Samsung patents granted on 08 June 2010

127 US patents granted on 08 June 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D617,298 Mobile phone
2 D617,297 Mobile phone
3 D617,295 Portable telephone
4 D617,122 Table top display
5 7,735,109 Method and apparatus for setting channels automatically in wireless transceiver system
6 7,735,075 System and method for a pseudo dynamic link library (DLL) linker for a monolithic image in a wireless device
7 7,735,025 Portable terminal having motion-recognition capability and motion recognition method therefor
8 7,734,988 Method for puncturing a low density parity check code
9 7,734,967 Semiconductor memory device and testing method of the same
10 7,734,938 System and method of controlling power consumption
11 7,734,922 Method, system and terminal apparatus for enabling content to be reproduced in multiple terminals
12 7,734,917 Method for sharing rights objects between users
13 7,734,880 Flash memory system compensating reduction in read margin between memory cell program states
14 7,734,806 Compatible progressive download method and system
15 7,734,468 Method of and apparatus for managing dialog between user and agent
16 7,734,461 Apparatus for providing voice dialogue service and method of operating the same
17 7,734,385 Traveling control method, medium, and apparatus for autonomous navigation
18 7,734,314 Slim type portable terminal
19 7,734,202 Apparatus for adjusting fixing pressure and image forming apparatus having the same
20 7,734,166 Photographing apparatus, photographing method and a computer readable medium of instructions for controlling the photographing apparatus
21 7,734,153 Video stream processing method for time-delayed viewing
22 7,734,149 Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing moving picture and recording medium
23 7,734,120 Method of scanning a document using a pre-scanning operation
24 7,734,109 Method and apparatus for bit resolution extension
25 7,734,087 Face recognition apparatus and method using PCA learning per subgroup
26 7,734,060 Method and apparatus for estimating noise determination criteria in an image sensor
27 7,733,992 Method and system for providing analog control of digital gain in a wireless device
28 7,733,971 Apparatus and method for recovering frequency in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
29 7,733,950 Equalizers and methods for equalizing
30 7,733,917 Apparatus and method for transmitting control information in a mobile communication system
31 7,733,857 Apparatus and method for sharing variables and resources in a multiprocessor routing node
32 7,733,838 Devices and methods of transmitting data, source drivers using the same, and liquid crystal display (LCD) devices having the same
33 7,733,837 Apparatus and method for adjusting an input range for a soft-decision decoder
34 7,733,832 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving control information of user equipment for uplink data transmission
35 7,733,829 Method and apparatus for registering mobile node in a wireless local area network (LAN) environment
36 7,733,825 ROF link apparatus capable of stable TDD wireless service
37 7,733,813 Apparatus and method for canceling interference in relay station in a communication system
38 7,733,809 Apparatus for data aggregation using zone scheduling in wireless sensor network and method thereof
39 7,733,761 Ferroelectric recording medium comprising anisotropic conduction layer, recording apparatus comprising the same, and recording method of the same
40 7,733,751 Verification method and apparatus
41 7,733,738 Semiconductor memory device and a data write and read method thereof
42 7,733,719 Method and system of analyzing failure in semiconductor integrated circuit device
43 7,733,715 Memory system, memory device, and output data strobe signal generating method
44 7,733,710 Measuring high voltages in an integrated circuit using a common measurement pad
45 7,733,708 Semiconductor memory device, memory system having the same, and swing width control method thereof
46 7,733,696 Non-volatile memory devices including local control gates on multiple isolated well regions and related methods and systems
47 7,733,695 Non-volatile memory device and method of operation therefor
48 7,733,691 Memory device including thermal conductor located between programmable volumes
49 7,733,680 Non-volatile memory module for preventing system failure and system including the same
50 7,733,628 Multilayer chip capacitor
51 7,733,526 Method and apparatus for converting input color space into CMYK color space
52 7,733,525 Gamut mapping method and apparatus
53 7,733,454 Liquid crystal display having a modified electrode array
54 7,733,451 Liquid crystal display, method of manufacturing the same, and apparatus manufacturing the same
55 7,733,450 Liquid crystal display device with specific compensation film
56 7,733,434 Liquid crystal display including buffer electrodes with higher voltage than pixel electrodes, on same layer with pixel electrodes, and overlapping a gate line
57 7,733,433 Liquid crystal display having a reduced number of data driving circuit chips
58 7,733,432 Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
59 7,733,420 Judder detection apparatus, de-interlacing apparatus using the same, and de-interlacing method
60 7,733,386 Method of controlling digital photographing device and digital photographing device using the same
61 7,733,355 Apparatus and method of transforming three color signals into multi-color signal
62 7,733,345 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding position interpolator
63 7,733,344 Method, medium and apparatus rendering 3D graphic data using point interpolation
64 7,733,314 Display device
65 7,733,312 Liquid crystal display with a structure for reducing corrosion of display signal lines
66 7,733,307 Emission driver for organic light emitting display device
67 7,733,306 SRAM core cell for light-emitting display
68 7,733,304 Plasma display and plasma display driver and method of driving plasma display
69 7,733,296 Driving method of three-dimensional display device
70 7,733,271 Dual-band planar inverted-F antenna
71 7,733,260 Multistage amplifier and a method of settling the multistage amplifier
72 7,733,166 Equalizer filters including a low-pass filter unit and an equalizer having a group delay control unit and related methods
73 7,733,148 Temperature independent delay circuits
74 7,733,099 Monitoring pattern for detecting a defect in a semiconductor device and method for detecting a defect
75 7,733,055 Battery pack and method of manufacturing the same
76 7,733,024 Flexible plasma display panel and sealing thereof
77 7,733,020 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
78 7,733,019 Flat panel display device with a lens sheet having condensing lenses thereon
79 7,733,010 Organic electroluminescent device and its method of manufacture
80 7,733,005 Light emission device and display device provided with the same
81 7,732,981 Ultrasonic motor having lightweight vibrating element
82 7,732,934 Semiconductor device having conductive adhesive layer and method of fabricating the same
83 7,732,933 Semiconductor chip and TAB package having the same
84 7,732,905 Stack package and semiconductor module implementing the same
85 7,732,857 Thin film transistor substrate and display apparatus having the same
86 7,732,856 Charge-trap type non-volatile memory devices and related methods
87 7,732,855 Semiconductor memory device including recessed control gate electrode
88 7,732,853 Multi-bit nonvolatile memory devices including nano-crystals and trench
89 7,732,851 Method for fabricating a three-dimensional capacitor
90 7,732,850 Semiconductor device including an improved capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
91 7,732,799 Semiconductor memory device with three dimensional solid electrolyte structure, and manufacturing method thereof
92 7,732,598 Triazine-based compound, method of making the same, and an organic light-emitting device including the same
93 7,732,341 Method of forming a hard mask and method of forming a fine pattern of semiconductor device using the same
94 7,732,328 Method of fabricating semiconductor package structure
95 7,732,323 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices having contact plugs in insulation layers
96 7,732,319 Interconnection structure of integrated circuit chip
97 7,732,317 Methods of forming contact structures for memory cells using both anisotropic and isotropic etching
98 7,732,315 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices and structures thereof
99 7,732,311 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
100 7,732,297 Method of manufacturing an insulating layer and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the insulating layer
101 7,732,296 Method of fabricating metal-insulator-metal capacitor and metal-insulator-metal capacitor manufactured by the method
102 7,732,280 Semiconductor device having offset spacer and method of forming the same
103 7,732,279 Semiconductor device with improved overlay margin and method of manufacturing the same
104 7,732,266 Thin film array panel and manufacturing method thereof
105 7,732,258 Lead frame and method for fabricating semiconductor package employing the same
106 7,732,250 Methods of forming phase changeable layers including protruding portions in electrodes thereof
107 7,732,222 Magnetic memory device and method of fabricating the same
108 7,732,191 Hybridization system using the control of pump and valves in closed system
109 7,732,139 Multiple SNP for diagnosing cardiovascular disease, microarray and kit comprising the same, and method of diagnosing cardiovascular disease using the same
110 7,732,105 Photomask with overlay mark and method of fabricating semiconductor device
111 7,732,094 Mesoporous carbon composite, method of preparing the same, and fuel cell using the mesoporous carbon composite
112 7,732,091 Lithium ion secondary battery
113 7,732,087 Catalyst for fuel cell, and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell system including same
114 7,732,072 Rechargeable battery
115 7,732,065 Anthracene derivative compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
116 7,731,796 Nitrogen semiconductor compound and device fabricated using the same
117 7,731,766 Molding a battery
118 7,731,436 Image forming apparatus with thermal printing head and printing method thereof
119 7,731,410 Light-emitting module, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
120 7,731,406 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
121 7,731,345 Solid ink jet image forming apparatus
122 7,731,338 Ink-jet printer head having laminated protective layer and method of fabricating the same
123 7,731,328 Wiper and cleaning device, and inkjet image forming apparatus including the same
124 7,731,315 Refrigerator
125 7,731,175 Image forming apparatus and paper feeding method used with the same
126 7,731,174 Paper pickup device and image forming apparatus having the same
127 7,730,612 Method of manufacturing component-embedded printed circuit board