Samsung patents granted on 07 October 2014

217 US patents granted on 07 October 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D714,862 Case for a printer
2 D714,848 Refrigerator
3 D714,846 Refrigerator
4 D714,845 Dispenser for a refrigerator
5 D714,844 Home bar for refrigerator
6 D714,843 Refrigerator door
7 D714,842 Refrigerator dispenser
8 D714,841 Refrigerator tray
9 D714,840 Tray
10 D714,839 Refrigerator
11 D714,819 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
12 D714,818 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
13 D714,817 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
14 D714,812 TV receiver with a graphical user interface
15 D714,811 TV receiver with a graphical user interface
16 D714,810 Portion of a display screen with icon
17 D714,793 Cradle for a portable computer
18 D714,784 Tablet PC
19 D714,781 Portable electronic device
20 D714,780 Body of portable computer
21 D714,779 Portable computer
22 D714,778 Portable computer
23 D714,775 Supporter for portable terminal
24 D714,750 Television receiver
25 D714,749 Television receiver
26 D714,747 TV receiver
27 D714,746 TV receiver
28 D714,731 HDTV adapter
29 8,856,876 Apparatus and method for identifying wireless network provider in wireless communication system
30 8,856,866 Image forming apparatus to restrict use of a hard disc drive and a method thereof
31 8,856,861 Generic rights token and DRM-related service pointers in a common protected content file
32 8,856,828 Method for forming a broadcast program time table using electric program guide
33 8,856,822 Method for inserting contents searched from storage of a host and apparatus thereof
34 8,856,820 Mobile communication terminal and method of restricting harmful information thereof
35 8,856,811 Disk drive apparatus and conveyance roller thereof
36 8,856,719 Method for circuit simulation
37 8,856,714 Method and system for designing 3D semiconductor package
38 8,856,695 Method for generating post-OPC layout in consideration of top loss of etch mask layer
39 8,856,652 Information storage medium containing interactive graphics stream for change of AV data reproducing state, and reproducing method and apparatus thereof
40 8,856,651 Remote user interface cooperative application
41 8,856,637 Applying borders to each page in N-up printing
42 8,856,621 Memory controller for nonvolatile memory device, memory system comprising memory controller, and related methods of operation
43 8,856,612 Method and apparatus for interleaving data in a mobile communication system
44 8,856,596 Debugging apparatus and method
45 8,856,503 Computing system, booting method and code/data pinning method thereof
46 8,856,469 Apparatus and method for logging optimization using non-volatile memory
47 8,856,433 Data transfer in memory card system
48 8,856,428 Nonvolatile memory device and nonvolatile memory system and random data read method thereof
49 8,856,424 Semiconductor storage device and method of throttling performance of the same
50 8,856,411 Apparatus and method for remotely controlling peripheral devices in mobile communication terminal
51 8,856,402 Method and apparatus for multiplexing and demultiplexing data transmitted and received by using audio/video interface
52 8,856,366 Image forming system to support a web service function and low power mode control method thereof
53 8,856,355 Systems and methods for facilitating communication between mobile devices and display devices
54 8,856,258 Host device and slave device controlling method
55 8,856,227 Communication method and apparatus using virtual sink node in wireless sensor network
56 8,856,208 Method and apparatus for forming image
57 8,856,192 Method and apparatus for updating composition database by using composition pattern of user, and digital photographing apparatus
58 8,856,012 Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding signals
59 8,855,821 Robot and control method thereof
60 8,855,819 Method and apparatus for simultaneous localization and mapping of robot
61 8,855,814 Robot and control method thereof
62 8,855,753 Apparatus and method for measuring a biological signal
63 8,855,725 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in multi-mode portable terminal
64 8,855,702 Communication system for inter-cell coordination
65 8,855,694 Interference alignment scheme for use in communication network
66 8,855,688 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving message in mobile communication terminal with touch screen
67 8,855,648 Method and device for adaptably controlling bandwidth of channel
68 8,855,631 Apparatus and method for measuring signal quality in a portable broadcasting network and system supporting the same
69 8,855,618 Apparatus and method for adaptively operating an application program
70 8,855,610 Mobile communication terminal, method of generating group picture in phonebook thereof and method of performing communication event using group picture
71 8,855,594 Emergency call service providing method and system thereof
72 8,855,582 Mobile communication terminal for PTT and method for processing missed call information thereof
73 8,855,566 Apparatus for managing radio resources of base station and method for managing the same
74 8,855,534 Image forming apparatus and power-transmission assembly of the same
75 8,855,533 Power transmission apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
76 8,855,520 Image forming apparatus and sensing device thereof
77 8,855,518 Image forming apparatus
78 8,855,510 Image forming apparatus and fixing unit control method thereof
79 8,855,496 Optical clock rate negotiation for supporting asymmetric clock rates for visible light communication
80 8,855,429 Method and apparatus for recognizing characters
81 8,855,416 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
82 8,855,408 Method and apparatus for recovering depth information of image
83 8,855,398 Method of identifying a counterfeit bill using a portable terminal
84 8,855,383 Lesion diagnosis apparatus and method to determine regularity of shape of lesion
85 8,855,332 Sound enhancement apparatus and method
86 8,855,321 Method for processing audio signal and broadcasting output apparatus using the same
87 8,855,239 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system having improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
88 8,855,238 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system having improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
89 8,855,237 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system having improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
90 8,855,224 Receiver and method of receiving signal for reducing intersymbol interference
91 8,855,201 Method and apparatus for encoding video and method and apparatus for decoding video by considering skip and split order
92 8,855,119 Method and apparatus for setting up network for IP communication in mobile terminal
93 8,855,096 Apparatus and method for transmitting channel quality indicator and acknowledgement signals in SC-FDMA communication systems
94 8,855,051 NAS communication method and apparatus in mobile telecommunication system
95 8,855,033 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption using packet filtering in portable terminal
96 8,855,028 Apparatus and method for bidirectional communication between multi-nodes using relay node
97 8,854,995 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving channel quality information in a communication system using an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing scheme
98 8,854,959 Communication apparatus using super frame to reconfigure dynamic protocol, and sensor node and hub device to reconfigure dynamic protocol
99 8,854,916 Semiconductor memory device and access method thereof
100 8,854,889 Flash memory device and reading method thereof
101 8,854,879 Method of programming a nonvolatile memory device and nonvolatile memory device performing the method
102 8,854,837 Boost converter for reducing voltage stress
103 8,854,800 Portable computer
104 8,854,783 Battery pack
105 8,854,780 Protection circuit of battery pack and battery pack using the same
106 8,854,767 Disk drive device
107 8,854,699 Scan movement indicator and an image forming apparatus having the same
108 8,854,679 Image forming apparatus, E-mail server, E-mail facsimile transmission system having the same, and E-mail facsimile setting method of image forming apparatus
109 8,854,671 Method and apparatus for setting printing option
110 8,854,666 Mobile device, image forming apparatus, notification server and control methods thereof
111 8,854,655 Image forming apparatus and method of generating additional information-added documents
112 8,854,652 Host device and printing control method thereof
113 8,854,637 Host apparatus connected to image forming apparatus and setting information management method thereof
114 8,854,636 Host device with universal image scanning device driver and driver management method thereof
115 8,854,614 Methods of thermally treating a semiconductor wafer
116 8,854,596 Active optical device employing refractive index variable regions
117 8,854,592 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
118 8,854,588 Liquid crystal display
119 8,854,579 Liquid crystal display
120 8,854,578 Display apparatus and method of operating the same
121 8,854,569 Display apparatus, bonding film used for the display apparatus, and method of manufacturing the bonding film
122 8,854,564 Substrate for a display device and method of manufacturing the same
123 8,854,551 Video signal processing apparatuses
124 8,854,550 Data processing device and method
125 8,854,524 Method and apparatus for displaying first content alone or first and second content simultaneously based on movement
126 8,854,522 Digital photographing apparatus and control method thereof, and computer-readable medium
127 8,854,509 Image pickup apparatus, method of performing image compensation, and computer readable recording medium
128 8,854,496 Image pickup device and method of picking up image using the same
129 8,854,490 Method and apparatus for compensating a black level of an image signal
130 8,854,489 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
131 8,854,476 Display system with image display correction mechanism and method of operation thereof
132 8,854,461 Method of controlling camera
133 8,854,460 Image providing apparatus, image displaying apparatus, image transmitting system and image transmitting method using the same
134 8,854,440 Three dimensional image display device and a method of driving the same
135 8,854,438 Display system, display apparatus and control method thereof
136 8,854,429 Display apparatus, 3D glasses, and control method thereof
137 8,854,409 Image forming apparatus having variable developer intervals
138 8,854,402 Liquid crystal display apparatus and driving method thereof
139 8,854,400 Method and system for controlling light by using image code
140 8,854,399 Display device and driving method thereof
141 8,854,386 Method and apparatus for controlling writing of data to graphic memory
142 8,854,353 Scan driver and display device comprising the same
143 8,854,351 Electrophoretic display device and method of driving an electrophoretic display device
144 8,854,350 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
145 8,854,349 Display device and method of driving the same
146 8,854,348 Negative level shifters
147 8,854,347 Organic light emitting display device
148 8,854,292 Gate drive circuit and display apparatus having the same
149 8,854,287 Vertical alignment display device with enhanced contrast
150 8,854,267 Antenna device for a portable terminal
151 8,854,211 Integrated circuit card system and a data transmission method thereof
152 8,854,172 Inductor and transformer
153 8,854,157 Balun comprising two conversion circuits each constituted by first to third FBARs
154 8,854,142 Bias circuit and power amplifier having the same
155 8,854,137 Apparatus and circuit for amplifying baseband signal
156 8,854,051 Integrated system including signal analysis circuit
157 8,854,007 Protection circuit for battery pack
158 8,854,004 Energy storage system and controlling method thereof
159 8,853,941 Organic light emitting diode display
160 8,853,938 Inorganic electroluminescent device comprising an insulating layer, method for fabricating the electroluminescent device and electronic device comprising the electroluminescent device
161 8,853,854 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
162 8,853,807 Magnetic devices and methods of fabricating the same
163 8,853,759 Resistive memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
164 8,853,705 Image sensor including guard ring and noise blocking area to block noise and method of manufacturing the same
165 8,853,704 Thin film transistor array panel
166 8,853,703 Thin film transistor array panel
167 8,853,702 Organic light emitting diode display and method for repairing organic light emitting diode display
168 8,853,699 Thin film transistor and method of forming the same
169 8,853,694 Chip on film package including test pads and semiconductor devices including the same
170 8,853,688 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the display apparatus
171 8,853,687 Precursor composition of oxide semiconductor and thin film transistor substrate including oxide semiconductor
172 8,853,671 Nanorod light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
173 8,853,660 Semiconductor memory devices having lower and upper interconnections, selection components and memory components
174 8,853,606 Image sensor cell, image sensor including image sensor array including plurality of the image sensor cells, and camera system including the image sensor
175 8,853,590 Device for irradiating a laser beam
176 8,853,560 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
177 8,853,347 Organic semiconductor compound, organic thin film including the organic semiconductor compound and electronic device including the organic thin film, and method of manufacturing the organic thin film
178 8,853,088 Methods for forming gates in gate-last processes and gate areas formed by the same
179 8,853,062 Laser crystallization apparatus and laser crystallization method using the apparatus
180 8,853,016 Double gate thin-film transistor and OLED display apparatus including the same
181 8,853,010 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
182 8,852,992 Method of manufacturing solar cell
183 8,852,988 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
184 8,852,982 Photoelectric device and manufacturing method thereof
185 8,852,972 Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
186 8,852,971 Method of cutting light emitting element packages employing ceramic substrate, and method of cutting multilayered object
187 8,852,960 Method of fabricating semiconductor device and apparatus for fabricating the same
188 8,852,859 Method and/or system for measuring concentration of detection target using transmission or reflection of light
189 8,852,853 Photo-mask and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device using the same
190 8,852,809 Positive electrode for rechargeable lithium battery with high voltage and rechargeable lithium battery including same
191 8,852,804 Negative electrode for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery including the same
192 8,852,803 Composite, electrode active material for secondary lithium battery including the composite, method of preparing the composite, anode for secondary lithium battery including the electrode active material, and secondary lithium battery including the anode
193 8,852,798 Rechargeable battery including elastic member comprising tapering wall
194 8,852,797 Lithium ion secondary battery with anti-rotation cap assembly
195 8,852,796 Secondary battery and method of manufacturing the same
196 8,852,795 Secondary battery
197 8,852,793 Secondary battery
198 8,852,791 Pouch type lithium secondary battery with sleeve and method of fabricating
199 8,852,790 Secondary battery with protection circuit module
200 8,852,789 Battery module having battery cell holder
201 8,852,779 Battery pack
202 8,852,773 Battery pack
203 8,852,687 Organic layer deposition apparatus
204 8,852,686 Method of forming phase change material layer using Ge(II) source, and method of fabricating phase change memory device
205 8,852,454 Red emitting nitride fluorescent material and white light emitting device using the same
206 8,852,379 Method for exfoliating carbonization catalyst from graphene sheet, method for transferring graphene sheet from which carbonization catalyst is exfoliated to device, graphene sheet and device using the graphene sheet
207 8,852,346 Mask frame assembly for thin layer deposition and organic light emitting display device
208 8,852,105 Ultrasound system and method of forming ultrasound images
209 8,851,952 Method of manufacturing an organic light emitting diode display device
210 8,851,907 Contact node of portable terminal
211 8,851,875 Semiconductor package molding system and molding method thereof
212 8,851,750 X-ray device
213 8,851,732 Light-guide module, method of manufacturing the same and backlight assembly having the same
214 8,851,590 Refrigerator having sub door
215 8,851,009 Alignment master glass for tensioning vapor deposition mask, method for manufacturing the same, and method for tensioning vapor deposition mask using the same
216 8,850,888 Inertial sensor
217 8,850,839 Refrigerator