Samsung patents granted on 07 May 2013

142 US patents granted on 07 May 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D681,830 Body of ultrasonic diagnostic equipment
2 D681,790 Air cleaner
3 D681,713 Digital camera
4 D681,712 Digital camera
5 D681,647 Stand for a monitor
6 D681,603 Mobile terminal speaker
7 D681,599 Portable telephone
8 D681,598 Mobile communication terminal
9 D681,597 Mobile communication terminal
10 D681,596 Mobile communication terminal
11 D681,595 Mobile communication terminal
12 D681,594 Mobile communication terminal
13 D681,593 Mobile communication terminal
14 D681,592 Mobile communication terminal
15 D681,591 Mobile communication terminal
16 D681,590 Mobile communication terminal
17 D681,589 Mobile communication terminal
18 D681,588 Mobile communication terminal
19 D681,587 Mobile communication terminal
20 D681,586 Mobile communication terminal
21 D681,585 Mobile communication terminal
22 D681,584 Mobile communication terminal
23 D681,583 Mobile terminal
24 D681,582 Mobile terminal
25 D681,581 Mobile terminal
26 D681,580 Mobile terminal
27 D681,578 Mobile terminal
28 8,438,629 Packet security method and apparatus
29 8,438,615 System and method for setting up security for controlled device by control point in a home network
30 8,438,587 Motor having improved sleeve holder and base plate combining structure and optical disc drive using the same
31 8,438,492 Apparatus and method for providing user interface service in a multimedia system
32 8,438,374 Computer system and control method of the same
33 8,438,218 Apparatus and method for providing accessible home network information in remote access environment
34 8,438,195 File system operating method and devices using the same
35 8,438,143 Printing method and apparatus, print control method, and multimedia apparatus
36 8,438,112 Host device, portable storage device, and method for updating meta information regarding right objects stored in portable storage device
37 8,438,017 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding audio signal using adaptive LPC coefficient interpolation
38 8,437,811 Input and output hall structure for sound device in a portable terminal
39 8,437,795 Communication system for inter-cell coordination
40 8,437,791 Method and system for controlling talk time for PoC user
41 8,437,789 Apparatus and method for cooperative transmission/reception in wireless communication system
42 8,437,753 Method for managing neighbor base station information in mobile communication system and system thereof
43 8,437,680 Developer and image forming apparatus including the same
44 8,437,674 Heating member including resistive heating layer, and fusing apparatus and image forming apparatus including the heating member
45 8,437,666 Developing device usable with image forming apparatus
46 8,437,614 Method and apparatus for recording manufacturer information on a recording medium and for determining whether the manufacturer information is effective
47 8,437,612 Storage medium recording text-based subtitle stream, reproducing apparatus and reproducing method for reproducing text-based subtitle stream recorded on the storage medium
48 8,437,606 Storage medium storing metadata for providing enhanced search function
49 8,437,601 Method of reproducing interactive graphic streams from information storage medium
50 8,437,576 Method of correcting orientation of an image in automatic printing, and an image forming method and image forming apparatus thereof
51 8,437,567 Image inpainting apparatus and method using restricted search region
52 8,437,552 Information processing apparatus and method, and a recording medium storing a program for implementing the method
53 8,437,493 Apparatus for mounting a speaker module
54 8,437,436 Apparatus and method for estimating channel in broadband wireless communication system
55 8,437,429 Data processing apparatus and data processing system including the same
56 8,437,398 Method and apparatus for adaptively converting frame rate based on motion vector, and display device with adaptive frame rate conversion function
57 8,437,393 Method for estimating contour of video object
58 8,437,358 Method of uplink IP packet filtering control in mobile terminal
59 8,437,319 Wireless network system and method of configuring the same
60 8,437,317 Data communication method based on multi-receiver aggregation
61 8,437,304 System and method for transmitting and receiving frequency resource information in a frequency overlay system
62 8,437,300 Method and system of multi-layer beamforming
63 8,437,260 Victim system detector, method of detecting a victim system, wireless communication device and wireless communication method
64 8,437,258 Method and system for transmitting and receiving management message in communication network
65 8,437,241 Method of and apparatus for recording data on write-once disc that has a temporary disc management area including a space bit map representing a data recording status of the disc, and write-once disc therefor
66 8,437,216 Data write training method and semiconductor device performing the same
67 8,437,206 Latency circuit and semiconductor device comprising same
68 8,437,160 Multi-stack memory device
69 8,437,155 Device for power factor correction in three phase power supply and control method thereof
70 8,437,146 Portable terminal with hinge apparatus
71 8,437,120 Image display device
72 8,437,115 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
73 8,437,089 Zoom lens system
74 8,437,075 Multi-layered hybrid metamaterial structure
75 8,436,970 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
76 8,436,964 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device having the same
77 8,436,963 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
78 8,436,958 Electronic device having organic light emitting diode display device
79 8,436,956 Display apparatus
80 8,436,955 Liquid crystal display having pairs of power source supply lines and a method for forming the same
81 8,436,931 Camera module
82 8,436,930 Apparatus and method for capturing an image utilizing a guide image and live view image corresponding to the guide image
83 8,436,919 Photographing method of generating image of traced moving path and photographing apparatus using the photographing method
84 8,436,892 Image data obtaining method and apparatus therefor
85 8,436,887 Mobile terminal, display apparatus and control method thereof
86 8,436,850 Pixel and organic light emitting display device having the same
87 8,436,845 Display panel, method of driving the display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
88 8,436,818 Mobile terminal having touch screen and method for displaying cursor thereof
89 8,436,813 Pointing device and method and pointer display apparatus and method
90 8,436,809 Apparatus, method and medium converting motion signals
91 8,436,799 Image degradation correction in novel liquid crystal displays with split blue subpixels
92 8,436,794 Method of optimizing brightness of liquid crystal display panel
93 8,436,716 Method of upgrading an operation program of a radio frequency identification system
94 8,436,575 Battery ID setting system and method of driving the same
95 8,436,551 Arc discharge detecting circuit, light source driving apparatus having the same and method of driving a light source using the same
96 8,436,537 Substrate structure for plasma display panel, method of manufacturing the substrate structure, and plasma display panel including the substrate structure
97 8,436,529 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
98 8,436,462 Semiconductor housing package, semiconductor package structure including the semiconductor housing package, and processor-based system including the semiconductor package structure
99 8,436,455 Stacked structure of semiconductor packages including through-silicon via and inter-package connector, and method of fabricating the same
100 8,436,412 Pattern structure and method of forming the same
101 8,436,410 Semiconductor devices comprising a plurality of gate structures
102 8,436,376 Organic light emitting diode display
103 8,436,370 Optical modulator with pixelization patterns
104 8,436,360 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and organic lighting emitting diode display device including the same
105 8,436,357 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
106 8,436,342 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
107 8,436,308 Multilayer image sensor
108 8,436,275 Laser irradiation apparatus and method for sealing organic light emitting diode using the laser irradiation apparatus
109 8,436,256 Fixing device for shield can
110 8,436,065 Aerogel, and composition and method for manufacture of the aerogel
111 8,436,060 Organic aerogel and composition for the organic aerogel
112 8,435,913 Catalyst for polymerization of propylene and method for polymerization of propylene using the same
113 8,435,877 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
114 8,435,876 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
115 8,435,855 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
116 8,435,840 Fuse box guard rings including protrusions and methods of forming same
117 8,435,830 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
118 8,435,817 Method of manufacturing organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus using the same
119 8,435,813 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
120 8,435,810 Method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device
121 8,435,808 Light emitting diode package and manufacturing method thereof
122 8,435,724 Fabricating method for touch screen panel
123 8,435,705 Methods of correcting optical parameters in photomasks
124 8,435,699 Fuel cartridge and direct methanol fuel cell having the same and method of purging direct methanol fuel cell using the fuel cartridge
125 8,435,693 Fuel cell stack
126 8,435,690 Fuel cell stack with coolant pump and fuel cell system using the same
127 8,435,685 Hydrogen generating apparatus and fuel cell power generation system
128 8,435,680 Rechargeable lithium battery
129 8,435,674 Lithium battery
130 8,435,660 Rechargeable battery and module thereof
131 8,435,659 Rechargeable battery
132 8,435,656 Secondary battery with protection circuit module
133 8,435,655 Secondary battery
134 8,435,481 Material for solid oxide fuel cell, cathode including the material, and solid oxide fuel cell including the material
135 8,435,376 Carrier for manufacturing substrate and method of manufacturing substrate using the same
136 8,435,318 Vacuum cleaner having dual locking structure
137 8,434,926 Light source apparatus, method of manufacturing the light source apparatus and backlight assembly having the same
138 8,434,918 Lighting apparatus using light emitting device package
139 8,434,845 Image forming apparatus and ink jetting method thereof
140 8,434,743 Air cleaning humidifier and disc assembly thereof
141 8,434,251 Display apparatus
142 8,434,180 Washing machine and method for controlling the same