Samsung patents granted on 07 October 2008

116 US patents granted on 07 October 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D578,195 Air conditioner
2 D578,132 Video image display for monitor
3 D578,101 Cellular phone
4 D578,100 Portable phone
5 D578,099 Mobile phone
6 D578,097 Portable phone
7 D578,096 Portable phone
8 D578,095 Mobile phone
9 D578,094 Mobile phone
10 D578,093 Portable phone
11 D578,092 Cellular phone
12 D578,091 Combined DVD recorder and player
13 D577,948 Microwave oven
14 7,434,249 FTTH PON that O/E converts 1310 nm for output to transmitters for E/O as 1550 nm
15 7,434,244 Method and system for recommending content
16 7,434,122 Flash memory device for performing bad block management and method of performing bad block management of flash memory device
17 7,434,114 Method of compensating for a byte skew of PCI express and PCI express physical layer receiver for the same
18 7,433,976 Data copy method and application processor for the same
19 7,433,873 Web service-enabling digital video/audio-processing apparatus, and web service method and system therefor
20 7,433,723 Spring module for a sliding-type portable terminal
21 7,433,720 Built-in antenna apparatus of portable wireless terminal
22 7,433,706 Multiband transmitting and receiving apparatus and method using a control voltage of phase locked loop
23 7,433,686 System and method for providing public/private mobile communication service
24 7,433,684 Apparatus and method for verifying diversity of a base station in a mobile communication system
25 7,433,669 Method and system for performing data transmission process of an access point (AP) supporting power management of wireless local area network (WLAN) clients, and AP for performing the same
26 7,433,636 Method and apparatus for using a transfer assist layer in a tandem electrophotographic process with electrostatically assisted toner transfer
27 7,433,635 Method and apparatus for using a transfer assist layer in a multi-pass electrophotographic process with electrostatically assisted toner transfer
28 7,433,628 Photoreceptors, developing cartridge using the same, and image forming apparatus using the same
29 7,433,617 Image forming apparatus to control voltage of development unit
30 7,433,591 Digital image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same to photograph in user set continuous photographing mode
31 7,433,553 Hybrid waveguide sensor
32 7,433,536 Method for enhancing a digital image while suppressing undershoots and overshoots
33 7,433,467 Portable wireless terminal with ground connecting device which uses a hinge device
34 7,433,438 Vestigial side band synchronization signal detection circuit
35 7,433,419 ICI cancellation method for an OFDM system
36 7,433,413 Data transmission apparatus and method in an OFDM communication system
37 7,433,410 Video MP3 system with apparatus and method for generating and restoring reduced video data
38 7,433,407 Method for hierarchical motion estimation
39 7,433,379 Vertical-cavity surface emitting laser
40 7,433,353 Data frame construction method and data processing method according to data frame in synchronous Ethernet
41 7,433,345 Wireless LAN system and a method using the same
42 7,433,344 Mobile communication system and method for providing real time messenger service among mobile communication terminals
43 7,433,314 Method and system for acknowledging the receipt of a transmitted data stream in a wireless personal area network
44 7,433,309 Apparatus for controlling load balance of multi-access points in wireless LAN system and method thereof
45 7,433,294 Method of and apparatus for recording data in various recording formats on an optical storage medium, method of and apparatus for reproducing the data, and an optical storage medium on which the data is recorded
46 7,433,287 Method of recording and/or reproducing data with respect to information storage medium
47 7,433,285 Disk having unique code for identifying its type for optical disk player and method for discriminating types thereof
48 7,433,263 Multi-port semiconductor device and method thereof
49 7,433,252 Semiconductor memory device capable of storing data of various patterns and method of electrically testing the semiconductor memory device
50 7,433,246 Flash memory device capable of storing multi-bit data and single-big data
51 7,433,244 Flash memory device and related erase operation
52 7,433,236 Multi-voltage generator generating program voltage, read voltage and high voltage in response to operating mode of flash memory device
53 7,433,235 Bias circuits and methods for enhanced reliability of flash memory device
54 7,433,223 Memory devices including floating body transistor capacitorless memory cells and related methods
55 7,433,180 Exhaust pipe protecting tip and plasma display module including the same
56 7,433,178 Plasma display apparatus
57 7,433,158 Shipping comb for moving actuator of hard disk drive
58 7,433,124 Illumination system to eliminate laser speckle and a single-panel projection system employing the same
59 7,433,106 Mirror support device and optical scanning apparatus adopting the same
60 7,433,104 Method and apparatus for adaptively enhancing colors in color images
61 7,433,071 Printing method and apparatus of multi function product and computer-readable recording medium for storing computer program for controlling the product
62 7,433,048 Interferometer systems for measuring displacement and exposure systems using the same
63 7,433,032 Method and apparatus for inspecting defects in multiple regions with different parameters
64 7,433,002 Prism-patterned broadband reflective polarizer for liquid crystal display
65 7,432,984 Automatic zoom apparatus and method for playing dynamic images
66 7,432,976 Method for close-range and general-range photographing by digital camera
67 7,432,975 Automatic focusing method and digital photographing apparatus using the same
68 7,432,972 Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus, and digital photographing apparatus utilizing the method
69 7,432,904 Liquid crystal display device having a source driver and a repair amplifier
70 7,432,892 Light transmission controlling apparatus, 2D and 3D image display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing the same
71 7,432,888 Light emitting panel and light emitting display
72 7,432,886 Organic electroluminescent (EL) display device and method for driving the same
73 7,432,863 Patch antenna for local area communications
74 7,432,785 Thin film resonator, method for making thin film resonator and filter having thin film resonators
75 7,432,781 Monolithic duplexer and fabrication method thereof
76 7,432,759 Elimination of pop-up noise in class D amplifier
77 7,432,755 Programming current stabilized electrical fuse programming circuit and method
78 7,432,673 Method, medium, and apparatus controlling current gain change of a spindle motor driver
79 7,432,655 Plasma display panel using color filters to improve contrast
80 7,432,654 Plasma display panel having specific rib configuration
81 7,432,652 Plasma display device and method for fabricating a plasma display device
82 7,432,648 Microcavity electroluminescent display with partially reflective electrodes
83 7,432,646 Thermal electron emission backlight device
84 7,432,645 Electron emission device and electron emission display using the same
85 7,432,644 Electron emission device having expanded outer periphery gate holes
86 7,432,640 Plasma display apparatus having cover members for signal transmission members
87 7,432,621 Fluid dynamic bearing motor
88 7,432,598 Semiconductor device
89 7,432,560 Body-tied-to-source MOSFETs with asymmetrical source and drain regions and methods of fabricating the same
90 7,432,554 CMOS thin film transistor comprising common gate, logic device comprising the CMOS thin film transistor, and method of manufacturing the CMOS thin film transistor
91 7,432,552 Body biasing structure of SOI
92 7,432,450 Printed circuit board
93 7,432,217 Method of achieving uniform length of carbon nanotubes (CNTS) and method of manufacturing field emission device (FED) using such CNTS
94 7,432,199 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having reduced contact resistance
95 7,432,185 Method of forming semiconductor device having stacked transistors
96 7,432,183 Methods of manufacturing a thin film including zirconium titanium oxide and methods of manufacturing a gate structure, a capacitor and a flash memory device including the same
97 7,432,173 Methods of fabricating silicon-on-insulator substrates having a laser-formed single crystalline film
98 7,432,160 Semiconductor devices including transistors having three dimensional channels and methods of fabricating the same
99 7,432,159 Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) device and methods of fabricating the same
100 7,432,155 Methods of forming a recessed gate
101 7,432,143 Method for forming gate of semiconductor device
102 7,432,033 Printing systems and methods for liquid toners comprising dispersed toner particles
103 7,432,029 Electrophotographic photoreceptor containing asymmetrical naphthalenetetracarboxylic acid diimide derivatives and electrophotographic imaging apparatus employing the photoreceptor
104 7,432,028 Polymeric charge transport compositions
105 7,432,022 Photo mask capable of improving resolution by utilizing polarization of light and method of manufacturing the same
106 7,432,015 Negative active material for a rechargeable lithium battery, a method of preparing the same, and a rechargeable lithium battery comprising the same
107 7,431,997 Phenylcarbazole compounds and organic electroluminescence devices using the same
108 7,431,855 Apparatus and method for removing photoresist from a substrate
109 7,431,813 Multi-chambered substrate processing equipment having sealing structure between chambers thereof, and method of assembling such equipment
110 7,431,634 Platen assembly, apparatus having the platen assembly and method of polishing a wafer using the platen assembly
111 7,431,628 Method of manufacturing flat panel display device, flat panel display device, and panel of flat panel display device
112 7,431,626 High efficiency organic electroluminescent display and method for fabricating the same
113 7,431,520 Image forming apparatus performing double-sided printing
114 7,431,493 Light guiding plate with brightness enhancement means and liquid crystal display
115 7,431,468 Lamp assembly including power supply module with insulating partitions, and liquid crystal display device with such assembly
116 7,431,416 Apparatus for jetting an alignment agent