Samsung patents granted on 07 March 2006

61 US patents granted on 07 March 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,010,322 Apparatus and method for controlling power of a forward common power control channel in a mobile communication system
2 7,010,318 Power control apparatus and method for a W-CDMA communication system employing a high-speed downlink packet access scheme
3 7,010,317 Apparatus and method for transmitting TFCI used for DSCH in a W-CDMA mobile communication system
4 7,010,287 Quadrature signal generator with feedback type frequency doubler
5 7,010,274 Antenna switching module having amplification function
6 7,010,244 Color electrophotographic printer having photosensitive drum protection device and method of operating same
7 7,010,238 Image printing apparatus and method of controlling thereof
8 7,010,218 Digital magnetic recording/reproducing device for recording/reproducing plural types of audio data, and recording/reproducing method therefore
9 7,010,214 Apparatus and method for detecting video cassette recorder signals
10 7,010,045 Decoder having digital image stabilization function and digital image stabilization method
11 7,010,009 Distributed bragg reflector laser and a method of making same
12 7,009,927 Method of recording or reproducing data on or from high density multi-layer recording medium using variable light intensity
13 7,009,926 Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data with respect to information storage medium
14 7,009,925 Method of identifying a type of optical disc
15 7,009,921 Method and circuit for detecting playback signal which is compensated for time delay
16 7,009,916 Optical pickup device
17 7,009,896 Apparatus and method for managing bad blocks in a flash memory
18 7,009,868 Memory device having a transistor and one resistant element as a storing means and method for driving the memory device
19 7,009,838 Computer disk drive adapter
20 7,009,804 Method and apparatus for micro-actuator stroke sensitivity calibration in a hard disk drive
21 7,009,803 Method and apparatus of dual stage servo control for track following in a hard disk drive
22 7,009,800 Method to control flying height between a head and a disk and apparatus thereof
23 7,009,675 Mother substrate for liquid crystal display apparatus and method of manufacturing same
24 7,009,660 Device and method for automatically discriminating between formats of video signals
25 7,009,653 Photographing apparatus having function of preventing blur of still image
26 7,009,588 Device and method for driving plasma display panel
27 7,009,344 Flat panel display device having planar field emission source
28 7,009,339 Organic EL display device and method of manufacturing the same
29 7,009,274 Fuse box semiconductor device
30 7,009,257 Methods of manufacturing integrated circuit devices having reduced contact resistance between a substrate and a contact pad while maintaining separation of the substrate and the contact pad and integrated circuit devices formed thereby
31 7,009,255 Semiconductor device having punch-through structure off-setting the edge of the gate electrodes
32 7,009,207 Flat panel display with thin film transistor
33 7,009,206 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
34 7,009,203 Organic EL device and method for manufacturing the same
35 7,009,202 Thin film transistor array panel having a means for visual inspection
36 7,009,160 Rack for microwave ovens, and microwave oven set equipped with the same
37 7,009,012 Supported catalyst for producing syndiotactic styrenic polymer
38 7,008,975 Light-curable resin composition having antistatic property
39 7,008,876 Method of forming gate electrode structure of a semiconductor device
40 7,008,847 Semiconductor device having electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) and mask-ROM and method of fabricating the same
41 7,008,844 Method of forming a gate of a non-volatile memory device
42 7,008,841 Semiconductor device having metal-insulator-metal capacitor and method for fabricating the same
43 7,008,837 Method of manufacturing capacitor by performing multi-stepped wet treatment on surface of electrode
44 7,008,835 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a gate structure with low parasitic capacitance
45 7,008,817 Method for manufacturing micro electro-mechanical systems using solder balls
46 7,008,811 Method of fabricating probe for SPM having FET channel structure utilizing self-aligned fabrication
47 7,008,758 Method of forming a patterned film of surface-modified carbon nanotubes
48 7,008,755 Method for forming a planarized layer of a semiconductor device
49 7,008,745 Gel organosol including amphipathic copolymeric binder having selected molecular weight and liquid toners for electrophotographic applications
50 7,008,743 Organophotoreceptor with charge transport material having a vinyl ether group
51 7,008,728 Non-aqueous electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising same
52 7,008,696 Optical fiber preform having barrier layers for hydroxyl (OH) radicals
53 7,008,036 Ejection controlling device for inkjet printer and controlling method thereof with optimal density
54 7,007,950 Paper feeding apparatus for image forming apparatus and controlling method thereof
55 7,007,941 Image forming device to distinguish between types of a printing medium and driving control method thereof
56 7,007,933 Method and apparatus for supplying a source gas
57 7,007,733 Apparatus for manufacturing collimator
58 7,007,503 Oil equalizing system for multiple compressors
59 7,007,490 Refrigerator and control method thereof
60 RE39,004 Pseudo contact type negative pressure air bearing slider
61 D516,531 Cellular phone