Samsung patents granted on 07 July 2009

89 US patents granted on 07 July 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE40,834 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium batteries and method of preparing the same
2 D595,736 DVD player
3 D595,734 MP3 player
4 D595,711 Mobile personal computer
5 D595,682 Mobile phone
6 7,558,993 Test apparatus for semiconductor memory device
7 7,558,979 Methods for determining simultaneous switching induced data output timing skew
8 7,558,901 Apparatus and method for connecting processor to bus
9 7,558,763 Image verification method, medium, and apparatus using a kernel based discriminant analysis with a local binary pattern (LBP)
10 7,558,580 Apparatus and method for antenna verification of closed loop mode transmit diversity
11 7,558,570 Terrestrial DMB receiver using imaginary channel to receive broadcasting services
12 7,558,550 Versatile system for multimode, wireless communication receiver with ZIF and Near-ZIF operations
13 7,558,535 Apparatus and method for adaptively changing uplink power control scheme according to mobile status in a TDD mobile communication system
14 7,558,512 Toner cartridge and electrophotographic printer employing the same
15 7,558,511 Scanning apparatus and method having editing function, and multi functional peripheral using the scanning method
16 7,558,505 Image forming apparatus and method of sensing printing medium jam therein
17 7,558,504 Image forming apparatus
18 7,558,493 Full-loading sensing device for an image forming apparatus
19 7,558,491 Electro-photographic image forming apparatus having one or more safety sensors installed to improve user safety
20 7,558,473 Optical image stabilizer for camera lens assembly
21 7,558,346 Symbol detector based on frequency offset compensation in ZigBee system and symbol detecting method thereof
22 7,558,345 Apparatus and method for synchronizing symbol timing synchronization applicable to orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) receiver
23 7,558,311 Spread spectrum clock generator and method for generating a spread spectrum clock signal
24 7,558,293 Method for detecting initial operation mode in wireless communication system employing OFDMA scheme
25 7,558,288 Layer-based multiple data processing apparatus and method
26 7,558,285 Data processing system and data interfacing method thereof
27 7,558,279 Apparatus and method for minimizing transmission delay in a data communication system
28 7,558,268 Apparatus and method for combining forwarding tables in a distributed architecture router
29 7,558,241 System and method for fast packet data connection setup
30 7,558,222 System and method for sending IP packets to a mobile station transitioning from dormant state to active state
31 7,558,179 Compatible optical pickup using light sources following a common optical path
32 7,558,174 Disc with temporary disc definition structure (TDDS) and temporary defect list (TDFL), and method of and apparatus for managing defect in the same
33 7,558,165 Disc drive calibration with forced track traversing signal
34 7,558,161 Integrated optical system and method of manufacturing the same and information recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the integrated optical system
35 7,558,128 Semiconductor memory device having a voltage boosting circuit
36 7,558,127 Data output circuit and method in DDR synchronous semiconductor device
37 7,558,122 Flash memory device and method of erasing flash memory device
38 7,558,121 Flash memory device and smart card including the same
39 7,558,114 Flash memory device capable of improving reliability
40 7,558,105 Phase change memory devices and multi-bit operating methods for the same
41 7,558,100 Phase change memory devices including memory cells having different phase change materials and related methods and systems
42 7,558,073 Multifunctional peripheral device
43 7,558,026 Method and apparatus for a single piezoelectric micro-actuator in a head gimbal assembly of a hard disk drive
44 7,558,010 Optical pick-up actuator and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus including the optical pick-up actuator
45 7,558,005 Compact lens system
46 7,558,001 Compact zoom lens
47 7,557,905 Wafer loading apparatus
48 7,557,877 Display apparatus
49 7,557,867 Optical engine and image projecting apparatus having the same
50 7,557,859 Housing for CCTV camera
51 7,557,790 Bus interface technology
52 7,557,787 Driving method of FS-LCD
53 7,557,784 OLED pixel circuit and light emitting display using the same
54 7,557,783 Organic light emitting display
55 7,557,760 Inverted-F antenna and mobile communication terminal using the same
56 7,557,755 Ultra wideband antenna for filtering predetermined frequency band signal and system for receiving ultra wideband signal using the same
57 7,557,680 Apparatus for wideband transmission conversion from coplanar waveguide to parallel transmission line
58 7,557,657 Variable gain amplifier with wide gain variation and wide bandwidth
59 7,557,649 DC offset cancellation circuit and programmable gain amplifier using the same
60 7,557,633 High speed analog envelope detector
61 7,557,630 Sense amplifier-based flip-flop for reducing output delay time and method thereof
62 7,557,602 Pre-emphasis circuit including slew rate controllable buffer
63 7,557,571 Fluxgate sensor integrated in semiconductor substrate and method for manufacturing the same
64 7,557,508 Plasma display panel comprising opaque electrodes
65 7,557,506 Plasma display panel
66 7,557,505 Plasma display panel provided with display electrodes within barrier ribs
67 7,557,501 Flat panel display device having molybdenum conductive layer
68 7,557,445 Multilayer substrate and the manufacturing method thereof
69 7,557,415 Trench isolation type semiconductor device and related method of manufacture
70 7,557,411 Semi-conductor-on-insulator structure, semiconductor devices using the same and method of manufacturing the same
71 7,557,410 Dynamic random access memory device
72 7,557,404 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of forming the same
73 7,557,403 Double gate transistors having at least two polysilicon patterns on a thin body used as active region and methods of forming the same
74 7,557,391 Organic light-emitting display device
75 7,557,388 MOSFET formed on a strained silicon layer
76 7,557,382 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
77 7,557,369 Display and method for manufacturing the same
78 7,557,050 Method of manufacturing polysilicon thin film and method of manufacturing thin film transistor having the same
79 7,557,026 Contact structure and method of forming the same
80 7,557,020 Method for fabricating thin film transistor using metal catalyst layer
81 7,556,989 Semiconductor device having fuse pattern and methods of fabricating the same
82 7,556,867 Iridium (III) complex with heteroatom linking group and organic electroluminescent device using the same
83 7,556,712 Laser cleaning of backside of wafer for photolithographic processing
84 7,556,680 Ink composition
85 7,556,662 Multi-cyclone dust separating apparatus
86 7,556,533 Rechargeable battery module capable of managing the variation of intervals between unit batteries
87 7,556,418 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
88 7,555,909 Method of fully freezing ice and refrigerator using the same
89 7,555,808 Vacuum cleaner having a cyclone dust collecting apparatus