Samsung patents granted on 07 June 2011

117 US patents granted on 07 June 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE42,433 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
2 RE42,431 Optical disc having uniform structure
3 D639,351 Mobile robot
4 D639,327 Camcorder
5 D639,326 Digital camera
6 D639,325 Digital camera
7 D639,318 Refrigerator
8 D639,317 Refrigerator
9 D639,315 Refrigerator
10 D639,314 Refrigerator
11 D639,269 MP3 player
12 D639,254 Set top box
13 D639,237 Charger for vacuum cleaner
14 D639,105 Microwave oven
15 7,958,537 Method of providing initial pictures to digital TV
16 7,958,461 Method of inputting characters on a wireless mobile terminal
17 7,958,423 Method and apparatus for performing hybrid automatic retransmission request (HARQ) in a mobile communication system
18 7,958,410 Method for shifting a phase of a clock signal and memory chip using the same
19 7,958,389 Recording/reproducing apparatus for performing RMW for low, recording/reproducing method therefor, and information storage medium therefor
20 7,958,382 Latency signal generator and method thereof
21 7,958,272 Method and apparatus for outputting a user interface (UI) event of 3rd party device in home network
22 7,958,253 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving content on distributed storage system
23 7,957,974 Method and apparatus for controlling devices connected to home network
24 7,957,883 Handheld information device and control method thereof
25 7,957,836 Method used by robot for simultaneous localization and map-building
26 7,957,823 Apparatus and method for tuning volume of downloaded sound
27 7,957,766 Method for controlling a camera mode in a portable terminal
28 7,957,740 Apparatus and method for performing handoff to reduce number of session transfers in a mobile communication system
29 7,957,739 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving network sharing information about neighbor cells in a network sharing system
30 7,957,737 Mesh node association method in a mesh network, and mesh network supporting the same
31 7,957,699 Method and apparatus for measuring state of plurality of channels and for selecting idle channel
32 7,957,690 Image forming apparatus
33 7,957,586 Method for converting color space of image signal
34 7,957,585 Apparatus and method for spatially predicting, encoding, compensating and decoding image data
35 7,957,545 Stereo speaker system having acoustic filter for improving low frequency characteristic
36 7,957,538 Method and apparatus to decode audio matrix
37 7,957,499 Apparatus and method for compensating timing offset in broadband wireless communication system
38 7,957,497 Clock and data recovery circuits using random edge sampling and recovery method therefor
39 7,957,483 Transmission/reception apparatus and method for supporting MIMO technology in a forward link of a high rate packet data system
40 7,957,479 Apparatus and method for supporting distortionless vector perturbation in multiple antenna system
41 7,957,475 Dual carrier modulation (DCM) demapper and DCM demapping method
42 7,957,467 Content-adaptive block artifact removal in spatial domain
43 7,957,452 Direct sequence spread spectrum transceiver
44 7,957,434 Light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
45 7,957,349 Handover method and apparatus in a mobile communication system
46 7,957,340 Method of allocating frequency subband and apparatus adopting the same
47 7,957,338 Apparatus and method for providing data service in portable terminal
48 7,957,281 Method for interworking between access control router and position determination entity in position recognition system based on portable internet and system therefor
49 7,957,248 Apparatus and method of recording/reproducing hologram and hologram recording medium
50 7,957,233 Near-field gap pull-in method and optical disc apparatus therefor
51 7,957,217 Method of controlling internal voltage and multi-chip package memory prepared using the same
52 7,957,201 Flash memory device operating at multiple speeds
53 7,957,199 Method of erasing in non-volatile memory device
54 7,957,186 Non-volatile memory system and data read method of non-volatile memory system
55 7,957,175 Information storage devices using movement of magnetic domain walls and methods of manufacturing the same
56 7,957,128 Organic light emitting diode display
57 7,957,086 Hard disk drive apparatus, method to control flying height of magnetic head thereof, and recording media for computer program therefor
58 7,957,048 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
59 7,956,983 Exposure equipment having auxiliary photo mask and exposure method using the same
60 7,956,979 Display apparatus
61 7,956,962 Transflective type display panel having sub pixel areas and particular transmission and reflection electrode arrangement and display apparatus having the same
62 7,956,950 Liquid crystal displays and methods of fabricating the same
63 7,956,947 Thin film transistor array substrate having improved electrical characteristics and method of manufacturing the same
64 7,956,944 Liquid crystal display device having light blocking line disposed on same layer as gate line
65 7,956,943 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
66 7,956,942 Liquid crystal display and method thereof
67 7,956,936 Remote controller and image system comprising the same
68 7,956,934 Digital TV equipped with universal CPU and method for signal processing therefor
69 7,956,923 Mobile terminal having image corrector
70 7,956,911 Digital photographing apparatus, and method and program for controlling the same
71 7,956,910 Apparatus and method for correcting image edge
72 7,956,874 Display apparatus and control method thereof
73 7,956,871 Color disparity correction in image sensors methods and circuits
74 7,956,855 Display device using enhanced gate driver
75 7,956,845 Apparatus and method for providing virtual graffiti and recording medium for the same
76 7,956,834 Method for driving liquid crystal display and apparatus employing the same
77 7,956,755 Apparatus and/or method for inducing sound sleep and waking
78 7,956,702 Balun
79 7,956,692 Wide-band amplifier circuit with improved gain flatness
80 7,956,670 Temperature sensing device and electric device including the same
81 7,956,544 Light source module, backlight assembly having the same, display device having the same and method for reducing number of wires used in interconnect cable of the same
82 7,956,539 Plasma display panel
83 7,956,538 Organic light emitting display
84 7,956,533 Organic electroluminescent display device and manufacturing method thereof
85 7,956,464 Sputtering target and semiconductor device manufactured using the same
86 7,956,452 Flip chip packages
87 7,956,440 Capacitor and semiconductor device including the same
88 7,956,439 Void boundary structures, semiconductor devices having the void boundary structures and methods of forming the same
89 7,956,420 Low noise and high performance LSI device, layout and manufacturing method
90 7,956,407 Vertical type semiconductor device, method of manufacturing a vertical type semiconductor device and method of operating a vertical semiconductor device
91 7,956,393 Composition for photoresist stripper and method of fabricating thin film transistor array substrate
92 7,956,386 Wiring structure in a semiconductor device, method of forming the wiring structure, semiconductor device including the wiring structure and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
93 7,956,354 Method of manufacturing an organic thin film transistor, and an organic electroluminescene display device having the organic thin film transistor
94 7,956,343 Nonvolatile memory devices and method of manufacturing the same
95 7,956,342 Phase change material for use in a phase change random access memory, the phase change material having uniformly distributed insulating impurities
96 7,956,119 Coating composition for a soft feel coating on portable terminals and electronic instruments
97 7,955,957 Group III-nitride semiconductor thin film, method for fabricating the same, and group III-nitride semiconductor light emitting device
98 7,955,932 Single electron transistor and method of manufacturing the same
99 7,955,924 Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
100 7,955,908 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
101 7,955,888 Method of fabricating image sensor having reduced dark current
102 7,955,884 Semiconductor packages
103 7,955,879 Method of forming LED semiconductor device having annealed encapsulant layer and annealed luminescence conversion material layer
104 7,955,869 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
105 7,955,842 Microfluidic device and method for concentrating sample containing cells or viruses and lysing cells or viruses, and method of producing the microfluidic device
106 7,955,801 Method and apparatus for disrupting cells and purifying nucleic acid using a single chip
107 7,955,784 Photoresist composition and method of manufacturing a thin-film transistor substrate using the same
108 7,955,756 Catalyst for a fuel cell, a method of preparing the same, and a membrane-electrode assembly for a fuel cell and a fuel cell system including the same
109 7,955,736 Secondary battery
110 7,955,732 Collecting plate and secondary battery with the same
111 7,955,730 Secondary battery
112 7,955,717 Organic electroluminescent device and method of preparing the same
113 7,955,709 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
114 7,955,562 Chemical sensor using thin-film sensing member
115 7,955,521 Etchant and method for fabricating a thin film transistor substrate including conductive wires using the etchant and the resulting structure
116 7,955,259 Apparatus and method for inducing emotions
117 7,954,345 Washing machine with ornamental panel