Samsung patents granted on 08 April 2014

141 US patents granted on 08 April 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D702,278 UV filter for digital camera
2 D702,266 Refrigerator
3 D702,244 Stand for monitor
4 D702,243 Stand for PC
5 D702,233 Tablet computer
6 D702,232 Mobile terminal
7 D702,231 Tablet PC
8 D702,229 Tablet computer
9 D702,228 Tablet computer
10 D702,222 Case for portable electronic device
11 D702,220 Portable electronic device
12 D702,219 Portable electronic device
13 D702,214 Speaker stand
14 D702,211 Docking audio
15 D702,204 Mobile terminal
16 D702,203 Electronic device
17 D702,201 Television receiver
18 D702,199 Television receiver
19 8,695,067 Method to authenticate device and service, and system thereof
20 8,695,036 Program guide apparatus
21 8,694,984 Memory apparatus and method of updating firmware of the memory apparatus
22 8,694,927 Method of designing pattern layouts
23 8,694,913 Apparatus and method for managing layout of a window
24 8,694,873 Memory system and error correction method
25 8,694,865 Data storage device configured to reduce buffer traffic and related method of operation
26 8,694,858 Memory controller and operating method of memory controller
27 8,694,852 Nonvolatile memory devices with age-based variability of read operations and methods of operating same
28 8,694,848 Image processing apparatus and control method for processing an image signal
29 8,694,783 Lightweight secure authentication channel
30 8,694,765 Selectively compressing blocks of a bootable snapshot image during booting
31 8,694,720 Nonvolatile memory devices with page flags, methods of operation and memory systems including same
32 8,694,669 Method and apparatus for improving the quality of multimedia streaming service
33 8,694,509 Method and apparatus for managing for handwritten memo data
34 8,694,388 Delivery management system and method using smart communicator
35 8,694,353 Event scheduling device and method
36 8,694,053 Method for realizing user interface using camera and mobile communication terminal for the same
37 8,693,800 Image processing device, processing method thereof, and image processing system having the same
38 8,693,795 Low complexity secondary transform for image and video compression
39 8,693,787 Method and system for generating data using a mobile device with a projection function
40 8,693,777 Apparatus and method for estimating edge areas of digital image
41 8,693,770 Apparatus and method for processing images
42 8,693,704 Method and apparatus for canceling noise from mixed sound
43 8,693,702 Headset having remote control for multimedia playback device
44 8,693,603 Semiconductor devices, methods of operating semiconductor devices, and systems having the same
45 8,693,545 Display device and image processing method thereof
46 8,693,541 System and method of providing motion estimation
47 8,693,422 Method and apparatus for subband scheduling in wireless communication system
48 8,693,306 Apparatus and method for transmitting data in low-frequency band in human body communication system, and the human body communication system
49 8,693,269 Memory device for managing timing parameters
50 8,693,252 Method and system for adjusting read voltage in flash memory device
51 8,693,248 Nonvolatile data storage devices, program methods thereof, and memory systems including the same
52 8,693,247 Non-volatile memory device and method for programming the device, and memory system
53 8,693,245 Multi-bit flash memory device and memory cell array
54 8,693,137 Fluid dynamic bearing unit and rotating device
55 8,693,058 Image forming apparatus and image forming method to provide multi-bit data by combining a plurality of successive binary data
56 8,692,969 Color filter and display device employing the same
57 8,692,964 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
58 8,692,957 Scanning backlight unit and liquid crystal display having the same
59 8,692,954 Display device having reduced thickness and improved luminance
60 8,692,950 Display panel including a soft key
61 8,692,918 CMOS image sensor and driving method thereof
62 8,692,883 Encoding apparatus of video security system
63 8,692,872 3D glasses, method for driving 3D glasses, and system for providing 3D image
64 8,692,852 Intelligent display method for multimedia mobile terminal
65 8,692,841 Methods for modifying color data and display systems implementing the methods
66 8,692,831 Parallel operation processing apparatus and method
67 8,692,828 3-dimensional image processor and processing method
68 8,692,821 Organic light emitting display with pixel and method of driving the same
69 8,692,819 Liquid crystal display having different reference voltages applied to reference electrode
70 8,692,818 Driving device for display and display using the same and driving method of the display
71 8,692,817 Organic light-emitting display device
72 8,692,797 Touch recognition apparatus and method in capacitive touch screen
73 8,692,791 Touch panel
74 8,692,788 Flat panel display device with touch screen
75 8,692,778 Method and apparatus for controlling display area of touch screen device
76 8,692,762 Display apparatus for performing space division and time division operations and method of driving the same
77 8,692,759 Method for driving a light source and light source apparatus for performing the method
78 8,692,757 Liquid crystal display
79 8,692,751 Gate-on voltage generator, driving device and display apparatus comprising the same
80 8,692,741 Scan driving circuit and organic light emitting display using the same
81 8,692,731 Dielectric waveguide antenna
82 8,692,638 Transformer and display device using the same
83 8,692,461 Organic light emitting diode display
84 8,692,459 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display apparatus
85 8,692,453 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
86 8,692,423 Vibrator
87 8,692,391 Embedded ball grid array substrate and manufacturing method thereof
88 8,692,372 Semiconductor device having impurity doped polycrystalline layer including impurity diffusion prevention layer and dynamic random memory device including the semiconductor device
89 8,692,349 Semiconductor devices and methods of controlling temperature thereof
90 8,692,346 Metal encapsulating sheet and organic light-emitting display apparatus including the same
91 8,692,342 Magnetic memory devices having a uniform perpendicular nonmagnetic metal rich anisotropy enhanced pattern
92 8,692,263 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
93 8,692,257 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the display apparatus
94 8,692,254 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
95 8,692,240 Photoelectric conversion film, photoelectric conversion device and color image sensor having the photoelectric conversion device
96 8,692,239 Organic light emitting display device
97 8,692,232 Organic light emitting diode having co-deposited emission layer with host, emitting dopant and auxiliary dopant and method of fabricating the same
98 8,692,138 Mold structure for light-emitting diode package
99 8,692,136 Method of repairing probe card and probe board using the same
100 8,692,133 Semiconductor package
101 8,692,109 Solar cell module and method of manufacturing the same, and mobile apparatus with the solar cell module
102 8,691,930 Polymer compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
103 8,691,883 Aerogel-foam composites
104 8,691,693 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor device
105 8,691,692 Semiconductor chips and methods of forming the same
106 8,691,682 Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
107 8,691,649 Methods of forming recessed channel array transistors and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
108 8,691,643 Methods of forming semiconductor devices
109 8,691,642 Method of fabricating semiconductor device including forming epitaxial blocking layers by nitridation process
110 8,691,617 Method of manufacturing image sensor having backside illumination structure
111 8,691,615 Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
112 8,691,479 Optical mask for forming pattern
113 8,691,457 Fuel cell system and driving method thereof
114 8,691,455 Fuel cell system and method of operating the same
115 8,691,445 Positive electrode including particles having bimodal size distribution for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery having the same
116 8,691,442 Negative active material comprising carbon core particles coated with thin film covering for a rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing the same, and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
117 8,691,436 Battery module and its method of manufacture
118 8,691,430 Pouch-type lithium secondary battery having a variable tab
119 8,691,429 Polymer battery pack and method for manufacturing the same
120 8,691,428 Battery pack comprising three case coverings
121 8,691,426 Secondary battery having a wall with varying thicknesses
122 8,691,425 Polymer battery pack and manufacturing method of the same
123 8,691,424 Rechargeable battery
124 8,691,420 Battery pack
125 8,691,419 Cylindrical secondary battery
126 8,691,414 Battery module having coolant passage and gas exhaust passage
127 8,691,410 Battery pack
128 8,691,408 Secondary battery including protective circuit module to protect battery when swelling occurs
129 8,691,407 Battery pack
130 8,691,406 Secondary battery and method for manufacturing the same
131 8,691,405 Secondary battery with connection portion interconnecting protection module and bare cell
132 8,691,339 Evaporating method for forming thin film
133 8,691,156 Preferential oxidation reactor and fuel cell system using the same
134 8,691,012 Method of manufacturing zinc oxide nanowires
135 8,690,998 Electric precipitator
136 8,690,996 Electric precipitator and electrode plate thereof
137 8,690,976 Fuel reformer
138 8,690,409 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
139 8,690,212 Robot hand
140 8,689,916 Apparatus of driving wheels for in-wheel system
141 8,689,400 Vacuum cleaner