Samsung patents granted on 07 December 2010

125 US patents granted on 07 December 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D628,556 Speaker
2 D628,553 Audio set
3 D628,549 Mobile phone
4 D628,548 Mobile phone
5 D628,547 Mobile phone
6 D628,546 Mobile phone
7 D628,374 Mobile phone case
8 7,849,431 CMOS inverter layout for increasing effective channel length
9 7,849,379 Device and method for determining a defective area on an optical media
10 7,849,373 Method of testing a memory module and hub of the memory module
11 7,849,222 Method of synchronizing multiple content directory services, and content directory service devices and a system thereof
12 7,849,155 Apparatus and method of providing multimedia content
13 7,849,060 System and method for managing log information for transaction
14 7,848,784 Apparatus for saving power by using location information and method thereof
15 7,848,774 Method and apparatus for selecting service path in relay communication system
16 7,848,773 Mobile communication terminal having qwerty keys and method for outputting dual tone multi-frequency signal thereof
17 7,848,757 Apparatus and method for extending mobility in a mobile ad hoc network
18 7,848,755 Method for recovering ARQ data in wireless portable internet system
19 7,848,752 Short-range wireless communication system and a handoff processing method therefor
20 7,848,729 System and method for saving power consumption of sensor based on context information in wireless sensor network
21 7,848,693 Endless belt type fusing device and image forming apparatus employing the same
22 7,848,691 Transfer unit and image forming apparatus employing the same
23 7,848,690 Image forming apparatus and auto color registration method thereof
24 7,848,590 Image processing apparatus and method of removing regions or dividing portions of an input image to reduce computation
25 7,848,586 System, medium, and method encoding and/or decoding image data
26 7,848,526 Method of receiving session key in home network and method of reproducing content using the same
27 7,848,525 Hybrid broadcast encryption method
28 7,848,513 Method for transmitting security context for handover in portable internet system
29 7,848,464 Method and apparatus for receiving data in a communication system
30 7,848,462 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system having improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
31 7,848,461 Apparatus and method for signal reception in multiple input multiple output (MIMO) communication system
32 7,848,437 Sub-carrier diversity method on multi-band orthogonal-frequency-division-multiplexing symbol
33 7,848,435 NxN multiple-input multiple-output transceiver
34 7,848,426 Motion vector estimation method and encoding mode determining method
35 7,848,407 Methods, circuits, and computer program products for syntax parsing in H.264 compliant video decoders
36 7,848,351 Method for sharing contents between devices using IEEE 1394 interface in DLNA system
37 7,848,347 Pattern-based polling of mobile stations for channel quality information
38 7,848,324 Internet group membership protocol network device and signal processing control method thereof in IP digital broadcasting system
39 7,848,295 System and method for managing a band AMC subchannel in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access communication system
40 7,848,286 Wireless local area network (WLAN) and channel selection method of WLAN station
41 7,848,276 Apparatus and method for supporting relay service in multihop relay broadband wireless access (BWA) communication system
42 7,848,273 System and method for transmitting and receiving a traffic indication message in a broadband wireless access communication system
43 7,848,267 System and method for performing remote calling
44 7,848,165 Methods of operating phase-change random access memory devices
45 7,848,164 Semiconductor memory device having redundancy memory block and cell array structure thereof
46 7,848,160 Semiconductor storage device and method for operating the same
47 7,848,155 Non-volatile memory system including spare array and method of erasing a block in the same
48 7,848,147 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and writing method of the same
49 7,848,091 Dual-screen mobile display device
50 7,847,994 Light scanning system and image forming apparatus
51 7,847,914 Thin film transistor array panel and method for repairing liquid crystal display including the same
52 7,847,909 Liquid crystal display device having particular dummy pattern
53 7,847,907 Display substrate, method of fabricating the same, and liquid crystal display device having the same
54 7,847,906 Liquid crystal display
55 7,847,901 Liquid crystal display
56 7,847,894 Transreflective liquid crystal display
57 7,847,893 Display device and method of fabricating the same
58 7,847,891 Liquid crystal display
59 7,847,889 Panel for display device with light blocking on blue color filter and liquid crystal display
60 7,847,882 Backlight assembly, liquid crystal display apparatus having the same, and method thereof
61 7,847,881 Diffusion plate, backlight assembly, liquid crystal display having the same and method of forming thereof
62 7,847,880 Light guiding plate with refractive member, backlight assembly having the same, and display device having the same
63 7,847,874 Display panel and method of manufacturing a display substrate of the display panel
64 7,847,872 Liquid crystal display and test method thereof
65 7,847,851 Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus and digital photographing apparatus using the method
66 7,847,827 Method and apparatus for photographing an object to produce still image while recording moving picture
67 7,847,796 Display device and driving method with a scanning driver utilizing plural turn-off voltages
68 7,847,777 Source driver and display device having the same
69 7,847,769 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
70 7,847,768 Organic electroluminescence display and driving method thereof
71 7,847,765 Display device and driving method thereof
72 7,847,760 Pixel circuit, organic light emitting display using the pixel circuit and driving method for the display
73 7,847,710 Integrating hashing and decompression of compressed data for safe computing environments and systems
74 7,847,655 Switching circuit
75 7,847,651 Method of and apparatus to generate pulse width modulated signal from sampled digital signal by chaotic modulation
76 7,847,636 Low noise amplifier for ultra wide band
77 7,847,557 Battery management system and method of driving the same
78 7,847,478 Organic light emitting display panel with absorbing members and method of fabricating the same
79 7,847,476 Light emission device, method of manufacturing the light emission device, and display device having the light emission device
80 7,847,474 Vacuum envelope and electron emission display having the vacuum envelope
81 7,847,458 Motor having rivetless rotor core
82 7,847,416 Wafer level package and method of fabricating the same
83 7,847,403 Semiconductor device having no cracks in one or more layers underlying a metal line layer
84 7,847,402 BEOL interconnect structures with improved resistance to stress
85 7,847,396 Semiconductor chip stack-type package and method of fabricating the same
86 7,847,383 Multi-chip package for reducing parasitic load of pin
87 7,847,380 Tape substrate and semiconductor module for smart card, method of fabricating the same, and smart card
88 7,847,367 Semiconductor devices having a gate electrode and methods of fabricating the same
89 7,847,348 Semiconductor apparatus
90 7,847,339 Semiconductor integrated circuit devices having conductive patterns that are electrically connected to junction regions
91 7,847,332 Nonvolatile memory devices with oblique charge storage regions and methods of forming the same
92 7,847,311 Organic light emitting display (OLED) with conductive spacer and its method of manufacture
93 7,847,292 Flat panel display
94 7,847,291 Display substrate
95 7,847,287 Inverter, logic circuit including an inverter and methods of fabricating the same
96 7,847,220 Steam generator and heating cooking apparatus having the same
97 7,846,981 Polymer electrolytic membrane, and fuel cell employing the same
98 7,846,864 Photocatalyst materials having semiconductor characteristics and methods for manufacturing and using the same
99 7,846,836 Method of forming a conductive structure in a semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
100 7,846,825 Method of forming a contact hole and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having the same
101 7,846,801 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
102 7,846,796 Semiconductor devices including buried bit lines
103 7,846,790 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having multiple gate dielectric layers and semiconductor device fabricated thereby
104 7,846,787 Method of manufacturing transistor and method of manufacturing organic electroluminescence display using the same
105 7,846,784 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
106 7,846,765 Method for forming organic layer pattern, organic layer pattern prepared by the same and organic memory devices comprising the pattern
107 7,846,754 High power light emitting diode package and method of producing the same
108 7,846,752 High power LED housing and fabrication method thereof
109 7,846,619 Hybrid photomask and method of fabricating the same
110 7,846,618 Multi-tone optical mask, method of manufacturing the same and method of manufacturing thin-film transistor substrate by using the same
111 7,846,609 Module-type fuel cell system
112 7,846,605 Pump having noise-proof and vibration-proof structure and fuel cell system using the same
113 7,846,594 Reformer and fuel cell system having the same
114 7,846,588 Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising same
115 7,846,580 Lithium polymer battery with a reinforcement layer covering and a method for manufacturing the lithium polymer battery
116 7,846,578 Rechargeable battery
117 7,846,559 Heterocyclic compound and an organic light emitting device comprising the same
118 7,846,495 Method of forming hydrophobic coating layer on surface of nozzle plate of inkjet head
119 7,846,001 Manufacture and method of sealing an organic light emitting display
120 7,845,863 Image photography apparatus
121 7,845,539 Bump printing apparatus
122 7,845,306 Method and apparatus of forming alignment film
123 7,845,073 Method of manufacturing circuit board embedding thin film capacitor
124 7,845,064 Method for manufacturing crystal device
125 7,845,050 Device for buffering the closing impact of furniture doors