 Non-volatile memory device having temperature compensator and memory system thereof
61 8,238,164 Method of programming nonvolatile memory device
62 8,238,161 Nonvolatile memory device
63 8,238,160 Nonvolatile memory device and memory system having the same
64 8,238,148 Semiconductor device having architecture for reducing area and semiconductor system including the same
65 8,238,147 Multi-level phase change memory device, program method thereof, and method and system including the same
66 8,238,112 Sub-mount, light emitting device including sub-mount and methods of manufacturing such sub-mount and/or light emitting device
67 8,238,055 Motor and recording disc driving device
68 8,238,036 Zoom lens and photographing apparatus having the same
69 8,238,034 Varifocal lens and imaging apparatus including the same
70 8,238,006 Apparatus and method for displaying three-dimensional images
71 8,237,952 Method of setting default printer in a host device
72 8,237,938 Method and apparatus to create color conversion profiles
73 8,237,908 Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display
74 8,237,878 Liquid crystal display
75 8,237,872 Projection type display apparatus
76 8,237,867 Dynamic gain adjustment method based on brightness and apparatus thereof
77 8,237,845 Method and apparatus for controlling a focus lens
78 8,237,827 Digital photographing apparatus for correcting smear taking into consideration acquired location relationship
79 8,237,823 Method and apparatus for canceling chromatic aberration
80 8,237,822 Image processing method and apparatus for reducing noise in an image
81 8,237,802 Method and apparatus for determining shaken image by using auto focusing
82 8,237,774 Method and apparatus for obtaining improved panoramic images
83 8,237,766 Video telephony terminal and image transmission method thereof
84 8,237,759 Light scanning unit and image forming apparatus comprising the same
85 8,237,749 Image display device and method for correcting display characteristic thereof
86 8,237,706 Apparatus and method for simplifying three-dimensional mesh data
87 8,237,697 Amplifier circuits in which compensation capacitors can be cross-connected so that the voltage level at an output node can be reset to about one-half a difference between a power voltage level and a common reference voltage level and methods of operating the same
88 8,237,654 Display apparatus and control method thereof
89 8,237,652 Liquid crystal display apparatus and control method thereof
90 8,237,646 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
91 8,237,637 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
92 8,237,634 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
93 8,237,630 Plasma display, controller and driving method thereof with simultaneous driving when maximum grayscale is higher than reference level
94 8,237,613 Apparatus and method for identifying subscriber position in portable terminal
95 8,237,552 Method and apparatus for controlling input/output interface
96 8,237,487 Level shift circuit and display device having the same
97 8,237,476 Semiconductor memory device having delay lock loop with wide frequency range and delay cell current reduction scheme
98 8,237,409 Protection circuit module of secondary battery and secondary battery using the same
99 8,237,362 Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing the same
100 8,237,356 Organic light emitting display device
101 8,237,354 Organic light emitting diode display
102 8,237,351 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
103 8,237,332 Piezoelectric acoustic transducer and method of fabricating the same
104 8,237,330 Vibrating element, fabrication method thereof, and ultrasonic motor having the same
105 8,237,314 Horizontal linear vibrator
106 8,237,255 Multi-layer printed circuit board having built-in integrated circuit package
107 8,237,240 Isolation layer structure, method of forming the same and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including the same
108 8,237,230 Semiconductor device comprising a dummy well and method of fabricating the same
109 8,237,214 Non-volatile memory device including metal-insulator transition material
110 8,237,202 Semiconductor devices including dehydrogenated interlayer dielectric layers
111 8,237,200 Methods of arranging L-shaped cell blocks in semiconductor devices
112 8,237,199 Cell array of semiconductor memory device and a method of forming the same
113 8,237,168 Organic light emitting display device
114 8,237,165 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
115 8,237,156 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
116 8,237,154 Composite light-emitting material and light-emitting device comprising the same
117 8,237,149 Non-volatile memory device having bottom electrode
118 8,237,141 Non-volatile memory device including phase-change material
119 8,236,699 Contact patterning method with transition etch feedback
120 8,236,690 Method for fabricating semiconductor package substrate having different thicknesses between wire bonding pad and ball pad
121 8,236,682 Method of forming contact structure
122 8,236,673 Methods of fabricating vertical semiconductor device utilizing phase changes in semiconductor materials
123 8,236,650 Vertical-type non-volatile memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
124 8,236,647 Method for fabricating nonvolatile memory device
125 8,236,586 Method of fabricating light emitting device
126 8,236,435 Board assembly for rechargeable battery and battery pack using the same
127 8,236,260 Fuel processor for fuel cell
128 8,235,827 Compliant joint
129 8,235,612 Printing apparatus to prevent multifeed related printing errors and method thereof
130 8,235,488 Electronic apparatus and method to control electronic apparatus
131 8,235,242 Anti-sloshing structure for LNG cargo tank
132 8,235,073 Microfluidic valve unit for controlling flow of fluid and method of fabricating the same
133 8,234,893 Cold-start in situation-aware systems
134 8,234,781 Printed circuit board and method of fabricating the same